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Enervated Organisation of Islamic Conference

14 October, 2003

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Founded in 1969, OIC claims to have objectives of its establishment to struggle against the various dangers threatening Muslim Ummah.

Since 9/11 and war on Iraq, it is the first time that the head of Islamic states are going to meet each other at OIC. Main issues to debate would be Indian Occupation of Kashmir, Palestine , Post-war-Iraq, economic cooperation among OIC members and paralysis of OIC.

How do you observe the importance of this session of Islamic Summit Conference?

Do you think OIC can be helpful to Islamic Ummah in any deleterious condition?

How can be OIC brought out of its 'Paralysis' or navel-gazing condition?

Should OIC formulate a united military force like NATO ?

Reader Comments:

United states broke status quo which was set 50 years ago after league of nations. but even then Muslim Ummah was fighting under pillow. What they seek in malaysia now? when they can't model Mahthir Muhammad, why they praise him? i feel no importance of OIC summit.

OIC will be in energetic when state is doing good at its place. otherwise whateva they do, is a foolish.
Nato force is a good option but only for those with balls. i mean it can be done through Pakistan, iran and turkey alike countries.

Ata Bux, Pakistan - 14 October, 2003

1. This summit is very crucial as Muslim Ummah is under attack by lunatic idiot who has no constructive policies. This is the time when it become necessity for all the head of Islamic state to forget their regional and national pride and get united for the sake of existence. Dr. Mahthir Muhammad, the only true sincere leader in Islamic country, is unfortunately is retiring and we don't have anyone who comes near to his wisdom and sincerity to work for the betterment of muslims. This summit would be termed successful if all participating countries create "UNITY".

2. OIC will be only effective as united "One Force with One Strong Voice". OIC is only words without actions which can pass resolutions and go back to sleep in their palaces. Muslims countries must have close economic social and defence treaties to protect each other.

Question 3 and 4 are related to each other. The Paralysis is due to the fact that Muslim countries are weak to defend themselves. These countries actually cannot do anything except issuing a statement condemning the acts of aggression.

Contine...3 & 4.

The Isreal attack on Syria, American invasion of Iraq can't be averted due to our weaknesses. Islamic countries with material gifts from God Almighty i.e. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Emerates, Bahrain have no capability to defend themselves technologically or by human means. They can sign defence treaties with countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey and develop a common NATO like force for defence.

Contineu.... 3& 4.

This will help poor countries like Pakistan, Indonesia and Turkey to solve their unemployment problems and help them not to fall for American aggressive policies for U.S. dollars. Dr. Mathir Muhammad again has introduced a common currency Islamic Gold Dinar to be used as common currency to trade between Muslim countries and the rest of the world. This is actually excellent move as it will reduced the depency of U.S. dollar resulting it to go downwards which will again be beneficial as they do not have enough money to keep developing WMD.

K, Pakistan - 14 October, 2003

no results !

Another time wasting exercise. There is a need to change the behaviour and attitudes of the rulers of muslim countries than the muslims overall.

Sunny, Pakistan - 17 October, 2003

Pakistan should quit OIC

Why Pakistan support OIC? What has OIC done for Pakistan? They have to depend on OUR fighter pilots to fly their planes and fight for them. Why we keep being member there?

abdul, Norway - 17 October, 2003



The remarks made by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia about the Jews should not surprise at all.

Anyone who has ever read through the Koran would have easily found that the open-minded PM was quoting almost verbatim from the many anti-Semitic and antichristian statements spread all over the Moslem Holy Book.

This is a good eye-opener for the many uninformed who believe that Islam is a "Nice" religion.

Gavriel Strasman,
Kiryat-Ono 55454,

Tel: 97235346758

Gavriel Strasman, Iraq - 18 October, 2003

Summit Concluded!

The summit concluded the way Bush wanted it to finish. American immense pressured the head of Islamic states to exclude "immediate withdrawl of American troops and end of occupation" and they did. Dr. Mahathir Mohammad was against inviting puppet Iraqi Ruling Council to this summit but were included on the request of Arab nations.

Why are these Arab countries so blindly and faithfully obey every commond of American? Why are they reluctant to adopt Malysian Islam Gold Dinar as the bilateral Trading Currency? Why these Arab country are so scared to dump U.S. Dollar?

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Emirates all have billions of dollars invested in American economy which they can't afford to lose. Jordan, Morraco, Turkey, Pakistan obey all the wishes of Bush because they get paid in dollars for their support. The U.S. is diminishing superpower which is sliding downwards more quickly than it was expected. The U.S. Dollar is on constant decline which would more become like Rouble or Indonesian Ruppiah if dumped by Oil Exporting Countries replacing it with Euro (they sure do not have faith in Islamic Gold Dinar only Iran has agreed with do trading with Malaysia in Islamic Gold Dinar).

The tyrants hypocrites Arab rulers have to take a decision for the benefit of Islam and innocent muslims who are under constant fear of invasion and death from lunatic Bush. Venezuela rich in oil reserves and exporter of oil is considering to peg its oil export to Euro because of Bush and CIA creating chaos in that country. Arabs have to take the required actions otherwise they will be removed from power with all Arab countries will be under U.S. British Isreal occupation. I will be very very sad but do I have any option.

K, Pakistan - 18 October, 2003

Gavriel Strasman!

My friend come to discussion forum I would be glad to discuss what you call anti-Semitic in Qur'an. Talmudic teachings and following has corrupted Judaism.

K, Pakistan - 18 October, 2003

Strasman's woos !

Gavriel did you know JEHOVAH
send 99% of his messengers to
your kind the Jews.As you have always strayed from HIS
path.Your actions since 1890s
in Europe to corrupt the mind
led to violence against you.I
think Israel and her leaders need to change their vision of the Palestinians and soon
you will see Muslims open to
embrace you.

K Rahim, Pakistan - 18 October, 2003

need of the hour

There is the need of the hour that all the Muslim country in this world should have their joint armyas NATO, their must be a permanenet place in UNO for any one muslim country,their must be the judiciary system of the Muslim Ummah,and also the Muslim monitory fund,so in this way the Muslim Ummah can be more independent.
Tariq Iqbal Ch.

Tariq Iqbal Ch., Pakistan - 20 October, 2003

OIC is Ruled by Feudalism(East) under Imperialism(West) Both for Capitalism creating Poverty !

OIC founding Year 1969 served so far Watching Lost of East-Pakistan which is now Bangladesh for Feudal
Leaders of West Pakistan. Chad Break-Away in Libya
while Syria to Face Libanon Saudi+Syria Peace-Troops On-Looking Control Over US+France which Lead to PLO HQ expulssion from Libanon to Greek PLO Left Pakistan to India Turkey as NATO member supported ASALA {Christian Terrorist} Group prepared against East-Bloc Soviets {USSR}. Like Saddam Support to Mhujahideen Khalq vs Iran
also Supported by US & EU
Now Iraq Past Afghanistan Later Iran Before Sudan Last Syria After Indonesisa Then Pakistan in End OIC.

AL-HAJ.Mr.Faridullah.Koch {Chairperson & Founder of Islamitsiche Partij Ned, Netherlands - 28 October, 2003

Dr. Mahatir and Jewish Ingratitude

Having read through the comments posted so far (06/02/05), three points strike me as being worth comment:

First, I suggest that my Muslim brethren divert some of their energies towards greater learning, particularly the mastery of foreign languages so that they can express their thoughts clearly to foreigners. Islam was the first, and only, one of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) which enjoined its adherents to think about creation and seek knowledge. The contribution of Islam to safeguarding and adding to humanity's knowledge, when Western Civilisation was imprisoned in dark ages, can only be denied by the ignorant or the ill-willed. When Dr. Mahatir was commenting on the hold that the Jewish race has on the power centers of the world, he was trying to contrast the success of Jews to reach positions of influence, through knowledge and cohesion, with the indolence and fractiuosness of the Muslim world, which is the cause of the Muslims' present plight. Therefore, Gavriel Strasman should accept Dr. Mahatir's remarks as a compliment rather than as an insult to the Jewish race.

Second, Mr. Strasman is either ignorant of history or, to avoid any sense of guilt with regard to what is being perpetrated in Palistine, does not wish to remember that when Muslims dominated large parts of the world, the Jews were not only rescued from prior persecution by their Christian masters but were also given rights, and allowed to rise to the highest positions in Islamic states – this ingratitude of the Jews will surely be forever recorded in the annals of infamy.

Third, Mr. Strasman avers that the Holy Quran has “many anti-Semitic and antichristian statements”. This is not only misleading but is also mischievous, for Mr. Strassman is trying to sow discord between Muslims and Christians in order to rally Christians to his cause. The verses of the Quran, regarding the Jews, are a narrative of the continual breaking of solemn promises the Jews made to the Almighty in their hour of need, and the subsequent willful breaking of those solemn oaths. Surely, Mr. Strassman must at least have seen “The Ten Commandments” – was Cecil B. DeMill anti-Semitic for portraying the Jews as turning to the worship of gold as soon as Moses went up the mountain to receive God's Commandments? As for the Quran's mention of the Christians, Mr. Strassman is obviously ignorant of the verses which advise the Muslims that the Christians are to be trusted in friendship.

Bahlol Lohdi, Afghanistan - 05 February, 2005

OIC a big get together .

So far, OIC is good for nothing. I don't know what role it is supposed to play as an organization of Islamic nations, and if it has one then I don't see anything remarkable done by OIC in the interest of Muslim world. What I have been seeing for all these years, a bunch of rich Arab sheiks along with others throwing a party in different Muslim countries.

Noorul, United Kingdom - 17 February, 2005

moslim religion will disappear from the world globe so way do they talk about something that will disappear. why it has no eternal values.

rene, Pakistan - 25 March, 2005

the moslim tradition will be tied in the lastdays of its excistance but will will be wiped out as many other religions that are based on self proclamation. all religions that are based on self proclamation will end dramatically by a human thet only wants to be worshiped so mohamed will be put away with by a human thet thinks toi be God. but that human will be destroyed by the creator of the universe. mohamed was never a prophet of that God. when he would have been he would notb have been the need in converting his people by the swprd which islam is still involved in. this is not pease but violence. Islam always has proclaimed that there peace is build on the fact that every person will be worshipping mohamed. this does mean that we wstill may kill each other to reach to that goal. THis is way there are moslims there is violance to come. peace as it is defined by the world counsel they will never been able to establish. said. the wor we fight is not against flesh nor blood it is not the waepons of the hands thaht solve problems.

thath is all


peter, Pakistan - 25 March, 2005

Hijra, or emigration

As is often the case, the impact such the OIC in theoretical and legal discussions on current practices is overemphasised by Western orientalists and contemporary Muslim fundamentalists. 'Real'Muslims act and live without waiting eagerly for the ulama's point of view. The idea that Muslims are reluctant to live as minority is contradicted by facts. As we have seen, they have lived for centuries as minorities under non-Muslim rule. To believe that 'real'Muslims expect fatwa and theological decisions before making decisions relies on the usual overestimation such the congreat OICj, of the impact on societies of religion in general and Islam in particular. Nevertheless, paradigms play a role in shaping not the social comportment but the post hoc discourse of legitimisation, particulary when the chosen attitude is challenged by critics, usually neofundamentalist calling for hijra or jihad, or by Western experts who always argue that a Muslim cannot be explained (much less understood) except through the lenses of sharia and Middle Eastern history. The mirror effect between fundamentalist ulama and Western orientalists does nothing to help open the debate. We shall focus here on paradigms of Muslims in a minority, not because they explain what is happening today, but because they may be reactivated by fundamentalists, militants, orientalists or liberal Muslims who must bow to the pressure of 'culturalism'and speak the language of religious representation and historical parallels to pass on their message. Paradigms do not explain what people do; they shape the way in wich they express their situation, and particularly unhappiness about their situation. It is also a money refugtivity....

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 09 December, 2005

To Strengthen The O.I.C

Respected Editor;Assalam o Alaikum!
I am bringing to your notice a very important and sensitive issue related with the whole Muslim Ummah. You have seen in the past and in present that the U.N.O is also a committee of the nations of the world which was arranged after the great wars to develop a communication between the nations of the world to prevent bloodshed and other mis-understandings. That U.N.O did work upto a time but as we see in this day and age that whoever is powerful also does not have a regard for this organization. Upto that extent that people are in a natural trouble or facing an enviromental disaster this organisation works only. Thus the real theme of the organization has died out long ago. Almost a decade back there were two giant super powers on earth, U.S.A and the U.S.S.R. Now only the U.S.A exists and tries to have supremecy on the rest of world. Apart from that the European countries who are on one hand afraid of their own close ally The U.S and on the other hand of the Muslims have also come to a conclusion and have got themselves united under the flag of the European Union. On any call given to them by the U.S they make their full support in the form of arms and money and thus do anything to any country giving no attention to the conclusions and orders of the U.N.O. The whole world knows that very less defensive measures were made upon the order of The U.N.O and in most cases the organisation was made to decide as desired .
Now The Muslim countries are compelled to do upto the most to take defensive measures at least to protect themselves. The wealth that they spend on other things should be saved to be spent on inventory and on some other positive activity. There is no lack of talent among the Muslims but when they see people and specially the ruling class free of any sympathetic feelings for others and religious honour; do pay no attention as they are also neglected by the leaders. After the Battle of Badr when Muslims won the battle the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad(Peace be upon him) said that upto the last the Muslims will be less/weak in equipment and in number like in Badr but will always win. So there is no need to worry about equipment but to manufacture and try to produce ourselves upto our best.
The Organization should take better steps to improve trade relations with the rest of the world and introduce new schemes in Muslim lands. A free chance to be given to the industries of the world to work and visit Muslim lands. As far as the name of the organization is concerned it should be named according to our religion in one word only as "Shoora" another name can be given to it as "Qurultay" which in Turkish means as Shoora means like 'Cabinet' or 'Assembly'.

Thankyou very much Sir; I took your precious time to read this, but is your religious duty. Please correct if there be any shortcomings in the language.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 10 December, 2005

How to Make Sense of OIC

OIC should certainly formulate a united military force like NATO. However, in order to sustain such a force the wealthy Muslim states have to invest heavily in research and development in the fields of science and technology. They have to come up with a cohesive plan to alleviate poverty in the Muslim World by energizing their economies as far as possible, without compromising their common defence. They must sincerely fight corruption and undemocratic trends. They must resist foreign dictations designed to create divisions among the Muslim states. Only then, and only then the OIC just might function effectively.

Tarek Masud, Bahrain - 11 December, 2005

The O.I.C

Respected Editor; Assalam o Alaikum ! It is very essential to bring the Muslim Ummah to a single plateform according the happenings of the day as we see. For every disturbance made in any part of the world the muslims are held responsible for that. We see that communism has died out with its defeat in Afghaninstan and the world knows that the Muslim fighters did that which was a difficult task for any one of the strong countries. Now the U.S.A declares the muslim nations as a hurdle in its way and tries best to clear that with power and propaganda. Even a propaganda against our religion is on its way. The oil fields, natural resources and the land the muslims are being captured. The Muslim nations did not oppose the U.S on attacking Iraq and the guerillas are fighting back the infiltrator upto an extent otherwise The U.S had nominated one of its General as a Viceroy of Iraq and had already warned to attack Iran and Syria. The U.N did not work which had opposed the invasion of Iraq, what a mess and what a joke we all see is only because of our weakness and their being powerful in the world. Europe seeing the tide has got itself united under the banner of the E.U. and now is the turn of the muslims. Europe is not heartily working with the U.S.A but to some extent is afraid of that.
The Muslim nations should always be united under the banner of the O.I.C. This organization should not only be religious and financial but basically should be powerful. A mixed force upto a certain limit should be kept in a station as a symbol for to be used in any timely matter alongwith the volunteers and all be divided into disciplined formations to work . This organization should have its own production of arms and machinery to further extend its honour. The nations should work wholeheartedly for the cause and no personnal matters should make a disunity and weaken the Islamic Unity.
This is my opinion Sir, Thankyou.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 12 December, 2005

The sleeping giant!

The OIC is like the giant of the fairy tale with hen that lays golden eggs(resources)and magic harp(Islam).We need
a Jack to awaken the Giant.
But not make it run and fall of the cloud.First is to find
the long lost unity amongst the Ummah.Next is to forge the unity into a Statehood.If
we are able to accomplish the
task, then we can move ahead
to reform our disarrayed life
and system of reformation.

Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 14 May, 2006

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