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Debriefing Of Nuclear Scientists

26 January, 2004

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The government, under the US and IAEA advise, has started the debriefing process of some eminent nuclear scientists of the country for allegedly being involved in selling nuclear secrets. The manner in which the debriefing process of national heroes is being carried out by the intelligence agencies has raised concerns amongst the general public.

The government functionaries are repeatedly saying that the debriefing sessions are part of a normal process held in nuclear states around the world and should not be made an issue. However the families of the scientists detained believe otherwise and think that their fathers and husbands, who have rendered services for their country and were awarded by the government itself, are now being humiliated and are being portrayed as common thieves.

Do you think the debriefing sessions should be confined to nuclear scientists or should be extended to Prime Minister, President and the Army Chief in power during the alleged period of transfer of nuclear technology?

Do you think that the succumbing of the government to the US and IAEA pressure means that Pakistan has given a nod to denuclearization?

Are the intelligence agencies of Pakistan so incompetent that they themselves could not detect the alleged nuclear proliferation during the said period or chose to remain ignorant of the security lapse?

Are Pakistani scientists being debriefed in a manner similar to scientists of other nuclear states throughout the world, as claimed by the Pakistani foreign office spokesman?

Reader Comments:


ther is no dought aboutDrA.Q.Khan is our our hero and he did his best for muslims and pakistan some by name pakistani or hindu or jew they mask with muslim name and they send therir comments to your web site plz confirm i do not believe some body from pakistan or muslim country can insult our here . that is true our generals are under us command they do whatever us order and they give the name of national intrust why they do not say us intrust they know only they can stay in power with their help and pakistani peoples nothing can do because they can not understand their hypocracies they do not have a confidence on their leadership because everybody lie even religious parties they exploit and divide.After 58 years of pakistan we never find true national leader sardar . jagirdar. chaudries. sharief and sahibzade and terrorist mqm and genrals only these camunities rule pakistan no true leadership never national leader.generals in service or more money maker after retirement so they can have their own parties never awami raj never peoples government that is shame for us is true.Every time new dictaterdirect or indirect but i have a hope when one genral khumani will appear and he will clean the all dirt of pakistan and will revange the suffering of the peoples of pakistan i know all noble and p.h.d. how they are suffering hero of pakistan they suffer but you never find any genral or his family ever in bad circumstances. i have only hope till that pakistan never can change every newcomer comes play his part make his maximum and seen changes that play will continue. every true pakistani loves pakistan and is ready to change but here is not yet khomani who can guide the people.I am from public this is a view of pâkistan,s public.I love my country but i hate the system and govt.of thugs and thieves and president who lie 24 hours a day and opposition who exploit the peoples for their own job.We are suffering for our country even we change the passport we can not change our blood which is puur pakistani and ready for pakistan not like leadership.pakistan zinda bad DrAbdul Qadir khan zinda bad. death to the enmies of the pakistan and leadership semi selfmade and semi us.made .thank u for giving me a chance.

chaudhary bashir mohammad, Belarus - 29 March, 2005


Dr.Khan is justified because he made Pakistan stronger against India, but do you foget that it was Pakistan whcih attacked India in 1965(operation gibralter) and 1999(Kargil). India kept saying that East Pakistan is Pakistan's internal matter even though Bengalis wanted India to act after Mujib was refused powere despite having majority in Pakistani parliament. India only acted when too many Bengalis flooded in and eventuallay whole of Bangladesh would have come into India if Pakistani military continued its operations. So in effect, Pakistan was responsible for all three wars, not India. India does not care much about Pakistan. We have our own problems,challenges and concerns.

Dayal, Hungary - 14 March, 2006

Debriefing Of Nuclear Scientists

Pakistan has always been experimenting its nuclear advancement since blasting nuclear devices. Its the right of Pakistan to keep its Nuclear capabilities for defensive purposes and its a deterrant. A peace loving country Pakistan got no bad designs against any country including India. US has given technology to India and all must appreciate whether you are a Pakistani or anyother national. Time will tell whether US did the right thing or wrong when India becomes a power possibily not less off US with its imense human capital. Republic of China has progressed quicker than India and Pakistan and today they are number three in economic strength. Pakistan should try to obtain Gas and Oil to meet their growing domestic and industrial needs. Its cheaper to get Oil and Gas from those countries like Turkministan instead of spending huge sums on the import of civilian Nuclear technology from US or anyother source. The whole idea is to meet the growing needs of the country and if they do meet with having pipelines from neighbouring countries there is no better alternative. Its both economical and long lasting but production of nuclear weapons by Pakistan is not a good idea though you got to keep in line with other countries who got huge piles of nuclear devices. US is a supreme world power and can do anything today but tomorrow belongs to Asia where too much natural resources and human capital has not been utilized properly.Its time they all work in all sectors to make themselves self reliant and strong to meet the challenges. I disagree when people say that Dr. A.Q.Khan has been detained or disrespected. He is a hero of Pakistan and is properly cared and whatever government of Pakistan has done for him its for his security nothing else.

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 20 August, 2007

Reply to All 4 Questions

Q1. Yes,there is nothing wrong in debriefing sessions. This strategy is followed in all countries. Even if it is extended upwards to include all the authorities, it would be justified since the national trust should be given precedence over all other concerns.However, even the debriefing sessions are not going to ensure that there is now a foolproof approach to safeguard our nuclear database and development.
Q2. I don't believe Pakistan is ever going to denuclearize. Succumbing to the pressure implies more to conformation with an international approach than total subservience to the superpower or else. A more realistic approach needs to be taken by the people of Pakistan here. We are always more eager to jump to conclusions and raise a lot of hue and cry over issues that are actually non-issues.:)
Q 3. This is an interesting question. I personally feel that there has been a lot of hushing up done here and DR Qadir was more or less the spacegoat while Pakistan pursued its own international interests. I feel the agencies might have been aware of the going-ons but deliberately chose to ignore the threat. No harm even in that actually. Especially if a person and not the country can be made to appear accountable for that. Security elapse then becomes a secondary concern.
Q 4. This is something that noone can verify except for the scientists being debriefed or those conducting it.
All in all I see nothing wrong in all that was done except for blaming the whole thing on an individual while the responsibility lay on more than one person to keep the technology a secret. On the other hand, why is it such an issue if he did give out the technology. Why should some countries have and others not have nuclear power in their hands? Shows insecurity and an unfair international policy. That is something that we should not succumb to.

Iola, Pakistan - 25 April, 2008

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