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Elections in Iraq

28 December, 2004

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Iraqis are scheduled to elect a 275-member National Assembly on Jan. 30, and those lawmakers will draft a new constitution.

There have been calls to postpone the election because of the ongoing insurgency, but US President Bush has insisted the vote be held as scheduled.

Osama bin Laden endorsed Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi as his deputy in Iraq and called for a boycott of next month's elections there in his latest audio tape.

The tape also called for attacking pipelines, planting mines and killing people who work for the occupation forces.

1- Is there any hope for the peaceful Iraq after the first democratic elections ?

2- Will there be any influence of Osamas new audiootape on the elections ?

Reader Comments:

Enemies of Muslims and Islam

Bush(Holy Warrior), Osama, Zarqawi ,all are the enemies of Muslims and Islams.

We Muslims have to realize two important things:

Bush, Bin Laden and there tactics, both are damaging image of Islam. The present suffering of the Afghan people is a direct consequence of their association and support for Bin Laden and now assosiation of Zarqawi with Osama in Iraq. Secondly, we cannot hide behind the issue and must condemn those who murder innocent people, in direct violation of Islamic teachings.

hamayun, Pakistan - 28 December, 2004


Democracy is a government of the people, by the people for the people. At this stage where are these People ?

keetrhi wijesinghe, Somalia - 28 December, 2004

I don't know what to believ anymore

It's very difficult for me as a Hispanic American to get a story from both sides; The U.s media is slanted towards the Bush administration. Opinions from the Arab world are difficult to come by so I have to put in the effort by going to Arab media portals in the Internet.

What I can say is I doubt the fighting in Iraq will just stop after the elections. Osama's tape will only influence people that have nothing else to live for which will probably result in more attacks on election day.

Hamayan states it is violation of Islamic teachings to murder innocent people. Shouldn't that be the "teachings of Humanity" regardless of religous beliefs?

I can not apologize for a nation. I am sorry as an individual for all that is going on around the world.

I believe conflicts will always arise if there is money to be made in the end game.

Martin, United Kingdom - 28 December, 2004

Elections in Iraq

Iraq will not be peaceful after the elections. The elections will not drive out the jihadists. It's not a Parliament that Iraq needs right now. It's a strong military capable of fighting the jihadists until they are all sent to heaven to be with their awaiting virgins.

Osama's new audiotape will intensify the bloodshed. More Iraqi civilians will have their lives extinguished by these brutal murderers. Until the Iraqi's can defend themselves and inflict casualties on their adversaries innocent blood will continue to flow.

US forces are not capable of defeating the terrorists and the American public will soon have enough of our sons and daughters dying for ungrateful and cowardly people. We did not anticipate the ferocity of the jihadists nor the timidness of the Iraqis. Being wrong on both counts we are left with little choice but to let the Kurds, the Sunnis, the Shiites and the foreign "holy" warriors fight it out amongst themselves.

It's time we dealt with a far more serious threat to ourselves - Iran. No troops this time. Just blow the nuclear facilities to oblivion with bombs and missles and never again send any troops to the cauldron of the Middle East. We don't know how to fight terrorists on the ground because we are too soft and value innocent life too much. We don't belong there. It's not in our character or values to fight terror with terror.

Abulen, United Kingdom - 29 December, 2004

The Iraqi election farce which will neither bring stability nor it will give a legitimacy to American ugly criminal illegal occupation of a sovereign nation.

The American illegal criminal occupation will face the resistance as long as they are Iraq which is justified according to the command of God Almighty in Qur'an. The crimes these barbarians savages Americans has commited in the name of democracy and terrorism has surpassed all the atrocities done in the history. American are not soft harted they are the ruthless muderers who has killed children, women, elderly, unarmed civilians, injured, bombed and destoryed hospital in Fulluja, denied the medical aid to injured Iraqis, destroy the Mosques, used chemical weapons in Fulluja, denied access to Red Cresent to enter Fulluja for humanitrian aid which resulted in dead Iraqis eaten by dogs and cats. The list goes on and on their atrocities and genocide. Four million civilians were killed in the war in Vietnam by these kind harted Americans. Americans are the threat to world peace with mentally sick Bush as their elected President.

I am for Iran and Syria bombing go for it instead of anchors and pundits discussing this on Fox. This sure will the last nail in the coffin which will bring swift defeat to American occupation in Iraq which will be burial place for all their troops.

Americans are playing Osama Bin Laden scare tatics very effectively to shift the blame of all their Iraq failures to foreign elements muslim jihadis terrorists and they successfully created another myth Zarqawi. Osama Bin Laden tapes are showing up at White House will by CIA whenever Bush administration needed them desparately. The Osama message aired just before election to give George W. Bush the needed bounce, Osama Bin Laden tape aired on Al Jazeera praising Zarqawi at the crucial time when people start questioning about Zarqawi myth.

Everybody know who I am, Pakistan - 30 December, 2004

Iraq Elections

Of course the US is the criminal in Iraq. The Sunni insurgents and the foreign Jihadists have not killed any Iraqis. They have not turned mosques into munitions warehouses and sanctuaries from which to launch attacks against the forces of "Satan". They have not used Iraqis as "human shields" or threatened them with death if they dared to want freedom.

The Jihadists want only to follow the will of God. And God has instructed them to kill all non-Muslims because they are atheists and murderers.

So why did the recent Tsunami occur in primarily Muslim countries? And why is the US spending more money than any other country to help Muslims who suffered from this tragedy?

Is it not because we are too generous and compassionate? We can use that money in this country so why give it to those that despise us?

Abulen, United Kingdom - 02 January, 2005

election in Iraq

Bush invaded Iraq in total violation of international norms.Where are the weaponns
of mass destuction.does peace prevail in Iraq ? Are the Iraq people happy ? I do agree innocent people should not die.Election are the only hope but must be held under U.N .
dsjeya from india

dsjeya, Hungary - 02 January, 2005

Get Real - People!

I am an American, and proud of it. I defend what the US is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan and if I could I would be there helping to eliminate those who are opposing us. If the good people of these 2 countries had any sense at all, they would help the Colotian Forces that is there to help the US has always done. Help them to kill and eliminate the SOB's that are hurting those countries.

E. Ray, United Kingdom - 03 January, 2005

The majority of Americans live in delusional world of good and evil created by news network and Hollywood movies. Bush has the most serious mental sickness of delusion speaking to God claiming all his actions are based on Lord's command, if not treated immediately the consequences will be severe destruction around the world including America.

The real situation on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq is opposite to all their delusions. Hamid Karzai puppet government control few kilometers of Kabul and Allawi puppet government is in partial control of Baghdad so called "Green Zone" which is slipping in favor of Iraqi Freedom Fighter (Mujahideen). Afghanistan outside Kabul is still controlled by Taliban, opium production and export is at peak because the so called coalition occupation forces are only defending Hamid Krazai in Kabul. There Afhan Mujahideen do attack the occupation forces whenever they move out of Kabul which are very seldom. The resistance is very much alive waiting the the right opportunity to recapture Kabul.

Iraq on the other hand had a very active resistance which is stronger beyond the imagination of illegal crimial occupation intelligence. The Iraqi Freedom Fighters (Mujahideen) are declared the thugs, terrorists, foreign fighters by the lying sick regime of Bush where the fact is that American are the thugs, terrorists and foreign fighters who had invaded the country all based on lies to steel Iraq Oil and to build American bases to control Middle East according to their wishes to protect their corporate interests.

The news network had duped the majority of Americans with their propaganda of lies and deception which do not tell them that even after two months of constant bombing and over twenty thousands of illegal criminal soldiers and puppet Iraqi National guard did not suceed to take control of Fulluja. It is Iraqi Freedom Fighters (Mujahideen) who are still control 60% of Fulluja, Mosul in control of Iraqi Freedom Fighters, Takrit and many more cities towns and villages. Americans soldiers killed and wounded figures are around 50,000 according to independent sources not 1300 admitted by Bush regime.

The wishful thinking of the illegal criminal occupation is to put Iraqi face on their occupation by recruiting Iraqis into police and army which is now renamed to Iraq National Guards. The fact which American don't recognize is that only very few Kurds and Shiites will be loyal to their cause of stregthening their occupation with majority of the Iraqis will join these for monitary benifits and will switch sides joining the resistance or completely aviod killing their fellow country men.

This is happening everyday that Iraqi quit refusing to fight and kill their own people. The sympathy of Iraqis will always be with their brothers who are resisting the illegal criminal occupation. American never learn lesson from the Vietnam war they tried to build Vietnam forces thinking foolishly that they will be loyal to American.

The patriotism and religion is explioted by politicians and religious scholars to keep the ignorant stupid people under their control so they keep enjoying the financial benefits . The question why don't the politicians and religious scholars send their children to go and die for "patriatism" and "religion". Will Bush send his drug addicts daughters to defend America for partiotism or as a matter of fact any other politician will send their children to Iraq willingly.

The illegal criminal occupation has used the their old successful tactic of "divide and rule" by creating ethnic and religious sectarian differnces among Iraqis. There will be SOB like Chalabi, Allawi, Sistani type of traitors but the majority of the Iraqis will reject the occupation and will realize the benefits of unity regardless of their ethnic back ground and their sectarian beliefs.The sham election is not the solution to Iraq's problems, getting rid of the occupation swines from their country and land will lead to stability, prosperity, with the help of their oil wealth which is in crontrol of occupation thugs presently.

The Americans who wish to fight must go to Iraq instead of posting comments in favor of war on internet.

The question is how long Americans will sustain Iraq occupation with the financial cost of over 100 billion dollars per annum. The Iraqi Freedom Fighters (Mujahideen) has the capability and resources to keep their resistance alive for decades to come. These warmongers Americans just calculate the financial cost without the lost of human lives which really do not matter much to politicians because the poor are fighting their war. Americans must not count on Iraq oil export revenues Iraqi Freedom Fighters (Mujahideen) are intelligent enough to make sure that they don't steel their oil wealth by attacking pipelines.

This is just a summary to keep it brief to fit into the limit of 5000 words.

Everybody know who I am, Pakistan - 04 January, 2005

oh well all for nothing

I have never agreed with the war in iraq but after all is said and done people will not see democracy. That was george bushes plan but will happen is a religious leader elected like in iran, and us americans deserve it after all the money we will spend we still will not see democracy but a religious dictator. We creat our own monsters like saddam hussien........ we supported him till he didn't fulfill owr needs. When will we learn our ill fated policies are wrong? I think the elections will go as planned but don't expect more than 20 percent to vote because they will be in fear of their life. And the women in these countries will still be second class citizens because we are sleeping with the rrea enemy saudii arabia and we are too deep in each others pockets. The saddest problem is the innocents and soldiers of both sides that are caught in the war. That was called a war on terrorism. Afganistan ok. irag was a war of stratigical convience.

bruce mcpartland, United Kingdom - 09 January, 2005

To "Everybody know who I am":

I am an American, deeply opposed to the illegal actions of our criminal leader.

Millions, like myself, voted to remove him from office. Again, through voter fraud, Bush stole the election. It's shameful that our great country has been hijacked by greedy neo-conservatives.

Like the millions of Americans who voted against Bush, we pray for an ending to this dreadful, illegal occupation and constant war-mongering.

To Iraqis, and many Arabs, I say I'm sorry.

Jazper, United Kingdom - 18 January, 2005

Election in Iraq

In my opinion the elections in Iraq will solve nothing. You cannot have a democracy if a group within the democracy feels that the elections are unfair. Yes, the Sunis ruled under Hussein. However, that doesn't mean that the other tribes have the right to be the rulers now. Why can't someone, somewhere come up with a good and true representation of all 3 tribes equally without regard to how many people belong to each? With all of the culture in America, it baffles the mind at how culturally insensitive we are.

Another question I have is why America insists on countries who are at war to engage in "peace talks", but we say we want Bin Laden dead or alive. That doesn't seem right to me. All one has to do is try to walk a mile (or better yet 2) in the other person's moccasins, or sandals, and be open-minded enough to begin to understand where this person comes from and why they believe what they do. There are news shows in America that seem to give a good, unbiased account of our enemies' histories. I watch them as often as I can. I think I, for one, can begin to understand on many levels. I no longer hate, or fear our current enemy. There is no judgement in my heart no matter what is done, only the desire to know why and understand. No belief or way of life is wrong when it lives in your heart. Forcing yours on another, however, is a true crime.

Maria, United Kingdom - 24 January, 2005

Jazper and Maria belongs to the group of 49% of Americans who are truely adorable for the love of freedom, equal rights, liberalism and tolerance but unfortunately they have become the minority because of the rise of Christian fundamentalism and due to the wrong policies of their leadership. The unforutunate truth is that they chose Kerry to run against this warmongering God communicating President Bush. Kerry had no policy to deal with Iraq if elected he would have murdered more innocent Iraqis to prove that Democrats are tougher than Bush.

I will post more after Jan. 31 farce election after analyzing the results and the situation in Iraq. The neo consersertive political pundits are predicting 90% turnout in Southern Iraq on Fox News.

Everybody know who I Am, Pakistan - 25 January, 2005

Sham Elections in Iraq

The elections in Iraq to be held on the 30th of January, is as predictable as they were recently in Afghanistan. Most of the American hand-picked and appointed, self-perpetuating sycophants know about their victory even before the polls opened.

The other certainty is that the Sunni Arabs would be unable or unwilling to vote. Since most people believe this election to be a charade, the inherent flaws are obvious. But even so, the interim Iraqi council and their American benefactors have been leaving nothing to chance. They have mull over about deputing some Sunni Arab puppets to act as a sort of simulated opposition, and to give this election and the so-called democratic-process an appearance of legitimacy.

To claim that the January 30 vote will be anything other than a sham is preposterous. Iraq is under foreign military occupation, the result of an illegal war of aggression, launched on the basis of lies and fabrications. In 22 months of war and occupation, up to 100,000 Iraqisthe vast majority of them civilianshave been killed and whole neighbourhoods, towns and, in the case of Fallujah, an entire city reduced to rubble.

According to an Iraqi Prof. Al-Obaidi: It is in violation of all international laws A look at the electoral process and the composition of the current national council reveals that the election's main mission will be to install some of the country's most notorious politicians who have constantly spoken proudly of their links to international intelligence agencies.

The coming election will give power to every politician who has assisted the invaders and collaborated with them to consolidate the occupation. Therefore, we believe that even after the election, the decision-making process will be taken in the US embassy in Baghdad and the elected government will be no more than a vehicle to carry out Washington's decisions.

These elections have brought more chaos and division amongst Iraqis than unity and hope. These elections are nothing more than symbolism and the voting process to be less of an exercise than a surrender of sovereignty.

It's a sham!

Ilyas, Pakistan - 26 January, 2005

So what do you think now?

So, the election is over. Greater than 60% voted. Violence was minimal. The resistance is shrinking. Will you ever see the good of President Bush, or is Democracy in direct violation of Islamic teachings?

Jim, United Kingdom - 01 February, 2005

Iraq and Afghanistian War

I think we should find Osama Bin Laden and do the real war on terror, but i do care for the iraqis because they need to be free and thats what we did, but now we must leave Iraq before we screw up again.
We better find Bin Laden before its too late and he attacks us again
Thank You and God Bless America

greg h., United Kingdom - 09 February, 2005


Think back to what started all this. The U.S.A. was attacked and thousands killed (I think there were "innocent people" ).
The American people have accepted many nationalities, almost from 'Day 1'. Think about these things,,,,,at least be honest with yourself.


TAEPOVG, United Kingdom - 15 February, 2006

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