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Did the President Lie

18 November, 2005

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Adding their voices to the growing chorus of criticism on US invasion of Iraq within the country, , former President, Bill Clinton and Democrats Congressmen have called for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

Bill Clinton made this demand while addressing the Arab students at a forum organised by American University in Dubai, while the Democrats came hard on the war policies of President Bush in a Capitol Hill uproar over the said issue.

Terming the US invasion a ?sheer mistake? Mr Clinton advised the Bush administration to immediately withdraw the troops from Iraq.

It`s time to bring them home," said Rep. John Murtha, a Vietnam combat veteran during debate on Bush?s war policies adding that "Our military has accomplished its mission and done its duty."

The comments by the Pennsylvania lawmaker, who has spent three decades in the House, hold particular weight because he is close to many military commanders and has enormous credibility with his colleagues on defense issues. He voted for the war in 2002, and remains the top Democrat on the House Appropriations defense subcommittee.

"Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency. They are united against U.S. forces and we have become a catalyst for violence," he said. "The war in Iraq is not going as advertised. It is a flawed policy wrapped in illusion."

In a biting response, Republicans criticized Murtha`s position as one of abandonment and surrender and accused Democrats of playing politics with the war and recklessly pushing a "cut and run" strategy.

1) Was attack on Iraq unavoidable and justified?
2) What is your opinion about the intelligence reports used for attack on Iraq?
3) Are Democrats trying to save US troops from further losses in Iraq?
4) Won?t the pullout end the political career of Bush and his companions?

Reader Comments:

Lies, Deception, Arrogance

Bush needs to be impeached!

He has endangered us further in the Middle East, as an American I feel sorry for the horrific destruction and loss of innocent lives this Fabricated War has caused not only to us as American's but to the people of the Middle East.

When a President misuses his power 'We The People of the United States" have bestowed upon him with trust, and he shows a blatten disregard for Human Lives to fulfill his own Ego and Agenda and he continues to look us in our eyes and lie, and we allow it, Shame on Us.

He has put us in further danger with people in the Middle East, if we thought they didn't like us before, they surely hate us now.

We are more powerful in numbers, we spent more time and money during President Clinton's ordeal and thought of impeachment over a sex scandal, yet we have enabled President Bush to destroy our Integrity and Reputation as Americans to people around the world and we have allowed him to deliberately with malice and forethougt create a murderous War in which we as American look like hypocrites.

We are supposed to be a powerful nation that promotes peace, not with this President.

We crossed into dangerous territory with this President. All Presidents should be held to the highest standards, if he abuses those powers he should be impeached at once.

The Bush Administration needs to be held accountable for the many innocent lives that he has sacrificed for the good of his Ego, and own Agenda.

It's called legalized Murder, we have held other dictators accountable and taken them out of power for this very reason.

It becomes dangerous when you mix Ego's with Power, it's a volital combination.

Look at Hitler, Saddam, Mousilini!!!

I'm discusted and appalled at our Administrations lack of care or concern for whats right and morale.

Lastly, it's the arrogance and disregard of Bush's behavior and the fact he isnt' listening to the American people. Why, because he doesn't care.

I support our Troops for they have no say, they are the real Hero's. For all the families who have lost someone, we must take a stand and put a stop the this deliberate act of murder called Bush's War.

Christine, United Kingdom - 09 March, 2006

Farce of the force!!!

Farce of the force!!!
Saddam has allegedly killed 148 civilians with the reason of his right of retaliation of an attempted plot to murder him carried out by his opponents. On the other hand, G W Bush has thus far killed 0.6 million plus 148 in Iraq with the reason of his might and has virtually split up the country into three hostile entities and sown the seeds of hostility for the rest of their life amongst them, like he did in Afghanistan - and yes this murderer of 0.6 million plus civilians is on top form to do justice against the alleged murderer of 148 civilians, huh!!!
If the former murder is presumed as a devil, still he has been unable to beat the latter in the score of killing spree.

Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court) Swat, Pakistan - 05 November, 2006

No Heart

Mr.Bush was eager to become a hero of the Christian land and had attacked Iraq even when was forbidden by the Respected Pope. Now when he has failed in his compaign is trying to find reasons and justifications for his humiliation. Saddam Hussain who had always been an agent of U.S policies also fell to U.S itself.
Mr.Bush is very rude to his suffering army that is sacrificed for his continued policy. Bush could not become 'Richard The Lion Heart' instead he is a 'Man Without Heart' who also killed 'Saddam The Rat Heart'.
The attacks on foreign forces in Iraq is not to be considered terrorism as they are fighting a Holy War against foreign aggression. One thing is to be kept in mind that this aggression may bring misunderstanding between Islam and Christianity. If the west is justified to bring fleets to the Persian Gulf and Arabian sea then why there be not put forces in Mediterranian Sea and Atlantic Ocian.

Ahmad Farquleed, Pakistan - 16 April, 2007

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