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Down fall of Dhaka

17 December, 2006

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Much has been written and spoken about the fall of Dhaka. But our young generation is still clueless to the real culprits of that tragedy. Politicians blame army, and army does the same with politicians. No one is ready to accept the responsibility of the dismemberment of the then largest country of Islamic world.

Today is the 35th anniversary of the Fall of Dhaka, and it is with a certain sense of shock that one realizes this means an entire generation has passed. The old men of 1971 are no more with us, replaced by a new generation.

So many of the players are dead, having taken to the grave questions that might have been asked. Yahya Khan, Indira Ghandi, Mujib-ur-Rehman, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Noorul Amin, General Manekshaw, General Hameed, General Niazi alias tiger, General Tikka Khan, and General Aurora. These names were once on everyone’s lips. Now, most of today’s younger generation (in all three countries) would find it difficult to recognize their picture, if at all.

But the most painful aspect, one feels this year is that the country is leading to the same situation that was in 1971. Mistrust between the provinces has widened. Smaller provinces, especially Balochistan and Sindh are unhappy with Punjab and Islamabad. And unfortunately, the rulers still believe that the country is united and progressing. Every one of us wishes for that. But we must remember that miracles do happen but only when one individual or nation creates conditions for miracles.

Here are some questions
1) What lesson our leaders have learned from East Pakistan tragedy?
2) Do you agree with the contention that Bengalis did not want sepration And that it was the west PAKISTANS Establishment,which propelled them for that ?
3) Was the dismemberment of Pakistan the result of an international conspiracy?
4) Who hatched that conspiracy? Pakistan’s political and military junta, USSR, India and or USA?
5) Do you agree that the country is currently facing the same situation it had in 1971?

Reader Comments:

The nation still mourns

1.That they are not at all accountable for their misjudgements. We Pakistanis are viciously trapped in various misseries of every day life and therefore the leaders are free to do anything.

2. I dont have a slightest doubt about the loyalty of East Pakistanis. They were ill treated and constantly deprived of their rights which led to frustation and hatred particularly among the young lots. Laeders like Mujeeb -ur-Rehman and his comrades capitalized the situation with enormous backing of India. The leadership of Pakistan made deadly mistakes like acquitting Mujeeb in Agartala Conspiracy Case, removing Gen.Azam Khan from the governorship of East Pakistan( He was a man greatly admired for his affection toward Bengalis and was known as "BABA" in East Pakistan), and tendering pardon to all the rebellions by Yahya Khan. All this led to the debacle of Pakistan but I believe things would have been different had Mujeeb been convicted of treason. there was certainly no subsitute of Mujeeb in Awami League to lead the riot and we could have capitalized the situation.

3. Yes, although it is asserted that Nixon was a friend of Pakistan and was fully confident that Indira was determined to make Pakistan history. therefore he wrote letter to U.S.S.R leadership to put this to an end. how can we forget that U.S deprived us of the Millitary aid we desperately needed at taht point of time? As far as India is concerned Indira's and India's hatred for Pakistan needs no explanation.

3.India, U.S & U.S.S.R all had their share. But most of all it is the leadership & politics of Pakistan( from 1948-1971) which should be blamed for this debacle and bringing this disgrace to the generations of Pakistan. Poor Leadreship has always been a dilema of Pakistani nation.

5.Yes, we are in no better position than 1971. today One can see two more Dhakas in form of Sindh & Baluchistan.But this time it is hapenning before us, we all need to raise our voice otherwise the future generations of Pakistan will blame us in a similar way as we blame our elders today. THOSE WHO FORGET THE PAST ARE CONDEMNED TO REPEAT IT.

Sunbal, Pakistan - 19 December, 2006

Sad day for Pakistan

I felt disgraced when I found out that East Pakistan was no longer East Pakistan and it became Bangladesh, India took advantage of the situation when Paksitan's politicians had different of opinion as how to run the whole country. Greed was the reason. People and politicians know how of running the country at that time has to blame for. Even right this minutes the Islamic fundamentalist of Pakistan trying to do the same act and Bainazir and Nawab Shariff doing the same thing. I must tell you that musharaff is the best politician so far I have seen in Pakistan, whose idea about the solution of Kashmir is not seen by lot of politician as the best solution. First of all we don't particiapate in the debates of Islam and Politics. One reason of the down fall of pakistan is the extremist people of Islam who don't understand the meaning of Islam. The true research is needed by these mulas or they should be sent to a good university of Islam where they should graduate. But sorry we don't have no true school of Teaching Islam. We have Madrassas where people learn how to blow themselves among the enemy. you know realistically Quran cannot protect the rights of women of Islam. That is why mowlanas knew this before, my point of view is that let the law prevail with some verses of Quran and some other version. It will help the women rights in pakistan. Let make a standard of Islamic Education which we needed for long time. Let research Quran according to present situation in pakistan. People litsen to these mullas and do not use thier own mind. It is very important to educate the people of pakistan by debates of Islam on public Television. Politician must be required at certain level of experience and education. Secular education where we are quite behind other countries. As for Islamic education, seem only these mullas are active and betraying the whole idealogy of Islam. For me Islam means not only Namaz, Roza, Haj, Zakat, but very impotantly Prophet Mohammad Whole life style Discussion and his life sytle must be the life style of every muslim of the world. This is true Islam. Prophet Mohammad is and only rehmatullil Almin We all adopt his way of life. Lets not commmit "Shirk" by judging people. Must not do it period. The present problem of balochistan where poeple are not educated, again we need to educate them and not let india take advantage again to seperate boluchistan from pakistan. I don't really feel that it is going to happen but you never know after the departure of musharaf that could happen. Musharaff is a (trust me) great politician and he is not like Yaya khan or zia ul haq or zulfiqar ali bhutto or bainazir or nawab shariff. He is a very honest person and let him continue running the government by supporting him, Mowlanas who think that he is non islamic and talk those Islamic ideas into people mind must stop and start building the image of Islam by providing the new curiculum of islamic teaching. lets us build new Islamic High schools and university of Islam. They can atleast contribute that. Hasba Bill in frontier province is another problem. You never force if one pray or not if one keep Roza or not. if they do than Let Allah judge them not anybody else. this is also one kind of Shirk to like being equal Allah

Aslam sheikh, Pakistan - 19 December, 2006

Partition is always good

Partition of India was good for Muslims.

Partition of Pakistan is good for Bengalis.

So sindh and balochistan will do good in their seperate way.

Why should we hold some one by force to stay in pakistan

Imran Baloch, Pakistan - 20 December, 2006



A. V. RAO, United Kingdom - 22 December, 2006

Down fall of Dhaka

I agree with Mr. Sheikh that best thing is to educate the people of Pakistan and Balochistan. Bangladesh was created in 1971 thirty five years ago. Times were diffrent leadership was diffrent. Let's forget all that and move on with today's problems in Pakistan. Biggest problem is religious factor. The madrsas creating hate and not really educating our kids should be closed for ever. All school should be accredited by state school board and curriculam should be same all along the state. People who want to teach Holly Qran must read and get certified that they really understand what it means. Hating India or any other country is taking Pakistan nowhere. Blowing other people or killing other people for no reason is not taught in Holly Quran or any other other holly book. Let's teach the generation of today to live in harmony and peace.

Vinod, United Kingdom - 22 December, 2006

Survival of the Pakistan lies in Democracy

Ans-1. Our Current Military ruler did not learn any thing from the tragedy of 1971, Same situation is emerging in Baluchistan and Waziristan. The Writ of the Government is challenged and at stake.

Ans-2. Our Bengali brothers were true patriot and vanguards of Muslim League and Pakistan Movement Since 1906.It was Army Generals & Civil Bureacracy of West Pakistan, who denied their legitimate constitutional and legal rights of Bengalis through Marshal Laws and military action in March 1971.

Ans-3.There was no conspiracy from outside the country,conspirators were army generals & civil bureacrats of West Pakistan.

Ans-4.Power Hungry Army Generals & Civil Bureacracy of West Pakistan.

Ans-5. Pakistan is currently heading towards another debacle like 1971, because of Baluchistan & Waziristan insurgency. Only a true National democratic Government can safeguard the country from current crisis.

Arshad Hussain, Pakistan - 22 December, 2006

Separation of Bengal should not be an issue anymore. It is over and done with. We must look forward. One should not be surprised how and why we lost that part. It did not happen because of failure military regimes or unprofessional politicians during 1971 but it was because of our very first leadership who took charge of Pakistan after 1947. How can our so called genius leaders accept that Pakistan must contain on two parts (East and West). To me that was real failure, that was real tragedy. So, after Pakistan came into power, our leadership wrote a constitution and made big celebrations. Held parties and felt that we have done whatever was required. That was a joke in the modern world’s history. Let me explain how?
This constitution was only in the books. It never got implemented. I am going to give you a live example. When South Africa got freedom from apartheid, Nelson Mandela became the first president. Constitution was written (freedom for all and every single citizen will be equal and protected), everyone was happy in the world that at least South Africa is free and open to all races (Blacks, Whites and Indians) but the fact of the matter is they failed to enforce that law and today the crime rate in South Africa is highest in the world, investors are running away and politicians are busy with stealing money. No one is safe and secure. I do think Mandela has a great personality and has done a great job but ignored the fact that this constitution must be fully implemented. It was his duty. With the respect of Pakistan, when Quaid got sick and died while in power. As a leader if you see that you don’t have enough fuel you should not take the oath and as a leader if you think that you are not strong enough, you must let your nation know and chose a highly skilled, professional, patriotic and honest second in command. I am speaking about the basic problem and the basic people who may have great names in Pakistan’s history but to me they were true failure. Did they bring Pakistan in power because of freedom of Pakistani people or they made Pakistan for landlords and feudal lords so that they have luxury life styles and enjoying their lives like gods. Because of failed leadership, Kashmir left unresolved. Beyond that we are still facing feudalism and lawlessness. And this lawlessness in not among common Pakistanis but those who had/has strong ties to the head of states. Look at Pakistan’s history, for past 60 years we have same rulers (at least from same families), if father is a politician, son will be a military general. If brother is a judge, uncle is either landlord or CEO or government owned enterprise. When you ruling a young democracy, you must pay attention and make sure that supremacy of law is fully maintained, all minorities and provinces are given their rights equally. As a leader you must make sure that there is an independent judiciary in place and no one is above the law including himself/herself.
Fellow citizens, most of you might not be agreed with me but I think this was the root cause. Now, going forward, we have a choice either we become pessimistic or stay optimistic and work for stability of Pakistan. I still believe Pakistan is a strong nation and very important one in the world. We must work hard to find skilled and professional leaders and we must not think otherwise about our future. We do have issues with Balochistan and Waziristan but these are not problems because government is fighting thugs and thieves. It should have been confronted long ago. There is no place for landlords and their private armies or terrorists or their guests in Pakistan. I believe this fight is against culprits and wicked people. Being a Pakistani citizen we must encourage good people to do good deeds and certainly curse those who bring bad name to our nation.
Zulfiqar A Tanoli USA

zulfiqar A Tanoli, United Kingdom - 23 December, 2006

Dont do it again

well its true, not giving proper rights to a certain group does turn into a revolt..even in a country like pakistan. Remember the french revolution, Bangladesh and perphaps waziristan. Anyway teh true cause was definatly the tyranny of the Army and the brute force they used rather then perphaps diplomacy. IN the end it was the Indians who got their laugh becuase of our stupidity and incompotency

umair usman, Pakistan - 24 December, 2006

Downfall of Dhaka in context of pre 1918 and post 1971Umma

Downfall of Dhaka came with an Independent Bangladesh of 150 million.
In Tiny area of 144000 sq km Bengalis have universities courts military service
Facilities for potential 26 m -35 million people army . Bengalis have income
percapita $2500 Compared to India $2300 and Pakistan $2400 for 166 million .comparatively India’s Muslim population of 190 million are called minority without governanceWithout income per capita statistic without adequate jobs and health and welfare.

Most Indian Muslim are illiterate backward without access to military services.
It is terrible to be without independence in this day and age of democracy. Money
Lost by Indian Muslim is money gained by Hindus .Imagine no money spent on 190m
Muslim in the format of Bangladesh or Pakistan or Indonesia or Russia or combined
UK Germany France Italy residents comprising Muslim Population of India i.e.190m.
The notion that fall of Dhaka created Madrassa terrorist Muslim of India or
elsewhere is wrong.

Madrassa format is current 1000 yr Old Al Azahara university of Cairo who award
MA PhDs with faculties in science eng and medicine. Although there is no coeducation
But women have own faculties.Comparatively the poor hungry bankrupt car steel culture of USA EU Japan Korea India have become dependent on this Umma they call madrassah Terrorists.

Bulk of democracy of car steel culture started in 1918s amid ww1 ww11 and all wars conflicts to current invasion with their presence in Iraq Afghanistan.Their prestige is hanging in balance (fake) Or evaporating in balance.Democracy of UK Canada
USA EU India and Japan amid Vote rigging is terrible.

It is awful to report to human rights violation with millions Of Muslim without independence or without right while I live in the west. Democracy Is legislated theft using normal looking bills or by using such manoeuvre as by Israelis Free settlers kind or WMD kind teaching democracy to UMMAThey are trying to secure own Living or income per capita using Muslim oil asset by manipulation. Muslim have no control over
Banking either. Fall of Dhaka was blessing in disguise.190 million Muslim of India
Have few job reservation.This is a curse of democracy of those who are poor and destitute themselves who are keeping substantial Muslim Hostage using military Nuke
Mights such as USA allied with india and Israel for own gain.Get rid of their version of
Democracy and their grip of Power.

mbzI, United Arab Emirates - 24 December, 2006

Reason of tragedy

Who was responsible for the creation of Bangladesh? The simplest answer would be the politicians in the Western part of the country and in particular late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who had refused to repeatedly accept Sheikh Mujibur Rehman as the leader of the majority winning party. On top of that, those in West Pakistan, treated Bengalis like second class citizens that eventually boiled up in the coming years. Bangla Bandhu never really wanted to distance itself from Islamabad rather he was forced to have his rigid thinkings propelled by the passage of time to the extent that he asked the neighboring India for help. He made to realise the Bengalis that AMAR DESH TUMAR DESH, AMAR DESH SUNAR DESH, AMAR DESH BANGLADESH was the only alternative left for them. 1970 during the worst cycloon in that region had a devastating efect on the lives of those living in the Eastern part of the country, there were reports of false claims of aid with ship loads of rice and wheat but it never reached there,which also had helped the local population realize that their brothers in the Western part didn't really care about their misery and unfortunately rest is history. The army,too, did play a role, still, who know the happenings first hand also reveal that it was ZAB who had taken the hard line for the sake of his power and didn't come to the terms.

TASNEEM AKHTAR KHAN, Pakistan - 24 December, 2006

see the light !

First come out of paranoia that every one is bent upon destroying Pakistan. No one is bothered about its existence. Even India has moved on its earlier Pak-centric survival and looking towards bigger things. otherwise, a toothless prime minister (manmohan) wouldn't be encouraging Musharraf to toy with the idea of joint adminstration of Kashmir. By this I donot want to hurt Pakistanis' feeling. They have every right to feel good about themselves and their nation. But please know the truth and start from there (towards making things brighter). The situation is not much better for India. In the latest forbes magazine, India is not even mentioned as a investment destination (compare that to the hype of economic progress inside the country).

Chan, United Kingdom - 25 December, 2006

1918-1971 Pakistan Creation Divide What next ?

Why does Canadian celebrate Queen Victoria Day with firecracker in Ontario CNE?
(not UK).after 1857 Gadr. Queen Victoria showed up in 1858 with principles laid down by Her late Majesty Queen Victoria in that proclamation of 1858, of which the keynote is contained in the following passage: 'In their prosperity will be our strength; in their contentment our security, and in their gratitude our best reward.' But in 1906 movement to overthrow began with first Muslim League's first president, Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk Mushtaq Hussain, in Dacca's (now Dhaka) Shah Bagh (royal garden) on Dec 30, 1906 along with] Aga khan III as contributor. Overthrow Turkish Sultan Empire started with British Invasion of Iraq oil in 1918 to install Emir Feisal I simultaneously occupying via Lawrence of Arabia as In Iraq to Saudi via Chaim Weizmann of Israel after 1919 and later with Einstein 1921 Encompassing Miraj of Jerusalem.

Conspiracy to defraud Islam began with British act Of India 1919 amid khilafat –swaraj movement of Gandhi Jinnah Abul Kalam Azad Dr Zakir Hussain PhD Berlin’25 Allama Iqbal and Maududi 16 yr (later editor Taj)Chaudhury Rehmat Ali MA LLB (UK bar).While British lost empire Zionist grew via Chaim Weizmann with Lord Balfour Labour PM Donald Ramsay Mcdonald via Chicago born Sir Henry Shannon .1906 came with end of movement to end war of independence In Ireland from 16 August, 1921 Dáil Éireann was the revolutionary deal. Word Pakistan was created by lawyer Rehmat Ali while allama and others were proposing bangle I millet separately with W Pakistan’ s Muslim provinces to be Independent. Bengalis are advanced People once again .The behuda Herkat india is doing with muslims of india Burma Thailand to elsewhere need to be is not Indian Hindus Who are becoming rich it is Muslim everywhere who are losing via culprit few Muslim business promoter as criminal promoting Indians in current layout.

mbzI, United Arab Emirates - 26 December, 2006

Kafir leaders for a Muslim population

The fall of Dhaka is the most disturbing event for the people of the so called Islamic republic.We(I am not a nationalist) so They, the Western Pakistanis were arrogant, racist and stubborn. They did not care if the Bengalis were our Brethren. They did not care that they testified the Oneness of Allah and were firm about the finality of Prophethood in Muhammad PBUH. All they cared about was control and looting resources from the Eastern wing. May Allah forgive all who led us towards separation. Our leaders, the drunkard army officials proclaimed at the Fall of Dhaka that "Who was interested to co-exist with the Black Bangalis". Shame on them.. Shame on this army. On top of that, We teach hatred to our new generation. I grew up learning that Bangalis are traitors. It is these Bangalis who fought for independence from the British so all the Muslims could practice Islam in a new land governed by Islam. It is them who fought bravely in the wars and on missions in the mid-east(pilots). Alhumdulillah, I soon realized after a prolonged research what the truth was. If you are wondering and feel sorry for the State of Muslim Ummah today, then witness the reasons in the Fall of Dhaka. Disunity, mistrust and hatred is what is making us weaker. In short, the -ism's of Shaitan are the Culprites, tribalism, nationalism and e.t.c.
Embrace your Bengali brothers wherever you see them. Do not even try to laminate the reasons of separation with a bias view and accept the mistakes made by the Ruling West-Pakistan. Love them for their Deen, their right to human respect. Teach your kids the truth. Lets start from this one event and try to unite ourselves. Lets Live the Hadith of Prophet SAW where he wants us to be like a body whose reacts to pain all over if one part gets hurt.

Umair Malik, Pakistan - 26 December, 2006

Musharaf & Mullahs

I agree hundred percent with Aslam Sheikh's views. Pakistan's greatest curse is the Maulvees, half educated good-for-nothing-Islamists, who preach hatred and rancour against fellow human beings without looking first at themselves. Secondly, if Pakistan has to progress it must concentrate on education
and work hard to bring jobs and Investments to make life easier for common man. I do not trust a bit the spent Politicians like Benazir, Nawaz Sharif backed up by the lot including waderas who are rascals of the first order. India progressed because it got rid early of kings, maharajas and waderas fast. The sooner Pakistan puts these people out of action the better it would be to make progress in every field at village level where we have the greatest hinderances put up by these undesirables for their own survival !! As far as Musharaf is concerned he is a good man but surrounded by scoundrels from all sides. Finally, Pakistan must work overtime to be at peace with India and Musharaf's policies should bring hopefully soon a new era of friendship with India. I pray that God protect Musharaf and keep him in Power for at least another ten years for Pakistan needs an honest and frank man like him. It seems he's the only enlightened and realist left in Pakistan.

Al Khan, United Kingdom - 28 December, 2006

Bangladesh was ahead of Pakistan in every respect.

The Pakistan that Mr. Jinnah bequeethed to its people was wrongly ruled right from the beginning. East Pakistan had a larger population; not much of feudals, no military and great expectations from freedom. Liaquat Ali Khan had no right vision of the eastern province. Moreover, he failed to hold elections, get on with framing the constitution and giving the Bengalis their due share in government. Dhakka should have served as the second capital of united Pakistan. Ironically the district level feudals dominated parliament and ignored the expectations and vision of the Bengalis. Yahya Khan refused to hand over power to the majority party in the elections and acted as a traitor. Bangladesh needed autonomy from the beginning. But the feudals most of whom have now become industrialists and defaulters of bank loans, have muddied the parliament. A clan that cannot rule its own wing was inept to maintain relations with the eastern wing. Bhutto finally sealed the fate of Pakistan by refusing to share power with Dhaka.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 29 December, 2006

friends not master

I start with Ayub's book entitled 'Friends not master'. The whole theme is wrong when someone says fall of Dhaka. The question should be why Bangladesh got separated? Look for the answer to it and self- realisation would come.

Ishtiaq Bashir, Bahrain - 01 January, 2007

What Baloch Sardars Have Given to Poor Baloch People?

What Baloch Sardars Gave to the poor Baolchs? The ANSWER IS "NOTHING" "ZERO" The baloch SARDARS are "TYRANTS" and all the Waderas and Jageedars and Khans and Mliks are too.The poor people in all 4 provinces of Pakistan are slaves to them.If some body tries to help them against those tyrants they (poor people) say "IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS IT IS BETWEEN HIM AND US".

Kashif Ahmed Qureshi, United Kingdom - 02 January, 2007

Creation of East Pakistant predicated on its eventual separation

Perhaps it was forseen that the two wings will eventually become separate muslim nations, otherwise accepting a geographically split nation with india in the middle made no sense.

As the idea behind the separation of india and pakistan was separate homeland for muslims(irrespective of the merits of the idea), then why only one homeland, why not two (or more)?

But perhaps getting two may have been difficult at the time. So let's just get what we can get now, and later if it doesn't work out, it can be divided further.

This is the only raison d'etre that makes sense in hindsight for having accepted the geography of Pakistan the way it was by the founders of pakistan. (Note that it is altogether a different discussion whether India should have been split in the first place. It may be appropos to consider why Muslims feel they can't live together with others, is Islam divisive? Or is it just that the people of the subcontinent divisive and can't live together?).

Zahir, Pakistan - 04 January, 2007

Successful Muslim Umma

1858 of Queen Victoria brought Lord Dufferin to India for 4 yrs then as Gov General
Of Canada for 7 yrs then to Turkey for 1 yr then back to India for 5 yrs which formed
Indian National Congress in 1885.Gandhi alone attended for congress in first London RT while Major Muslims of PakNWF&Bengal had Indian Congress Majority.Partition Of Bengal also brought conflict with Gandhi and Subhas C Bose communist that even now WBengal regime is communist in this day and age.

James Ramsay McDonald (not Donald) was Scotsman labour MP who got elected in 1906 when Muslim league was formed while Lord Curzon of Bangla resigned in 1905.Then Bengal which included Bihar Orissa Assam as Bengal Province since 1765 was partitioned.

Then Came TE Lawrence of Arabia in 1916 after WW 1 started to knock out Turkish
Ottoman while M A Jinnah joined Muslim League. WW ll brought 1940 Lahore Muslim league convention with MA Jinnah Hussyn S Suhrwardy A K Fazlul Haq. But no “Pakistan” was mentioned On 19 march 1940 while Rahmet Ali barrister invented “Pakistan”. Pakistan Demand working committee included Chaudhury Khaliquzzaman &Hasan Ipahani and Others on 7 April 1946 after UN was formed in 1945 Pakistan in 1947 And Bangladesh 1971.

mbzI, United Arab Emirates - 04 January, 2007


Though I was Gazated officer in Pakistan with all my personal efforts & appearance as a Pakistani with all dignity, respect & Pakistani behaviour with all fellow country men being an human being & Pakistani. Though I left from Pakistan in 1980 even in 2007 I feel grate being Pakistani recognisation I feel Pakistan was a beautifull choice for Subcontinental Muslims. I remember during child hood I use to ask from my father how come we are far away from East Pakistan no land connection etc can we maintain unity and he always reply we are united or not atleast Bangal is free from Birtish & Hindu's after 1947 even all Muslims of Bengal gave there lifes they canot get this freedom what Muslim League gave them via M.A.Jinnah, donot go too far look at "SIKHS" according to my gran father Master Tara Singh did an Historical mistake that he nerver understand the suggestion of M.A. Jinnah in 1946 now even all Sikhs sacrifice they canot get independance.
I born 1n 1948 in Lahore & raised in Karachi as Karachi is mini Pakistan now Lahore, Quetta & Peshawar are comming up in the same way in fact all migration brings a new life in Pakistan & more healthy educational trend come to our society. We Pakistani migrant out of Pakistan are united like our beautiful mountains of Balouchistan & NWFP we share & care for each other from Airport to our dinning table. The biggest problem with Pakistan is unhealthy politics & sick politicians along with old timer Wadaras, Choudhry's, Khans & Sardars and nation is struggling with education, let our generation get educated then they dont need any help to get rid from Wadara's, Choudhry's, Khan's & Sardar's. As we are mixed generation of subcontant & muslim neighbouring countries for sure we are mentally healthy & aggressive in all fields.
No doubt we suffer a lot by the time of my birth due to non availability of medical facility me mother died by that time I was even 23 Hours old, later my father married to another lady thay never told me any thing about my mother & raised me in a happy family atmosphier look fellows we have a strong culture, society & values we are really great people why not we will be blessed by the God.
In USA one African American ask to my 19 years old son from where you are he replied i am from Pakistan then he talk to another African American see every one got his ethnic identity except we Being African American dont have any country, though my son raised in USA but still love with Pakistan.
Under sick political influence why my youngster's are not following the foot steps of there parents as Pakistan achieved due to refrendom of choice to live as an independant state for Muslims of India.
Being Pakistani you are not too far from quality of life with dignity & pride.

Syed Hasan Turab, Pakistan - 15 January, 2007

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