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Disqualification References

22 June, 2007

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The National Assembly speaker has sent two disqualification references against Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan to the Election Commission under article 62-63 of the constitution.

The references filed by the Muttehida Quami Movement (MQM) members and federal minister for parliamentary affairs, Dr Sher Afghan Niazi charged that Mr Khan, who has recently appeared a strong critic of President general Pervez Musharraf and the MQM, has had illicit relations with an American woman, Sita White, and is father of an illicit child.

In response to these references, the opposition members have also submitted the disqualification reference against Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and demanded the speaker to send it to Election Commission within 30 days.

A reference, signed by 31 opposition members, stated that prime minister is not eligible for Assembly membership under articles 62 and 63 of the constitution.

According to a charge framed in the reference, prime minister had caused stock market crisis through his front man Arif Habib and earned the money by illegal means.

Privatization of Steel Mills also mentioned in the reference and stated that the verdict of the Supreme Court in this connection is sufficient for disqualification of the prime minister.

Political observers believe that the ongoing blame-game will take the rival politicians to nowhere, and will open a new Pandora-box. They think that if personal life of Imran Khan is discussed then the same formula can be applied on several treasury members, including President General Musharraf, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz ( who has recently been blamed for trying to seduce US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice), MNA Shahid Jameel, who is being tried for murdering his Canadian National friend, Kafila Sidduqi, who had been living with him for two years, MNA, Kashmala Tariq, who too is notorious for her friendships, and others.

Here are some questions
1) Is this justified to discuss the personal life of politicians?
2) Is Imran Khan the only black sheep in the parliament?
3) Is this a pressure tactic against Imran, who has been vocal against MQM?
4) Where will the politics of blame-game leave us?

Reader Comments:

MQM's reference will unseat more than half of the parliament

MQM,has filed references against Imran Khan not because they really believe in politics of principle but because they believe that they can keep him silent so that he could not pursue his legal case against Altaf. While many in Pakistan tremble to take name of Altaf, Imran has been quite outspoken to expose this little Hitler who has held province of Sindh and its capital at ransom. Imran Khan has broken the taboo. Private channels have played an excellent role to show true face of perpetrators of 12th May carnage.

Vindictive as they are, they would, according to their fascistic trait, could eliminate Imran but that is too much for them and because they are claiming to be principled and peaceful political party they would be very busy in damage control exercise. It would be disasterous for the them and even for Musharaf if they embark upon such a folly.

Imran Khan has already stated that if anything happens to him then MQM's Altaf and GHQ's Musharraf will be held responsible.

The refernces are with malafide intention and if it is applied to all the members then only a handful will be sitting in the parliament seats.

Dr Bashir, United Arab Emirates - 22 June, 2007

Those in the legislature have constitutional authority over the lives, private and public, of the citizens. Their private lives do matter.

Imran Khan might just be a little whiter than some of the others. He was elected despite his affairs. His constituents did not believe the charges against him, or chose to ignore them. The election commission too chose to ignore them. The basis of the referenbce against Imran Khan was common knowledge back then.

Those charges are being used by the despicable MQM to divert attention away from their fascist and terrorist methods.

Incidentally, this reference too is meant to instill fear into other members of the legislaute. As such it is a terrorist ploy.

Munir Munshey, Pakistan - 22 June, 2007

Did Imran kill any body?

Imran Khan, TI leader, has not killed any body. He only protest against the killing of innocent Pakistanis in Karachi by Musharaf, Altaf and his MQM. Why not the seats of MQM should be ceased in Parliament and they should be sent to jail?

Sajjid Gojjer, Pakistan - 23 June, 2007

Personalties or Pakistan

Still we are running after personalities, even following more than 6 decades of our independence as the issue of separation of powers has become IFTEKHAR VS MUSHRAF case which will only bring crush or triumph for one party. Same is the case with IMRAN VS ILTAF now this is fight between two politicians , I am not alleging intentions of both characters as they have right to defend themselves ,but my argument is that in every case which relates to our nation we must stand partial till we come to facts. I mean to say we should be realistic, that all political parties may be there are some exceptions as well, are practicing worst type of dictatorship with regard to their in-house leadership. All that is dishonesty with nation, which could be avoided only through political awareness which take time, so be patient and realistic.

nisar asghar, Pakistan - 23 June, 2007

MQM terrorist...just visit this link

hamad latif, Pakistan - 23 June, 2007

Mud slinging

The vindictive mud slinging against the politician Imran Khan is obviously aimed at diverting attention from the real issue of bad (evil?)governance by the ruling parties. The only allegation against Imran Khan is that he exhibited sexual impropriety according to Islamic norms many years ago. The Pakistani people voted for Mr Khan knowing his playboy past and forgave him. Hopefully he is a more moral person now but I am against judging a politicians worth by his personal failings. If the allegations were of financial impropriety or of criminal offences like those against the MQM I would consider them relevant. The Articles 62 and 63 need to be interpreted in the light of the common weal.

Imran Ahmed, Pakistan - 23 June, 2007

The Mighty Khan

Since Imran Khan exposed the Karachi killers he has been a target of President Musharf and his stooges.Now in an over night Sita White got the status of "bago-rani".It is simly a character assassination against Mighty Khan who emerged as a brave and bold leader out of our recent judicial and political crisis.undoubatedely Imran Khan is our future star and hope of 150 million Pakistanis.

Masood Hassan Raja, United Kingdom - 24 June, 2007

Let's play Kabbadi !

Why not settle scores with a Kabbadi match between the oppostion and treasury bench.
Whoever loses quits.Perhaps
enough damage has been done
to the political image of the
nation.That even satan has to
wipe his tears.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 24 June, 2007

Time for Imran to score a run

Imran Khan is well published regarding his life and yet he does not feel ashamed to place himself on line over and again.
ricketer by day and Playboy by night.
Yes thats how international media has determined him to be and it is time for him to catch the balls and nto score a run an ultimate run out of the politics.
It is Imran Khan who inserted his hand in the cookie jar and he is so greedy that he wanted all the cookies and thus his hand is stuck because the opening to the jar is not as large as he thought it is.
therefore its his choice if he wishes to drop all the cookies and escape with his hand or face consequences with his hand stuck in the cookie jar.

Mazdoor & Kissan, Pakistan - 24 June, 2007

Munshey jee Come to senses

White of black an opportunist is an opportunist and Imran Khan fits the description.
Where were you Munshey jee when another political party was drilling through the knees and elbows of people who spoke urdu?
Where were you when Orangi town was burned down and people who committed such a heinous act were throwing live humans in the burning fire?
Where were you when all hell was breaking lose over the innocent Urdu speaking civilians, when their youth were being kidnapped and killed by bullets from the back and blamed for having encounters with the police?
Munshey jee you should limit your judgement to the matters you are aware of because you seem to only go by what has come to you as hear se and not by any concrete evidence or a firsthand observation.
Hundreds and thousands of households have been victimized in the previous 2 decades in this homeland of Pakistan by those who did not like the Urdu speaking people that migrated from India & the State of Hyderabad leaving all their luxuries and wealth only to found the Nation of Pakistan and yet what they receive as a punishment of their sincere acts is the onslaught & persecution at the hand of those who call themselves Pakistani and Muslim, shame on oppressors and persecutors. If there is one iota of sincere Islam in those people they would never have committed such acts of terrorism against humanity and against Muslims.
Volumes of books would not be sufficient if one begans to account each and every epsiode of terrorist acts inflicted upon Urdu speaking people of Pakistan and specially of Sindh & Karachi.
Once again it was the same terrorists who attempted to mar the political standing of the Urdu speaking people of Pakistan who committed the acts that you have been made to believe were committed by MQM.
Imran Khan is the biggest opportunist in the political history of Pakistan who looks for every opportunity to capitalize on matters that he can use against the existing govt and now he has found another rattle to play with although there is abundant evidence available that those who committed acts of terrorism and violence in Karachi were the same people who have been previously responsible for playing with the lives of thousands and thousands of Urdu speaking people of Pakistan and inshaAllah their attempts will fail.
Regardless of how imune they feel Allah SWT knoweth all that is evident and concealed and if they get by in this world the day of judgement is waiting for them when they and their supporters will not be able to hide any facts from the supreme authority Allah the Almighty.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 24 June, 2007

Elected despite his affairs!

Quite a justification to legitimize someone this is.
I dont think I would like to say that those who elected Imran are all corrupt like him and that is why he is their choice representative.
However they know better as to what and what not did they knew about him. In one of his interviews with the Austrailian media Imran himself tried to escape barrage of questions by stating that people in Pakistan will not be very happy if they were to learn what level of Playboy and womanizer he happens to be.
It is difficult to perceive that Altaf of MQM who is such a dangerous man as described by various readers has remained concerned about his own life to the extent that he chose self exile and lives in UK for all these years yet he is so powerful that he was able to command and direct such a terrorist act in the streets of Karachi! at least I am not able to relate to to this with any logic.

Talib Khusro, United Arab Emirates - 24 June, 2007

Character Character Character

As a muslim one is supposed to know about the Imam's character prior to allowing one to lead prayers. Here we are talking about the character of a person who wishes to lead an entire nation of Muslims (too bad I cant perceive the country to be a muslim country, not quiet yet). It is solely at the responsibility of Imran to have struck the hornet's nest and now that the hornet's are out the are prone to check any moving living object unless Imran knows how to act as dead unfortunately he has placed himself on line to be checked. It is therefore necessary to scruitinize the one who is the banner carrying individual in this campaign as he seeks every opportunity to capitalize on regardless of it's merits.
This is what politics amounts to and when it gets as dirty as it being nowadays it can only be seen as dirty politics.
What still lingers as the biggest question on my mind is the lost lives of thousands of Urdu Speaking Citizens of Pakistan who went through two decades of persecution, when their youth were drilled through bone joints and skulls, when they were burned down and when they were killed in numbers. Where were all the sympathizers of Imran and Imran himself and what did they do to stop it??
Lets start the investigations and conclusions on matters in the manner they occured in the from inception of terrorism in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, lets account for each and every innocent individual's death who was killed based on the language they spoke or what was their heritage, and once we resolve all those unopened matters then let us come to the ones that occured later.
Dont forget that there is a supreme authority of the Almighty that will eventually account for each matter no matter how concealed it may be and the God of Musharaf, Altaf, Imran, Benazir and Nawaz will promptly conclude on all such matters.

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 25 June, 2007

A Transformed Leader

MQM criticised Imran Khan to the best of their strength, shamelessly they felt no hesitation to bring his personal life to public. For me Imran Khan is far more better than many Muslim, he is sort of man who learns from his past mistake. He has reformed himself for the best and trying to learn more and more about Islam. His articles depict this new change. If he is going for better then why some henious people known through a terrorist party MQM want to spoil his image? Just because they in their nature corrupt, murderers, terrorist and enemy of the ideology of the Ideology of Pakistan. The only speak language of terror through words of bullets. Damn MQM, Long Live the Fort of Islam. Imran! Dont backout, May Allah keep you on the right path for the rest of your life. We are proud of you and what you are doing.

sajjad akram, Pakistan - 25 June, 2007

Supportive Words for Imran

First of all,This is very unfortunate for pakistan that sincer and constructive people are always rejected in this country.second thing is that MQM is a facist party and always remain at the top to degrade pakistan not only on national level but also on International level.example of which is the Visit of Altaf Hussain to India and his speech against Pakistan army and his recent rejection of Nazaria Pakistan in Uk.Imran Khan is from the very begining of politics is in the right track.If he follow the other politician then it is vey eassy for his party to get good position in pakistani politics but due to their negative consequencies he isnot doing the same.Because history repeat itself.As for as the personnel life is concerned if such actions disqualifyany person from parlaiment then i think there is not even a single politician,who is free from such activities not only in past but the same is practice is going on in prsent.Even the members of religious parties are also disqualified due to such factors.
Now it depend upon the mentality that what they percept and which dimension they are going to follow.May Imran live long.

Habib, Pakistan - 25 June, 2007

Imran Khan next PM

What we really need for pakistan is the peace, Justice and long term democratic rule in Pakistan. Imran's past is full of achievements in his life. He has a vision and good knowlede of Islam along with leadership skill. He is a good person to be a Prime minister of Pakistan. I assume he will punish all corroupt people and will genearate a clean style of politics and leadership to Pakistan. lets Vote for him. Thanks. Shaique Ali
Detroit, MI

Shaique Ali, Pakistan - 25 June, 2007

My vote is for Imran, may the best man win

Yes the personal lives of politicians should be discussed, no Imran Khan is not the only black sheep, yes this is absolutely pressure tactics, and we will all end up in hell if we play this silly game.

Each question will only lead to something constructive if considered in the light of honesty, sincerity, compassion, and courage. We need honesty and sincerity to measure all (yes all) leaders with the same yardstick fairly and equally, we need compassion to forgive what should be forgiven, and the courage to not forgive what should not be forgiven.

Our leaders are only our own reflection. Our society is replete with wrong behavior. Where are we going to get a saint to lead us. That saint has to rise from amongst us. We have to become better people to produce better leaders. In the mean time, vote for the best person from the present candidates regardless of ethnicity and sect.

Yaqub Ehsan, Pakistan - 26 June, 2007


As a muslim, one should know one thing that even the closest friends of the prophet were not Muslims before they embraced Islam. Islam allows repentence at any time. It is one of the most modern and tolerant religion. Considering that MQM is just in a desparate situation and their reference aginst Imran shows their immature and childish nature. They are still killing and disgracing Pakistan. Altaf should be hanged for his part in killing Pakistanis. Are people so stupid too listen to an idiot who is living as a British National in London and creating havoc in Karachi. Shameful even a single vote for him

Jaber N.Malik, Pakistan - 26 June, 2007

MQM is just trapped in its net.Imran khan is not so naive to let this big opportunity go.

When Naseerullah Babar cleaned up the mess created by the army,nobody was thankful to him because he was somebody from PPP.PPP is sindhi party, thats the kind of discrimination you always face in our country.

the elite of our country the want anyone else but the pakistan peoples party.As you sow so shall you reap.

Ali, Pakistan - 26 June, 2007

Is Altaf paakwatan or Indian

imran bhai,may allah help and you on the right path-they so call pakistans,ALTAF,MUSHARAF are the killer of pakistans and my paak br and sisters,in the days of Nawaz Sharif,Altaf told us pakistans that he will get help from India,please wake up my brave paak watan walo.Altaf and MQM are to be charged over the killing of what happen on the 12th may 07 in karachi.MQM is a fascist and a Terrorist going around with the help our MUSHARAF.We need bring this man to paakwatan,before he tell us again that has indian bhais are willing to finish off pakistan. paakwatan zindabad.A.Zahid pashtoon.UK.

a.zahid khan, United Arab Emirates - 28 June, 2007

MQM is playing a dirty politics which we all know very well they better stop this nonsense immediately we alll know who they are and what they used to do in the past

shafqat parvez, United Kingdom - 28 June, 2007

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