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Future Of Palestine Issue

14 January, 2009

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Palestine issue is as old as the First World War and itís more than half a century. Generations have grown up in both Isreal and Palestine seeing each other at war head still the settlemement is not in sight.

  • Q Do you think that intervention by U.N will help cease latest tension?
  • Q. What should be the role of Muslims and Arab world in the Palestinian issue?
  • Q. Do you think that Jews and Christians all over the world will ever recognize Palestine as an independent state?
  • Q. What is the best solution to amicably resolve this issue between both countries?
  • Speak out please!!

    Reader Comments:

    To Defeat Israelis (with Superiority Complex War Winner Bragging)

    Far away from Bible Torah and Quran exist Israel and their Zionism of 1948-2009 .Nuke Powered Zionism Israel is loaded with WMD.It was a methodology to let down friends who created Jewish State called Israel which was originally intended for those 22000 Jews of Pre 1948 Palestine and for so called 5 million Jews being annihilated leftovers .Amid Holocaust denial they in fact replaced local resident of the same number or quantity converting them dead or Palestinian Refugees of war Torn Palestine. The Arabs were originally like Canadian and American Native Red Indians who had been defeated by settlers as in 1948 -1967 Arab Army followed by intifada stone throwers and eventually suicide bombers Palestinian or Alqaeda.Comparatively Jewish Settlers ( Current Israelis) brag winning Lands in War with Muslim and Quranic Allah and even Christian Jesus group.It is true that Jesus was presumed Crucified or likes of Hitler's Egyptian Japanese Syrians and Arabs destroyed in June 1940 -1967 war with Jewish Settlers . Amid jokes of Netanyahu- Israeli Power with WMD and Killing machines still claiming to be superior in the war of Bluff amid Economic and World turmoil it brought in modern day economic of USA EU and World dilemma.I do not think it is funny.On the contrary Muslims and their Islam has materialized.Their Mosques and Umma have spread even in EU Russia Fed and N America during the atrocities and methodology or tactics Israelis used to create this phenomenon as side effect. To argue whether to return Golan Height to Syria withdraw from West Bank or not or divide Israel to share with the Palestinian or not is absurd. Might is right theory of Israel with killing of left over Palestinian citizen is not Bible not Torah not Quran verses Defeat or victory of USA NATO soldiers in Iraq Afghanistan or Swat .This Jewish World mechanism of expansionism grab and retain by settlers and illicit immigrants anywhere has to change with their migration pattern it has created with job losses to local citizen from so called foreign newcomers superimposing by force .Attack on Holocaust denial by Vatican or Ahmed dine jad hardly makes any difference in the reality of dilemma which will need
    Partitioning of Israel unless Israel war with Organized educated Muslims from around the globe to lend hands to evict Israelis.

    benz m Ispahani, India - 07 February, 2009


    Unless the to side want peace there is way it will happen. If they can decide between them as to who can trust as a mediator nothing is possible.
    Betfore anything happens the Palestinians will need to come together as a group. The differences between Gazans and West Banks should be sorted out first.
    Nobody in this kind of war fare is a winner.

    dv, United Kingdom - 10 February, 2009

    What I think!

    It would not be justifiable if my thoughts are allowed to influence the actual facts that relate to Palestine. And those two facts are:-

    That there were no legal,logical or otherwuse any basis whatsoever to organise the most destructive war in the history of mankind. This war was organised, initiated and executed by the WZO (World Zionist Organisation), purely,simply and exclusively to serve the zionist interests. Zionist objective was to dismantle the largest, strongest and most properous Islamic Empire run by the Turkish Sultans.

    That Empire consisted upon parts of Iran like Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Abadan, Hamadan, Tabriz and Dagestan, Turkey,Armenia, Aden, Yemen, Albania, Achen (Darussalam), Bosnia, Herzegovnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Crete, Crimea, Cyprus, Greece, Hungry, Oranto, Rhodes, Moldavia, Transylvania, Serbia, Slavonic, Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Arabia (Al-Hasa) Arabia (Al-Hijaz, Asir and Najd) Syria, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Suan and Tunis to the shores of Morocco. Additionally, there were many other large and small islands that were enjoying peace and prosperity under the Islam law.

    That huge Islamic Empire was based upon Islamic principals and more so it was growing rapidly. That growth was causing Islamophobia among all other faiths and became
    number one reason for the Second World War. In other words it was the FEAR OF ISLAM that was the first reason for the Second World War.

    The second reason was actually as strong as the first reason. In that the WZO (world zionist organisation) offered one million gold coins to the Sultan of Turkey, to cede control of Palestine and allow zionist Jews to settle there. Sultan was fully aware of the crooked nature of these people so he refused point blank.

    The Zionists (not the Jews, because Jews virtually hate zionists for their 'Satan-worshipping')had the experiance of starting the First World War, resorted to organise, initiate and execute the Second World War, so that to destroy the world order, cause world widw havoc and dismantle the Islamic Empire. The zionists had nothing at all to loose yet everything including the place in Palestine to win. With the view to establish the headuarter of Zionist Mafia in Palestine.

    In its present form the so-called Israel is absolutely denounced by the ordinary and good natured Jews because according to their 'Holy Scripture' there would not be a Jewish state until and unless Jesus Christ returns from heavens to earth.

    Nonetheless, this zionist plague makes bogus claims as if these parasites have anything to do with Judaism or any other faith. May God save the hard-working, poor and uninformed Americans, who donate $3 Billion every year to feed these 'devil-worshipping' frauds. And may Allah (swt) clean Palestine of this plague.

    Musa Abbasi, United Arab Emirates - 24 September, 2009

    Israel attacked the Palestinians to defend from the constant fire of rockets their civilians endure. Israel fights terrorists while Hamas targets civilians with suicide bombs and rockets. The occupation ended with a full Israeli withdrawl from Gaza. Hamas does not want peace, they will not rest until the Jews are driven to the sea. They said this themselves. If the Israelis stopped fighting there would be no Israel. If the Palestinians stopped fighting their would be peace.

    Ori, Iraq - 19 October, 2009

    Role of Muslims on Palistine issue

    AOA, there will be no exaggeration if I shall say that mulim world is the only who can think about a practical and effective plans. As being Muslims we need to be determined and rigid on some issues. Muslim world can cope up with all problems but unfortunately we are beimg sold out. There is not a single country that is not under the usa controle. So instead of claiming any thing we need to make our lands free.We need to make our individual muslims strong in the real meaning of religion, literacy and in the modern technology. It is not the time for crying over spilt milk. Now its the duty ofthe youth to join in and do something effective. If we will remain busy in sania mirza ,aishorya,katrina then how how can v even think about liberation. Time is short and the task is big and complicated. It must also be kept in mind that this is Allah s path and if we will not do any thing HE will select any other . Because the work is to be accomplished. So I request all the muslims tounite , plz unite for the name of ALLAH. Oh, Allah bless us the leader like Hazrat Umar RA, Plz Guide us and give us the courage to use our strength, resources and energy in the name of Allah. Palestine issue cant be resolved because we are giving to the jews as all the multinational companies are being owned by them. Plz have mercy and stop wasting ur energies in watching dancers. THese things spoil us. INSHALLAH, palastinain martyers and ghazis will see that their blood is not being wasted. It is the time to wakeup. WAKHIRO WA DAANA ANILHAMDULILLAH HI RABBILALMIN.

    zubia, Pakistan - 24 April, 2010

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