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Coalition Breakup and Judges Issue

26 August, 2008

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The Pakistan Muslim League-N finally quit the five-month-old ruling coalition because of differences with the Pakistan People’s Party on the issues of reinstatement of the deposed judges and unilateral nomination of PPP co-chairman Asif Zardari as a presidential candidate.

The alliance has fallen apart only a week after the resignation of former president Pervez Musharraf.

“We have decided to quit the coalition and sit on the opposition benches in parliament,” PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif told a news conference after presiding over a joint meeting of the party’s Central Working Committee (CWC) and parliamentary group.

The PML-N chief accused Mr Zardari of repeatedly reneging on promises to reinstate the Judges.

The Pakistan Muslim League-N has parted ways with the Pakistan People’s Party and the muck has started flying. It is clear that the PML-N enjoys the high moral ground. The PPP finds itself helplessly mired in a compromise. The party which has had a history of reinventing itself after every death over the last four decades is over once again. What survives is its faction headed by Mr Asif Ali Zardari.

But the separation was not the biggest surprise of Monday. In fact the breakup of the coalition was a foregone conclusion the moment Gen Pervez Musharraf was removed from office on Aug 18. The surprise part was Justice Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui’s nomination as the PML-N candidate to challenge Mr Zardari’s bid for the presidency.

In these times it is hazardous to venture a statement that appears to be even in the slightest condoning Mr Zardari’s evil designs, yet the PML-N tag on Justice Siddiqui in the race for presidency does corroborate and strengthen some old impressions.

The PPP has failed to restore the judges after committing to it more than once. This will be an open and shut case in a court, a court that is merely concerned with symptoms and not the causes. And this is how the media, and maybe the general public in many parts of the country, views Mr Zardari’s betrayal. That he has chosen to describe political agreements as unholy alliances made in expedient moments is most condemnable. Politically also it makes little sense since the PPP risks – or is almost certain of – losing popularity by dragging its feet on the judges issue. Why is it then that a scheming Mr Zardari, who is otherwise considered capable of deceiving a political stalwart of the stature of Mr Sharif and who can pull a fast one on the clever Maulana Fazlur Rehman, doing all this? The issue remains largely un-probed.

The PPP has since long been suspicious of the bondage between the lawyers’ struggle and PML-N’s politics. It is one thing a political party drawing street mileage from an association and another when this camaraderie manifests itself in the power equation. A judiciary in alliance with the political rivals would represent a real threat to you and any party, especially the one that is enjoying some power, would be wary of the partnership. The lawyers, or at least some members in their movement, have time and again displayed their partiality to the PML-N. Please recall. Despite a formal boycott by the lawyers of the Feb 18 election, some stalwarts of their movement had no hesitation in going over to the PML-N camp and administering to the party’s candidates in the polls an oath that committed them to the restoration of the judges.

If that incident was an indication of the politics to come, the Monday’s nomination of Justice (retired) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui is a clear proof of the prevalent political polarisation which calls for precautionary measures on each player’s part. It will be difficult for anyone to prove their impartiality from now on.

  • After the breakup of coalition, would Zardari reinstate deposed judges?
  • Breakup, was a Nawaz politics or Zardari politics and how?
  • What will be the future of Pakistan`s Democracy after that breakup?
  • According to news, Zardari requested Nawaz to come back to coalition, would Nawaz join the coalition again?
  • Reader Comments:


    1-Zardari can not reinstate deposed judges due to many promises he made with USA.

    2-Break up was due to the Zardari politics but it seems Zardari outwitted Nawaz.
    3-Future of democracy is not good as long as both of them stay around!
    4-It doesn't matter Nawaz come back or not! They have individual agenda separate from national!

    kadar khan, Pakistan - 27 August, 2008


    I think its better for survival of Democracy in pakistan that the most corrupt politician NAWAZ SHARIF quit Coalition.There is a long list NAWAZ CRIMES AND HOW HE STOLE MONEY WHEN HE WAS PRIME MINISTER. Nawaz Sharif is widely acknowledged to be a highly incompetent person, with a mediocre I.Q. level. The brain behind him was that of his late “Abba Jee” ('daddy') - the mastermind and the main decision maker behind the scene. In order to consolidate and attain more power, N. Sharif attacked every individual and institutions he felt could get in the way challenge his authority. In order to get rid of the then Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, who was despised by Sharif, the later created divisions among the judges to make life difficult for the Chief Justice. A group of judges refused to acknowledge Shah as the Chief Justice and things got so bad that a number of junior judges put hurdles in the way of the Chief Justice in order to make it difficult for him to carry out his duties. Eventually, Sharif ordered his thugs to attack the Supreme Court in order to prevent the Chief Justice from giving a ruling against him. The police did nothing to stop Sharif's thugs as they attacked and entered the Supreme Court. The judges inside the building barely managed to escape. The thugs, led by Sajjad Naseem and Mushtaq Tahir, Nawaz Sharif's political secretaries, entered the court chanting anti-Sajjad slogans and destroyed the furniture. Nawaz Sharif's only agenda was to make money. In order to achieve this goal, he formed/changed laws and policies for his personal benefit and expanded his business empire by misusing his authority as Prime Minister. Nawaz Sharif, after meeting Osama bin Laden personally at least three times in Saudi Arabia and receiving a huge donation for reelection campaign, democratically elected government of Pakistan under Nawaz Sharif facilitated relocation of Osama bin Laden from Sudan to Afghanistan in 1996 to prove his (Sharif's) own confides as a 'true jehadi' because Osama had taunted Sharif not being a 'true jehadi' in one of the meetings. members of the ruling party, including Prime Minister Sharif himself, had through illegal and bizarre use of power and influence obtained massive loans from some public-sector banks, leading to the banks' failure. Nawaz Sharif had a history of terrorizing professional journalists. The press faced intense repression during Shariff's second term .In June 1997, Humayun Fur, Peshawar bureau chief of the daily Mashriq, was detained under charges of "anti-state" activities and sentenced to five years in jail by a military court on 9 September 1997.On 8 May 1999, Najam Sethi, editor of the Friday Times, was arrested in Lahore and held without charge for nearly a month by Inter-Services Intelligence. The government finally charged Mr Sethi on 1 June 1999 with sedition, promoting communal enmity, condemning the creation of Pakistan and advocating the abolition of its sovereignty, and violating the Prevention of Anti-National Activities Act. Two other journalists M.A.K Lodhi of The News International and Hussain Haqqani, an opposition leader and columnist for The Friday Times and daily Jang were also arrested. Rehmat Shah Afridi, editor of The Frontier Post, was arrested in April 1999.Extra judicial killings were rampant during the regime of Nawaz Sharif. In 1993, custodial torture and custodial deaths were reported throughout the country, particularly in Sindh province where about 40 cases of deaths in custody and encounter killings of suspected criminals or political detainees were reported during January- June 1993.

    Mwaqar, United Kingdom - 27 August, 2008

    Is this democracy?

    In democracy, 2/3rd majority rules. But, our current democracy was developed on a famous definition which states; "In democracy, two wolves and a goat vote to decide what to eat for lunch". Now, after getting rid of the scare-crow Musharraf and being free to play their own nature, the two wolves have returned to their old self and pounced upon each other for enjoying an exclusive feast. But, in their greedy haste they have forgotten that, "when two dogs fight for a bone, patiently observing crow is the winner".

    M.Saeed, Pakistan - 27 August, 2008

    Nawaz a selfish man...

    Mr. Nawaz Sharif always have undermined the interest of the country for his own. He is such a selfish man who can't work with others. When the country is striving for unity he is further deviding.
    Lost my trust long ago. He must come to understanding- a few judges don't match the whole nation's interest. He must stop playing in the hands of outside enemies.

    Mohammad Akbar Khan, Pakistan - 01 September, 2008

    Nawaz emerges as victorious

    Zardari has gone back on his promise of the reinstatement of judges. Nawaz has adopted a principled stand, although i personally feel that a compromise soltuion to the judges issue could have been found with the same chief justice, however it seems from the current crises Nawaz will gain more and zrdari has to loose more as people dont like the head of state going back on his promises to the people.

    Arshad Haroon, Afghanistan - 01 September, 2008


    khan jan khan, United Arab Emirates - 02 September, 2008

    Democracy in Pakistan

    Pakistan is an unfortunate country of 160 million muslims who have borne the agony of living in illusion of democracy since its inception.As the time passes citizens of this country continue to lose confidence in their survival as members of an independent and sovereign nation. Some even start questioning the intentions of its creators. We as a fashion start blaming our neighbors and superpowers for interference causing miseries for Pakistanis.It may be true to a great extent but every nation protects as well as emhances its own national interest for which there is no rule of mercy or lawfulness or humanity.We must look at our own character reflected through our leadership.....political or military. Though not all but most are utterly disappointing.This is the case even now. PPP is not prepared to accept the right of others and its so call co chairman goes back on his written as well as well publicised promises for restoration of pre november 2 judiciary and they do it so shamelessly. As far as corruption is concerned even the judge of Swiss court has been surprised on withdrawal of a clear case; there are medical reports published that Mr Zardari is suffering from serious incurable mental disease stll peoples party is adamant on making him president. Pity this nation and this party/nation of mad people. I am disappointed and I see no future for such a directionless society. May Allah have mercy and bestow His special favours for revival of this poor country.

    Siraj Ud din, Pakistan - 02 September, 2008

    Coalition of own or nothing

    People of the book coalition was available at the last resort with their
    Presence in the vicinity to create impression and leave.Neither democracy is possible nor their cooperationThey
    Are simply no good time wasting incompetent looting unfit soldiers of
    The world who propose world to thrive on Muslim Resource with own improved Economy and Progress using so called incursion in Iraq Afghanistan with
    Pakistan Border Raid.Either these or nothing seem their Motto.Their KNR(Kh nabi religious group progress and collusion thrive with Jesus Torah or Quran they
    Reject ).This is what they seem promoting since its inception.

    A khadr, Afghanistan - 04 September, 2008

    Zardari and Nawaz

    Both are corrupted to the core!Not to mention one of them on record getting treated for mental problems.

    kadar khan, Pakistan - 05 September, 2008

    Asif Zardari

    Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is most corrupted person as we can see his last record, He can never care to the Pakistan & poor people as Mr. Nawaz Sharif do for the Paki people. Anyway I think the Nawaz Sharif is great & Zardari is the worse leader.

    Asim Rasheed, Pakistan - 08 September, 2008

    Coalition Breakup: Futuristic enigma

    1. Mr Zardari is a shrewd politician and will reinstate deposed judges but the deposed CJ.
    2. Breakup was not a politics but was the result of clashes of interest between Mr Sharif and Mr Zardari.
    3. The future of Pakistan, till 2010, will be something like this: 1) Chaos and massacre in NWFP and Balochistan which will pay the way for further resentment among the public and may lead to separation demands. 2) ISI and Army will not intervene in the governance for few months but finally kick out Mr Zardari as he will try to play in Indian hands on the issue of Kashmir. He is planning to emerge the biggest leader in Paki history after Mr Jinnah. He will compromise on Kashmir issue; it is a fact that is going to be proved by the March 2009. 3) He will depose Kiyani as Army Chief by Jan 2009.
    4. Mr Sharif will not join the coalition again.

    Lai Khan Husain

    Lai Khan Husain, Pakistan - 11 September, 2008

    Zardari is Evil

    This government has no plan for the people of Pakistan and eventually they will fail. unfortunately it will be too late for this nation to come back to its original position. Musharaf did hire the consultant who really did great job for the economy. He ran the government with care. I am pretty sure that he has not taken anything out for his personal advantage. Watch these politicians and how many land plots they are going to acquire. Rich will get more richer and poor will be poorer for ever. I hope the media will impose such mechanism that they will not see their own interest and sacrifice. I am hoping that politicians get what they want but please Mr Nawab Sharif I beg you to stand up and work for the poor of Pakistan. Judges and Nawab Sharif being used and I think for their own self respect they must stand up and work for the institute of Law and police must respect their own institution by not looking for their interest and help restore the people confidence to point the wrong doing of all those who don't care about anybody but filling their pockets.

    Aslam Sheikh, Pakistan - 11 September, 2008

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