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Dargai Sucide Attack

09 November, 2006

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In what appears to be the backlash of Bajur air strike, at least 42 soldiers were killed and 20 others wounded when a suicide bomber struck a military base in Dargai, 100kms north of Peshawar on Wednesday morning.

The suicide attack, deadliest of its kind on armed forces in the country`s history, has taken the bloody conflict between the Pakistan`s military regime and the Fata-based militants to a new and, perhaps, a more dangerous level.

The government is taking the suicide attack as a "revenge" to the brutal air strike on a madrassah in Bajur agency last week, in which 80 civilians, whom the government agencies considered militants, were killed.

The intelligence agencies had already warned the government of deadly reaction to the air strike as hundreds of emotionally charged youths of Bajur and its vicinage areas produced themselves for suicide attack to avenge the killing of their near and dear ones.

The latest suicide bombing has literally stunned the nation as the security analysts observe that the conflict has now made the common soldiers or anyone else associated with the state as vulnerable as the leadership. They fear that in the coming weeks and months, the situation may assume a real nasty turn.

No matter how valid President Musharraf´s reasons for fighting the so-called Islamic extremists, the growing perception among the people, and to an extent among some in the lower ranks of the armed forces, has been that his actions are all dictated by the United States.

The so-called war on terror, and the constant pressure from the Americans for quick results, has pushed the Pakistani military establishment deeper and deeper into a mess, whereby the armed forces have become the epicenter of an ever-increasing criticism from their own people. The gunship helicopters jet fighters and other weaponry are being used by the armed forces against those whom they are supposed to protect.

The difference is that while Mr Bush has been using his military might thousands of miles away from home in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pakistani forces are being used to pound parts of their own territory.

Here are some questions
1) Where will the ongoing chaos lead?
2) Do you agree that Dargai suicide attack was reaction to Bajur air strikes?
3) Keeping in view the latest suicide attack, how far should Pakistan go to fight the US war in the region?
4) Some analysts believe that killing of innocent people in so-called war on terror, has created a gulf between masses and armed forces. Do you agree with that?
5) What three immediate steps the government should take to tackle with this chaos?

Reader Comments:

Violence begets violence

Unless visionless and short sighted bufoons are not replaced, such violence and counter violence will get more and more bloodier and more and more and more deadlier. Whether Bajur or Dargai - They are our children, our sons and our brothers. This government lacks the vision to lead a muslim nation is the bottomline and its replacement with nationalistic visionary leaders is the only remedial step to tackle this chaos.

Afroz Khokar, Pakistan - 09 November, 2006

People vs rulers

The things happening in Afghanistan and iraq are not because of their people but what is happening in pakistan???? How stupid are the leaders of pakistan. If the same things were happening in my country, Germany, the leaders would never handle the situation like this. I mean to which depth of disgrace would the leaders of Pakistan fall. Just for the sake of US they are killing their own people....what would US give them back?.....Can US releive Mushaaraf from the wrath of their Lord Allah. what would he answer when they are not in this worlf and are facing Allah. The leaders of Pakistan are i think the most stupid,illeterate,corrupt,disgraceful lot in the world.....sorry but this is what it appears from here......i have visited pakistan couple of times for mountaineering and found its people great....specially the people from North.....i haven't seen such nice,straight forward and talented people.....but politicans and army of pakistan....sorry i dont have enough bad words to say about them.....this is a so called free,nuclear country.....are the countries like this....they can not manage anything.......they have no courage to practice what the beleive in...just because we in west follow other rules and beleif....there is so much inferiority complex in them that they disgrace their own religon.....

Stefan von goethe, Georgia - 09 November, 2006

When I first heard of the Bajur airstrike on the news my immediate reaction was what a strange coincidince! Prince Charles was about to go to a madrasa the next day with the worlds media to be filmed & photographed talking to students and teachers. Madrasa's have been demonised in the west as a hotbeds for nurturing terrorism in recent media reports, so this propaganda coup for Islam had to be stopped and maybe 80 individuals had to pay with their lives?
The fact is the Pakistani Intelligence services have a history of very murky dealings with the CIA and M15. The people of Pakistan end up paying the price for this.

Canice Thompson, United Arab Emirates - 10 November, 2006

Mushrraf needs resign from gov.

Why Musharraf not accept that American killed Madrasa Taliba, while that he write in his book that If we dont accept American Order after 9/11 incident they will reach us in the age of stone, so Mushraff accept all the order of America.
Then now why he is not accepting this incident that It is not by Pakistan Army who did this, Its is American.

Hamza Umar, Pakistan - 10 November, 2006

Real Story

Musharraf, who called Sharon "a brave soldier" and declared Mustafa Kamal as his "ideal", is following the footprints of the Zionist Jews. On the one had Muslim blood is being spilt daily on the sacred land of Palestine while on the other hand Musharraf, the ally of Bush and Sharon, continues to kill Muslims of Pakistan. To defuse the strong public resentment against the Bajour massacre, Musharraf is trying to use the blood of 42 army personals killed in Dargai (in NWFP province). Government is claiming that people involved in Dargai blast were actually trained in Bajour. This government accusation, which came within hours after the suicide blast even before the completion of any investigation, shows government's desperation in trying to find excuses and justifications for the despicable and cowardly American bombing in Bajour. The people are well aware that the killing of the Muslims on both sides is being carried out to protect the American interests. America is already working hard in Iraq to ignite a civil war based on sectarianism and now she is trying to line up people of Pakistan and the army against each other in order to weaken the country. Hizb ut-Tahrir advises, both the army and the people of Pakistan, to abstain from fighting each other, as this will only benefit Musharraf and the Americans. O people of power! Will you still not provide support in establishing the Khilafah; whilst the imperialists have created such an atmosphere under Muslims are being killed on both sides? You'll have to make a decision quickly, before it is too late.

Naveed Butt
The Official Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan

Naveed Butt, Pakistan - 10 November, 2006

Musharraf feels nothing for Pakistan.

Musharraf is not a baloch,shindi,pakhtoon
or a Punjabi and to stay in power he will kill pakistanis.

raja farhat abbas, United Arab Emirates - 12 November, 2006

Faithless Icon

Faithless Mushraff is neither a Baloch nor a Sindi nor a Pakhtoon nor a Punjabi - He is a Delhite and an apolegetic Muslim and hence a weak Patriot with a very weak faith and hence a poor Leader or no Leader and if at all a Leader - A very aggressive Leader to brutulise the Muslims and the institutes of Islam to please his wordly Masters. His Masters interests are more vital and dearer to him than the interests and the lives of the Pakistanis. Period .

Majid khan, Pakistan - 13 November, 2006





RAD STEVEN, United Kingdom - 14 November, 2006

the wrath of Allah will burn down Musharraf. Just because Osama bin Laden kills 5000 christians in the heart of NYC, the innocent people of Pakistan are being slaughtered. Even if they were perceived to be Islamic terrorists, they have a right to matter if they would have taken a thousand lives themselves later!

Robin, Pakistan - 16 November, 2006

100's of Mullahs killed by tribals and no one lifts a finger, when 20 die at the hands of Pak a

This is a unique time in Pakistani history. Mullahs and socialists are now joined at the hip ready to spread anarchy and terrorism in the country.

It is pathetic to note that no Mullah is speaking up now that hundreds of militants have been killed during their infighting.

However heavens would fall if Pak army tries to bring order in the area. 20 people got killed in Bajore and every Mullah and his nutcase talib (student) was ready to burn Musharraf.

On the other hand in Wazirastan, 100's have been killed and still counting. And yet all those defenders of Islamo fascism are busy eating halwa (sweats).

What a shame!

It is time for Pakistan army to go in and destroy the anarchists and bring peace to the innocent civilians of FATA.

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 01 April, 2007

The Heedless Head?

When a person claims himself
as leader of a nation.Then he
does not follow blindly the
Heedless Head of another nation,who has myopic vision
and can lead others to a very
deep abyss.After the country
is set on the same course as
it was in 1970 that led to
the 1971 fiasco.Which State will Musharaaf rule with two
heads(COAS and PRESIDENT)?

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 26 July, 2007

Our leaders or our killers

Our leaders or our killers
Ours lot of politicians whether clerical, secular, civil or military has been amazingly successful in their strategy of first diverging the people, then bringing them at loggerheads and finally at their throats to lead & facilitate the collective suicide for country. They had planed from the day one to do away with this great but stray country and so the abovementioned lot after having been thinking over thoroughly sorted out meticulously as under:
i) They classified diverging rather conflicting education systems; establishing upper class government schools (viz cadet schools & colleges, air force & naval schools of high grandeur for armed forces & other allied elites.
ii) Established or let to establish private schools (viz Atchison etc) of very high prestige for the prestigious elites.
iii) For producing lower staff/clerks therefor the lot established ‘government ordinary schools’.
iv) To lesser the Burdon on government ordinary schools in the mission, the lot flooded with mushroom growth of ‘private ordinary schools’ with diverging sets of rules, one each.
v) To create semi-lunatics, they establish or let to be established round tens of thousands seminaries by each sect and let them to be well armed with lethal weapons.
Similarly the lot established judicial courts of assortment with separate rules of games. For example; Regular Courts, Anti Terrorists Courts, Revenue Courts, Custom Courts, Labour Courts, Federal Service tribunal, Provincial Service Tribunals, Quacks Courts (viz punchayath, jirgas).
Similarly jumble of Polices Forces of assortment were established for accomplishing the mission of diverging the peoples. For example; Ordinary Police for the ordinary people, Special Traffic Police for cream of the crop people, operates in motor ways.
Similarly the lot created political outfits of assortment; Sectarian Parties; ‘JI’- ‘JUP’- ‘JUI’ - ‘TNFJ’ - ‘Anjuman Sapahi Mohammad’- ‘Anjuman Sapahi Sahaba’, ‘Lashkari Jangvi’ - ‘Jamat Muslimeen’ along with along with students pressure groups; IJT, JTI, ‘Imamia Student Organization’ etc.
Similarly Secular Personal Political Packs; PML (Q) - PML (N) - PML (F) PML (C) - PPPP - PPP (S).
Similarly Regional Pressure Groups; ANP - PQP, PMAP - MQM (A) - MQM (H) - JWP etc.
To play the endgames, the lot established Brutal Guerilla Groups; TNSM, Lal-Masjid Brigade, Baithullah Mehsud Group, Abdullah Mehsud Group.

Aftab Alam Advocate, (High Court) Swat., Pakistan - 03 August, 2007

The biggest threat

The biggest threat to the survival and progress of the state of Pakistan is the general apathy of the masses and more so of the intellectuals among the masses.
No one among the masses and the intellectuals is doing what is absolutely essential for the establishment of democratic process.
Democracy is based on a totally just sytem of "true and effective representation of the masses". It is among the Edicts of the Lord that the affairs of the country must be managed through consultation (Shoorah) and consent of all the citizens.
To achieve this, the masses and the intellectuals both have to work very hard to come together in order to forge a Peoples' Alliance.
Let me make it very very clear that there will be no democracy without a Peoples' Alliance. An Alliance, through which the masses can achieve their "true and effective representation". Anything else will never be democracy. Without democracy people will never be able to get justice. Injustices will certainly keep on breeding whatever we are earning today. Lack of justice breeds, erosion of law and order. Who could be best placed to enforce law and order. None but the people themselves. How can they do it when they do not come together to feel responsible to do so? Coming together of the people is the only way for material and moral upliftment of the whole nation.
I can only appeal to everyone who does cares for the survival of the whole nation to start organising, the coming together of the people to achieve "true and effective representation" of the people by means of Peoples' Alliance.

S.Wasty, Pakistan - 03 November, 2007

Pakistan and Afghanistan People have to be wake up

I think Rad Steven is too much but I agree what Majid Khan writes from Pakistan.
Musharraf is a worthless leader who is aggressive to his country and his neighbors' countries Afghanistan and India. His plan is to destroy Islam religion and make Pakistan and Afghanistan bad in the eyes of other observers.
His plan is to put Afghanistan and Pakistan in the hand of Christ chain.
All Pakistanis and Afghans have to wake up and have to think what they should do to bring peace and stability in the reign. Not by sending terrorist in Afghanistan and India.
Pakistan Gov. has to respect Pashtoons and Baluchs and must not allow to be killing by military operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Otherwise same situation will take over on Pakistan as it going now in Afghanistan.

Azad Khan Ahmadzai, Pakistan - 20 July, 2008

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