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Dr. Mahathir Muhammad: A Cosmo-Chemist!

28 October, 2003

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Dr. Mahathir Muhammad, the Prime minister, is leaving Malaysian court along with wealth of competent economy. He gave 24 Million people of Malaysia a spirit to be among the Asian Tigers.

Dr. Mahathir Mohammad is praised all over the Muslim World due to bold economic and social policies and a strife to western world on his recent comments on Jews in OIC summit followed by another astounding comment that it was to show the extent of strong Jewish hold in the world.

What do you think about the philosophy of Dr. Mahathir ?

In which way leaders of Islamic States can follow Mr. Mahathir?

Are Dr. Mahathirís comments about Jews justifiable?

How can Islamic Ummah further be poured by directives of Dr. Mahathir for its development and sovereignty?

Reader Comments:

Dr Mahathir 's has followed a philosophy of pseudo Presidentship, with great strength to external pressure on physical and strategic level. One can remember 1997's fabricated crash to malai economy due to intrusion of external factors. These were Zionist factors.

Muslim Leaders can follow This twinkling star but most of the rulers are among those under strong US or JEwish influence. Culprits!!

Justifiable? they are portraying exact scenario, One may get back to 'the lobby' and knows what these jews are doing at back end.

my suggestion for getting more benefits from Dr. is to set some think tank comprising former state representatives all over the Muslim World. but it would be workable only when it act contrary to OIC.

Ata Bux, Pakistan - 28 October, 2003

A brave leader !

I will remember Dr Mahathir as a brave leader having courage to speak out hard facts, whether people like it or not. Prevez Mushrraf tried to lead the islamic world by his outspoken tone specially on moderation, but he failed on his own land.

Sunny, Pakistan - 28 October, 2003

Idea of Breaking Dollar Monopoly was from Dr.MM to Have Muslim Contries Currency-Unit Like EURO !

Dollar Monopoly is Counter to European Economy due to the Weapons-Industry "Protectionism" which USA control'e after the 2nd World War by way of Marshal-Help Plan 7 Now The New Social World-Order since 1990 Just after USSR-Self-Fall.
Dollar control's Arabs by Purchase on Oil-Stocks Pilling in US. Asia & Africa is controlled by The Whites Christians of West versus ISLA-Mobilization as RULE.
Dr.Mahathir.Muhammad Chemist or Economist ?
Dr.MM is The Brain-Child of Asian Economy Up-Boost with Idea Introduction of Muslim Currency on Bonds
Natural-Resources & Oil Trade instead par $ Value.

AL-HAJ.Mr.Faridullah.Koch{Chairperson & Founder of Islamitische Partij Nede, Netherlands - 28 October, 2003

Great Leader

Dr. Mahathir is one of the greatest leaders Islamic world has produced in this century. One of his major achievement is to make Malaysia a real cosmopolitan soceity where people from different backgrounds and different beliefs live in harmony and peace.

Dr. Mahathir made Malaysia the most dynamic and progressive country within a spam of twenty years and it only goes on to prove that you only need one good leader to do the job. It took him more than 10 years to straightened out things, so we should also not expect miracles overnight by anyone, yet it may take us years to find that One leader.

Ali, Pakistan - 29 October, 2003

Courage under fire.

Hollywood made a movie under
the above caption.But there are leaders like Dr Mahathir
who led their nation under a heavy fire from elements,who
could not accept malaysia's prosperity.In fact some tried
to ruin the economy,only a few years back.

Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 30 October, 2003

The Brave man

Dr. Mahathir is a paragon for other muslim leaders who always cringe infront of U.S.
He has showed the way how to
deal with this threat. Now we
should promote his cause, otherwise our coming generations will never forgive us.

Gohar Yaqoob, Pakistan - 31 October, 2003

understand the proxys

if we muslims understand the proxies he mentioned in his speech try to get rid of them,the real change will come.

mustafa, Canada - 31 October, 2003

First of all! patheic is that most of people comment not on what is being asked but what is their desire to say.
Say, that 's good.
In my comment i would like to say that mahathir muhammad neither chose defensive startegic stature nor offend anyway, rather implied non-offensive economic ripples.this saved him offense of anyother nation in military ground. this is the part where india and pakistan are noxious and under religious extremism reciprocally.

Leaders of world state countries can model him in way he kept goign through check and baance system of Elections which is the most transparent way of accountability. and his education was also a factor giving hism sense of diagnosis and its sucessful cure without reaching to a state of autopsy.

he commented on Jews very brutally and tht seems a truth. one should understand the timing of his comments, OIC summit and transfer of his ppower.

the same comment leads to conclude that mahathir is keen to work on an organisation level which comprise of most of the Muslim countries. means that he seems eager to work for Muslim Ummah rather for just Malaysia. So ....

Mubashir, Pakistan - 31 October, 2003

Dr. Mahathir Muhammad

I m waiting for the leader like Dr. Mahathir Muhammad in my country

Faysal, Pakistan - 03 November, 2003

1. Dr. Mahathir philosophy is simple which was based on self reliance instead of depending on European or American help. Dr. Mahathir turned Malaysia to a developed nation within 22 years with sincere efforts and hard work ranked 17 in the developed world. Malaysia exports electrical and electronics to textile products all over the world. The industrial development and exports were made possible due to cheap labor and raw material costs with government encouragement to setup industries.

K, Pakistan - 04 November, 2003

2. The present leaders of muslim countries are corrupt hypocrites who do depends to much on European and American influences running their own countries affairs. The most corrupt rulers are Saudi King, Jordan King, Kuwaiti Amirs, Qatar Amir, Bahrein Amirs, Emrates Amirs with all their financial interests tied up with America due to their trillions of dollars investments in their businesses and economy.

K, Pakistan - 04 November, 2003

2. Continue....
President Musharraf Egyptian President Turkish Prime Minster are all American puppets as they rely on U.S. Dollars in aids and grants and makes their policies according to the wishes of White House Congress and Senate. Dr. Mahathir business and economic policies are simple and easy to apply needs sincerity which will bring dignity economic stability in our societies resulting in less dependability on American influences.

K, Pakistan - 04 November, 2003

3. Dr. Mahathir comments were based on the truth. The western media did manipulate his comments to their own wishes. Dr. Mahathir did condemned the suicide attacks on Isreal which was not even mentioned in any media news network. The Palestanian problem could be solved if muslims fight a intelligent war of weakening America economically which will break ultimately break Isreal as they heavily depends on American Aid Dollars for their survival.

K, Pakistan - 04 November, 2003

4. Sincerity, honesty, strong character and faith can bring the good results. Dr. Mahathir should be the role model of every ruler of Islamic country. The rulers must stop using Islam to oppress people unjustly and create Islamic awareness so people stop following mullahs blindly.

K, Pakistan - 04 November, 2003


kudo's to mahatir a leader of substance he clearly left us an example to follow he showed us how to get untied and counter_act the monoplies of west ,with his acid tongue he really perturbed the jews who cant face the truth .

Aisha Sana, Pakistan - 21 November, 2003

Dr. Mahatir

Dr. Mahatir's speech should be the policy statement for Muslim Umma to follow in future.

Suhail Arif, Pakistan - 22 November, 2003

The Tiger

i am waiting for a tiger like mahatir muhammad. and a leader like mahatir who was never afraid of any international threat.

jawwad durrani, Pakistan - 21 February, 2005

mahathir is the one that i admire most of his philosopy in life....

anna marie misoles, Peru - 23 February, 2005

brave leader

Dr.Mahatir muhammad is truly brave muslim i expect to rule the country not like the other muslim leader.they r such a chicken

didi, Iceland - 29 June, 2006

Mohatir mohammad had faith in malaysian nation. He tried,in his tenure,to realize malasians to get know about the their capabilities.He succeeded and placed them on the top tables.To west he was a dispotic ruler but he was the he was leader of the malasian nation and not of the west.we also listen criticism on Mohatir from some corner of the asian continent.that is why they are advised to go through Mohatir's Looking east policy in which he boosted Asian values.

asad ullah nasar, Pakistan - 21 November, 2008

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