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Disqualification References

22 June, 2007

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The National Assembly speaker has sent two disqualification references against Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan to the Election Commission under article 62-63 of the constitution.

The references filed by the Muttehida Quami Movement (MQM) members and federal minister for parliamentary affairs, Dr Sher Afghan Niazi charged that Mr Khan, who has recently appeared a strong critic of President general Pervez Musharraf and the MQM, has had illicit relations with an American woman, Sita White, and is father of an illicit child.

In response to these references, the opposition members have also submitted the disqualification reference against Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and demanded the speaker to send it to Election Commission within 30 days.

A reference, signed by 31 opposition members, stated that prime minister is not eligible for Assembly membership under articles 62 and 63 of the constitution.

According to a charge framed in the reference, prime minister had caused stock market crisis through his front man Arif Habib and earned the money by illegal means.

Privatization of Steel Mills also mentioned in the reference and stated that the verdict of the Supreme Court in this connection is sufficient for disqualification of the prime minister.

Political observers believe that the ongoing blame-game will take the rival politicians to nowhere, and will open a new Pandora-box. They think that if personal life of Imran Khan is discussed then the same formula can be applied on several treasury members, including President General Musharraf, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz ( who has recently been blamed for trying to seduce US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice), MNA Shahid Jameel, who is being tried for murdering his Canadian National friend, Kafila Sidduqi, who had been living with him for two years, MNA, Kashmala Tariq, who too is notorious for her friendships, and others.

Here are some questions
1) Is this justified to discuss the personal life of politicians?
2) Is Imran Khan the only black sheep in the parliament?
3) Is this a pressure tactic against Imran, who has been vocal against MQM?
4) Where will the politics of blame-game leave us?

Reader Comments:

I have no words to express my hate towards MQM who killed thousand of inocent people and their leader ALTAF is sitting in UK without doing doing anything just robbing the Government money through his ministers and Governor who are not trust worthy whatever they are doing against imran it will not be accepted by any peace loving pakistani

kuku iqbal, United Kingdom - 28 June, 2007

Pyare hum watno jago and try to remember barbaric days of MQM when they were killing people in karachi and now they are talking about Imran who is million times better than MQM butchers we very well know they have no respect for pakistan they are our enemies they should be hanged publicaly I wish

Nazim Iqbal, United Kingdom - 30 June, 2007

what a hippocracy/

mqm is a group of fascist,terrorist,every pakistani know it very wel but peoples like matloob zaman still writing in favour of them.

sajid, San Marino - 30 June, 2007

Imran Khan, A hypocrite or illusionist.

I think Imran khan is Hypocrite Guy. As you can see, He did not return his knighthood to British school. He made a defensive statement against Britain Govt upon salmon Rushdie.
He is only trying to get a "political" role in Pakistan. And we all know he is going to do the same thing, as he did before, married to a foreign women to get some money for his so called "mission Impossible" and terrorist activities to bring more unrest in Britain. He is trying to use the British agencies and court system because he, by himself, doesn’t believe on his own country court system. However, he is supporting SC chief justice! Well not even out system but our own Pakistani women are not on his level. He does not have any political vision, even he has a degree from foreign school but he does not know how to talk and communicate with other political leaders. He still thinks that he is a captain of Pakistan team. I don’t know if some one going to ask him, that if he will at least return his Knighthood (Sir) to British school not for his country people but for the sake of his own religion.

Bilawal, Pakistan - 01 July, 2007


I would like to say that all politicians except "Imran Khan" are bloody cowards and they have no respect of the people of Pakistani. While Imran Khan from the first day is feeling pain for Pakistani and other politicians can not swallow it. So they are trying to finish his political carreer but it will definately not happen. Insah Allah

Muhammad Usman Yousaf, Pakistan - 01 July, 2007

Two faced nation

All the BS written in context of this reference by my fellow pakistanis shows nothing but extreme naivity about the political lansdscape of our country. We have

1)A President who is now shown as a killer and a shady character instead of being thankful to him for saving the face and grace of the country.

We forget that when he took over, we were so broke and buried under debt that we were even unable to pay the interest on our national debt. Mr. Nawaz Sharif says that we did not bow to Clinton pressure!...Oh yeah, he came to our soil, did not even get out of the plane and gave his warnings in a speech which Nawaz Sharif shamelessly watched from his house in Raiwind.

2) A playboy cricketer who ventured into politics because of the public he got from him hospital. His extra marital affairs are well documented.

Case in point, he is the father of a illegitimate daughter. Like it or not he should be flogged and put to death (would'nt you agree my pious fellow muslim country man esp mr. qazi hussain, mr fazl ur rehman and the likes?? is it not why shoaib akhter is demonized? deos it not mean that if you are fair and rich, you can get away with anything?

3) A controversial leader in Altaf Hussain. Are all the MQM bashers blind? do the not know that one after the other every party in opposition shookahnds with MQM? PPP? PML(N)? Everyone forget the pics of Altaf and Nawaz hugging each other and the "Punjabi-Mohajir Bhai Bhai" slogans...are all the politicians "farishta sift" that they forget what a big bad wolf Altaf is and go to him for support when they need Karachi support?

4) An opportunist Judge who has brought the country to edge of mayhem.


yeah the big bad wolf had his henchmen looking for trouble but WHAT ABOUT OUR SAINTLY JUDGE? DOES HE NOT HAVE THE BLOOD OF KILLED ON HIS HANDS?
As for these two bit lawyers, what esle would they do? get people to attest papers outside courts? And we are to get impressed by their "jazba"?

Its a national tragedy that we as a nation are so prejudist agaisnt our own contrymen that it makes us a divided country since we came into existence. Teh fair and the rich think they have the mandate to rule and the rest, well the Raiwind and Surrey palaces tell us that we were born to slave.

Seriously shame on us for being such two faced IDIOTS!!

Aman Sikander, Canada - 01 July, 2007


Disgusting MQM and disgusting filthy games this idiot is playing (the idiot being Dr. Sher Afghan Niazi). How dare he discuss the private lives of politicians? What does that have to do with how he's doing amazing for Pakistan? He's trying to help the citizens and these lunatics are trying to destroy him and his career. If we started discussing the private lives of politicians, lets just say that our present government wouldn't have the little support they have now.

Imaan Hazir, Pakistan - 02 July, 2007

Imran Khan v. Altaf Hussain

We have all had the pleasure to watch on television screens both Imran Khan and Altaf Hussain speaking. In terms of understanding of issues facing Pakistan, their articulation, moral conviction, courage, faith and an inclusive vision for the country, Imran Khan is head and shoulder above Altaf Hussain. Altaf Hussain can not so much as string together a few sentences coherently. He comes across as theatrical, almost rabid. It defies me how a relatively educated citizenry of Karachi can pin their hopes in Altaf, and follow him. It simply is bizarre!

erfan, United Kingdom - 02 July, 2007

Imran doing a wonderful job??


I cant help but laugh my head off when I read statements by bloggers such as

"Imran Khan has broken the taboo"

"The only allegation against Imran Khan is that he exhibited sexual impropriety according to Islamic norms many years ago"

"undoubatedely Imran Khan is our future star and hope of 150 million Pakistanis"

"He has reformed himself for the best and trying to learn more and more about Islam. His articles depict this new change"

"How dare he (Sher Afgan)discuss the private lives of politicians? What does that have to do with how he's doing amazing for Pakistan? He's trying to help the citizens and these lunatics are trying to destroy him and his career"

My oh my, what lunacy prevails in our collective minds!...This for a guy who has till now has been able to raise funds using his fame and bollywood stars...The guy whose opposition only constitutes of two pharases

1) Disregard for Constitution
2) Bajaur Agency massacres

Surely to run a complex, complicated and corrupt country like ours you need more on your agenda!.

And a time when extremism is the one most lethal threat to our social fabric, he goes and sits with the MMA??...and he is supposed to be moderate, liberal? at a time when in any part of the world if there is a terrorist attack, the one name that is automatically assumed is PAKISTAN??...HAS HE NO SHAME!!

These elements are the same that are causing Talibanization , even OF OUR CAPITAL!!

All he saw was the golden opportunity to get into the headlines using the affairs of 12th May; else he and has sad sacked party was still not even recognized as a legitimate contender for any post...He had to do something and must commend how cleverly he ran with away with the opportunity that presented.

Surely we can do better with someone who has no foreign policy, who was the last to criticize Salman Rushdie Knightnood (his mai baap, you know).

But he being whatever he is, i come back to the point i began with, that being my fellow countrymen sure do know how to write funnies when it comes to politics.

Shehzad Chaudry, Canada - 03 July, 2007

Dr.Sher Afgan Niazi is one of the biggest lota in the history i dont understand why he is talking bad about Imran he should ask himself who the hell he is and i am sure he will feel ashame to use such nasty tactics Allah will punish him for his wrong doing

mahmood tazeem, United Kingdom - 03 July, 2007

oh my god

think about imran and iltaf.imran logn ke mdad krta hae.r iltaf karachi sae zabrdastee chanda ikta krta hae.mean gareebn ka nwala cheenta hae.koe poochy us sae us ke job kya hae.imran ka to hospital he kafee hae us k lae.ha agr iltaf sencear hae to wo pakistan kwn nae ata.wo kabee pakaista ka khair khwa tha na ho ga

ALI, San Marino - 03 July, 2007

New on Imran Khan

You guys would be delighted to hear that today after the fighting erupted between Laal Masjid and Security officials, our beloved IMMU KHAN has said from Sargodha that it is all doing of govt...

This when even independent journalists like Hamid Mir are questioning where and how so much arms and ammunitions came into a masjid, a seminary and apart from the religious Lotas, i.e. Qazi saab and Fazl-Rehman saab, everyone is pointing to the "terrorists" holed up in masjid for creating confrontation with complete disregard for lives...suicide bombers (male and female) and all, where is the condemnation that followed after what happened in Karachi? no questions asked about the illegal arms from IMMU this time?

Surely he knows what no one else does...After all he is the champion we all have been waiting for!.

Wake up blind supporters of Imran Khan, dont you recognize an opportunist when you see one?

Aman Sikander, Canada - 03 July, 2007

carry on imran


in fact,mqm is a mafia,not a political party which is ruled by a dictator.her leadership is not even in favor of existence of pakistan.imran is a brilliant person,so my message to imran is "CARRY ON IMRAN".i.e.lagey raho imran khan.

muhammad ali, Pakistan - 04 July, 2007

enough with the verbal diarrhea

do we not know that when we publicize someone's sins like this on the day of judgement what will become of us

Amir, Canada - 05 July, 2007


MQM is known party to carry out slaughters in and around Karachi for a long time. Reference against Imran Khan is totally absurd as he done nothing wrong all these years. If he had relations with a woman, who has'nt? There may be many a mininster who got more than one relations and they must be asked as well but they will deny. Imran Khan though a new in politics but he is no guilty of anything but is made scape goat at the moment but he will come out clear.MQM is a terrorist party and that can be seen from the stay of Altaf Hussain in UK and obtaining British Citizenship with false information provded to the Secretary of State. How did he manage to get Nationality when one of the richest man in UK was refused British Citizenship. Surely there is a double standard here. Imran Khan will carry on but might have to change his tactics so that he remains in politics though long way to go yet. There are many a hurdles for a man like Imran Khan as he is not a dodger and do have an agenda which is perhaps going to give him some position. Recently he was possibly offered something as PM do need intelligent people in the government ans Imran Khan is a good and very patriotic Pakistani. MQM has lost two of their mininsters recently one with a murder case against him and the other busy in TV shows and not giving time to parliamentary duties. No one likes terrorists in Pakistan and MQM is one of them and this party got to answer many of the questions before its too late.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 05 July, 2007

KASHMALA and other leaders

I am utterly disgusted at this news about the reference against Imran Khan and mention of honourable MNA like Kashmala Tariq. They both and others like them represent softer and liberal image of Pakistan abroad ( i am living in UK ). Their fault is that they are not hypocrites and cowards. They are real leaders with a clear mind and heart. They need to be encouraged for what they are doing. Sneaking into personal lives is no one's business and it will splash shit all around. No politician in Pakistan can claim to be a saint, all are same. few are bold like Imran and kashmala and few are cowards but more corrupt like sher afgan and others like him. My appeal to all politicians is to be honest, bold and tolerant. Mind your business....dont be peeping toms.

Arshad Malik, Pakistan - 05 July, 2007

Their private lives

I thought Imran Khan was bigger then these other guys.
I guess I was wrong.
The truth is that they are all liers and would lie through there theeths to achieve nothing.
these guys have no vision ambitions/for the people of pakistan I feel pitty on these politicians.
Imran please keep your language in check your above them.

Malik Nadeem, Pakistan - 06 July, 2007

do we not know (Amir, Canada )

Not knowing can hurt you, while your comments are in line with general Islamic Criteria however they do not apply in the same sense in this instance.
If you have knowledge of derogatory information regarding an individual you are expected to speak out at the time of his/her matrimonial and tell the truth you may wish to research on this from Hadeeth-e-nabawi.
Similarly when you are dealing with the situation where an individual is seeking public office as an authority over a nation of muslims, I believe it is the duty of every muslim who knows of such accounts to bring it to the forefront and inform those who are not aware of such.
I certainly appreciate your sincerity to our deen however you may wish to review the applicability under the circumstances.
May Allah SWT bless you.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 06 July, 2007


Altaf husain is a leader of 3rd largest party of Pakistan. Imran khan is not.
Altaf husain has a supprt of everyone in karachi and a lot of people in Balochist

zahid amin, Pakistan - 07 July, 2007

Shame on U

Mr.Altaf we accept that man can do mistake but the real man is who OVERCOME his mistakes. Now Imran Khan ve overcome his mistakes.And u and u whole party leaders should follow Imran Khan. i just wana say this PLZ KARACHI KI JAAN CHHOOR DO.
Bechhary MAIMANN Hazraat Halal Rozi kamatay hain aur Altaf bhai ko Hissa bhee daitay haiiiinnn .

Bilal Qureshi, Pakistan - 08 July, 2007

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