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Monday Mar 25, 2019, Rajab 18, 1440 Hijri
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Demises in Iraq forth Coalition Forces

20 August, 2003

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August 19 after-noon brought a bomb explosion in Canal hotel, where UN crew for Iraq’s reconstruction reside, ripping UN special envoy, to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello, to death among 17 others.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan condemned this act of terrorism which took along a reputed senior representative of United Nations saying, “ Nothing can excuse this act of unprovoked and murderous violence against men and women who went to Iraq for one purpose only: to help the Iraqi people…”.

A few days back, on August 7, a similar terrorist activity occurred outside Jordanian embassy in Baghdad, killing 9 people.

What do you think about the recent incident of killing of UN envoy in Baghdad?

Does the recent incident of Baghdad points towards blotted repute of UN on its role in ‘War in Iraq’?

Why do you think US forces have failed to protect recent wave of terrorism in Baghdad?

Do you believe such terrorist activities are being conducted by Iraqis or Non-Iraqis inside Iraq?

Reader Comments:

The Heedless Head !

The question is not who is or
are doing this horrific act.
Why is it happening?Since the
09/11 violence has been far
more incited by great powers
than anyother party.Forceful
occupation of other nations with the excuse of fighting terrorism,has led to negative
results and will continue,if
we don't change our vision.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 20 August, 2003

Job description

These terrorist activities are neither being conducted by Iraqis or non-Iraqis. They are being only carried by terrorists who do not like to be associated with any national identity. They are barbarics.

Occupying forces only wake them up for such barbaric actions.

Agha, Pakistan - 21 August, 2003


UNO is a dying organization. It has lost its credibility for Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and now in Iraq. It is un-democratic and serves the wealthy nations. It must be abolished as it has deviated from its purposes of existance and turned into a world class bureaucratic organization.

Sunny, Pakistan - 21 August, 2003

it is an international concern over this matter and UN is now feeling guilty over its role in War in Iraq and also over what USA did, Coalition forces are hoity hoity with weaponry thats works ghastly but IF IT WORKS !

GP, Palestinian Territory, Occupied - 21 August, 2003

There's still a war on

While the world media goes on and on about an average of one American soldier killed everyday, the real story is, the USA took over a nation of 20+ million people and ONLY one soldier is being killed everyday. It is an amazing military victory.

$, Canada - 21 August, 2003


This is the same crap as Palestine. These terrorist are cowards & pathetic instead of going after heads of state or army they attack the innocent because it is easy. I wish these losers would just drop off the face of this earth, they serve no purpose except to themselves and if they think that, their god approves of this type of barbaric act their even stupider then they act.

Tom, Canada - 22 August, 2003

Demises in Iraq forth Coalition Forces

The majority of westerners are as much stupid as George W. Bush himself.

Morons have no brain of their own only they believe in what they see and hear on western news media networks. Western news media is so much unrealistic and bias so call these freedom fighters as terrorists. UN attack is justified as its nothing but American dummy. All is fair in war and love. This is war, am waiting for another humilitation of this arrogant moron George W. Bush who is going to go beg for UN resolution. Bush moron what happened to your arrogance "we will liberate Iraq alone".

1. Iraqis conveyed the message that UN is the part of US occupation and are their enemies as well.
2. Yes.
3. This is not terrorism. These attacks are conducted by Iraqis resistance group against the occupying illegal forces.
4. Again this is not terrorism. Terrorism was US shock and awe campaign. Terrorism is U.S. and British forces occupying the freedom of Iraqis on false claims and lies. Americans had praised foreign fighters in Afghanistan during Russian occupation as Mujahadeens so whats wrong with if there are foreign fighters in Iraq fighting against the aggressors and invaders.

K, Pakistan - 23 August, 2003

K. Pakistan

Well K. your as stupid as they are I guess. The U.N. Refuses to help the U.S. unless they let the U.N. lead there own forces. The U.N does not want to be under the U.S. leadership, they want nothing to do with the U.S. I guess your media didn't tell you that the U.N refused to go to war.
As for stupid. stupid is people that blow up there own oil, water and electrical lines. causing more of there own people to starve. You obviously hate the americans but to kill your own people just to get them back. This makes no sense at all. Your as bad as Bush...

Tom, Canada - 24 August, 2003

It is obvious that your very much influenced with news network propaganda, CNN, Fox and CBS. Bush has a mind of a six or seven year who has illusions that he is somekind comic super hero. The criticism against his wrong policies is termed as Americans hatred. This is absolutely not true. I stand firmly with millions of Americans who do believe this invasion of Iraq as illegal aggression, is an example of these truth and peace loving people. Howard Dean, Late Paul Wellstone, Dennis Kucinich are true Americans not this present criminal neo conservatives who had hijacked the white house.

K, Pakistan - 25 August, 2003

You can't read K

If you understood english you would have read that I was not talking about the U.S. I was talking about The U.N. I agree Bush is Bad and should be taken out of office, however the U.N. Is in Iraq to help. It's missguided comments like yours that give the U.N a bad name. And I do not watch CNN unless I want to see the american point of view. I normally do watch or listen to CBC. Who are very informative and not on anyones side. (if anything they are more for the Iraq people) you should try it sometime. (

Tom, Canada - 26 August, 2003

For Tom and K

it is good you both ,Tom and K, are expressing your views here, debating with each other is still healthy but dont mess up you both guys. stay calm and put on policy matters' view of yours. dont take it personel.thnx

Ata Bux, Pakistan - 26 August, 2003

Ata Bux thanks for the advice friend. CBC thats what I wanted to say which was typed CBS. I stopped watching CBC as a protest, CBC is aware of this protest, during the American invasion during which CBC used to refer Iraqi fighters as terrorists. CBC claims netural but it is not true. U.N. can gain respect only when they stoped being the dummy of U.S. interests. Weak and usless in front of American administration and always ready to implement U.N. sanction resolutions on weaker nations like Iraq, Iran. Why no U.N. resolutions ever implemented on Isreal?
U.N. is seen as the part of American in whole third world countries.

K, Pakistan - 27 August, 2003

Sorry got carried away

I'm not sure what your refering to when you say CBC called the iraqi fighters terrorist. I have never heard them say that and I listen or watch almost everyday. As for the U.N being the U.S. Dummy well I would have had a hard time arguing with you if they actually went to war, but they didn't and they still refuse to help unless the U.S. gives them control over there own troops. Like you. I would also like to know why the U.N does not intervine with Isreal. The Jewish government and the people who live in the occupied territory are as bad as the palestine terrorist.

Tom, Canada - 27 August, 2003

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters

1. During the American War of Independence, the occupying Brits referred to the American Freedom Fighters as "Terrorists".

2. Definition of a Freedom Fighter: one who fights an occupying army for Love of the Motherland.

3. The leaders of the occupying armies have termed the Freedopm Fighters "Terrorists", likely since the Babylonian Empire! What else? If they called them Freedom Fighters, their armies would go home!

4. The real reason the Bushites went into Iraq has nothing to do with Freedom for the Iraqis. It has everything to do with "carpetbagging" Iraq. (See American Civil War.)

5. Where does master liar GWB get off calling anyone else a liar?


Jim Delaplante, Bulgaria - 20 October, 2003

UNO is a dying organization. It has lost its credibility for Bosnia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and now in Iraq. It is un-democratic and serves the wealthy nations. It must be abolished as it has deviated from its purposes of existance and turned into a world class bureaucratic organization.

khurram, Pakistan - 06 June, 2007

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