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Debriefing Of Nuclear Scientists

26 January, 2004

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The government, under the US and IAEA advise, has started the debriefing process of some eminent nuclear scientists of the country for allegedly being involved in selling nuclear secrets. The manner in which the debriefing process of national heroes is being carried out by the intelligence agencies has raised concerns amongst the general public.

The government functionaries are repeatedly saying that the debriefing sessions are part of a normal process held in nuclear states around the world and should not be made an issue. However the families of the scientists detained believe otherwise and think that their fathers and husbands, who have rendered services for their country and were awarded by the government itself, are now being humiliated and are being portrayed as common thieves.

Do you think the debriefing sessions should be confined to nuclear scientists or should be extended to Prime Minister, President and the Army Chief in power during the alleged period of transfer of nuclear technology?

Do you think that the succumbing of the government to the US and IAEA pressure means that Pakistan has given a nod to denuclearization?

Are the intelligence agencies of Pakistan so incompetent that they themselves could not detect the alleged nuclear proliferation during the said period or chose to remain ignorant of the security lapse?

Are Pakistani scientists being debriefed in a manner similar to scientists of other nuclear states throughout the world, as claimed by the Pakistani foreign office spokesman?

Reader Comments:

Too Late

Well these scientists have spent lot of their time in the R&D and developing a deterrernce for Pakistan.

I don't know why have they been lifted so secretly, but at the sametime, I can understand how things have become so sensitive after 9/11.

Such investigations on the name of information gathering has now become a norm in USA and Pakistan is just following their footsteps, which is a proven failed exercise.

I think we should become more aggressive, and if their has been any leakage of such sensitive information by our Scientists, then we should bring it up in Public as soon as possible.

I see more such blames coming down on Pakistan in future by western media and Jewish lobbyists. Pakistani media must prepare itself for strong defence in future, and the best possible way to counter is to become Pro-Active.

Agha, Pakistan - 26 January, 2004

No Scientists

Unfortunately this country did not produce many scientists of repute. A few that it did were not part of our so-called nuclear programme. And about our nuclear scientis least said the better. None of them qualifies for scientific honours. That is why what we have is nothing but borrowed technology. Any country could get it in eighties and seventies, provided the US remained silent or supporter.

Muhammad Ahsan Yatu, Pakistan - 26 January, 2004

Take your choice General !

It seems General Musharraf has been given a choice to decide between keeping his power or keeping the nukes and the scientists!

Khalid Rahim, Pakistan - 26 January, 2004

We are ashamed

What ever the puppets of infidels are doing with scientists of Pakistan is very embarrassing for all Nation. The purpose of this devilish act (so called debriefing) is far from what is being projected. The main aim is to humiliate and degrade the scientist because of their tireless efforts in developing nuclear weapons for a Muslim Nation and to discourage others from following there foot steps. May Allah help us in getting rid of our shameless, greedy and coward leaders, Amin!

Salik Humayun, Aruba - 26 January, 2004

something fishy

The Army/ISI, can't be unaware of the transfer of information. Our Army is only trying to blame other's like always for its own wrong-doings. The masses of Pakistan need to realize that the generals of Pakistan Army are not "Saints" or "angels".

Adnan, Pakistan - 26 January, 2004

Accept Reality

As much as Dr.Khan helped our nation build nuclear bomb we should accept that he is not scientist but a "broker" and looted Pakistan Govt's money.

Tawquf Hilal, Pakistan - 28 January, 2004

Shame on Pakistani Generals

Why can't we understand that if this programme was run by civil Governments then these scientists would have been debriefed by the civilians. Pakistani generals are fundamentally wrong in understaning the meaning of 'national interest'

Sunny, Pakistan - 29 January, 2004

Much talked about

Much has been written on it in the media. There's no question that the hands of few of the scientists are not clean. Having said that, I would suggest that our media should play an important role.

No one can say that what sort of debreifing is going on and how the few sceintists are being taken care off by the intelligence personnel, however, I can say this for sure, that if such debreifings would have had been held in USA, not a single media outlet would have ever carried out the stories in a manner our Journalists are portraying it in the media.

But again, I understand this sort of journalism in Pakistan, where only those people become reporters who could not achieve anything else in any other field. Whoever gets the lower grades in schools and could not excel in any other field becomes a Reporter. Looking the way they dress up and always in a hurry to join any VIP on a plane for a trip abroad, one can always expect that they have no clue what sort of impact their stories could have on Pakistan.

The damage already done by these unprofessional journalists is a great concer for this nation, and one must send them to attend the class of mass communication and learn the basic ethics and norms on how to first attend PRESS BREIFINGS, only then they should talk about what does "DEBREIFING" means...

For past 4 years Pakistan has faced many attacks by the western world, but still we are progressing and moving towards a better Pakistan.

Let's strengthen our hands to grab the pen tightly and let it not shed something which may smear all over.

AK, Pakistan - 30 January, 2004

Lame Excuses!

To save leadership of army why the scientist are facing this situation. when Pakistanis will learn to respect their heroes, when they will learn to fight for their right. Why the nation is sleeping so deep on this issue. Our national heroes has been given as alms to foreign investigators. What the goverment thinks that will they be able to depict Pakistan as a peaceful country after showing its top scientist to be a blameworthy person.

Mudassar Inayat, United Arab Emirates - 31 January, 2004

Extremism is the word!

Extremism is the word!
In the reference of the article: What good is the bomb? Conceived by the Plato, Farrukh Saleem and delivered by 'The News' on Feb 1, 2004.
Powerful World Players (viz the world big five) do know well what the extremism is - and that who has been sowing the seeds of the dreadful crop - but they don't want to define the extremism, for the powerful, they may be individual or nation don't want to mortgage their discretionary power howsoever brutal that might be, at the altar of rule of defined law - and hence they always like to leave certain things undefined and unresolved - so as to interpret them according to the contour of their whims. Ergo I am going to define the extremism in the simplest words - and I am dead sure that none would defy at least academically. The excess of everything is the extremism, and this is why this has been forbidden in the religion of peace viz Islam. Mohammed (SAW) has emphasized moderation even in purely religious deliberations e.g. prayer, fasting and giving optional alms etc. And it's for this reason that one of meaning of Islam is moderation. But nevertheless I have been observing that all the vocal minorities in Muslims, they are secular or clergy are staunch extremists.
Some of them have been hellbent to bend all those who are not thinking like them. And some of them have been hellbent to bend for those who don't like us to be straight. The most vocal lot of zealots in our clerics represents the former - while the ultra westernized in our secular lot represents the latter. The scribe of the above article speaks in this way, just imagine: Indians are 1 billion and we are simple 130 millions - their territory is 4 times larger than that of us (he has expressed the figure in percentage as 400% purposely, to boost overly) - their economy is growing fast than that of us - and Indian haunch is 3000 km deep while ours is hardly 500 km etc etc - and thus by crouching to India we should shun our nuclear assets - this is the classical example of secular extremists. Another lot has been saying that our nuclear scientists are holy ghosts - they must not be questioned even they have jeopardized the national security for their personal gains - even if they have violated the highest trust they have been entrusted with - and even if their violation amounts to betrayal with the whole nation - and even if the outcome of their betrayal is disastrous for the nation - this is the terrific example of the clerical extremists.
So I want to cope with the secular terrorist first. Mr. Farrukh! Lo! Buffalo has a formidable haunch - has the twosome of awesome and horrible horns - and has a vast economy in the shape of vast grazing land - and has four titanic legs - and has been offered for upbringing constantly by all over the world. And conversely a lion has a very moderate back and has no horns at all and no one wants the risk of its harboring - and to feed himself or his kids has to risk his life for hunting. But nonetheless the former is the most easy virtue animal - can't drive even a housefly from her face - and has been consumed in tens of million throughout the world from the day one. And conversely the latter has been the king and lives lively and lavishly from the day one.
We the Muslims all over the world have been agonizing from the acute deficit of the moderate competent personas in terms of the statecraft for a longer period of time - hence have been swinging constantly like a pendulum between the extremist outfits of the clergy as well of the secularists, with a strange dilemma. One is so worse than the other that looking onto one makes the other looking saintly.

aftab alam khankhel advocate, Swat, Pakistan - 01 February, 2004

This is in respose to Tawquf Hilal from Pakistan. Instead of calling Dr. Khan a broker, you should know that if it was not for him, you wouldn't be sitting here where you are now. India would have invaded Pakistan way back. This is the only thing that's stopping India. It's not him, it's the Pakistan Army and Pakistani politicians like Nawaz and Benazir who have looted Pakistani people.

Malik Khan, Canada - 01 February, 2004


Why have we arrested our heroes? We asked them for atomic bomb, and they made it. we should not ask them what they did beside that task.
Dear Heroes!
Don't worry,
we still and we will love u forever.

Aatif Chaudhry, Pakistan - 02 February, 2004

Reply: Salik Humayun, Australia

I understand you have hatred for 'infidels'. Why are you living among 'infidels'.
Qadeer Khan is a corrupt man. Initially. he stole technology from Holland. Thanks to him, no Pakistani student is allowed to study nuclear science in any top class university. Qadeer Khan stole money from Pakistanis and Pakistanis are happy about it? How about if Asif Zardari steals some scientific secrets for Pakistan, should that change his status. Why are we Pakistani respecting a corrupt man who is a criminal to any sane person. Selling nuclear secrets to wrong hands is a crime to any normal person. Countries like Libya and Iran have long ties with terrorist organizations, can you imagine Hizbollah getting hands on these weapons. God protect this world.

Sammy Jabareen, Pakistan - 02 February, 2004

Day of Shame!

India makes the father of it's bomb the President of it's country. Pakistan degrades and humiliates it's own hero. If it was not for the detterent Pakistan would now be in the midst of a bloody war which it could not win when threatened by it's Nucleur armed neighbour. It is the greatest day of shame when the so called defenders of Pakistan turns on the very instrument that gave them strength from where to bargain and stand eye to eye with any enemy and say live and let live or kill and die with us. No one can stand up or negotiate from a position of weakness, case in point the Palistinians all their negotiations are a sham. But Pakistani's must now belive that Musharref has a different agenda than that of caring for the well being of Pakistan. This more than anything proves that he may even dig up the graves of the hero's of the past and brand them as terrorist that killed innocent Indian soldiers invading Pakistan. He is and will do what ever he is told. It is an extremely dangerous time for Pakistan. America's support for India has never been stronger and was cemented by the visit of the biggest war criminal and terrorist the world has ever seen, Aeral Sharon to India. This shows that Indians have aligned them selves with known Terrorists and Criminals. The recnt warming of relations with India only started after Sharon visited India. The message was, no point fighting, our man is in at the top in Pakistan. Pakistan will fall from within. So where are the defenders of Pakistan now? Where are the hero's now?
The truth is just as there is No Omar or Abu Bakr or Usman or Ali or Khalid bin Waleed or Hamza there are no Major Bhatti's in Pakistan any more. Pakistan will simply meld back into the hindu quagmire from where it once clensed itself from and called it self "Park". When it is gone then there will be tears at what once was and how "Nero" (Musharref) Let it all burn.

Fiaz, United Arab Emirates - 02 February, 2004

Official Secrets Act

Here in Canada we have what is called the "Official Secrets Act" I understand that you have a similar act in Pakistan. If you are going to get a security clearence in Canada then you have to swear allegiance to Canada, and promise not to unlawfully disclose classified information. I think the same is true for Pakistan.

Ya`akov, Canada - 02 February, 2004

I agree with AK on his comments of Reporters, Thaat.. He Who cannot excel in any field choses this field to be in. :D
But at the same time i am surprised at the hegemonies seen on this newspaper about the scientists debriefed.
does this newspaper PakTribune keep any particular policy or a lamb of Online??

SPP, Pakistan - 03 February, 2004

The Great Pak Army

Army is just trying to save their Skin and sacrifing the poor scientist who gave them nuclear power, so that they can stand and talk in the world otherwise Pak Army was failed in 1971 after loosing war and east pakistan. Be sure they will never save and at that time Pakistani People will not protect them in the best interest of nation.

JAF, Pakistan - 03 February, 2004

Why spread nukes to iran?

Why would you spread nukes to the shi in iran? It will come and bite you in the butt eventually when there is a sunni/shia conflict. Once you spread this horrible technology to N.Korea, you dont know whose hands it will end up in. They are willing to sell to anybody, even al queda which is active in pakistan and will not hesitate to use these types of weapons.

May God save us all.

Ahmed, Hungary - 03 February, 2004

If Pakistan abandons its strategic nuclear assets, then Pakistan will fall apart as a country and become absorbed into India (Punjab and Sindh going to India) and Balochistan and the NWFP falling under US control.

Is Musharraf Pakistan's Gorbachev? Will the so-called patriots and religious parties stand and fiddle while the country dissolves?

The answer lies in whether the Army has the courage to retain control over its strategic assets.

Farid, Pakistan - 03 February, 2004

Malik Khan Sahib - Response

Malik Khan Sahib,

Gone are the days when a country one could invade other unless it is US. India CAN NOT attack Pakistan. This AQ Khan guy bought penthouses in Europe and presented BMWs. My father is a poor but proud Pakistani farmer in a village and I struggle to live a decent life. According to Indian newspapers A.Q.Khan even exploited Army that he will return to India if they ever touched him. All institutions you mentioned above including this guy should be shot dead. Period !!!!

Tawquf Hilal, Pakistan - 03 February, 2004

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