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19 March, 2007

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The Pentagon claims that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, commonly known as KSM, has admitted being responsible `from A to Z` for the 11 September 2001 attacks.

KSM has also reportedly said he had personally decapitated kidnapped US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 and admitted to a role in 30 other terrorist plots.

Regarded as one of the most senior operatives in Osama Bin Laden`s al-Qaeda network, he was captured in Pakistan in March 2003 and was sent to the US detention center in Cuba last year.

He has already been indicted, since 1996, with plotting to blow up 11 or 12 American airliners flying from Southeast Asia to the United States in January, 1995.

However, the US media raises doubts on the “confessions” of KSM and terms them result of torture.

Times and Newsweek magazines in their recent reports charge that Pentagon has tried to recede the role of Bin Laden in 9/11 terrorist attacks. About his confession about Denial Pearl’s murder, the Time magazine refers to the videotape of his murder and reports that the physique of the murderer shown in the video does not match with that of KSM.

According to Newsweek, KSM’s confessions have been acquired through torture, which is a clear violation of Geneva Convention.

Human Rights expert John Steven says that KSM must be produced in an open court so that he can defend himself.

Here are some questions
1) Do you think the `confessions` of KSM are reliable as stated?
2) Are his confessions result of torture, especially when he has not been produced before any court of since his arrest?
3) Do you think he could be the mastermind of such a sophisticated and well-planned 9/11 terrorist attacks and where does Osama stand now?
4) Why he and other alleged Al Qaeda operatives are not being produced in an open court if America has cogent proofs against them?
5) What would be standing of the sentences issued by Pakistani courts to different people in connection with the murder of Danial Pearl?

Reader Comments:

KSM Confession of operatives

Out there is 2 different World i.e. Western Culture and Muslim World who created current western world of cars oil religion and even einsteinic.Overnight both saw flow of oil revenue which created rag to riches Junk bond and short Cut Stock index mfrs traders. With this came Aircraft mfr tour travel and international business growth.

Since 1991 UN millennium amid Iraq invasion for fictitious WMD came KSM
Airline downing aircraft growth with attack on Boeing Company Plant air bus
Bombardier erasing Concorde and Bangalore mfr and little airline growth Galore.
Also came Russian departure and Pentagon Jewish indin EU Japan Korean arrival
In the world of Mujahediin

KSM may not be a genuine Muslim like other oil claimant coowners (so called)
Who had hijacked Islamic constitution oil asset which belong to UMMA called
Alqaeda evil of axis behind claim by shell BP Caltex petrocanada and world or oil
And tankers operators.

Amid highly sophisticated technology army Nuke power NATO power Warsaw power
Zionist Power came Gulf war invasion and new arrival in the likes of KSM.It is obvious
Winners are operatives. They are Arabs Muslim and like disguising Sikhs NATO allied
Saudis sheiks and even Shiite themselves.

Filtering out truth or catching seasoned culprits or solving even a mystery murder puzzle
Is difficult. Co-conspirators of mixed religion mixed interest mixed beneficiaries can be
Filtered out with the following conclusion.

Bush Blair Harper Pentagon Allied Saudis OPEC have taken over world of Islam by
Force and they are not returning back to run their own home affair. Amid theft and
Stealing both from oil asset under ground and wages of none productive war for arms and wages in hundred of billion dollar and trillion dollar public debt who is the be blamed?

(1)confessions` of KSM (2) circumstance based upon torture swindling (3) 9/11 basis for Enron invasion risking lives of soldiers of family and Pentagon EU citizen and OIC oil funding (4) worthless Osama al Maida and merciless Murder of Danial Pearl other innocent journalists and tens of million of OIC citizen who are getting killed maimed injured blood and organ removed along with losses of tons of pentagon Nato soldiers and innocent recruit out there helping swindlers looter millionaire billionaire car airline a-z oil’Gas marketing developer.

KSM confession with above gain above staying needlessly proves who is behind his confession and who is benefiting.

b m z, Hungary - 19 March, 2007

Confession or confusion

This is no confession at all – it is the sheer confiscation of human mind in fact. The US should handover any US robust citizen to Punjab police – and they will get more omni- confession from him with in a jiffy. If they don believe they may try!!!

Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court) Swat, Pakistan - 19 March, 2007

Why confessions after so long.

One wonders why confessions came now,to help Musharraf or to make ground for US invasion of Iran?Certainly the agencies,ISI and their masters,CIA and Mossad,Raw are experts in creating crimes,then evidences and then make it look like as if someone else did.What about 9-11?

Abdul Quddoos, Morocco - 19 March, 2007

Another Drama By US

All the world knows who were behind the these acts and attack on WTC in 2001. Now US govt is trying to through another self fabricated story on the face of the world and trying to regain the lost fame and glory which they used to enjoy once upon a time. I am sure Mr. Bush will not be remembered in US history with the golden words.

Chuck Forbes, United Kingdom - 19 March, 2007

Own up

When will you own up to the crimes of your intelligence apparatus against humanity?

peekay, United Kingdom - 20 March, 2007

Right Questions

All the right questions!

kadar khan, Pakistan - 20 March, 2007

KSM Confessions

Confessions obtained in confinment and through torture are never reliable in any court of justice. Not only KSM but all prisoners in Montonobay are ready to confess that they have masterminded all murders starting from HABEEL the son of ADAM & Eve till todate. All such confessions are nothing but lame excuses of Bush Administration. Now every one knows that invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was planned well before 9/11. It is very strange that now a days when most Americans and Europeons are condemning IRAQ WAR but no is condemning Invasion of Afghanistan Why? What a duel standard? only because more American soldiers are dying in Iraq.

Raja hussain, Pakistan - 20 March, 2007

KSM and other terrorist sympathizers has brought so much shame to Pakistan

KSM and other thugs do not deserve an iota of sympathy. These criminals have abused Pakistan's name for their nefarious activities. They all are going to spill the beans one day. So he coughed up some details about his terrorist activities! Why do we care?

May God create special hellfire for the terrorist like KSM, and Shehzad Tanweer and their supporters in Pakistan and abroad.

160 million Pakistanis deserve better than some dimwit Mullah slave like KSM. We need progress, development, and tolerance in our country. These 2-bit terrorist will not allow peaceful existence for anyone. So let's send them to their final destination i.e. hell to burn and roast forever.

Peace to all and malice for none.

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 21 March, 2007

Add a lie to Bushinists

Bush stinks for the lies of WMD in Iraq. As long as the oponants are Muslim, West will hail bravo for any options. Keeping a KSM under investigation, despair Americans will do anything to make KSM accept the guilt for any crime. Give me Bush to Pakistan Police for just few hours and he will be barking that "I the evil President of America with the help of knesset of Israel planned and conducted 9/11 attack. Americans should tell their stories to some one else we had enough from them and from their president George Bush.

Saleem Qureshy, Canada - 21 March, 2007


1) Do you think the `confessions` of KSM are reliable as stated?

2) Are his confessions result of torture, especially when he has not been produced before any court of since his arrest?

Yes, Osama also responsible & guilty.
3) Do you think he could be the mastermind of such a sophisticated and well-planned 9/11 terrorist attacks and where does Osama stand now?

He has no right to American courts.
4) Why he and other alleged Al Qaeda operatives are not being produced in an open court if America has cogent proofs against them?

5) What would be standing of the sentences issued by Pakistani courts to different people in connection with the murder of Danial Pearl?

Bibba Fett, - 22 March, 2007

Advantage of Mainstream Confessionist

Confessionist belong to Main Stream Success Claimant.Atleast chief Judge of Main Stream Pakistan has chance of hearing in Pakistan.Elsewhere even in G8 (where I live) Denial of Justice or access by Mainstream confirms that despite being Muslim Myself The writer and family is not going to be buried in the event of sudden death despite Recurringly revived .Readers watch read for decades as if witnessing live murder in Joke towards dismantling of Islam.

zmb, Hungary - 25 March, 2007

Well as to the comments of Dr. Qazi, Allah know better whether that special hellfire would be for KSM or for himself! This could only be judged on the day of Qiyamah

Ammar Khalid, United Arab Emirates - 26 March, 2007

I question zealots everywhere

How can anyone support any group or, in these cases, sub-groups of the whole. We have groups in this world that just want to see Americans dead. There are groups that just want to see Muslims dead. Groups that want to see Jews dead. These are a Minority in all cases. These are the narrow minded people that are really just looking for some sort of power.

Islam is a true religion of peace that has been bastardized by the few who believe that killing in the name of Alah is the only way. Most Americans know that Islam is a peacful religion as well as those who are Islam belivers and followers. Throughout history religions have been used as a crutch to create wars and gain power.

I am sure that most Muslims believe that most Americans do not want to harm or fight anyone else. Just as we believe that most Muslims are good, religious people. As soon as the world in general works together to rid ourselves of the extremists, the world will be a much more peaceful place. The base of all religions are all good. They all teach peace and the highest morals and beliefs. They teach that killing another is wrong, under any circumstance. They teach all to be kind and giving. Islam, Jew and Christian all can lay claim to God's grace. Abraham teaches all of us that. Until zealots are stopped from within each group there can be no peace. The zealots of each group, sub-group and religion are the Minority of of the human race and we, the majority, need to resist the temptation of their words and hatred. We need to rise above their wrongful deeds. We need to reach out to one another, join hands and show the zealots what the life God has given us all is really meant to be.

If we can do that then, and only then, will the insanity stop. The killing will stop. The hatred will stop.

Bob, United Kingdom - 27 March, 2007

Where are the "Good" Muslims

People say Islam is a peaceful religion. I see people om the TV, Imams, scholars etc. Some say the Koran says "kill the infidels", some contradict that...What is true? Basically, deep down we would like to see all the Muslims go back where they came from.

They are IslamoNazis who kill innocent people. The can't even get along with each other (Sunni/Shia) We Westerners look at them and scratch our heads. And don't tell me Israel is an occupier. There was a war, Israel won..END OF STORY.

The detaineees at Gitmo should be killed immediately.

At least we don't saw through their necks like barbarians.

They are not due Geneva Conventiob protection because they were not in uniform fighting for a legitimate army...

Jeff West, United Kingdom - 30 March, 2007

leasson of Islam is love love no hate no kill

Leasson of Islam is do love love no hate no kill. even don' hurt to earth. Allah subhan donot like even those walk like big man on the road, put step on earth forcely. the people thinking about killing hurting are living in paradise of non sences foolish psychiatric patient.
Leason of Islam is love to all and strugle to get all people merce of Allah subhan tala. By advises do good dead no bad. All huminity all things of nature is property of Allah subhan Talla.No one authorized to destroy it even earth.

hafeez, Pakistan - 02 April, 2007

Growth & Peace with All Pakistanis Iran UMMA Individuals Despite Single KSM

Love peace growth Justice must be for all Iranian Pakistanis Palestinian Turkish UMMA (including individual right as President PM fight for).The methodology and equation is wrong currently as bush friendship with President Musharaff (as Pakistan friendship cic President and his dynamic Team has made excellent Security and Growth in 7 years.Simple chief Justice Justice Judiciary and BB or NS or Imran khan or public
Or Mullah Rule is no good either.Distrupting mechnics of civilization or Pakistan
Governace will pave way for India without borders and saarc –shark.

Economic Shark club Award and Honour club also come with Jesus died for Bush Blair Sin . Man made Terrorist who took blame or forcefully assigned come with individual of Evil of Axis Category.i.e. Ahmeddinejad kind KSM Osama Saddam.

This in turn came with WMD invasion and 2 standard of living. People have Winners kind (few) - Loser kind (all ).Suicide bombers Hostage taker releaser or poor have been assigned by king makers Bush Blair of alliance club contract and private economy common market club.

Z_Belal, Canada - 05 April, 2007

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