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Crisis in Balochistan

10 February, 2005

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Gas installations in the province of Balochistan are contributing handsomely towards national economy. Recently some anti-national elements have taken the law and order situation in their owns hand by harming the on going development projects in the province of Balochistan.

Current government has decided to take tough measures for such installations' security and the people living near these installations will be moved to safer places.

The element of involvement of foreign hand in impairing Balochistan situation could also be not ruled out.

1. Do you think some tribal chiefs in Balochistan are involved in harming these projects including national installations, power towers and railway tracks.

2. Do you think government should pursue a path national reconciliation by engaging all the stakeholders in a dialogue process or a tough military operation should be taken against the culprits ?

Reader Comments:

Dialogue and Compromise

I think the government should understand the needs of the people living in Balochistan Province, and try to meet these needs. Gas royalty should be increased, government jobs for Balochistanis should be increased, there should be a law that only people born in Balochistan can become chief minister, and Balochistanis should have priority for jobs in Gwadar.

Mansoor, Pakistan - 15 February, 2005


Remember the very first words of father of the nation. Today Pakistan has come into being, and there's no hindu, muslim, balochi, sindhi, punjabi, bengali and pakhtoon here. We all are Pakistanis.

I am for all with Musharraf when he says, Pakistan comes first.

We should get rid off these ethnicities and think like a Pakistani.

Balochistan is getting most of the funds during this government and all the major projects, dams, coastal highways, ports are being constructed in the province of Balochistan.

Tribes of Bugtis and Mengals would never like to see Balochistan getting developed, as it will deprive them from the royalty that they enjoy for their own families in the name of tribal heads.

I think government should take tough stand against anyone who's destroying the national assets of Pakistan.

AA, Pakistan - 17 February, 2005

Crisis in Balochistan

Crisis in Balochistan is created by the so called Baloch leaders for their personal goals. Govt. should prioritze locals in Gawadar and the rest of the prov. but Baloch leaders also have to accept the fact that Pakistan is a reality and they are also Pakistanis.

These leaders ask for Baloch rights but these are the very people who are depriving the Baloch from their right of education and other human rights.

This is high time for Pakistan to take an action and resolve the issue once and for all.

Pakistan Zindabad

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 22 February, 2005



KEERTHI WIJESINGHE, Somalia - 23 February, 2005

Acts not words.

The tribal syatem in its present form is a curse in the provence of Balochistan.
The tribal leaders who are raising their voices for the rights of Balochistan must first start a good educational syatem in their areas and allow the NGO's to begin such a work in those restricted areas and then togather with the educated people raise salogens that we are hearing.
This should be a genuine test for all the Pakistanis.

Bishop Ijaz Inayat, Pakistan - 25 February, 2005

Butti Problem Maker

The problems of Balochistan lies in the hand of Butti , who Live in Defense Society in Karachi.These tribal leader shall be eleminated if the goverment makes direct investments in the province. Its ver clear that if gawader is moderinised and Balochistan is urbanised then butti n his followers and thugs will be kicked out of the provience.
With development Balochis will be employed and will earn a living in there home province.

Nadeem, Ukraine - 28 February, 2005

Was not Bangladesh humiliating enough? Is Balochistan as a province equally developed? Why should they be forced to give up the provinces revenue to an incompetent central govt? Sociry should be allowed to evolve , who are we to impose our standards on the balochis? Is it different from america imposing there standards on us?

tartan, Pakistan - 01 March, 2005

Pakistan comes first than any one

the sardars that are raising vows are the true and real culprits for the situation in balochistan.
if some one keeps on calling one self balochi and not pakistani what should we make out of it ? if even after 57 years being a part of pakistan these elements distinguish themselves ab balochs what one can say?
these people r a threat to the nation , country ans federal assets they must b eliminated once and for all .
i think the garrison idea is good enough to control the activities of these fractions.
our very own army has been attacked and attacked where ? in our own country ! .
i think president has shown enough restraint and these anti pakistan elements perhaps think it as a weakness in such a case they r fool enough to think so. i still remember one of presidents interviews he said:"hum nay sabar say kam lya ye log ye na samjain k hum kuch nai kar saktay main in ko warning daita hun k baz a jain warna inhain pata bi nai chalay ga k inhain kya cheez "HIT" ki ha!"
same is my message

Haroon Naseer, Pakistan - 05 March, 2005

baloch crisis

The Balochistan issue is a creation of our failed leaders. Our past governments, including civillian and military have never taken this issue seriously. For self gain our corrupt and dishonest leaders continued to rely on uneducated and ignorant tribe leaders, such as, Bugtis and Mangel. These are the people who never been questioned about their illegal home made jails and prisons. They were heavily funded and fully supported by PPP and PML(N), just to stay in power. Today, while these tribe elders are not welcome by present government, they have threatend to disrupt the peace and development projects in the region. They(tribes) have created their own armies and started damaging our national intrest, security and economy. They have taken laws in their own hands and misleading the innocent people by force to stand up against Pakisatn's interest. These are the people who destroy our reputation. In fact, this is a coward act. They do not obey or respect the law. Therefore, I strongly urge the Pakistanis people and government to take strong actions against these coward and theives. They must dismantle there illegal weapon factories and eliminate the home made prisons. There is nobody above the law. This nonsense must be stopped. We cannot afford these bunch of thugs and theives in our society. If they do not obey the law, they must face the justice or unwelcome concequences.
Zulfikar A Tanoli USA

zulfiakar A Tanoli USA, Pakistan - 05 March, 2005

Let us face the reality

GOD has given a gift of being Balouch and land name BALOUCHISTAN pakistani brother has use forgotten what we did for them in the making of islamic country LET US FACE THE REALITY what has pakistan given us can any of my pakistani clear us abt this? inculding the mushraf.We are Happy and thankful to ALMIGHTY ALLAH for the name and fame HE has given us pakistan came into being in 1940 period and baloch tirbes came into being i hope pakistan knows it.I agree gawadar is going to change the future of punjab but not pakistan. what we recived frm SUI GAS PLANT AND SANDAK PROJECT leave the other issues pakistan are you given us euqal rights TAKE SWEAR OF YOUR GOD musharf that you have given equal right or you have seen BALOCHISTAN and punjab in same way and treated us in equal way? difference are crystal clear mushraf who are you to hit us? and what is the reason? or you cant face the reality ?

Badar Hayat Baloch, Pakistan - 15 March, 2005

i think that balochistan problem is needed to be solved through talks with baloch leaders,there is no harm in this .If we don't want to lose another part of our beloved country than this matter has to be solved quickly unless it gets into a bigger conflict,because anti pakistan forces will try to take advantage of situation like this arising in the country,so i think that both sides should sit together and talk comprehensively that is wrong?why people in balochistan have to pick up arms?Keeping this in mind we must also need to know that if there is any foriegn involvement in this crisis.

sajjad, Iran, Islamic Republic Of - 17 March, 2005

After reading different views, I can start with the theory says, as Quaideazam said that we all are pakistanis i.e no sindhi, punjabi, baluchi, pathan bengali or hindus we all are one and as he said for our success ,the key things are unity, faith and discipline.
Its sad after 57 years of our independence we talk like that, I do agree that since our independence, balochis were not given shares enough ,according to the people, but now if we are getting opportunity to work and serve the poor and desired people , we all should be firm, we should not politisize or make unneccessary issues.Its a complicated matter but there is definitely a solution, according to napolean bonaparte " nothing is impossible". Gawadar is a very important port which by the grace of God will be completed ,balochis will defitely get there shares, just we should always think positively, its a national treasure and it should only be taken as pakistani port.Life is short and Allah has given the opportunity through this to serve the people of this country, we should try to solve the problems sensibly.

kashif, Pakistan - 18 March, 2005

punjab army should stop the killing of innocent peopl

i think the situation of balochistan has got worse due to the attitude of punjabi establishment towards ethnic thay should realise the gravity of the situation and give their due right to smaller nationalties of the country.the pakistani ruling calss is myopicand dont get lesson from history.if thay continue to mantain the same behaviourand crush the oppressed nation,then pakistan would be no more on the map of the world

murad khan, United Arab Emirates - 18 March, 2005

Balochistan issue

We the iranian baloch are together with
balochistani baloch. If they will fight INSHALLAH we also fight with there enemies.

Hatim Baloch, India - 31 May, 2005

baloch rights

Baloch can not get there rights without libration.The only salution libration libration.

hatim baloch, Pakistan - 21 June, 2005

The written English of all the Balochi separatists on this forum is terrible. The spelling and grammar of these individuals is worse than that of a 6 year old; I am sure they would blame Pakistan for that as well. Grow up! Work hard, study hard and develop yourself; do not blame others for your situation.

Usman, Pakistan - 04 October, 2005

Bad English

Nationalist pride themselves on their poor English. Those who learn English do so to serve other masters.
While it is true that one can only change one's own behavior, it is also true todays awful situation (including the borders of Balochistan) has its basis in Colonial rule.
If you eliminate one's past, then what are you, a nothing, with not an iota of any notion where you might be headed.
Those who opt for safety instead of justice because it is dangerous, deserve neither justice nor safety, and frequently get neither.
A truism remains a truism whether stated a thousand years ago, whether stated by a prophet or a philosopher or a penniless peon.
Peace is only possible where there is justice. Even little children know this. If you ever treat one child unfairly he/she will be quick to remind you of your discrimination. However there are different ways to achieve justice. Brute force often inspires brute force. Follow Bacha Khan so that the whole world can see that justice can be achieved peacefully. That peaceful resistance can never be overcome.
It is not all about the money. It is also about honor. And pride and self respect. If you respect others, others will respect you.
Above all remember that even though it is nice to be important, it is more important to be nice.

Riaz A Hakeem, United Kingdom - 13 October, 2005

All politics is local politics, govenrment needs to reach the lower class by eliminating the upper class (Bugti's and Mengals). Sabbotage and terror will not do any good, instead, it will make life miserable for the poors not the feudal Bugti's and Mengal sardar's who are ordering these poors to fight. Balochi's you're our Muslim brothers. If Pakistan have not given you anything neither us. Don't forget Pakistan has given a lot to Bugti's and Mengal sardars. Don't listen to these people. This is not the fight between Punjabi,Balochi, Sindhi, Muhajir and others, but this is the fight between rich and poor. The upper class always use use Ethinicity, Religion, and Ideologies as like Democracy as a tool to manipulate poors so that the poors will always bussy in fighting for Upper class causes and make them stronger and richer. Eventually when they become too powerful the poors are not capable to challenge them anymore. This is the case in whole Pakistan not only in Balochistan. So please listen, Allah make us into different nations and colors to know each other not to discriminate each other or to show that one nation is superior than other. Please leave the Hindu way of thinking. Our Prohpet Muhammad s.a.w has given us the right message of Allah, spend sometime to understand your god Allah. Do not run for killing each other and Allah is with those who practice patience. Good time will come Inshallah.

Shahid Ali, Canada - 03 December, 2005

Crisis in Balochistan


There are few people who have no lights or don't allow the brightness to brighten there mind. I will not comment more on them.
Is somebody considered Hatim Baloch. Or the Involvement of Iran, Afganistan and India.
Who the hell given them advance weapons, who is bearing those expensive weapons. Where the funds come form. I am agreed that clap can only be did by both hands, From government side as well as Sardars backed by IRAN, AFGANISTAN and INDIA.
The situation is far away form resolving dispute by dialogue now its time for sweep up Those forces and also there weapons because now they are involved in terrorist activities i.e Installation and civil populations, mine killing Forces as well as innocent people.
It is also seems that President Mushraf is now on right track of development and sweeping of terrorist. The recent development is Khachi Cannal, which will bring prosperity to people of Balochistan.
In short I'll quote the wordings of our Leader Quaid-e-Azam “Paksitan came into being for Ever(till word exist)” INSHALAH. And “APNI SAFO MAIN MUTHAD RAHEN”.

Asif Ali Khan, Pakistan - 24 July, 2006

a special report of terrorism against a person

dear sir,

I have drafted a very special report on a kind of terrorism, never encountered in the world. This kind of terrorism is being supported through a latsest communication station through which thousands of people are being used.

munsif rasool, Pakistani

munsif from hyderabad, pakistan, Pakistan - 12 July, 2007

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