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Farraginous timing of Indian Peace Conference

08 December, 2003

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A high-profile politicians and intellectuals' conference, ‘Peace Dividend’ on 12-13 December 2003, is scheduled by 'The Hindustan times' putting forth the leaders of South Asia to discuss its future in economic, geo-political and strategic outlook.

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and an Awami National Party delegation, headed by Asfand Yar Wali; Grandson of Abdul Ghaffar Khan(Sarhadi Gandhi), whose resilient views to logical solution of Kashmir are too well known to all, propose to attend this meeting giving the impression to the world as Pak representation..

Incidentally inauguration dates coincide with the Fall-of-Dhaka days thirty two years ago.

What do you think about the contents, timing and the representation of Pakistan in the conference?

How do you think participants will not deviate from the proposed topic?

Will the ‘invited’ personnel from Pakistan advocate Kashmiris’ right of ‘self determination’?

Reader Comments:

1-Indians do open such kind of forums to let Pakistan down. but commenting in advance may be somewhat careless attitude.

2-i have seen the schedule for the forum in which only benazir will deliver, and what benazir is saying Pakistani government at the moment cannot imply on our foreign policies.

3-Kashmiris's right of self determination is a basic fact, which have been accepted by UNO.....

i dont know the hidden facts to be unveiled but one thing i am well aware of is intl' media is giving coverage to benazir bhutto in a very vast and open way citing it representation of pakistan.
military government in pakistan have many other things to tackle; usage of benazir bhutto for the benefits of the government. as our government is facing much problems in its way and experienced diplomatic personnel may be of its benefit. contradicting is to an extent but country's favor is above all. if we say everything for country why not this???

ahmad bilal, Pakistan - 08 December, 2003

She's corrupt

For me it's enough to know that Benazir and her Husband looted and plundered Pakistan and no wonder India would only be happy to invite such folks to India to talk about Peace between India and Pakistan. If India is serious to bring peace in the region, she should invite the existing leaders from Pakistan rather than the exiled and internationally convicted as corrupt.

It only shows their real intentions behind this conference, that is to blame everything on Pakistan and cross border terrorism, while their soldiers are busy in killing innocent Kashmiris day and night.

Akbar, Pakistan - 08 December, 2003

Why is she representing Pakistan ?

India should invite the real members of Kashmiris, that is APHC in this conference than Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the puppet of India as chief minister in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Agha, Pakistan - 08 December, 2003

The magic word is Media

This event will be used by all sides to further their own agendas and those who understand the impact and potential of MEDIA will not let this opportunity go by. BB's continuing worldwide popularity is also in a way pegged to her media handling expertise. Minor issues like whether Pakistan govt. has been officially invited or not will go into obscurity and any reactive statements later issued by PK govt. will only appear as cry-baby's excuses while the world media headlines will be flashing statements made at the event. Therefore it is prudent, nay, IMPERATIVE for Pakistan to be officially present, remain in the centre-stage, attract the lime-light and come out winner in yet another media war stage.

Adamzaad, Pakistan - 08 December, 2003

Sticking to rationality

At least, we should have a rational approach. We should be rational with ourselves and than to others. It's not the time to keep following the old “beaten tracks”, blindly. Before indulging ourselves into useless rhetoric, we must identify the real beneficiaries of the hate politics and what the common man of the two countries and counties themselves have gained out of this dirty proxy-war-game.

Those that are still trying to be irrational and unreasonable are in their desperate effort to intact the status quo in their favor. Dialogue at any level has its worth and even “plunderers” from civil society could have and express a better viewpoint than of those who cannot utter a single word without the prior approval of their “bosses”, in uniform.

shafqat aziz, Pakistan - 08 December, 2003

Indian Peace Conference

Its in pakistan interest to participate in all kinds of conferences which covered the basic issues between two govts. we must encourage all these efforts which has even a flicker of hope regarding peace with india without indulging into unnecessary skepticism which will never result in any favorable does not really matter if participants deviate atleast they all sit on one forum which will give each representatives an ample opportunity to be heard all over the world .i think its better to invite rational and logical brains than to invite any hardliners who gave people nothing but more bloodshed and who lack moderation and are still unaware of the power of peaceful measures .

Aisha Sana, Pakistan - 08 December, 2003

Right of self-assessment

(1)Contents are relevent, where intentions are good. It hardly matters who represents Pakistan. What matteris result of his/her efforts. There are 365 days in an year. A good or bad event may happen same day in same or different year.
(2) About BB I can bet she will deviate. Wherever she goes she only talks about removal of her governmnet in 1996.
(3) It is time to demand "Right of self-assessment". Mr. Shafqat Aziz has floated right idea
MA Yatu

Muhammad Ahsan Yatu, Pakistan - 08 December, 2003

Real Philosphy

Dear Readers,
How ever it is an appreciative step taken by the news paper but the invitation is given to the personalities who have been not in contact with the people of pakistan for past some years. will this philosphy of the news paper will work? how those people depict the real feelings of the country? will they be able to answer all the concerns of pakistani people about kashmir or they will try to prove themselves as innocent one?
Rashid Rahman Khan

Rashid Rahman Khan, Pakistan - 09 December, 2003

What's the use

1. Dates do coincide with the fall of East Pakistan, and it only gives birth to skeptisim and real intention behind such a conference conducted by Hindustantimes, but we all know who would be real sponsors (Indian Secret Agencies)

2. Deviation would only occur if they continue to blame everyting on Pakistan and cross border terrorism. They should remain focus and try to discuss the root of the problem which is a dispute over Kashmir and the rights of the self determination given to Kashmiris by U.N.

3. I doubt if Benazir or Asfandyar will ever discuss the "Rights of Self Determination" Of Kashmiris, they will only talk about how bad the Govt is in Pakistan which has kept them away from getting political powers because of their corrupt nature.

Ali Agha, Pakistan - 10 December, 2003

Incomplete representation!

They must have invited Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan to this occasion, at least to the national level political parties. The invitation to Mr Wali whose party is only have provincial represenation, is making this forum suspicious.

Sunny, Pakistan - 10 December, 2003

Benazir bhutto once said in some television programme few days before that, "I ruled the one sect of pakistan's Army," at that time she was not in Pakistan nor in the government.
Here date is very important ,
Fall of Dhakka.....
Fall of Pakistani president????

hamayun, Pakistan - 12 December, 2003

My Complements!

Banazir is agent of CIA@and controls CIA agents in Pak army.She handed over lists of Khalistan millitants to india while Itizaz Ahsan was his interior minister & other's grandfather was known as Surhadi ghandi,infact both are the security risk and enemy of
my motherland.Instead of visiting India they should show their politics in india,if they are calling themselves so.

Ihssan Naadir, Pakistan - 12 December, 2003

Stop Everything!!

After having reading all the views of my Pakistani friends I kind of feel that the general perception is that whatever India does is by RAW and everything initiated by India to show Pakistan in bad image.
I don't think mindsets are going to be changed, and exchange of filmy jokers n peaceniks are all useless. Poor Vajpayee is fighting against all odds to make peace, I think with the kind of attitude prevailing he is bound to fail.

the future for the subcontinent seems damn bleak, peace seems a far distant prospect.
take care

satish, Hungary - 13 December, 2003

Farraginous timing of Indian Peace Conference

i dont understand why u people always think from negative point of view. this conference personalites with different ideas for south asia's development were invited. weather these ideas match with india's interest or not it does'nt matter here..which shows the openness of indian society.. can this type of conference possible in pakistan? no , because u r negative thinkers and extremist society. still its time pakistan should relaise it can not match with india in any field weather it is economy, size or military .
its time u should stop living in a fool's paradise.

sunil, Hungary - 14 December, 2003


Peace is attainable when governments discuss and negotiate with each other on a mutally acceptable level field of integrity, confidence, trust and acceptability as trustful neighbours. it makes no sense to have such forums discuss the same things over and over again especially when the participants are not government representatives.

Babar Hussain, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

Peace Conference in India

We have read in the history that the founder of the Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was first in the Congress party of India which wanted independence of the whole region but then was compelled to leave the party to want a seperate homeland. Why that happened? That was only because there were people who were not true in their cause and were against the Muslims.
Now if Indians and Pakistanis have made up their mind to end up their differences there can even be formed a confideration of the whole of South Asia.
As far as such conferences are concerned those can not be held by Benazir and any other cut off group. Benazir Bhutto is a westernised weak woman who when in power is a Pakistani and when not talks against the nation making a joke of it. And then Isfandiyar Wali whose party is based on partition and even if India and we become friends these will consult some third country.
If there is some flexibility shown by India then there can be formed a government from Kabul to Bangal as used to exist in the history. That will be better rather best for all of us clearing the drawbacks that used to exist in the past. There should be no room for any nationalist, socialist or economist party then.

Mohammad Shamaun Pasha, Pakistan - 04 January, 2006

Pak- India Peace Conference

For hundreds of years Muslims and Hindus had a strong government in India.
The whole of South Asia should be merged into a single power. For that reason people with strong feelings and firm ideas should be made to sit to come to a conclusion. Moreover to become fully cautious of those who actually do not like it by heart.

Shirin, Pakistan - 04 January, 2006

Confederation of South East Asia

It is an excellent idea to form a single confederation. However, there are several differences cropped up during the past 60 years after partition of the great Indian sub continent into Two and therafter now into three nations. India adopted open society and democratic set up and undoubtedly grown metes and bounds compared to its neighbours, whereas Pakistan hardly ever had a sincere democratic government. Always, military rulers had taken over the power leaving very marginal scope for development of polity. The idea of Mohammed Ali Jinnah was to have a secular Pakistan and it is a matter of fact to be seen how much secularism exists. Population control is another major issue. With due respect to religious sentiments, the growth in population is very rapid in Pakistan compared to India due to non practice of family planning measures. If some of these vital issues are addressed with open mind and have a broad cultural understanding, there is every possibility of unified confederation of a bigger nation and the combined National Forum could even be a very big counter weight to China in terms of all parameters. Let us give this as a serious thought to the politicians of India and people of Pakistan (since there is yet to be a democratically elected government).

KISHAN PRASAD PALAYPU, Hungary - 25 October, 2006

The Lost Hindustan

The former historic region of Hindustan does not only comprise Pakistan and India but also five other countries do include in it. We can not neglect the two former provinces of Indian Empire, Kabul and Herat. All need to be brought under a plateform of a Union.
Unless and untill common people without a life history and document are not let across borders between the river Jihoon or Amu upto Burma there can not be brought stability in the region also the defence will not work against any foreign aggression.
Two things to be kept in mind;
1. Some people get their living (daana paani) from the quarrel between countries and that will be come up with by letting loose the border checking. Similarly, Some countries have their markets and interests related with the continued enmity so may put hurdles either directly or indirectly.
2. Compromise in all situations and fields will make the bond stronger.
This end of enmity and bringing an understanding in the region will certainly make the suffering nations releived. The artificial, weak, hungry and disloyal political traders may not be let even near to the governing machinery as they can never do anything for the nation . Strong and firm step is needed to take ahead.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 16 April, 2007

When WEST met with EAST!

Sunil from India, I smell a goodwill in your statement, however I believe that the industrialized west made sure that we as neighbors never live in peace and always hate each other as rival enemies which will keep them in power and they will not be threatened by the intellect of East on which they depend and the one which they love to slave even with the modern day tactics.
Should our nations be friendly to each other the entire region would have flourished as a result.
Do you think that others would like that? Wont it be their loss if the subcontinent lives in peace and reaps the dividends of technology?
No doubt India has progressed a lot in many fields, a lot more than Pakistan and in my humble view I see that possible due to sincerity of it's nationals. I know of the days when India was very watchful of foreign exchange and balance of trade which is probably still prevalent. There was a serious restriction on luxury imports from other countries, and see what it culminated? Indians researched, developed and produced in many a fields due to their hardships which they persevered.
Even with the political boundaries could not India & Pakistan have established & maintained a friendly environment? like US & Canada have been doing for over 2 centuries.
The only ones that would be threatened from such friendly relationship which would have culminated nothing but progress & development by leaps and bounds and less or no dependence on the materials from these western nations can only be perceived to be the West since animosity between India & Pakistan benefits them in great terms.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 05 January, 2008

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