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Democracy a Need?

19 May, 2006

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Former prime ministers, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif have signed the long-awaited Charter of Democracy (CoD), which commits the PPP and the PML(N) to struggle against dictatorship and on coming to power do away with the distortions made in the Constitution after the overthrow of the PML-N government.

Disbandment of the National Security Council has also been promised by the charter. The two sides have also pledged not to approach the army to come to power.

The two sides pledged that they would not strike any deal with the military government terming General Pervez Musharraf a military dictator.

The two former premiers reiterated that free and fair elections were not possible under the supervision of Gen Pervez Musharraf and that both the exiled leaders would return to the country together before the election. However, they did not say that they would return by the same flight.

Here are the questions
1) Will the charter of democracy help restore true democracy in Pakistan?
2) Rejecting the CoD, General Musharraf says the former premiers want to loot the country again. What do you think about that?
3) Are Benazir and Nawaz sincere with each other or have got united for power only?
4) Do you think Benazir and Nawaz Sharif will return to Pakistan before 2007 elections?

Reader Comments:

What is Important?

Whenever discussions get under way about Pakistan, we always talk of revival of democracy - meaning by rule by the politicians. But is that the only thing we need? If we look back, all mega projects and major development took place when country was ruled by so called military dictators. And one can clearly see the difference when politicians come and go and what happens to this poor country of ours. People, less politicians, still remember Ayub Khan for his achievements and love of the country. Now still under uniform, see the pace of development, openness to FDI, confidence of the foriegn investors in Pakistan, yet foreign exchange reserves building up. When the politicians will come, suddenely everything will be high and dry and country will be back to a mere under 1 billion dollar mark. So the question is not whether we want democracy or else. What Pakistan needs is sincerity, a visionary and a person who can take Pakistan well into the future with pride and dignity. And needless to say President Musharraf is the best choice even for next 15 years.

jalal, Pakistan - 22 June, 2006

What will be best governing system to accomodate democracy Islam dictatorship military or Iran c

What will be best governing system to accomodate
democracy dictatorship military combo or Iran combo or
Hadith Islam Hinduism Judaism Christianity ?

Democracy is federal based with different ministeries and parliament.Democracy is provinces based with different Ministries.Democracy is MPs based.Democracy is senator Based.Democracy is County based with city halls municipality based.Democracy is Queedom based.Democracy is kingdom Emirdom Sheikdom based.Democracy is IMF loan Based.Democracy is Insurance Monopoly Oil Taxation Revenue Parking Revenue Driving Licence based.Democracy is Airplane Train Road Tax Airport Landing Right tax Car Sticker Tax based.Democracy is GST PST income tax based property tax based Zakat Zabiha Tax Ummrah Haj expense based.

Democracy is County Court,Tribunal Court High Court Supreme
Court Appeal Court Royal Court Hague Court Panchayet Court Mediation and Out of Court Settlement based or Honour killing based court.

Democracy is a jungle of bldgs and civil municipal servants
with Bill meaningless Human Rights Bld Ombudsman Blds with intake officers writing complaint of individual while
neglecting mass extermination with worthless Ministers seminars conference H/Qs ministries.Democracy is Israeli settlers UN Staff based ,Multi National Conglomerates based job providors tosettlers
with allied troops ,Junk Bond sales stockexchange ,Oil companies ,tankers based .Petrol Pumps Based Malls and Plaza based Enron Army WMD collateral Bombing And Invasion sales.Democracy is Charter Barter and Money Making Job Posting contract signing Giving Privilege Right using Bill of Parliament exclusively to Collateral Bombers group ,the Helpers ,the Aggressor Hypocrites co-conspirators and Allied oil Looters Nuke droppers.

zakaria_belal, Canada - 03 July, 2006

In defence of ZAB!

In defence of ZAB!

This is with reference to an argument (below) made by Col. (Rtd) Riaz Jafri in his letter on the issue of CoD.

The learned writer failed to cite the grim reality of our own boot brothers who take the whole country under their (real) arms for an indefinite period & unknown fate.

No Law Minister will take the law in his own hand by carrying the ballot box under his arm, as was shown in the News Week magazine during ZAB rule.

The News week basically belongs to the American Jewish media and why should we derive our guidance from such, conspiracy-oriented & antagonistic, sources and let down our own national hero whose nuclear vision strengthened our national defence, who was the architect of our successful foreign policy especially with China, who gave the masses their socio-political consciousness and the gift of 1973 constitution and thus hailed & adored by the whole world as an ever-living legend doesn't deserve such mal-criticism as it is no service to the country or the nation as a whole.

Ahmed bin Babar

Ahmed bin Babar, Svalbard And Jan Mayen - 13 July, 2006

Pay up or shut up

So the General thinks these pair of retards want to loot the country "again", on that premise how about the general stripping them of every penny of their assets, that should improve the GDP of the country and show that he is serious about justice.

Never has the phrase a "choice of two evils" been more apt when considering Bhutto and Nawaz, to think that for the last two decades both of the so called political parties havent managed to elect a leader who has more to offer than these pair of morons is absolutely pathetic, just goes to show your not democratic even at party level never mind national government.

N Hussain, Pakistan - 22 October, 2006



uk, United Arab Emirates - 26 January, 2007

Theft vs kleptomania

“3 SJC members face different charges”, heading of a report published in a newspaper on 12th March 2007, reminds me a story, which I wish to share with the readers. Once an addicted thief was caught by the police in a kingdom and was awarded the capital punishment, that is, to be hanged till death. There was no other way to save the public from his misadventures. Before he could be executed he wished to see the King. Permission was granted. He told the king,” I have a prescription that can be used to convert an ordinary metal into gold but since I had been indulging in theft, I could not benefit from that prescription. If king could name a pious person, who had never stolen in his whole life, I could give that prescription for the benefit of kingdom.” King ordered the prime minister to make arrangements. When nobody with such a qualification could be found in the whole of the kingdom, the king ordered the prime minister to take the said prescription. The prime minister knew that there was a curse attached to it, in case some one takes without fulfilling the condition. The prime minister said,” Aalijah, I am your paid servant and I do not claim to be pious to that extent. At this moment the thief requested that the king might himself take the prescription from him. King said, “Well, when I was a prince I have done all the mischievous things including the theft, of course out of fun. I do not think I should take it.” Then thief addressed the king and asked,” If there is not single person in the whole of the kingdom with clean hands, why only I am to be hanged for theft?” No body had the answer. Story ends here. P.S. Purpose of telling the story is not to justify theft or kleptomania.

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 25 March, 2007

What is Democracy?

One who has committed no sins should cast the first stone.
What a joke of the institution of Democracy has been made by the several governments that have come and gone in Pakistan and similarly those in public who have desired democracy dont even know what it implies in a complete sense.
What kind of democracy we want to adapt for Pakistan? Should it be the British Style, the Swiss style or the US style or the US Bush's Style? Should we go for an Islamic model state i.e. a welfare state where the head of the state at night roams around in the streets attempting to find out about the welfare of his people with a concern that no one goes to bed hungry or should it be a show off Islamic Democracy where it is known to be an Islamic state yet full of thugs that deprive the nation of it's rights yet fills own pockets, makes favors to it's cronies, relatives and friends. Why everyone thinks of adopting democracy US style when most of us know that US in principal does everything that has hurt the common people of Pakistan among others, yet we aspire to adopt everything that in someway is connected with USA or UK. I believe it is necessary for those who consider themselves to be muslims to steer their nation towards a pure and clean environment and strive to adopt a democracy that is modeled by islamic teachings and values. It takes an entire society to establish practice of such real values merely uttering Democracy Democracy is not going to get us anywhere. In my humble view majority of Pakistanis don act or live up to the real values of Democracy and where there is no existence of honesty and sincerity no power can establish Democracy.
Its a very bleek picture if I consider what future holds for such nations that is divided among poor and rich, that is divided along ethnic lines, that is divided along lingual lines, corruption of all types and sorts is prevalent at all levels and has no feeling or sense of the bond that resulted in the creation of a homeland for them. Democracy is meant for those who act responsibly and in a civil manner mind you not political manner as we find ourselves to be specialist of politics and use it hypocritically aganist each other. It is shameful how our nation of Pakstan which comprises of majority muslim population wishes to exercise right to democracy.
What has gone wrong with the thought of ummah ?

Matloob Zaman, Pakistan - 27 May, 2007

Re: Democracy

Democracy is the need for the
stability of Pakistan. But it
is against the interest of US
policies in the region.Had it
not been so!Pakistan would never have faced the bitter experiences of Martial Laws.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 27 May, 2007

Democracy Good and Bad

A person to take care of his/her affairs should be responsible person. A little bit of knowledge and interest also should be there.
The same way a democracy (where people have to take care of their own affairs), must be able to take care of their own affairs and they must have interest in doing so.
There should be another important element. PEOPLE MUST THINK THE COUNTRY IS THEIR OWN. If some people (even though responsible, knowledgeable and interested) come in power, but if they are only worried to take advantage of the country, then, democracy will not work.
Some times, the western countries (Speicially America) asks all the countries to be Democratic and the reason is they want to overthrough some person of persons or system which is working for the good of the country and which may not be good for the interest of the American Government. And This America and American Corporations want have people who would decide thing according to the terms and conditions of these American corporations and America. So If this kind of people are ruling in a democratic country, then, a democracy will not work and in many cases this democracy would even work against the interest of the people.
Many of the time when Americans give advaise or when they are pushing for something, that may not be for the good of the people whom they say will benefit. Most of the time, the Americans will push only if there is a benefit for them. Other wise they would have taken interest in stopping the attrocities done by LTTE in Sri Lanka. Joy

Joy Kaidharath, Hungary - 19 June, 2007

Cod or God & Battle of ZAB(750A.D) to battle of ZAB Bhutto Election Criteria

Democracy A Need – Religion Perspective cod or God ?

Battle of ZAB (Egypt) 750 A.D to Battle of ZAB (PPP- B B) current is In On going Election Criteria i.e. Democracy in Need Of Islam or vice versa.The World has one party system two three or more with election selection management criteria war and conflict.

Islam had early battles – battle of Badr battle of Khandaq to battle of Camel 656 A.D One party “Shia” forces of Haz Ali R/U forces had defeated second party “Sunni” forces of Haz Ayesha R/U to battle of Suffin to battle of ZAB(Egypt) 750 A.D when entire Sunni Group had been wiped out to last 12th imam Mahdi vanished in thin air in 873 A.D battle when entire second party Shia group had been wiped out with speculation that Imam Mahdi will return.Election Selection Criteria remain issue this day.Call it democracy call it election vote casting as an alternative to Battles wars and conflict.

Islam came with Defination of God and Alif Lam Mim in 6 Surah chapters.First two ( such as Surah Cow is about creation of 3 kinds rise and fall criteria about rise and fall of world Nations of Adam Idris Noah Hud Salih Abraham Ismael,Issac Lot Jacob to Muhammad (PBUT).The next is Surah Al Imran dealing humanity from beginning with previous religion and Faith expectation and reason of misfortune.With Shia Sunni divn gone World of Shia Re-emerged and created Alazhar University 969 A.D. via Shia Fatimide Dynasty of Shia Fatima R/U.The arithmetic is wrong.Muslim 1400m should have been called Shia and 200 m sunni.Within 12th Imam Mahdi shia group or Sunni Group came definition of God In two party system like Republican Democrat like Vatican Anglican like Brahmin and All lower Caste.In Surah Roman Empire Nations life death future predicted.In surah Wisdom Luqman true wisdom is firm and enduring and discerns God’s law in the working of His Creation while Surah prostration deal with marvel of creation of universe and its working with factors controlling good evil of creation.God is creator beginning and end of life all knowing living alive forever perceiving all hearing all seeing light of earth and universe with no partners nor composed of any material.

Z Billo, United Arab Emirates - 18 August, 2007

Democracy a Need

The word democracy has been so extensively used by two previous PMs of Pakistan this word has lost its meaning for general public of the country. Why on earth they are teaching democracy when they themselves got no clue of this word or its practices. When they were in chair and looking after the country's interests what type of democracy did they invent or use? Perhaps they got no answer to their own questions. Pakistan is a developing country and at the present time the system of democracy is better than what BB and Nawaz Sharif tried twice each in their tenures. Today there is Foreign Exchange of over $16B whereas during Nawaz Sharif time only $2b. Any normal mind whether carrying out a slogan for democracy or not would agree that the present system of democracy has worked better and country is on the road to recovery and prosperity. New Graduate got their stipends first time in the history of Pakistan. At least educated people know that their education and future hopes are not dashed with the present system of democracy. Going back in BB and Nawaz Sharif time there were no jobs or no incentives for educated people. They were only looking after their own families and those who supported their ugly and illegal causes. BB and Nawaz Sharif were busy in filling their own pockets and making Financial Empires in the west. A charter of democracy signed by looters is a farse. They had fooled the nation and looted its wealth and why are still trying though not very likely that they will succeed. If they tried again they will not land in hot water but new comers in the field of politics will also go with them. Why two notorious politicians should ever be entertained in Pakistan. They must remain put outisde Pakistani territories or sent to jail rather than giving them more time to think of a come back.

Mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 07 September, 2007


Democracy becomes a farce when a majority of the citizens remain illiterate and uneducated about their rights and responsibilities.US is not asking for democracy for the betterment of the particular nation.They can tolerate despotic kings and generals if it suits their interest.They can accept a despotic general in Pakistan but not in Myammar.In India less than 60% of the populace vote in the elections,The party with getting 30% of it forms the Government.That means the party with less tyan 18% votes governs as the elected Government.Communists in W.Bengal have entrenched themselves there with mass bogus voting.India nad Pakistan are not yet fit to have a western type of democracy.What they require is a benevolent dictatorship.What ever Americans may say.

N.Krishnan, Hungary - 12 September, 2007


There must be the rule of a single man having a group of learned and wise men as a council as that had been in the great civilizations of the world.
This western type of democracy and the rule of rich, casual and corrupt polititions if let go on may further destroy the country.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 23 September, 2007

Islamic Democracy - Crying need of the hour !!!

Unless any individual is not fully Koran-loaded and Hadith-loaded, he cannot be handed-over the invaluable power to cast his vote to chose the leader to lead him. He will fail. He will chose dacoits, manipulators, murderors, illiteretes, liars and thiefs as in neighbouring India, Strip-teasers as in Italy, corrupt, looters and woman-leaders like Benazirs as in Pakistan and gays and lesbians elsewhere to be their leaders. An impossible eventuality in Islamic democracy where the vote is guided by the preachings of the The Holy Koran and the Great Muhammed"s Sunnah. The Great Muhammad preached "Cursed are nations with woman as their leaders". Benazir will end-up with a thumping majority, if not driven out, to be Pakistans leader in clear violation of the preachings of our Dearest and Greatest Prophet.

Devoid of Koranic and Hadith guidance, no individual does posses the sense to ever differentiate between what is good and what is bad - between what is permissible and what is prohibited. The only source of enlightment that could enable one to cast his vote correctly and appropriately is the full and complete knowledge of Koran-e-shareef and the Great Muhammad's sunnah.

Without imbibing the teachings of the Koran and the Hadith, It is highly dangerous to empower any individual to cast his vote. He will elect eloqouent speakers not sincere leaders. It will be a joke.

Obsceinity and legalisation of same-sex marriages are the direct by-products of western democratic traditions. An impossiblity in Islamic democracy even if the entire universe including sea and land animals vote in favor of it.

President Bush quest to introduce democracy in Pakistan can succeed if he print, publish and translate tons and tons of Holy Koran and tons and tons of Hadith-shareef in urdu, english, sindhi, pushtu and ship them to Pakistan to be made compulsory in schools, colleges , universities, in homes and in every nook and corner. BY ALLAH, ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY, PEACE AND PROSPERITY WILL DAWN UPON PAKISTAN BY ITSELF EFFORTLESSLY. PRESIDENT BUSH WILL BE A CLEAR WINNER.

Faiz Khan, Pakistan - 04 November, 2007

democracy in pakistan

While democracy is very important in a civilized society, it very very important to understand the importance of responsibility that comes with democrasy. One cannot just speak what he or she wants to, because we have democrasy, we cannot hurt someone's feelings because we have freedom to speak, we cannot accuse our goverment for every evil in society.

zoeb nek, Pakistan - 04 November, 2007

autonomous Pakhtunistan

There may be many solutions for better governance in Pakistan one of them that seems to be avoided is the creation of an autonomous Pakhtunistan so that those who live by Pashtunwali can live there and not interfere with the people of the subcontinent.

rawat, United Kingdom - 04 November, 2007

Pak is made of Hatred and Intolerance.

Hatred and Intolerance were the founding elements for the nation called Pakistan.

This nation is confused on its priorities and what it wants be. An Islamic state? Democracy [a joke for any religious state], Dictatorship [proven to be practical for religious states]

For decades this nation involved in actively arming and brainwashing thousands of its young kids to be Jihadi’s to fight in Afghan[funded by Cold war], Kashmir [here savior of Islam kicks in]. Now its struggling to put-off the flames it started. Its interesting to watch where this General takes it from here. Who is he fooling, who is he trying to get rid of now? its own makings of Jihadis alias Taliban? Corrupt people like just arrived Bhutto on his invitation? Or Nuclear proliferators like A.Q Khan? At what point this general decides everything is good and its time to step down?

Any one remembers Kargil? What should we call that an Islamic Jihad fight or Mr.General’s fantasy? How many people killed because of his stupidity? If the kids trained by ISI for years are now called terrorists [on the behest of USA], where are Jihadi's that it trained to protect Islam on the mountains of Kashmir? This is the nation with Generals that go to war with India without telling its own Air force. I will be surprised where these Generals take this nation from time to time.

Good luck Pak People.

Kishore, United Kingdom - 04 November, 2007

Pakistan can never become DEMOCRACY

Pakistanis deserve a BIG DANDA, they cannot handle freedom. This country has a tribal culture. At last a corrective measure by Gen. Musharraf. He gave too much leniency to the Pakistani politicians and terrorist and now he should hit them hard where it hurts most.

Adnan, Pakistan - 04 November, 2007

Musharraf for Saving Pakistan Once Again!

Why are the western Nations going head over heels, in prescribing "Democracy" and now using pressures available to them to insist that Pakistan revert to "Democracy". Are they friends of Pakistan and truly have Pakistan's welfare at heart. Wishful thinking. They know full well that introducing "Democracy" in Pakistan, a country where the literacy level of the masses does not go beyond the first "Quaida", will destroy Pakistan automatically, and without the use of ICBMs, the Seventh Fleet and the American GIs. Intelligent people of Pakistan, specially those living abroad, and enjoying domacratic rule know full well Nawaz Shariff and Benazir, who are being recommended as so-called "democratic" leaders of future Pakistan, are both corrupt to the core and have looted the country dry, and had converted the country to a "failed state", carrying a begging bowl all over the world, begging for some money to pay for the interest on the huge foreign loans taken and then looted by them.
I for one would request our President (now only Chief of Army Staff), not to allow both these, corrupt to the core persons, to set foot on the Pak soil, disregarding the shouts and protests of a few thousand paid and pro "democracy" misguided people.
Another thing I would like to request is that the private media channels should not be given the free hand they were given earlier. It can be proved that these media people, in the name of "freedom of expression" are quite capable of selling their mothers and sisters even.

Mohammed Ibrahim, Canada - 05 November, 2007


Neither Manu-Smriti nor the Islamic scriptures can serve as the source of knowing civic responsibilities, which is the corner stone of democracy. When antibiotics, beta blockers, and vaccines from the west are applicable in South Asia, why not the western democracy? Must we be worried of the preservation of womens' chastity, when womens' literacy rates, maternal mortality rate, and the standards of antenatal care are abysmal. I wonder whether the South Asian countries would implode individually or self annihilate themselves by war. Can not we wake up? Can not we make peaceful transition of governments possible? Can not we remember Lincoln's immortal message on acknowledgement of disagreement with concurrent firm resolve to let others disagree?

Dr. A. Bhattacharyya, United Kingdom - 03 December, 2007

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