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03 November, 2007

The imposition of emergency announced by President General Pervez Musharraf in his capacity as Army Chief has put to rest the rumors circling around the country for the past few weeks.

President Gen Pervez Musharraf in his capacity as Army Chief under article 232 of the constitution announced the imposition of emergency. All civil rights from article 232 till 237 have been suspended.

Prime Minister and Cabinet members would continue to perform their duties while Senate, National Assembly, and provincial assemblies would remain intact.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry has been removed from his post as army troops take control of the Supreme Court.

All communication contacts have been cut off mobile and Internet services have been suspended and private TV channels transmission closed down.

The army has taken control of the federal capital and a large number of troops and rangers have been deployed at public places, embassies and other key government installations. More than 1000 troops of frontier constabulary have been summoned to maintain security.

1)Is this act justified at such a crucial time?
2)Will emergency help curbing Extremism and fundamentalism?
3)Is this the end of a free Judiciary?

Reader Comments:

Terrorists attack - 1

United Nations, European Union and USA must clarify?
General Musharraf has declared at the time of imposing “Modernized Martial Law” that West should not:
1. Demand their level of democracy (means Western standard)
2. Demand the same level of civil liberties and human rights (means giving him free hand in state terrorism)
In this context some clarification is required from the so-called champions of democracy and the United Nations to clarify if the advantages of democracy preached by the West and the laws of civil liberties and human rights agreed by nations around the globe are not based on universal values?
And could Musharraf declare null and void all such principals and universal declarations unilaterally?
Is it not a crime against humanity and civil liberties? Is it not revival of fascist Nazi doctrine?
What is “level” of democracy?
Musharraf is gauging democracy with fascist’s point of view
Western countries have since long been supporting dictators, authoritarian governments and their poodles for their vested interests, particularly in Middle East and Pakistan. They have implanted Hosni Mubarik type leeches, who have invented a new form of democracy. Another form of democracy has been introduced in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Pakistan they are supporting a fascist dictator.
Being a student of political science, it looks that “Democracy” is nothing except a bundle of different directorial orders approved by US administration and accepted by their faithful rulers through out the world.
Is it not the same communist system where organization is in the hands of communist party leaders, powers centralized in few hands? Has that not been replaced by (a few head of states) who obsequious US administration which are awarded credentials of democracy to serve interests of the US administration through out the world.
Gen Musharraf and his Army is conducting serious crimes against un-armed civilians. Army is using Jets and gunship helicopters to kill or destroy properties of citizens. It is using chemicals and lethal weapons. A large number of citizens are in the custody of ISI. Hundred have been killed by targeting them due to political reasons by state agencies. Today regular judges have been removed and a certified corrupt judge has been appointed to act as Chief Justice.
It is expected that champions of democracy will adopt strict measures against Gen Musharraf including all type of economical and military aid. Pakistan must be expelled from the UN till the restoration of Judiciary and decision of the Supreme Courts against his fraudulent presidential elections.
If European Union, US, Commonwealth and UNO fail to take any strict measure then they must stop talking about democracy any more. Do not teach lessons to world that communism was bad and dictators could be democratic dictators in army uniform.
Matter of civil liberties and human rights?
Musharraf is so naïve that he did not know the meaning of liberty. He thinks that there is no difference between human liberty and statue of liberty.
1. Gen Musharraf said in his same address about Western civil liberties and human rights (Are there two types of civil liberties and human rights? Or the UN agrees with his explanation or the UN also believes there are two types of peoples in the world with two separate sets of basic human rights?)
2. Has Pakistan signed the General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of December 10, 1948 regarding Universal Declaration of Human Rights or not? Is it responsible for its obligations or not?
3. Pakistan has voted in favor of the Human Rights Council on March 15, 2006 under United Nations General Assembly (opposed only by US, Marshall Island, Palu and Israel). From his statement, it seems he does not believe in equal human rights. Should Pakistan's members not be suspended that is to be given in 2008.
4. Pakistan Army did not believe on civil liberties. Entire unrest in the country is based on greed of the corrupt generals. Every day victims are joining resistance movement, which Musharraf is posing war on terrorists and extremists.
Gen Musharraf is clearly denying United Nations Agreements on Human Rights. Moreover, his gang is involved in state terrorism, nepotism, human rights violations, corruption, torture, extra judicial measures, imprisonments, abductions, target killings, harassment to media and judiciary, and even hiding dead bodies of killed by agencies. Musharraf & Co is not different from war lords of Afghanistan, sectarian gangs of Iraq and drug mafia of South America.
(Pkease see Part 2)

Earthman, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Terrorists attack - 2

Media under siege, Freedom of speech suspended:
Thousand of lawyers, political workers and human rights activists have been arrested after declaration of the neo-Martial Law. Gunship helicopters and missiles are killing women and children and destroying properties of civilians. Musharraf is waging sectarian and ethnic war against citizens.
It is genocide.
Following ordnance has been issued to stop media for any kind of independent reporting particularly reporting any human rights violations. It is believed that political opponents will be victimized and declared as terrorists.
1. In the ordinance dealing with press a new Section 5-A has been inserted which prohibits publication of certain material; photographs of suicide bombers, terrorists, bodies of victims, statements of militants and extremist and any other thing which promotes or abets terrorist activities or terrorism.
2. The section also prohibits projection of anything that is based on sectarianism or racialism, that defames, and brings into ridicule or disrepute the head of state, or members of the armed forces or executive, judicial or legislative organs of the state.
3. It also prohibits any material that is likely to jeopardize or be prejudicial to the ideology of Pakistan or the sovereignty, integrity or security of Pakistan, besides any material, that is likely to incite violence or hatred or create inter-faith disorder.
4. Under the ordinance, in a situation of emergency, the district coordination officer, or the deputy commissioner may suspend the declaration for a period not exceeding 30 days.
The ordinance dealing with the electronic media similarly prohibits broadcast video footage of suicide bombers, terrorists, victims, and statements of militants or anything that abets terrorism.
5. It also directs the channels to ensure that no anchor, moderator or host propagates any opinion that is prejudicial to the ideology or integrity of Pakistan. A new insertion also prohibits foreign broadcasts.
6. The authority or the chairman under a new sub-section may seize broadcast or distribution equipment and seal the premises and in an emergency may direct closure for a period as it may determine.
7. It also prohibits live coverage of incidents of violence and directs installation of time-delay equipment to prevent any such violation. The violators shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term that may extend to three years or with a fine which may extend to Rs 10 million, or with both.
8. The distributors who violate may face imprisonment of up to one year or fine which may extend to Rs 5 million, or both. (Associated Press)
Major contents of “modernized martial law”:
1. 1973 Constitution held in abeyance
2. Superior judiciary’s powers clipped, Supreme Court, the Federal Shariat Court and the High Courts, any tribunal or other authority to call in question the order of PCO
3. No judgment, decree, writ, order or process whatsoever shall be made or issued by any court or tribunal against the President.
4. Fundamental rights as enshrined in Article 9 (security of person), 10 (safeguard as to arrest and detention), 15 (freedom of movement, etc.), 16 (freedom of assembly), 17 (freedom of association), 19 (freedom of speech, etc.) and 25 (equality of citizens) shall remain suspended.
Crackdown on judiciary
1. Aimed at countering the anticipated judgment of the 11-member Supreme Court bench was to announce its verdict on the nomination of Gen Musharraf as candidate for re-election of President
2. Majority of the superior court judges in the country rejected the PCO of General Musharraf and refused to take oath
3. Countering Supreme Courts Suo-moto action against bomb blast in Benazir’s ralley where 140 persons were killed, it was widely speculated that Musharraf government is involved in planting bomb.
4. Countering Supreme Courts anticipated judgment in notorious “missing person’s case”, where actual culprits of Army generals were going to be exposed.
5. Countering Supreme Courts anticipated decision in abduction of former Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff, where actual culprit Shakuit Aziz was almost exposed for taking illegal action.
6. Countering thousand of application which Supreme Courts were receiving against corruption and brutalities of Army and Civil government servants.
(Please see Part 3)

Earthman, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

State of Emergency: a step unnecessary

State of Emergency: A step unnecessary
By Wasi Siddiqui
(Member of the Canadian Authors Association)

The recent imposition of “State of Emergency” in Pakistan by Pakistan President Musharraf surprised many critics and brought world wide condemnation as a step taken to pro-long his grip on power and delaying of elections , which supposed to be held early next year.

This imposition of “State of Emergency “came at the time when Supreme Court was due to give a decision whether it is legal for Musharraf to run for President , while holding the Chief of Army Post as well. It is widely believed that if Supreme Court could have managed to give the decision regarding the legitimacy of Musharraf candidacy, it could have created many serious challenges for the Musharraf survival, and it could have cost him his Army post for which he is not willing to give up at any cost.

In his speech to the nation, he cites many reasons for imposing state of emergency, starting from Red Mosque incident, the abduction and killing of Chinese workers, and Taliban’s attacks on Army personnel, and Air force men, and then he added that continuous interference of courts in Government affairs played a key role for such a decision.

As far as these conditions concerned President Musharraf should know that it is not something new happenings in the country , the suicide bombings and Taliban’s attacks are daily occurrences since 2001 , why not he considered to declared state of emergency at that time and why did he waited for 7 years to take such a decision.?

Ever since, President Musharraf decided to contest the presidential elections, he knew that he will win easily as other two candidates won’t find enough votes to defeat him. Although, he won with 57% of the vote, but Supreme Court said that final decision of his election result will be decided by the judges, it was just like a gamble, a gamble, which President Musharraf doesn’t want to play.

If a “No” decision could have come from the Supreme Court, this could have ended his President’s hope for being the President of Pakistan or even if he chooses to stay as Chief of the Army staff, he then he has to work under who ever will be the new President, so he was heading towards end of the road, the declaration of state of emergency was the only way to get out of all sorts of legal problems.

It clearly shows that President Musharraf declaration of “State of Emergency” was more personally than Pakistan’s internal situation, nevertheless, this action will put Pakistan is more problems, the problems which have now become the destiny of the country Pakistan.

wasi siddiqui, Canada - 05 November, 2007

Terrorists attack - 3

7. Musharraf is talking about 61 students of Jamia Hafsa released from courts and blaming them as terrorist is based on facts that it was massacre and thousand students mostly women and children are still missing, Supreme Courts ordered to stop government servants not to omit evidences from the site where massacre was taken place, as such United Nations has asked a report in this regard last week, to safe guard criminals, who were involved in massacre name of Lal Masjid is taken to harass western world.
8. Supreme Courts exposed Musharraf and Shakuit Aziz puppet Prime Minister in holding billion of rupees properties illegally near Islamabad.
9. A selected group of journalists, already earmarked for being troublemakers, would be detained.
10. Seven-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry here on Saturday evening barred the president and the prime minister from taking any action contrary to the independence of the judiciary. Signed by Justice Rana Bhagwandas, Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Mian Shakirullah Jan, Justice Nasirul Mulk, Justice Raja Fayyaz Ahmed and Justice Ghulam Rabbani.
11. Police rounded up dozens of lawyers including Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Aitzaz Ahsan and Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) President Ahsan Bhoon, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Chairwoman Asma Jehangir, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) activists and office-bearers were arrested in Lahore and Islamabad. Dozen Pashtoon and Baloch nationalists, including chief of Pakistan Oppressed Nations Movement (PONM) MNA Mehmood Khan Achakzai and National Partyís Khalid Lango, Balochistan High Court Bar Association President Shakil Ahmed along with a dozen other activists of the association.
12. Vice chairman of the Sindh Bar Council Ms. Noor Naz Agha, Dr. Qadir Magsi of APDM (Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party), Justice ® Tariq Mahmood etc.
Hypocritical role of United States:
Shame on United States, for declaring that “The emergency declaration “does not impact our military support of Pakistan'' stated by Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell, sorry for declaring US as democrat nation, which is breeding fascists.
What Musharraf and fauji janta want?
• Fooling western world for economic benefits
• Collecting huge bunch of sophisticated and lethal weapons
• Want to impose self fabricated new religion, to become new Khomeini. A new version mixture of mysticism and sexuality is forced on gunpoint. To create a new force of extremists and fundamentalists, more then 25000 terrorists of MQM have been pardoned, an ethnic group which is back bone of fascist rule. A retired Gen Qidwai has been given charge of nuclear arsenal which is leader of MQM.
• Wants to become life long ruler or Queen of country like Hosni Mubarik or Suharto
• Not only Generals around him are corrupt but a few civilians are also criminals, including Abdul Hamid Dogar, who is nominated as Chief justice, Governor Sindh is a registered terrorist, Chief Minister Punjab is a registered murderer, Chief Minister sindh is also criminal, Chief Minster Frontier along with parliament have resigned, Majority of Federal Ministers are fraud, criminals or involved in corruption, case against each Minister is in courts.
• Fauji Janta is working on same lines of Natzi racial lines and nationalism which later shattered the peace of entire world, top 20 generals are criminal mind psychos who want to convert Pakistan as next Iraq.
Requested actions:
In the light of above illegal action of Gen Musharraf, it is confusing to believe in democracy, if the West wants to convert the whole planet rulers to act as Hamid Karazai, Nuri Al Malki or Hosnie Mubarik and label them democratic rulers, then no body will keep faith in democracy, and it will be considered as Martial Law imposed by NATO.
Musharraf government must:
1. Be suspended from UNO up till he did not take back illegal decisions.
2. Each type of economic and arms aid must be stopped
3. Common wealth membership must be suspended
4. Travel ban must be imposed on all criminal minded generals
Boycott will force Pakistan Army to restore human rights and civil liberties, economic blockade will lead them to surrender their weapons, international community must get rid of such war lords equipped with sophisticated weapons.
International professor
(Pl see part 4)

Earthman, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Pakistan need an emergency. Why? Most of the people in the country are crupt. The country needs someone to help it get back on its own legs. At last someone is doing something good for the country. Every other person that has held the president post is only after its safe. To empty it out! If one person is standing up to gain the country its rights there is nothing wrong. For years all roads had someone whether it be the police (whom is 95% crupt) or some other person to rob you or letting you free by bribes.

Well done Musharaff! I pray to Allah he gives you good health and a very long life!

Ali, Kazakstan - 05 November, 2007

Islamic democracy - crying need of the hour

unless any individual is not fully Koran-loaded and Hadith-loaded, he cannot be handed-over the invaluable power to cast his vote to chose the leader to lead him. He will fail. He will chose dacoits, manipulators, murderors, illiteretes, liars and thiefs as in neighbouring India, Strip-teasers as in Italy, corrupt, looters and woman-leaders like Benazirs as in Pakistan and gays and lesbians elsewhere to be their leaders. An impossible eventuality in Islamic democracy where the vote is guided by the preachings of the The Holy Koran and the Great Muhammed"s Sunnah. The Great Muhammad preached "Cursed are nations with woman as their leaders". Benazir will end-up with a thumping majority, if not driven out, to be Pakistans leader in clear violation of the preachings of our Dearest and Greatest Prophet.

Devoid of Koranic and Hadith guidance, no individual does posses the sense to ever differentiate between what is good and what is bad - between what is permissible and what is prohibited. The only source of enlightment that could enable one to cast his vote correctly and appropriately is the full and complete knowledge of Koran-e-shareef and the Great Muhammad's sunnah.

Without imbibing the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith, It is highly dangerous to empower any individual to cast his vote. He will elect eloqouent speakers not sincere leaders. It will be a joke.

Obsceinity and legalisation of same-sex marriages are the direct by-products of western democratic traditions. An impossiblity in Islamic democracy even if the entire universe including sea and land animals vote in favor of it.

President Bush quest to introduce democracy in Pakistan can succeed if he print, publish and translate tons and tons of Holy Koran and tons and tons of Hadith-shareef in urdu, english, sindhi, pushtu and ship them to Pakistan to be made compulsory in schools, colleges , universities, in homes and in every nook and corner. BY ALLAH, ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY, PEACE AND PROSPERITY WILL DAWN UPON PAKISTAN BY ITSELF EFFORTLESSLY. PRESIDENT BUSH WILL BE A CLEAR WINNER.

Faiz Khan, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Martil Law not Emergency

I do not understand why we call it emergency. Emergency would have come through the order of the president and not a military dictator. A military which cannot fight and win against another military but only against its own defenceless people. Military has brought destruction to Pakistan and if the nation has to survive, this institution has to be clipped. Otherwise goodbye for Pakistan

Jehan Zeb, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Alternative to Emergency or Quick Democracy of Specific Kind

Said or implied Pervez Musharaf who has been forced to declare
Emergency .The Enemy of emergency with Pakistan IMF loan
And hotel Motel health and insurance business developers want end of emergency right away with their minor knowledge of Democracy. Their candidates want their style of Democracy in silver platter. Black suited lawyers or black veil women and Mullahs all want a piece of power on this silver platter .They and their western democracy seem supporting BB .Or is it her death they are developing. Bush allied IMF and BB returned to Pakistan in pursuit to force Emergency which they did. BB Convoy bomb blast had killed 141 dead 547 injured amid series of Blasts across the country. This got compounded by Political Party leaders and President of Bar Council who had started Day dreaming to become president of Pakistan for “pie in the sky”
.i.e. Aitzaz Ahsan and ex chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry.Their Motto was kill the goose which lay golden egg .Instead they wanted Gold Power Right Away on behalf of Political Parties of their choice.They were forcing Ruling Ministers declare emergency or get killed via Anarchy. Even BB advisor so called Rehman Christi said “go to street as hooligan and force regime change”. In fact stupid Pakistan Professors in the west or journalists said the same thing:” Send Canada or USA or UK to Pakistan and force them for regime change and to Run Pakistan”.Said BB:” Invite west to investigate turmoil and bomb blasts in Pakistan”. How pathetic! This needed emergency rule as well as hiring of a new Chief justice As replacement as well .This also resulted in suspension of 1973 constitution.BB is role model With her $1.5 Billion up for grab. However Pakistan does not look like a country making Muslim Decision. State.Hospitals across Pakistan has been giving Organ Transplants while unemployed public selling organs .what is this? All they promote is violence death destruction anarchy in Pakistan AJK or in IHK .They want war with PKK Turkey .Then Bush allied soldiers with Armenia Holocaust resolution want quick fix for Pakistan Emergency Rule in pursuit to proceed for Iran Invasion. Far sighted President Mascara and PM Shauna Asia has power and
Pie .They can make promises for an election of democracy in next year which allied EU Bush India and their BB Iran Khan Nanas Shari like to hear as they seek power - office of democracy and IMF cheque book sharing you know who with? Without being Pakistani Peace and security without Democracy of the west seem better than BB style deadly blasts anarchy looting and killing or bombing by Bush and allied soldiers who would love to flatten Pakistan and Muslim civilization.These Black coat or black veil
Clerics if arrested should be given military Training and given rifle and Put on “Defence
Job” after taking away Zakat boxes for an easy way out. Via street Protest in pursuit for regime Change they seek.

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 05 November, 2007

Terrorists attack on civil rights

All causes explained in state address by Mush are baseless, self fabricated and bundle of lie. Such as whole story against Jamia Hafsa to involve Chief Justice are baseless, Justice Nawaz Abbasi and Justice Faqir Muhammad Khokhar issued the verdict, both are in Mush camp now. Other students who were arrested were sent to different civil courts. If 61 students released were on the list of terrorists and as alleged by Mush carried out suicide attacks, so it was easy to trace, count missing or many other ways. It looks Mush has lost wisdom completely.
Mush said he is imposing emergency by keeping Pakistan above his personality, in the same address he has been crying for his impatience to be declared as elected president, while he knew that election was a fraud.
In fact when ever wolf wears sheep’s skin, his mentality remains same. Wolf can not become sheep.
However Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry, Justice Bhagwan Das, Justice Javed Iqbal and Justice Ramday and all other justices who have kicked offers from dictatorship are liable to be saluted, their names will remain in the history of mankind and hearts of poor peoples. We assure all justices for their bravery we will remember you day and night, will try your return, and will tell our children and grand children, we will write your name with golden ink. First priority is to see back on your chairs. Now we have written your names after Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan on our heart. Mush type peoples who are living under the shadows of guns can not expect what is respect and what is honor, and what is bravery.
It is believed that Supreme Courts decisions were near to disclose many culprits in missing persons case, Nawaz Shariff abduction case, and most important bombing on PPP rally where 140 peoples were killed for which Suo-moto action was taken, many other cases were nearly reaching to conclusion.
Emergency is a drama which is imposed on orders of US to get rid of honest judges only, shut the mouth of journalists and hide massacres and brutalities of Pakistan Army.

Ghulam Rasool Chaudhry, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

I think Musharraf has Pak's best interests in mind. It seems very complicated, especially for us American's watching from afar. I think we should give him some time to do what he has to do before accusing him of putting off elections. I also hope this whole thing doesn't backfire and work to the benefit of the extremists.

Mike, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

State of Emergency : A step unnecessary

State of Emergency: A step unnecessary
By Wasi Siddiqui
(Member of the Canadian Authors Association)

The recent imposition of “State of Emergency” in Pakistan by Pakistan President Musharraf surprised many critics and brought world wide condemnation as a step taken to pro-long his grip on power and delaying of elections , which supposed to be held early next year.

This imposition of “State of Emergency “came at the time when Supreme Court was due to give a decision whether it is legal for Musharraf to run for President , while holding the Chief of Army Post as well. It is widely believed that if Supreme Court could have managed to give the decision regarding the legitimacy of Musharraf candidacy, it could have created many serious challenges for the Musharraf survival, and it could have cost him his Army post for which he is not willing to give up at any cost.

In his speech to the nation, he cites many reasons for imposing state of emergency, starting from Red Mosque incident, the abduction and killing of Chinese workers, and Taliban’s attacks on Army personnel, and Air force men, and then he added that continuous interference of courts in Government affairs played a key role for such a decision.

As far as these conditions concerned President Musharraf should know that it is not something new happenings in the country , the suicide bombings and Taliban’s attacks are daily occurrences since 2001 , why not he considered to declared state of emergency at that time and why did he waited for 7 years to take such a decision.?

Ever since, President Musharraf decided to contest the presidential elections, he knew that he will win easily as other two candidates won’t find enough votes to defeat him. Although, he won with 57% of the vote, but Supreme Court said that final decision of his election result will be decided by the judges, it was just like a gamble, a gamble, which President Musharraf doesn’t want to play.

If a “No” decision could have come from the Supreme Court, this could have ended his President’s hope for being the President of Pakistan or even if he chooses to stay as Chief of the Army staff, he then he has to work under who ever will be the new President, so he was heading towards end of the road, the declaration of state of emergency was the only way to get out of all sorts of legal problems.

It clearly shows that President Musharraf declaration of “State of Emergency” was more personally than Pakistan’s internal situation, nevertheless, this action will put Pakistan is more problems, the problems which have now become the destiny of the country Pakistan.

wasi siddiqui, Canada - 05 November, 2007

constitutional order (PCO) could

In the presence of parliament and provincial assemblies, how a provisional be enforced and how constitution is intact in the presence of PCO? True to speculation, President Pervez Musharraf has imposed a state of emergency and promulgated a new Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) that, according to him, aims to preserve Pakistan’s integrity and counter the terrorist threat facing the nation. The president should have acted more carefully. While the threat to the country is very real, I don’t believe that imposition of emergency will solve the problem. There is a complete media blackout in the country, which has added to the confusion of the masses. The president should allow for free and responsible coverage by the media so that the country moves towards stability.

Asim Mehmood, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Once again....?!

Once again….?!
Unfortunately this emergency is only meant to oust the honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Chaudhry and the motivation tabled by the President is void of any solid reason or rationality.
The morale of common man is more important than that of the corrupt, inefficient and manipulating bureaucrats or politicians. No one likes to go to the courts in the presence of socio-economic and political justice. The people have their genuine grievances and for this they turn to the courts to seek justice which is their basic human right.
The government instead of giving blame to the CJ, for safeguarding the basic human rights, should have made the necessary legislation to cope with the surge of militancy and other subversive activities. Everyone is equal before law is the basis of any functioning judicial & legal system.
The government’s poor surveillance and handling of the Red Mosque crises in the capital Islamabad was not the product of the CJ as he cannot, in the after hand, discriminate people by ignoring the existing law. Nip the crises in the bud or don’t blame the people whose profession is to do and dispense justice, without any fear or favor, in line with the national constitution.
If the acts of the CJP were so “questionable” then he wouldn’t have been applauded by the Pakistani nation or the outside World, especially when he is being invited to the USA and UK.
The wrong in-puts (wrong policies) always give the wrong out-puts while the right in-puts (right policies) always entail the right out-puts. Undoubtedly the government has good economic policies and that brings the good dividend as well. However, the government has extremely poor administrative policies and that gives the law & order headache throughout Pakistan.
Instead of sacking the interior minister the Presidential sword has been used twice against the CJP, a man who is extremely honest, just, bold and pushing and Pakistan urgently needs state functionaries like him…!
Moreover the President seems ill-informed about the judiciary’s role as it is not that easy or simple. In fact it is so complex that it has to look after and preserve the constitutional spirit in the process of law-making and at the same times it is also, constitutionally constrained, to see and ensure its implementation on all levels and in all walks of life.
So in this way it is normal, natural and necessary for the judges and the courts to legally intervene in any state department or affair to uphold the constitution which is, by all means, meant to guarantee the basic human rights and safeguard the national interests.
However, such drastic & dictatorial decisions by the President are highly controversial & contradictory and even counter his own claims of “Pakistan first.”
Ahmed bin Babar

Ahmed bin Babar, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Western ally Musharraf Declares Martial Law

Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf declared a state of emergency in Pakistan on Nov. 3. The move is being described as emergency rule, but in reality martial law is essentially in full effect. The constitution has been suspended and troops have been deployed in all major cities. All independent news channels have gone off the air, but news is trickling in through satellite stations and sources on the ground. Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee is in New Delhi meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to brief him on the situation.
Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan has been plagued by corrupt civilian governments and military dictatorships that serve the interests of western governments ahead of the Muslims of Pakistan. The colonial powers of the US and the UK are desperate to save their last hope in the region, the failing dictatorship of General Musharaf, by organising an alliance with the most corrupt politician in Pakistan's history, Benazir Bhutto.

Later this evening, Musharraf will announce that the emergency has been called out of necessity to contain the rising support for the Islamic rule throughout the country. However, the move was made for political reasons. Musharraf, who finagled his way into getting re-elected as president Oct. 6, faces a hostile Supreme Court, of which the majority is in favor of nullifying his presidency, despite the government's persistent threats and bribes. According to sources in Pakistan, Musharraf caught wind of the Supreme Court's plans to dislodge him from power, leaving him with no choice but to resort to his last option: declaring martial law and holding onto power through force.

Musharraf's problems are far from over. Declaring a state of emergency raises the risk that street protests led by galvanized opposition parties will break out. Former corrupt Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who leads the opposition Pakistan People's Party (PPP), has struck a power-sharing deal with Musharraf to secure her seat within the government when National Assembly elections take place in early January. Sources claim Bhutto was aware of Musharraf's emergency plans. It is no coincidence, then, that Bhutto left for Dubai to visit her family Nov. 2. In order to uphold her end of the bargain, Bhutto cannot be seen leading massive street protests that threaten to remove Musharraf from power. Though she risks becoming discredited even further, she has opted to stay out of the picture during this episode.

This "patchwork" politics will only push Pakistan into deeper crisis and failure. Pakistan is in need of a new type of leadership that will bring stability, that looks after the needs of the people through the Quran and Sunnah and which implements a system that is truly representative and which respects the independence of the judiciary-the Khilafat State.

If street protests get out of hand and troops are likely to fire on civilians, the stakes will be raised high enough for Pakistan's army commanders to pressure Musharraf into stepping aside and giving up his re-election scheme. Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani, Pakistan's vice chief of army staff, has been increasingly calling the shots in Pakistan and would take the lead should Musharraf be forced to step down.

The people of Pakistan have a powerful voice in the form of those who are working sincerely and peacefully for the implementation of Islam via Khilafah. It is essential that people of Pakistan sends a clear message to the dictator Musharraf and his new found ally Bhutto that it will no longer accept the destructive status quo and that a change of system must occur.

Tauseef Zahid, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

For anyone marinated in the history of Pakistan yesterday's decision by the military to impose a State of Emergency will hardly comes as a surprise. Martial Law in this country has become an antibiotic: in order to obtain the same results one has to keep doubling the doses. What has taken place is a coup within a coup.

General Pervaiz Musharraf ruled the country with a civilian façade, but his power base was limited to the Army. And it was the Army Chief of Staff who declared the emergency, suspended the 1973 Constitution, took all non-government TV channels off the air, jammed the mobile phone networks, surrounded the Supreme Court with paramilitary units, dismissed the Chief Justice, arrested the President of the Bar association and the civil rights activists of the Human Right Commission of Pakistan, thus inaugurating yet another shabby period in the country history.

Why? They feared that a Supreme Court judgement due next week might make it impossible for Musharraf to contest the elections. The decision to suspend the Constitution was taken a few weeks ago. Benazir Bhutto, was informed and left the country. She is reportedly on her way back. Till now she has offered no comment on the new martial law, despite the fact that a senior leader of her party, Aitzaz Ahsan has been arrested for denouncing the coup. Intoxicated by the incense of power she might now discover that it

Remains as elusive as ever. If she supports the latest turn it will be an act of political suicide. If she decides to dump the General(she has accused him of breaking his promises and it will be difficult for her to remain allied to a dictator) she will be betraying the confidence of the US State Department, which pushed her in this direction. At a recent off-the-record gathering at Ditchley Park(a British Foreign Office think-tank), the would-be Secretary of State, James Rubin, became short-tempered when Pakistani participants challenged his view that Bhutto was a decisive player in the 'war on terror' on the Western borders of the country.

The two institutions targeted by the Emergency are the judiciary and the lively network of independent TV stations, many of whose correspondents supply information that can never be gleaned from politicians. Geo TV the largest of these continued to broadcast outside the country. Hamid Mir, one of its sharpest journalists, reported yesterday afternoon that according to his sources the US Embassy had green lighted the coup because they regarded the Chief Justice as a nuisance and 'a Taliban sympathiser'.

For a whole year now, the regime was confronted with a severe crisis of legitimacy that came to a head earlier this year when General Musharraf's decision to suspend the Chief Justice, Iftikhar Hussein Chaudhry, provoked a six-month long mass movement that forced a government retreat. Some of Chaudhry's judgements had challenged the government on key issues such as 'disappeared prisoners', harassment of women and rushed privatisations. It was feared that he might declare a uniformed President illegal.

The struggle to demand a separation of powers between the state and the judiciary, which has always been weak, was of critical importance. Pakistan's judges have usually been acquiescent in the past. Those who resisted previous military leaders were cajoled, blackmailed, bullied and persuaded to retire. Pakistani judges spring from the same milieu as the rest of the ruling elite, which is why the decision of this chief justice to fight back was surprising, but extremely important and won him enormous respect, a commodity in short supply.

Global media coverage of Pakistan suggests a country consisting of Generals, corrupt politicians and bearded lunatics. The struggle to reinstate the Chief Justice presented a different snapshot of the country. This movement for constitutional freedoms revived hope at a time when most people are alienated from the system and cynical about their rulers, whose ill-gotten wealth and withered faces consumed by vanity inspire nil confidence.

That this is the case can be seen in the heroic decision taken by the Supreme Court in a special session yesterday declaring the new dispensation 'illegal and unconstitutional'. The hurriedly sworn in new Chief Justice will be seen for what he is: a stooge of the men in uniform. If the constitution remains in suspension for more than three months then Musharraf himself might be pushed aside by the Army and a new strongman put in place. Or it could be that the aim of the operation was limited to a cleansing of the Supreme Court and controlling the media. That is what Musharraf indicated in his broadcast to the nation. In which case a totally rigged election becomes a certainty next January. Whatever the case Pakistan's long journey to the end of the night continues.

shams tabrazi, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Emergency is the only way out for Pervez Musharraf.

The US and Britain reacted very strongly on Pervez Musharraf decision to declare emergency rule in Pakistan. The US and the British government wants the democracy in Pakistan and keep fighting their stupid war on terror which is not possible because this is the main cause of rising Islamic extremism in Pakistan. The real democratic government in Middle East or any other other country of the world will not allow US to use their countries as battlefield for “war on terror” or for “war on drugs”. The Turkey is the most liberal Muslim democratic country in the world with 9% positive opinion of US. There is constant growing anger in Pakistan after Afghanistan invasion and occupation and the majority of Pashtoon see Pervez Musharraf as White House puppet, bombing and killing innocent civilians for US aid. The people and the Islamic parties also believe US war is against Islam and Muslims. The Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are more popular than Bush Musharraf and Benazir in North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan because Bush reaction to 9/11 attack was stupid and arrogant. The Bush regime and his closest ally Britain are trying to hide their mistakes and blunders by blaming Pervez Musharraf not doing enough on their “war on terror”.

Pervez Musharraf imposing emergency rule in Pakistan was the only way for holding on to his power with growing opposition against Islamic Militants, opposition parties, Supreme Court threats not to validate his presidential election results. Pervez Musharraf needed the time which he get it with imposing emergency. Condoleezza Rice is threatening to cut Pakistan military aid putting pressure on him for democratic elections sharing power with Benazir Bhutto. The most of the people did not pay attention, how Bush regime know that Benazir Bhutto will win the majority of seats to form federal government? There is only one way of knowing that Benazir Bhutto will win the election, is by rigging the elections and engineered the results of their liking.

Benazir Bhutto also send an email to one journalists who make that public when talking to Wolf Blitzer on Sunday Late eddition, in that email she said that ISI is planning to bring down Hamid Karzai government replacing him with Pakistani puppet President. This allegation is not based upon any intelligence because she have no way of knowing what ISI is planning, this is more like a false accusation to gain more US support just like Ahmed Chalabi. The Pakistanis must not forget that she is the daughter of power hungry father who did not hesitate to break the country to become Prime Minister and she can do the same to become Prime Minister. This time NWFP and Baluchistan will breakup from Pakistan if the Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto keep pushing Bush stupid “war on terror”.

The US and its European allies can’t win “war on terror” with guns tanks and bombs with Pakistan help. The Taliban has defeated the Pakistan military and security forces since the beginning of this war by killing hundreds and capturing hundreds of soldiers. Taliban moral looks like is very high comparing to Pakistan military. The solution to this conflict is through negotiations, listening to the grievances of people of NWFP. Tbe people who are making this a emergency a big issue of human rights and democracy knows very well they themselves violated all the human rights when they had the power.

PS: Don't edit anything, publish it as it is without your censorship.

QB, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Pakistan's Musharraf Speaks for Zionist CIA.

Pakistan's Musharraf Speaks for Zionist CIA
And to the American People in English Language
After America's CIA OK to Destroy Democracy
So He Can Continue as Pro-US Dictator in Pakistan .

jalaudeen rumi, Pakistan - 05 November, 2007

Bush want to make another Iraq

United States is responsible for imposing criminal government on Pakistan. The only way out is to stop funding to such Army terror gang immediately and all military aid. There was no need of emergency in the country; Chief Justice was last barrier against extremism as peoples had hopes that there is one place where those have access. Fabians, fabler statement is non-sense, baseless storey of Lal Masjid did not left any impact neither charges against Chief Justice have any credibility. If army is surrendering and desertion rate has tripled then it is fault of army management. Generals are busy in political activities and making money. Moreover law and order is not duty of army, neither constitution permits army chief to throw constitution in dust bin.
Mush and other criminal gang were afraid of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Ch; and other honorable justices. Their names will always shine like sun and oppressed peoples will remember Justices who for the sake of rule of law sacrificed.
Mush is bare naked in front of international community, liar and thug. Dogar is a criminal who earned hate of oppressed peoples and history will not forgive such criminal justices who destroyed hopes and closed last door of justice.
Mush want civil war in the country, he is agent of CIA and MOSSAD. Neither is he a Pakistani nor Muslim. Justice Bhagwan Das is true Pakistani and better then so called Muslims. Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry is the last Chief, no body can replace him, this is the time political parties must overthrow coward generals and push them in sea.
Now extremism will increase, extremists will fight with each other, restrictions on media is based on hiding facts by inviting NATO to enter in Pakistan. Kick mush with all sycophant generals.

Ghazala, Pakistan - 06 November, 2007

International community must go after action of Holland

Stop financial aid
This is the only way out to bow head of fascist dictator by immediately abandoning all financial aid to Government of Pakistan with the condition to lift emergency and restore Supreme Courts to work independently. All fraud justices who have criminal cases against them must be removed. Abide the Supreme Courts ruling against imposition of emergency. Peoples will not accept fraudulent Presidential election and tussle between peoples and Army will increase, and general elections must be held with in two months.

Only way to deal with such dictator is to stop financial aid. Reason for pomp and show of generals and lavish life style is largely based on flow of free and easy money receiving on the name of “war on terror”,
Pakistani generals could be distinguished among army generals of other countries, according to provision of facilities, huge emoluments, vehicles and properties which made them billionaire before retirement, is all dependent on continuous flow of easy money on the name of “War on Terror”. Regular government servants working on same pay scales are hand to mouth.

It is a white lie and magnified by Pakistani generals those citizens of frontier, Baluchistan, northern part of the country and clergy is against west. All such peoples were in front line against Soviet Union in the fold of west. It is hoped that if those are assured of safety of their children and properties, and label of extremist, fundamentalist and Islamist imposed by government for vested interests is removed, and horrors of attack is removed from the minds then unfathomed situation could be controlled peacefully. In this exercise sincerity of US is question mark.
As much victimized population will increase it will raise numbers to join opposition. Brutalities have crossed limits to save illegal rule and by imposing extra constitutional measures, and now security forces are surrendering their arms, desertion rate has increased to triple. Security personal prefer to leave job and join their country fellows in resistance along with their arms. Crackdown on civilians is not wise decision.

To hide state terrorism and human rights violations restrictions on media, judiciary and civil liberties have been imposed. Few groups behind Musharraf are also alive on western funding. Beneficiaries have common goal to harass western peoples, propagate and create a gigantic enemy of the west for their vested interests. Under the protection of emergency and in the absence of any independent reporting, plan of invasion on citizens without any legal footings will create anarchy, which will also disturb western democratic government of Afghanistan.

A few so called moderate are also hurdle in imposition of Musharraf agenda, and after imposition of emergency (Martial-Law) majority is under arrest including chairwoman of Human Rights Council of Pakistan, because she was pleading “case of missing person”, a most notorious case where culprits were going to be exposed by Supreme Courts with in next week, involved in abduction of citizens, torture and keeping in secret prisons. Lawyers of Bar Associations, retired judges are under arrest because representing their clients against government regarding corruption, fraud, plunder, murder and state terrorism type charges, many cases were going to be matured with in next few weeks, in all such cases government servants for forced to comply illegal orders of Musharraf and puppet Prime Minister.

Shameless attitude of American administration:

Bush administration has issued statement almost in favor of Musharraf, which will encourage bunch of criminals, instead of asking any obligatory role based on morale and ethical values of democracy Bush has praised his buddy for his deceitful support of War on terror. United Kingdom is also failed to take any proper action.

All western countries are requested to follow tradition of Holland and immediately stop all type of military and economical aid till Musharraf may not take back emergency orders.
News about wise decision of Holland is as under:

Netherlands holds back aid to Pakistan

THE HAGUE (AFP) - The Netherlands has suspended aid to Pakistan after President Pervez General Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency rule, Dutch Development Aid Minister Bert Koenders said Monday.
“This is a dramatic coup d’etat that we strongly disapprove of and that undermines Pakistan’s democracy, development and population,” Koenders told the ANP news agency.
The Netherlands had budgeted some 15 million euros ($21.7m) in aid to Pakistan for 2007 and some 12 million euros has already been spent. The remainder is now suspended, Koenders’ spokesman Franceso Mascini said.
For next year the Netherlands had planned to give some 40 million euros in aid to Pakistan mostly for education. That is now under review.

International Professor

Earthman, Pakistan - 06 November, 2007

Emergency -Quran Sunnah Democracy Leader is need of the HOUR

Quran Sunnah Iman Democracy Security and preventing NUkE falling in the hands of Taliban Lawyers and Black veil - ImamiCostume Party is the need of the hour.Military
Coup de Tat against President will not do any good. Election to be held in this mess will
Bring into power one who will be unsuitable. In democracy you cannot train a leader quickly.BB and Imran Khan do not seem ideal.Nawaz Sharif can be recalled for the following reason.

1. Nuke was His Blasting safely.Nawaz Would be ideal to Retain it safely.Pervez Musharraf was hired and fired by Nawaz Sharif.
2. Nawaz is experienced Politician Industrialist and has Iman who is well versed in
Quran and Sunnah.
3. Nawaz was not treated well for his recent return.He took least welcome by Military bravely and went back to his steel mill or business without fuss.
In this need of the hour Nawaz Can formulate well balaced business deals for adverse group adequately as a shrewd Businessman.I recommend for his immediate recall and let him participate in forthcoming Election Competition with other eligible
Contestants( including ununiformed Pervez Musharraf).Nawaz is known to consult
Dr Israr Ahmed and is Quran Sunnah inclined if Military willing to compromise for Past conflict with him.

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 06 November, 2007

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