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11 October, 2005

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The nation is still reeling from stunning magnitude of the disaster caused by a massive earthquake, said to be the most powerful to hit the region in 100 years, as thousands of rescue workers are digging through mud, rocks, and debris to find out thousands of dead and injured caught up underneath in Azad Kashmir and northern Pakistan.

According to initial estimates, some 50,000 deaths have been confirmed, mostly in Azad Kashmir, and once the beautiful valleys of northern Pakistan, whereas it is feared that the death toll may rise to much higher number.

Hundreds of thousands of victims of this deadliest disaster are lying under open sky as rescue teams have not so far managed to reach in various earthquake-hit areas due to continuous rains and land sliding, which have aggravated the gravity of the calamity.

Repeated aftershocks have compelled the victims to remain outdoor even in comparatively lesser effected areas of NWFP and Islamabad.

Except for some 2,000 who perished in Mansehra, Balakot, and adjoining areas in the NWFP, all the casualties took place in Azad Kashmir, where the epicenter of the killer earthquake lay.

In Muzaffarabad, and Rawlakot, almost 80 per cent of houses, government buildings, hospitals and shops have collapsed and frightened residents are spending chilly nights camped in fields, parks, graveyards and cars.

A senior United Nations official says that the death toll in the AJK might well exceed 30,000.

Though, the international community, including USA, has joined the massive rescue and relief operations, the government appeared to be unprepared and responded late and inadequately to the crisis as even the Information Minister was not aware of the disaster till 11:30 am. The corps commander Peshawar claimed on the second day of the calamity that merely 1000 people have been killed in NWFP, and that media is exaggerating the death toll.

Reports reaching here suggest that rescue operation has not so far been commenced in several affected areas.

Q-1, Are you satisfied with the government's response to the tragedy?
Q-2 Have we responded to the disaster as a united nation?
Q-3 What measures could be taken to minimize the disaster in case of more earthquakes?
Q-4 What should be done for rehabilitation of millions of homeless victims?

Reader Comments:

"Wake Up" - "UnGodly" Commandment

First, I am deeply anguished even more so looking at desperate people who have been sufferring in pain and yet no medical attention.

When are pakistanis going to learn? They have a deep divide between poor and middle class. Islamabad, not so much a disaster there, but help was immeditae and overwhelming. Whereas, the mountain people had nobody to help them with their pain and crying children under the rubble. many Pakistanis live abroad and have no sympathy for their own nation. You all need to wake up and put your country and nation on some sort of progressive path so that you all may be self-sufficient and have some dignity in your own country. Just dont sit among us and be proud of our given freedom. Create your own status that you could be proud of. The whole Pakistani society is disorganised, corrupted and no rule of the law or order. Dont keep blaming us for yoyur miseries. Start waking up for a change that is desparetely needed in your society.

mysterious, United Kingdom - 17 October, 2005

All I read from the Muslims on this site is that God punished you with the earthquake. Join the 21st century. God didn't do it, the earth is a dynamic planet. Earthquakes happen all the time. You know what? Let God rebuild your cities and bury your dead. Guess what? It's not going to happen. God helps those who help themselves. So stop blaming your problems on God. Then again, maybe he punished you because you are not Christians. Perhaps being Muslim is the wrong path to follow. The year is 2005. We are in the 2000's not the 800's. You can still have your religion but also pull your head out of the sand.

Bob A'Bouy, United Kingdom - 18 October, 2005

Think seriously

To all those who are saying that it is punishment from God, I have some simple questions: Why God has to punish these people in AJK and NWFP? Are these people doing so bad and sinful things that deserve God's punishment? Are the people in Cities like Karachi, Lahore etc. are so kind and nice that they donot deserve any punishment? Come out of your vicious cycle of ignorance and just think why the earthquake happens? Everybody knows which areas in the word are earthquake-prone areas.

anwar, Pakistan - 19 October, 2005

God and Bob!

Bob A'Bouy! Well! there's a name to be proud of, to celebrate. Right from Howard Stern's filthy mouth program! Bob...or whatever your name is! Why are you hiding behind a name, especially one like that? The only sensible comment you made was about one helping oneself and then only, maybe God will help you, too. Beyond that your lack judgement, knowledge and civility shows in the resat of your comments. This is no different from Billy Graham Jr. blaming Katrina on the lifestyle lived in New Orleans. Hey Bob! Billy Graham Jr. what a putz he is! I know that being judgemental and pointing your fingers at others is very much a part of the Christian belief.......or is it? Perhaps you subscribe to Pat Robertson's way of Christian thinking.....Either way Bob A' are a poor American specimen. I am ashamed of being and American, because of the likes of you!

redauqs, United Kingdom - 19 October, 2005

Hour of need

We hear of such natural disasters all the time, in the USA we sa the destruction of huricaine Catrina, Also the tsunami in south east Asia and some African nation, All of which are very sad to see. What happened in Pakistan and India was the same. It is when you look at individual cases and focus on suffering of people individualy that it becomes painful. For me this was in a ABC news report from pakistan, a young child of age 9, was traped beneath the rubble, the rescue workers managed to get a camera to him, and his dad tried to talkt o him, but the boy wouldnt move. his eyes was open, and his fathers keept weapign and shouting '' Bacheey, Abdul Abdul ,,Bhat karr'' and he cried and repeated this several times. I was setting in my sofa and basicly creid with him, until after 5 or 6 minutes later the boy blinked. I simply jumped out of my seat and shouting yes yes yes, the whole crowd was cheerign some crying and some loughing.

this was the face of human fellign and suffering. I have seen this in my own country many many times. the other image thatw as amazing to me was to see 10's of American Helicopters, and 100's of soldiers from ISAF crossing Afghanistan and coming ehre in Pakistan to help people affected by this disaster. What was more astonishing to me was a report in BBC 10 O Clock news of a group of 20 something Afghan medics and soldiers, male and female setting up a 50 bed mobile hospital treating some 1800 injured and carrying out 80 life saving surgeries. Crossing the war torn Afghanistan to come and help people in a country that played host to millions of Afghans while they were at war with the soviets.

This was the same in the case of india where 20 tons of fruit and blankets were delivered to India direct from Kabul.


May allah, bless all those who have pased away and grant us all his blessing to continue doing good for humanity regardless of political, economical, racial or even religious boundaries, no matter pakistani, Indian or balngladeshi, we are all Human,

Kind regards

Samir Latifi, British Indian Ocean Territory - 19 October, 2005

Are you satisfied with the government's response to the tragedy?

I am a Indian whi lives in US. This earth quake has shattered the hearts of all human beings and does not matter which nationality you are. I only wish that Mr. Musharf for once will forget his army title and be a human being. If India is offering help they are not doing any favours, they are doing a duty to our brothers and sisters who are in a desparate situation. Why not allow Indian Army who is well equiped to help these poor souls who are dying for food and other help. People of Pakistan will Help India if needed . I wish these politicians for once keep their motives away and look at the faces of those inocent kids who are spending nights in cold where politicians are sleeping in the cozy houses. Please Mr. Musharf allow Indian people or Army to help theor brothers and sisters . May Allah bless the souls who have lost their lives in this disaster.

Vinod Narang, United Kingdom - 19 October, 2005

I am with redauqs from the USA. I do not like Bob A'Bouey's comments about GOD. I am a Muslim black man in the United States and feel oppressed every day because of my color and religion. People like redauqs look like good black people who try to make a difference not like Bob A'Bouey who looks like he wears a clan robe. You Go redauqs Yo Yo Yo!

Mr. Da'Heush Bagg, United Kingdom - 21 October, 2005


i hard about this from my geography teacher at school. i am sorry about what happened i pray that those that lost their loved ones god in his infinite mercy will condole them.amen.With love from . EGURO.

eguro, Pakistan - 21 October, 2005

Co operation

American chopers based in AFghanistan and Uzbekistan are rescueing lives day and night in the quake affected areas of Pakistan.

The government of poverty-stricken Afghanistan has already contributed four military helicopters, medical teams, food aid and cash to the relief operation. And president Karzai of afghanistan arrived in pakistan today monday 24 with 5 tons of medicine and 30 strong team of doctors and nurses.

The government of India, offered every assitant needed to the people and government of Pakistan.

The Uk chinok Helicopter in their first humanitarian mission overseas, started operating in muzafarabad pakistan to save lives.

Jason Gardner, Malta - 24 October, 2005

life is not entarinment

this is really very bigest disaster in the world.i am living at lahore, after the disaster i were at muzaffarbad for help vicitms. and i proud to my nation for their jobs.every one want to help our nation people,pakistani government and Army try to reached rural aras to help victims, but its diffcut to reached there,we just stood one nation, no sunni, ni shina, no others, we are one just one,

ahsan, Pakistan - 31 October, 2005


I jaust cant believe it.....

mysterious, Pakistan - 31 October, 2005

To Bob U Buoy

Mr Bob U Buoy you are a despicable hateful Christian who is taking delight in the suffering of thousands of people. Your Christianity has been responsible for far bigger man made disasters suchs as colonialism,crusdes and two world wars. Islam exists for all time not just ancient time.

Aamir Ali, Pakistan - 02 November, 2005

It's very tragic and sad that we lost some 79000 people and many more left injured due to natural disaster. It's reality that no government is fully prepared to deal with this kind of tragedy in timely manners because the devastation was enormous. As for as concerned of Pakistani government, I think they tried their best but certainly could have been done differently. For example, eighty or ninety thousands troops could have called in to help the victims rather than just forty thousands during very early stage of this terrible disaster. Although, we had thousands volunteers but Pak Army is more capable to respond quickly and accordingly. But overall it was very good effort by the government of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan as well as the INGO & NGO, and also there was a very good coordination among them. Remember, we are talking about 79 thousands dead, 50 thousands injured and 4 millions homeless, and no access through road or air. Therefore, under these circumstances, I would say that the Pakistani government, people of Pakistan and others including international community have done fantastic job. Again, there are always lope holes and weaknesses that we need to look into.
The second important thing is of course very crucial which is rehabilitation of millions homeless people, for that government has serious responsibilities to fulfill. The housing industry must come up with a plan to build modern villages for homeless people with all kinds of facilities. They must build quakeproof and fireproof houses including parks and playgrounds.
The third most important thing is to setup childcare centers for orphan kids and provide them every best possible care and no one should be allowed to adopt those kids. I think Pakistanis people are generous enough to contribute for children welfare.
The final and the last point, there must be proper check and balance and accountability, President Musharraf must not allow those corrupt and ignorant politicians or other culprits to take advantage. This is a national tragedy and we need to work together with unity, full extant of honesty, good faith and good spirit.
I do believe that we will rise again, those farmers will be able to cultivate and grow their crops again. It is just matter of time.
May Pakistan live long!
Zulfiqar A Tanoli USA

, United Kingdom - 09 November, 2005

how much strange

i want to say that how much strange when you alaive but ur friend dead with you what the condition of that man who sufer such circumtances.allah toba..........

aamir khan, Pakistan - 10 November, 2005

I am very sorry to say this to some people like Bob Boey but i am going to say it. I am a muslim and am proud of my belief proud of being a muslim. I am not against people like Bob Boey becuase i know what he said is becuase some where in his heart he is angry with muslims for what happened in america to twin towers lots of innocent people died, and belive me i am really, really sorry about it and am sure many other people are sorry about it. I believe that what happened in america the twin towers crash that the muslims were to blamed but not all the ones who had done it,but becuase of them you have got no right to say bad things what happened in the earhquake to the innocents in pakistan.Not all muslims are to be blamed. There is good and bad in every person in you in me. And in somewhere in your heart you will realise what you said is not right. And if i siad something wrong then please forgive me.

imran mohammed, United Arab Emirates - 14 November, 2005

I Fully Agree With the Views below of Mr. Sher Khan.May Alha give those Muslims enough strength who lost their near and dear during Earth Quake and some sense on those mullahs who are killing innocents in the name of Ajaj Kashmir !!!!

Hindian, Israel - 16 November, 2005

The natural disaster cannot be described in words.I hope and pray that the departed souls would rest in peace. First of all people from this part of area ,have already seeing sufferings since more than 50 years, not by natural disaster but by human minds decision and not going by law, for eg the opressions , adults , children and old people who suffered. Any balanced person should realize that besides natural calamities which are by Allah, are just reminders by almighty that every one has to die and nothing will be in this world.

kashif, United Kingdom - 19 November, 2005

lesson to learn

its worth to learn a lesson from these situation that kasmir obscession for pakistan only brought miseries to its people.becouse of kasmir they lost east pakistan,democracy ,economic development,now they have to beg forighn assistanc whom they used to call kafir for the rehabilitation of the kashmir.please now atleast open ur eyes dont spread hatred make loc a permanent border.otherwise in future u have to suffer a lot.Allah is not ur property He knows all He is the best. u have to keep in ur mind that as u sow u shell 70 and 80`s indian kashmir was a famous tourist destination and shooting destination for people and bollywood.the kasmiris prospouring but supported militancy killing pandits and muslims u have only ruined the life kashmiris of both azad kashmir and ihk.also i pray to allah that he will give courage and streght to face such huge national calamity for the pakistani people.also hope oneday pakistan and india will realise the importance of friendship which will change the face of south asia economically.

all r brothers, Hungary - 24 November, 2005

i want to say that ......

i fell sorry on the deaths of my beloved uncle s and cousions and my sweet and cute friendz who leave us after this earthquake.i want to request u all to please pray for them that may God keep there soul in rest amin.i my self is from muzaffarbad and i was there that time when this earth quake came .i really want to appriciate the relief work of government and i want to make a request to all to help those people as much as u want who r neing affected by this disaster

sabba saeed, Pakistan - 08 December, 2005

I fell very sorry when I heard that the disaster strock Pakistan.Because we lived it in our country in 1999 and we lost over 30000 people.Even I lived earthqueke I can2t imagen the disaster in Pakistan. our pray for Pakistan. Allah help them.....

vedat, Trinidad And Tobago - 13 December, 2005

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