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Dr Qadeer’s confessional statement on proliferation and its repercussions

05 February, 2004

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Chairman Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL) Dr Qadeer Khan met with President Musharraf and asked for clemency from all charges against him in view of the services he rendered for the country. He said that all his actions although were in good faith but an error in judgment was made for which he is extremely sorry. Pres. Musharraf and cabinet pardoned Dr Qadeer in wider national interest.

Dr AQ Khan also publicly apologized on state TV to the public for the “anguish” and the “sorrow” his actions have caused to the Pakistani nation and the government. He also upheld that the nuclear transfer occurred on his behest and no former or present government was in anyway involved.

President Musharraf in his address to the editors and renowned journalists, blamed the media for mishandling this sensitive issue of nuclear leakage.

1. Is Dr Qadeer’s confession a result of remorse or pressure by the government?

2. Should the issue of debriefing of scientists be raised politically or put in cold storage?

3. What will be the international impact on confessional statement by Dr AQ Khan regarding proliferation?

4. How do you think Pakistani media has handled this issue ?

Reader Comments:

The whole debriefing process in my eyes is a way for americans to stop other countries from advancing nuclear research. so for the time being we cant say that the americans are the bad guys. it would be wrong to say that pakistanis are the bad party either. whatever pakistan has done must have been in national interest and nothing else. Abdul qadeer khan should be dealt with if he actually has passed on nuclear technology but if this is not the case and pakistan has done all of this to cover up some big scandal then it is our president who should be held under trial.

shoaib khan
krl laboratories

shoaib, Pakistan - 12 February, 2004

A.Q. Khan was hero and he will remain a hero. What is had done by accepting all allegations is to Protect Pakistan Government... it will be impossible that he was doing anything ALONE.

Imran Khan, Peru - 12 February, 2004

Riding High!

Where was Dr Qadeer! When he
deceided to part with

In what state of mind! was Dr
Qadeer,when he deceided to by
pass the State laws and give
others the nuclear secrets.He
has shown the moral courage to accept his fault and will
take measures to amend fault.
If only he did not attend the
Mosque and instead went to the Synagouge.How different it would have been now.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 13 February, 2004

Dr. Qadeer's big money

Many columnist and writers eg Shehryar Mazari, Dr. Ahmed wonder that Dr. Adbul Qadeer Khan the great scientist has confessed having allegedly given nuclear secrets to Iran, Libya and Korea which these countries through have by now contradicted but neither Dr. A.Q. Khan nor the President of Pakistan while so-called pardoning him have mentioned anything about the huge monies allegedly Dr. Khan got. When someone questioned about the so-called huge money our Federal Interior Minister Fasial Saleh Hayat stated “let Dr. Khan live with his money”. [What worth are these so-called Ministers can be judged one day Faisal Saleh Hayat told international press Dr. A. Q. Khan was not involved in alleged proliferation the very next the government which has “recruited” him was telling the world its Interior Minister was telling lies to the world.

I have always disliked Peoples Party and its leadership. This was the party was the main player in dismemberment of Pakistan and after 1971 destruction of New Pakistan by exploiting labour, destroying banking and industry under nationalization etc which was done under a deep long planning of creating a Sindhoo Desh which today Altaf Hussain a British Passport holder is doing to accomplish under a new label of Jinnah/Quaid Pur Mujarisatan.

However I liked much a reply from Asif Zardari. He was once asked NAB and Government claims that you have looted so much worth and it has been found in your accounts in Switzerland. His reply was really a master piece that I allow the government to retain 90% out of it and give me 10%. This reply is self explanatory and thought provoking.

I never trust any single word about our honourable Dr. Khan as is the nation being told to believe. I wonder if Dr. A.Q. Khan has really collected any such wealth and his accounts in Dubai and other places are as heafty as is alleged then why our imported Finance Minister Shaukh Aziz did not get all the money transferred to Pakistan Government Account which this is more easy case than Asif Zardari because in Benazir and Asif case America never and would not help NAB/Government but in case of Dr. Khan it would just “order” to transfer such amounts to the accounts of government of its best friend Muzharraf and its man Shaukat Aziz as in its eyes Dr. Khan is the more worst enemy of US than Osama.

By the way where is that money which according to Shaukat Aziz and Co was found and recovered from Benazir and Asif. Has it come to government account or has gone to someone's personal account if ever such an amount existed and came back.

Mirza, Pakistan - 17 February, 2004

nuclear proliferation

Well, where does pakistan go from here? Into a darker hole , i guess.Pakistan has gone to become the no. 1 rogue state in the world. Quite an achievement! When will pakistan realise that all the evil it has bred will one day turn against itself.Pakistan must build atleast a reasonable modern value system , preach love and happiness instead of hate and terror .For the sake of atleast the future genaration of pakistanis. Thats not so difficult .It doesnt cost money or require great intelligence . By all means we will live in dignity but what we are doing right now is constructing this huge monster and unless we do something it will destroy us , maybe after sometime . This is the reading on the wall. The power of not self destructing lies in our hands . Will we be wise enough to use that power? I know all this sounds philosophical, but look again, they are scientific facts!

shahid, Pakistan - 17 February, 2004

He is our hero

His apology even increased his stature

Ahmad, Pakistan - 18 February, 2004

This is in response to the comments of Mr. Nadeem Mirza.
How do you know that Dr. Khan is a greedy person? By just listening to the bloody Musharaf and his group? The true justice demands you to listen to both parties and Musharaf never bothered to bring Dr. Khan to court or to open media just to save his generals. If he is a greedy person, what do you think why did he came back to serve Pakistan by throwing off all the facilities and handsome salary right at the time when he was young? Greedy persons never come back to serve their country. Why don't you go back to your country and serve your nation? Why are you working for USA? Is this not greed?

Secondly I 100% agree with Mr. Qaisar Rashid, Dr. Qadeer is not dependent on KRL like laboratories but these laboratories are dependent on him. He is not the only one in Pakistan but the only one in the whole Muslim world. Look at the services he has done and what he has given to Pakistan. Why don't you ask those who broke Pakistan? Why not they should be asked to return all the honors and awards? Do they deserve these? General niazi, yahya and all those rascals who played key role in 71. do we really need to keep their dead bodies and their families in Pakistan? Do they worth keeping? No body asked them – on one did any de-briefing session with them – why? Just because they were army persons? My bloody foot!!!

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is a person second to Quaid-e-Azam. He is our ever lasting hero.

Long Live A.Q. Khan, Long Live Pakistan.

Adil, Pakistan - 18 February, 2004

He Raised The Nation's Spirit Again...

No Matter How many times Our Governments, Oppositions, Press, Politicians or All those who look for Desperate chances to "D" grade, Criticize or Spill worst Comments about our own Hardworking, dedicated, Self reliant with having no returns Scientists, Techno men, or Brains of this Nation, The generations of Today & future will never forget them & remember them as our Lasting Hereos, Models & Legends. Forever!!!
Lots of Prayers & Hails for our A. Q. Khan Dignity.

Fahad Ahmed, Ukraine - 20 February, 2004

he sold our watan to cheapo nations and broughtb us shame, inside our country we swell in pride but visit international chat forums and people disdainfully talk to us pakistanis. there ia world outside islam which has to be impressed by our economic achievements and not by proliferation.

and please! khan is no more a hero, western media even doubts his credentials and dubs him as a mere mettalurgist! i am rather proud of our soldiers

sajid, Pakistan - 21 February, 2004

Dr Abdual Qadir Hero of our Nation

My mind cannot accept the charge which is put on Dr.Dadir.Because enthusistic scientist like Qadir can not do any thing against Pakistan.

Dr.Rana Mohammad Liaqat, Pakistan - 22 February, 2004

Dr. Qadir Khan

Scanned the various responses of your readers.
Here is a man, who is supposed to be the principal contributor of a weapon that has the potential to kill millions of human beings, the destroy the environment the humans inhabit in. He is Pakistan's Hero. When Oppenheimer (remember him ??) saw what his creation did in Hiroshima and Nakasaki, he went in to a depression and by some accounts refused to have anything to to with the continuation of the research. Our hero, having been elevated to the hero status, strutted around the country without any control or accountability. I understand (read Cowasjee) he even had goons on his payroll to strong arm his way in to places that didn't want him. I have never heard this man say a word about the contributions that other people made in the creation of this weapon. Have you ?. Has anybody?. Having said all this, which probably rings of negativity regarding our hero, let us not forget that this weapon of mass destruction did put Pakistan in the map and did keep the hyterical Advani and his group at bay. Now as for the Pakistani leadership, military and non military, what can anybody say. They don't even fall in the definition of leadership and I choose to totally ignore them. As for the people of Pakistan, even less said is better. For 55 years, Pakistani leadership emerged from these people and any people who produced leaders like the one that have gone and are here today, should fall in to the category of losers. Now as for Khan's giving away Nuclear technology, so what ?. We should infact give it to every muslim country in the world. The objections that the white man has is that the muslim leadership is not responsible enough to own these weapons and could be blowing each other up and their neighbors, let it be. If humanity's heros are creators of weapons of mass destruction, then such humanity deserves to inhabit this God given land ?. As the term responsiblity, who the hell used the weapons of mass destruction ?. Not the muslim leadership. It is the white man stupid !. If saddam used it on his own people, then they were his own people who couldn't kick him out. And, besides the white man gave him these weapons.
What a hypocritical world that we live in

Ahmed A., United Kingdom - 22 February, 2004


I have read the comments posted on your website and can only say that the actions of Dr. Khan and the subsequent pardon given to him have only increased the West's distrust of and alienation from the Muslim world -- particularly Pakistan. It is so sad to see such a promising and productive country such as Pakistan succumb to its own insecurities and shortsighted vision of what it could be.
If indeed this man profited financially from his actions, then he should be brought to trail for the simple fact that he has made the world a more dangerous place to live in. If innocent, then his stature as a hero of your nation will only increase. What are you afraid of?
PS: Giving us Osama Bin Laden will go a long way in easing the bitterness we feel towards your country. How can you shelter and protect a man who is clearly a genocidal maniac? Don't you understand what he represents? God help all of us if he succeeds in his quest for he will not only destroy the West but the entire world including your country.

Vince Simone, Canada - 23 February, 2004

two atomic scientists,one is president and second is guilty why?

it is a fact that dr a q khan is not only the hero of pakistan but also hero of the all muslim world.india gave the regard to his atomic scientist dr abdul kalam and made him president of the country.but govt of pakistan declared dr a q khan guilty on the pressure of the role of media is concern i would like to appreciate all media members to present the true picture of the matter before the it the duty of govt of pakistan to ensure the western world the pakistan is a responsibile country and not involve in atomic prolifiration.

umar riaz abbasi., Pakistan - 29 February, 2004

The Father of Pak Nuclear program

sits under house arrest at the behest of a foreign power. While the father of India's Ballistic missile program is President of Nation. Musharraf should apologizing to Dr Qadeer and his family. If Dr. Qadeer wanted to make money he could always go to America or Israel or Europe. But he is loyal to Pakistan and see how we allow this mir musharraf to treat real defender of country.


hameed gul, Pakistan - 15 March, 2005


I would like to say only one thing about Dr. Q. Khan and that is: Dr. Khan is as much trustworthy personality as all other muslims are. So don't make him an escape goat.

Sokeen, Ukraine - 16 March, 2005

Blame Game

When are we going to stop blaming the West and United States for the sins commeitted by our owns. Wake up Pakistan and smell the rose. I whole heartedly agree with Mirza from Pakistan not that he or she is my namesake but an excellent analusis of the events.

Noor Mirza, USA

Noor Mirza, United Kingdom - 16 March, 2005



khiro khan, Pakistan - 12 May, 2005

i think he has done the right thing

, Pakistan - 01 July, 2005

About Dr. Abdul Qadeer.

Basically, what he did at all in his life? What he gave to Pakistan? if you think hounestely about it, you'll get that Dr. Khan is a GOD GIFTED person, He is as much special as we can think, He is the second after Jinah, who did his best for the Pakistan, if our Qaid made Pakistan and Dr. Khan give It second life, at last i need to say just, May ALLAH bless him, May ALLAH bless all the Pakistanies, May ALLAH give us Unity and Faith, May ALLAH keep our lovely Country "Pakistan" safe and sound ever. A'ameen.

Usman, Ukraine - 23 July, 2005

The Real Hero.

Sir A.Q.Khan is the one who is real hero in the 58 years history of Pakistan.We will remember them as a person who had done his work only 4 his homeland.May he livelong and Allah give us A.Q.Khans in every field.

HAFIZ HARIS MAHMOOD, Pakistan - 30 July, 2005

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