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Did the President Lie

18 November, 2005

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Adding their voices to the growing chorus of criticism on US invasion of Iraq within the country, , former President, Bill Clinton and Democrats Congressmen have called for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

Bill Clinton made this demand while addressing the Arab students at a forum organised by American University in Dubai, while the Democrats came hard on the war policies of President Bush in a Capitol Hill uproar over the said issue.

Terming the US invasion a ?sheer mistake? Mr Clinton advised the Bush administration to immediately withdraw the troops from Iraq.

It`s time to bring them home," said Rep. John Murtha, a Vietnam combat veteran during debate on Bush?s war policies adding that "Our military has accomplished its mission and done its duty."

The comments by the Pennsylvania lawmaker, who has spent three decades in the House, hold particular weight because he is close to many military commanders and has enormous credibility with his colleagues on defense issues. He voted for the war in 2002, and remains the top Democrat on the House Appropriations defense subcommittee.

"Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency. They are united against U.S. forces and we have become a catalyst for violence," he said. "The war in Iraq is not going as advertised. It is a flawed policy wrapped in illusion."

In a biting response, Republicans criticized Murtha`s position as one of abandonment and surrender and accused Democrats of playing politics with the war and recklessly pushing a "cut and run" strategy.

1) Was attack on Iraq unavoidable and justified?
2) What is your opinion about the intelligence reports used for attack on Iraq?
3) Are Democrats trying to save US troops from further losses in Iraq?
4) Won?t the pullout end the political career of Bush and his companions?

Reader Comments:

Iraq war is oil occupation

1) Was attack on Iraq unavoidable and justified?

Absolutely not. Iraq posed no threat to my country, rather it represented a strategic source of oil and an excuse to project military domination in the region.

2) What is your opinion about the intelligence reports used for attack on Iraq?

The Bush Administration has systematically misrepresented intelligence, used intelligence known to be false or obtained through torture, and outright lied through their teeth to Congress and the American people. The CIA was correctly reporting that Saddam did not pose a threat to the US.

3) Are Democrats trying to save US troops from further losses in Iraq?

The Democrats have proven extraordinarily weak on the war issue. I believe that the Republican tactics of lie, deception, and playing on fear have proven quite devastating to the Democrats' ability to respond to the war in the way they would like to. I hope that John Murtha's speech on Thursday was a sign that the Democrats are going to do something, but I think we will have to wait for 2006 to see the Democrats having enough power to change things.

4) Won't the pullout end the political career of Bush and his companions?

Of course not. The Republican elite domination will continue unabated, and they will continue to rear their ugly heads, again and again. We must remember that after George W. Bush's grandfather financed Hitler in the earliest days of the Nazi's rise to power (including financing the construction of the Braunes Haus, the first Nazi Headquarters in 1930), his next project was bringing Nixon to power. The Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Bush II administrations have all been a regrouping of the same set of elite villians, an unholy alliance of national security militants, corporate cutthroats, and moral conservatives. The battle against these dark forces will never be completely won.

Jesse Goplen, United Kingdom - 19 November, 2005

1) Was attack on Iraq unavoidable and justified?

Absolutely not. they only attacted becouse of the oil.
Iraq was more stabil when Sadam as the Leder!

Dil, Pakistan - 25 November, 2005

Noway did bush have a reason to go to war and murder those innocent families........ the only reason why he went to war was to get his own back on muslims and for the oil. anyone can see that but unfortunately the public of america are too stupid to realise that there so called president is two faced low life who is a shelfish greedy person who doesnt care who he hurts but if it benefits him iits good for his country. Its not even his country this is Allahs worls not a man made one.

Im sory if this offends anyone but thats the truth.

aliya, United Arab Emirates - 26 November, 2005

1) Was attack on Iraq unavoidable and justified?

Not at alljustified.This was all about oil ann nothing else.
2) What is your opinion about the intelligence reports used for attack on Iraq?
Which Intelligence reports.Oh!!those fabricated ones.

3)Are Democrats trying to save US troops from further losses in Iraq?
No.Thet r just playing political games.That is when opposition is in power criticize whatever they do as they will do the same we r in the power.

) Won't the pullout end the political career of Bush and his companions?
Let us see.Bush needs to understand that You can fool all people sometime,you can fool some people all time..but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Abhishek, Hungary - 27 November, 2005

No he did not, it was clear . . .

When the motive is as clear as to occupy the Oil resources of Iraq, there is justification to deny if he told lie or not. The operation was first called OIL Operation Iraq Liberation.
It does not take a rocket science, why there is so much discussion, please note USA will never leave a solid stolen income of 3 million bbls of oil at average $55.

Probono Public, Pakistan - 27 November, 2005

"Skulls "

Well done Jesse,this is the
fourth Reich and also the beginning of darkness.Have you read the unauthorized biography of President BushI.
North Americans are the most
gullible nation on this earth
and we have a living Punch and Judy show daily.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 02 December, 2005

How can anyone say the attack on Iraq was not justified. Remember 9-11? The United States of America stands for Freedom. The United States of America stands for Justice. Where were the cowardly Arab countries when Iraq attacked Kuwait? I`ll tell you were. Hiding with their heads in the sand. Oh but now they say...."The big bad Americans attacked tiny Iraq". "The Americans must leave our Holy lands". Boo Hoo Hoo. If you Muslim Numbskulls ran your own countries with freedom we would not have to make the effort to help you. But just like slaves you must be ruled by dictators and tyrants. The average Muslim cannot be trusted with Freedom because it is a concept they cannot understand. The Smart Muslims come to America and the West to live. The rest live under the oppression of their kings.

In the future I see, Iraq will become a powerful and free country. Where the Iraqi people determine their own future. Where the Iraq government is elected by the people. When that happens, they will get their revenge on the radical Muslim countries that are destabilizing their country now. So look out. Long live the USA. Freedom is the most precious thing to have. And guess what.....Bush won`t be around forever. He cannot run for re-election again. Can that be said about any of the leaders in your countries? Hey look, no secret police are at my door. Now that is Freedom.

Joe, United Kingdom - 04 December, 2005

To Dil, Pakistan....

Are you nuts? Your quote" Iraq was more stable with Saddam in power" is the most stupid statement I have read ever. Germany was also more stable with Hitler in control. You are nothing but a sheep that must be led around by the nose. You cannot determine your own dentiny. You cannot determine your own future. You are destined to be led by dictators and tyrants to rule you. You cannot even conceive of freedom because your brain cannot process the concept. Is that your fault? NO. you were raised that way. But let me tell you this. Your children are destined to be slaves and pawns of the elite ruling class and will be forever under their control. I bet your daughter walks around under the oppression of the males in your country. At least in the USA there is Freedom for all, including our women. If you tell an american woman to cover herself , she would smack you upside your head. But then again if she would do that in your contry she would probably be burned at the stake or hanged publicly. You Muslims are living in the year 600. It is 2005. Wake up and smell the toast. Freedom means Freedom for all. If it does not, then it is freedom for no-one. The last becon of FREEDOM in the world. And a last thought, try getting an American woman to move to your country and marry a Muslim. There would be a very slim chance of that.

Joe, United Kingdom - 08 December, 2005

to Khalid Rahim, Canada ....
The only reply to your letter I have is this. I see you live in Canada. Why not go back to your Holy land? The problems in Iraq are caused by your fellow Muslims who want to cause instability. They murder countless civilians while they kill American soldiers. Where is the outcry with that? I believe that if I made these statements in any Muslim country I would be publicly hanged for my views. Either that or my hands would be cut off. So enjoy the rest of your life in Canada you coward. You have deserted your Muslim brothers in their time of need. By the way how is the Hockey season going up in the great white north? Feels good to live in freedom doesn`t it. I bet you drink alcohol and fraternize with woman up there. You are just one more hate spewing wanna-be Muslim. I wish Saddam had you in his country. I bet you would have been part of his terror network. Coward.

Joe, United Kingdom - 10 December, 2005

Joe the wisecrack

Well let this nut tell you a
little something that a great
Muslim scholar from Shiraz told his pupils:-
Deep in the sea are riches
beyond compare.
But if you seek safety,it is
on the shore.Since your very
invasion what have you given
to the people of Iraq! death
and destruction and fed your
own lies accompanied by the
"bags".The other lesson that
we learn from this invasion.
He who has self-conceit in his head-
Do not imagine that he will
ever hear the truth.
By the time YOU leave Iraq in
the next decade,she would be
in political and economic shambles.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 10 December, 2005

The U.S invasion of Iraq

Respected Editor; Assalam o Alaikum!
Making an issue of the attack on the trade centres President Bush ordered the American forces to attack Iraq. May be President Bush did have some more financial or expanding land like reasons behind that because he did not accept the council of most of his corgressmen, the religious leaders and the U.N.O. If President Bush would have done all that to topple Saddam Hussain and his family from the government only all would have sided sided him. But he seems not true in his cause so this false thing has made him the killer of all his soldiers in vain and the innocent muslim old, men women and children who already were in trouble in the area.
Thankyou Sir.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 14 December, 2005

Hello GI Joe!

You did not need to invade a
country to remove Saddam.All
you required was a similar kind of operation,as it took
place in Panama and brought Saddam to The Hague.But that
was not the case,afterall the
years of bombing and economic
sanctions and when Iraqis did
not have crutches to stand upon.The great GI Joe went to
rescue them.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 14 December, 2005

4- Speeches & Iraq!

Hi joe. The latest polls in
USA show that 58 percent are
not convinced with Bush's
reply on Iraq.The other 42%
are also divided.For one you
are very pettiminded person,
who I believe wants to show
his arrogance in order to hide his ignorance.If you are
so concerned about the death
toll in Iraq,then you should
tell your Leader to stop spinning webs and listen to
members of Senate and other
world leaders, to bring this
conflict to an end.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 15 December, 2005

To Khalid Rahim, Canada....

I want to use a Quote from your letter. You wrote this "All
you required was a similar kind of operation,as it took
place in Panama and brought Saddam to The Hague." The pronoun you used was YOU. Meaning the USA. I see you did not reference your fellow Muslim countries. Once again you sit back and watch as America sends its young men and women to die on foreign soil. You have nothing to say on the matter of Iraq or the Middle East. You left your Muslim brothers to suffer. You left Tyrants and Dictators florish in the Middle east. And you did all this from the saftey of a western country. I have more respect for any Muslim from Pakistan or any Middle East country who disagrees with me, than a coward who sits in his northern hideout watching the Hockey season unfold in Canada. If indeed the USA was in the state that Iraq is in today and I was living abroad, I would return in order to help my countrymen. You on the other hand value the freedom you did not earn but are fortunate to have. All this while your Muslim brothers and sisters suffer. So speak not on matters that do not concern you. Continue to live your precious free life. May the Muslim who has lived through countless hardships find peace in heaven. May the Muslim who turns his back on his people burn in hell. And that means you. America is sending young men and women to die for Muslims. You on the other hand do nothing. Enjoy life in the Great White North you Coward. Long live a free Iraq.

Joe, United Kingdom - 15 December, 2005

To Khalid Rahim, Canada

Wow are you a . Once again here is your quote "you should
tell your Leader to stop spinning webs". Listen here you dummy. We do not have a Leader. We have a President. He comes up for re-election every 4 years. We do not have pictures of our "Leader" plastered all over the country like you Muslims do. That shows your mentality. You must be led by the nose, told what to do, told who to worship, told when to eat, told who to marry, told when to go to the bathroom. And your "Leader" must tell you that. How`s your arranged marriage working out. I hope your mother and father picked a good one for you. By the way, How come you live in Canada now? Tired of the sand, or just afraid to help your muslim brothers and sisters? You are a Canadian now, start acting like one. Do not comment on the war or the Iraqis. You are no longer a true Muslim. Assalam o Alaikum!

Joe, United Kingdom - 15 December, 2005

Bundle of Lies!

Joe.American Government has
never been interested in the
democratic form of government
in developing nations. WHY!
Because then they wuold have to follow the same procedure
as they do in WashingtonDC.It
therefore makes a mockery of
democracy in other regions.
Why did they not get rid of
Saddam in 1991 and why was he
supported for eight years to
slaughter hios own people and
Iranians.I'm neither from Iraq or Iran.But I have seen
and experienced the fall of
elected governments by your
"Democratic Government".Do you know how many Iraqis have
lost their lives since you misadventured into Baghdad.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 16 December, 2005

Hey Khalid Rahim, Canada

Why don`t you do us Christians a favor and become a suicide bomber like your other Muslim brothers do? I love to read the comments on this site. Thank God I am a Christian and live in the South. God bless the Confederacy. The South shall rise again. And when it does we will get rid of you Muslims. I would rather eat at the same table with a nigger than one of you Muslims!

John Rebel, United Kingdom - 18 December, 2005

Bush Lies

Respected Editor, President Bush was no doubt called for help by the Arab countries in 1991 to invade Iraq but the reason to invade now again was just to conquer to get oil and the historic land of the Babylon which failed. Otherwise President Bush had also appointed a viceroy for Iraq who when retaliation was seen hard to be come up, was then cancelled.
While the ships were on their way carrying American forces Bush gave an ultimatum to Iran and Syria that after Iraq is their turn. So it becomes clear that if this invasion would have been easy and Iraqis would have accepted the U.S supremacy then in the high esteem of being powerful the U.S forces would have entered other Islamic countries.
Now I say something to Mr.Joe of America who has said a lot to Khalid Rahim and talked a lot against our religion. 'Mr.Joe keep that in mind if you are a Christian that we Muslims respect our Prophet Christ(A.SLM) more than you moreover you people are running against your religion and humanity. The year when American government permitted to be married a man to man the desease of AIDS broke out by the order of Almighty God and is now spreading all over the world. In your country everyone is free so if (may that not happen) your daughter, sister or son takes a wrong path one can say nothing to him/her who is then fully backed by the Free law. Do not say anything against our religion, you are doing that with full confidence only because you consider yourself away and safe. We will be happy even if you will walk according the teachings of your own religion'.

Shirin, Pakistan - 18 December, 2005

Bush is a liar , a thief, and a killer

I agree 100% with Jesse Goplen, and so does most everyone I know. The US congress has not been doing its job of keeping the executive branch in check. The executive branch, with the help of the "intelligence" agencies and the "defense" department is in the process of staging an incremental coup de etat. This new US military dictatorship is running roughshod over the entire globe. anyone who gets in the way is dealt a heavy dose of repressive force. It is unfortunate that os many people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, to name only a few, have recieved so much abuse from the US government.
I can only hope that some day, Bush and those who do his thinking for him, will all be sent to the retirement home they have built themselves at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I think the experience would be tremendously enlightening for them.
Unfortunately, most of the US populace lives under the hypnotic influence of television, and therefore have little ability to think critically about the US governments excesses, which is why it continues unchecked.

Boz Van Houten, United Kingdom - 18 December, 2005

Re: John Rebel -USA.

Mr Rebel you do not know what
to look for,in the deep dark recess of your mind.I hope you do find the light that'll
bring you out into the light.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 26 January, 2006

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