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Cartoon Controversy

13 February, 2006

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Recent publication of blashpemous cartoon in a Danish newspaper has sparked a new wave of controversy, violence and protest among the muslim world.

Goverment of Pakistan also summoned Danish ambassador in foreign office and protested strongly over the publication. Pakistan is also considering ban on import of medicines from all those countries which are republishing the controversial cartoons.

Danish goverment has officially apologized to the muslim world, however, they have justified the publishing of blasphemous cartoon by calling it freedom of expression.

1. Iran has called for an OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) meeting. What should be the collective reaction of muslim world ?

2. Do you think publishing sensitive cartoons hurting religious sentiments of millions is healthy for the culture of Inter-faith Harmony?

3. Should freedom of expression be regulated by moral values?

Reader Comments:

'We should sacrifice our lives for our Holly Prophet'.

'We should sacrifice our lives for our Holly Prophet'.
In a powerful verse in the Holy Qur'an, Allah explicates the importance of our Love towards the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and our AMAL (good deeds). Allah says, “Do not raise your voices over the voice of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and do not call (him, pbuh) in a common manner as you call one another, if you do so (show even a minor disrespect to the Holy Prophet (AW) after this commandment, then all your AMAL (good acts from your whole lives will be discarded and destroyed.” Al-Hujurat 2.
Allah loves his prophet (salallahoalaihewasalam) so much that Allah and His Angels send Salaat-o-Salaam to prophet Muhammad (salallahoalaihewasalam ) all the time and He made "love of Rasulullah (salallahoalaihewasalam)" pre-requsite of Imaan, thus in surah Ale-Imran Allah says TRANSLATION:"Say: O, people! if you do love Allah, follow me , Allah will love you and forgive your sins" (Surah Ale-Imran, Verse 31). Now listen to this hadith where Rasulullah (salallahoalaihewasalam) said; Translation: "That is, none of you is Momin (believer) unless I am dearer to him than his parents, his children and all other persons." (Sahiul Bukhari).
In a Hadith of the Holy Prophet (Salaal Laahu Alaihi Wa Salaam) it is narrated:
"The Holy Prophet (Salaal Laahu Alaihi Wa Salaam), during tawaaf, stood in front of the holy kaaba and said, "O kaaba, by your greatness you are great, by your environment you are great, by your place you are great, but by the greatness of Allah Taala, the Momins of my ummah are greater than you! He (momin) possesses higher respect than you!"
To defend the religion of the holy Prophet is one of his rights upon believers. Defending the religion can be done by using one's hands, tongue and writings. To ignore attacks on the holy Prophet or on his religion is impermissible to Muslims. Muslims must strive to reject, in the best manner, attacks on the holy Prophet's character or on any aspect of his religion, the best religion sent to mankind.

Javed Iqbal Raja, Pakistan - 13 February, 2006

There is nothing that OIC can do to stop someone publishing Prophet Muhammad (SAW) shameful cartoons. The European or American will not understand OIC point of view because of their stupid logic where they compare political cartoons mocking Isreal and West to justify Prophet Muhammad (SAW) cartoons. The western news media had self imposed policy of censorship when it comes to their societies. U.S. blasted Al Jazeera for showing their dead soldiers bodies on TV. Western never publish anything which is considered offensive to Judaism or Jews traditions because they are very strong. Jews control the news media and monetary institutions. Western media has set the rules which they believe to be followed by the world. The good example of this is where "American Occuption Army" in Iraq and Afghanistan is reported by all the news media as the "Liberation Allied Forces" including Paktribune and the very legimtimate Iraqi and Afghan resistance are called "terrorists" "insurgents" who hate "freedom". This is a joke of media hyporicy at best where they are scared to report the truth.

The reaction of these cartoons in all the muslim countries was shamful and disgusting violent protests where many died. Muslims must learn to protest peacefully, if they really want to protest, but it will good if they learn to ignore hate related material printed by western media which is offensive to their beliefs. I believe that is not possible until they have the knowledge of the message Qur'an. The majroiity of Sunnis and Shias are following blindly their sectarian Mullahs, Imams, Muftis and Ayotollahs.

KGB, Pakistan - 13 February, 2006

I am sorry

I can only say that i am very much ashamed of my myself,political & religious Parties of my country for the response.
Collectve reaction of Islamic world can vary form ecnomic to social boycot but personally everyone should have aclear picture in mind that Islamic enamies are as much active today as they were a century ago.
2.yes,In fact it is the controvercy to hinder Islam,s propogation in west,which is holding base in west slowly but steadily.
3.they have no moral values...

Idrees, Pakistan - 13 February, 2006

It's a joke

The uprising about the publishing of some cartoons seems astonishing in regular against the right to develop the sight of peoples mind as individuals as an ongoing of prejudices produced in fellow countries by Muslims population in fellow wishes to Western standarts results, and the ongoing publishing of Anti-Semitic jokes in Islamic countries like the Iran will forced to participate....I am unfamiliar with the mufti who wrote the fatwa above. He is probably not a liberal theologian, if a theologian at all, but a religious practitioner, someone who deals with real human beings and social situations. His answer is based on ethics and values, not on a legalist approach, nor on a theological reassessment of what the Qu'ran says. It is the concrete experience of what it means to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim society, not theological modernisation, that triggers a change of attitude. Such a liberal and open moral attitude can exist perfectly well alongside humour.
Such an approach is in line with the traditional concept of 'public good' (maslahat), wich stresses the spirit and the meaning of law as opposed to a formal conception of it. The traditional view is expressed, for example, by al-Qaradawi:'When this legislation (sharia) forbids something, it is for the sake of society and human beings'welfare, in order to make them better and to protect their properties, health, family, and honor in this world.' But in this cartoons he refers to a person as part of a social fabric, wich is the way of Western Muslims.

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 13 February, 2006

Re; Controvery!

Our prophet Mohammed(PBUH)told his disciples.
More harm is done by fools through their foolishness.
Than is done by evildoer through wickedness.With all this rage that we have shown
how far have we succeeded in
changing the set minds.If a'Gem' falls into mud it is still valuable.
If dust ascends to heaven,it remains valueless-Saadi.Let us not stoop so low, but pray
that Allah show them the path
that leads to light.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 14 February, 2006

Violent reactions

You're just proving the point of these cartoonists by your violent reactions. Yes, we often see provokative and shameful things i western press, but we don't run around bombing, burning and making death treaths. We communicate this in a non-violent way. I think you will only get respect by communicating this in a civilized manner, making your "wrongdoers" look bad. Now you only make yourself look bad.

AntiViolence, Norway - 14 February, 2006

The following is Qazi Saheb statement found on Paktribune.

"He concluded with the pledge that the Nizam Mustafa was the ultimate solution of all the problems."

The problem is that there is no command to implement the Nizam Mustafa in Qur'an. Allah Taala has commanded us to implement the Laws of our Creator Lord when he grant us the authority on piece of earth and those laws are very well outlined in Qur'an. The second problem is which Sharia Laws will be taken as the laws of the land. There are four school of thoughts iin Sunni sect and then there is Shia version and these laws are based on hearsay Old Testaments and New Testaments. The solution of the problems is to denouce the sectarianism and come back to fundamentals which ofcourse is Qur'an and this is the only way to progress in this world and hereafter. This is the only way the Sunnis Shias will become peaceful tolerant instead of blowing up each other mosques and blowing themselves up religious processions. The solution to all the problems is stop following hate filled hearsay written by so called Imams in the name of hadtihs.

Qazi Saheb you are typical Mullah who has no solution except to promote your sectarian beliefs. There is no Nizam Mustafa so how could that be a solution of all the problems.

KGB, Pakistan - 14 February, 2006

The excess of every thing is Terrorism

The excess of every thing is Terrorism
If igniting over one billion Muslims hearts & minds is 'freedom of expression' then blowing up lives and that too for a noble cause with a noble intention is no exception. Then one won't be justified to deny that exploding lives is also freedom of expression. The essence of Islam is moderation, equilibrium and sobriety – but conversely terming the publication of highly ridiculous, blasphemous and dangerous cartoon against the faith of over one billion Muslims as freedom of expression by the leaders of west means absolutism – which is if applied then this means world days have been numbered!!! Because then absolutism shall have to be given free hand throughout without exception.

aftab alam advocate (High Court), Pakistan - 15 February, 2006

Nuke 'em 'til they glow in the dark.

, Israel - 15 February, 2006


The many acts of violence that Muslims are involved in create the impression that many Muslims "love to hate".

Don, United Kingdom - 15 February, 2006

Cartoon Problem

Who has printed these cartoons in the newspapers should be put to death according to Islamic Shariah. We can not do so go on with demonstrations.

Mohamed Ilyas, Pakistan - 15 February, 2006

Cartoon Controversy - shouting in street useles - update

Shouting on the street and burning property owned by fellow Muslim is useless and simply ill-logical.
One should set a database of newspapers who publish the cartoon, and list of companies who advertise in those newspapers. And send letter to the advertisers that "Either you do business with us or do business with those who hate us or use blasphemy against our Prophet."
Simple logic "How can you expect me to be friends with you or break bread with you if you hate and respect my religion and prophet"
And all the companies who don't stop advertising in those newspapers shouldn't be allowed to do business with 1.2 billion Muslims.
No shouting on the street, no burning flags, and no apology required just the freedom of choice to do business with us. "You are either with us or with our enemies"

Tipu, Pakistan - 15 February, 2006

Prophet Mohammad proud of Pakistanis

The world is laughing at the retards in Pakistan burning down buildings and destroying property to make our Prophet happy. This is one of the reasons Foreign businesses will not come to this country, so they can have them burned down. WHY DO YOU THINK INDIA IS SUCCESFUL. They are receiving all the outsource business of foreign countries. This country where I was born is full of illiterate retards with no brains. Let them destroy their country. It's not hurting anyone anywhere but there. Let everyone laugh at these idiots. I'm embarrased to tell anyone what country I came from.

NASIM ALI, United Kingdom - 16 February, 2006

I believe that both sides have had their mistakes over this controversy. Both sides acted in an immature way.

Anonymous, Pakistan - 16 February, 2006

Mixing Qom Com Cartoon Reasoning

Islamic Respect is Nabi Karim Mohammed
(PBUH).Islamic respect is Quran. Islamic
Democracy with Ministers PM Roving Judge
Islamic H. Ibn Yaman (CIA) is reality.

Without oilfields but oil based mfg car-plane
Economy is bad omen enough. On top they
Drink Sin and Terrorize. Worse still they have
Election of few vote meaningless Leader designate.
Then they assign Task and put in charge of Muslim
Living in West for their Asset their Educational Degree
Income their family friends' income Fate of Asset of
UMMA via Shah Gadaffi Sheik Emir Saddam Arafat
Caricature Cartoon Rushdie Satanic Verses and
Taslima Nasreen Insult.What they have to show for
Or brag about other than WMD terror and Plot To
Erase Islam – Umma After Nuke Attack on Iran.
They and theirs impart alqaeda and retard look make
Believe photos mixing it with the real thing.We have
to fight all attack and manipulation.

benz m Ispahani, India - 16 February, 2006

Freedom of Speech

The issue in America has become one of Freedom of Speech which is one of our most important values (though admittedly often abused). It has also become one of the hypocrisy of the dominate media culture in the US.

See here (where the government doesn't own the news media) the newspapers would print all kinds of offensive things but they always claim to do so because of their freedom of speech. They even allowed a cruxfix of Jesus to be put in urine and called it art.

So, if they have supported all these other offensive things including attacks against religion, but now won't print these offensive cartoons about Islam it would show that they don't really believe in freedom of speech and show them as hypocrites.

And also since these newspapers have shown insulting things about Christianity, it would show that the have given Islam a special status in our country over that of Christianity or any other religion.

So, that is how it is playing out in America. Not so much an attack on Islam but a challenge to the news media to either support freedom of speech in all cases or to admit that they do suppress some news and they don't really believe in freedom of speech, but they just believe in freedom of THEIR speech.

Or as the saying goes, free speech for me, but not for thee.

Ideally of course, the news media shouldn't print things offensive to any religion, but since they have printed offensive things against Christianity in the past they have to either print these cartoons or make a public statement apologizing for all the insults they have printed against other religions in the past and promise not to do so in the future.

I am all for not having these cartoons printed, but it can't only be Islam who has this special treatment. The news media in America must also not print insulting things about Christianity and all the other religions in our country and they shouldn't print insulting things about our troops.

There needs to be personal responsibility with in our press but it can't be selective.

James, United Kingdom - 17 February, 2006

American Stereotypes of Muslims

There is a belief by many in America that Islam is a violent religion and that followers of Islam are just a bunch of hateful people who would act violently whenever their religious sensibilities are offended.

Now we are taught in America to resist sterotyping groups of people, but still, this image of the mad moslum seeking to set the world on fire stil persists.

I wonder why?

Steve, United Kingdom - 17 February, 2006

The foreigners that are being targeted in Pakistan had nothing to do with the publishing of these offensive cartoons. Many of our countries quickly came to Pakistan's aid with funds after the earthquake. Don't tar all of us with the same brush over the stupic publication of these cartoons.

I agree with AntiViolence from Norway, above.

westerner in Pakistan, Pakistan - 17 February, 2006

My humble opinion and message to my Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistsan.

After reading and watching the coverage of the protests in the Muslim countries on these cartoons especially in Pakistan and also listening to the reaction of people to these protest I have only a few things to say. In my opinion the only thing the cartoonist proved is their own IGNORANCE and lack of knowledge about the Muslim faith. As far as the protester in Pakistan are concern, I want to say PLEASE remove the shroud of illiteracy from your minds, open your eyes and look around you. The only people you are hurting both physically, emotionally and economically are your own neighbors and your own brothers/countrymen. By spilling innocent blood of people of your own religion (during these protest) and by burning stores like KFC (OWNED BY YOUR OWN COUNTRYMEN AND ALSO PROVIDING SERVICE TO YOUR OWN PEOPLE TOO) I don't know what point are you trying to send across? If your IMAAN is so weak that you think that just by publishing these things about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) they insulted the Prophet (PBUH) and by protesting this violently we are achieving anything thing than we lost everything that Prophet taught us in the first place. Did we forget already that when the same Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) walked seventy kilometers to Taif to preach them and deliver the message of Islam to them. He was stoned by the people of Taif to a point where His slippers were full of blood (people of Taif did this because they did not like what the Prophet (PBUP) preached to them) and at that point Angel Jibraeel (A.S) came to Him and asked Him that even if He hints at it Jibraeel (A.S) will turn the mountains around Taif upon the city and even the traces of that city will be demolished, in reply He said that forgive them as they don't know. Now the question is if our present behavior is following the example of the Prophet for his forgiveness? Or use violence against anyone who says anything we don't like or agree with. My point is protests against these things are not wrong but it is the way in which we choose to protest is what defines us. If we are so offended by this than use the power and tools of this age to protest against it by that I mean OUR buying power, boycott against there goods and services, stop trading with these people and bring it up in U.N again and again, etc etc. Why it is so hard to have a peaceful protest in Pakistan? Only reason I can think of is that these so called Mullahs take advantage of these innocent/illiterate people for there own private gains (they know that by creating the civil unrest they are showing the instability of the government). These simple people are made to believe that by joining these rallies/protest they are fulfilling their religious obligations and more civil unrest there protest will create more the protest will be considered a success. So much for telling the West that Islam is the religion of Peace. We need to stop making the spectacle of ourselves in front of the whole world. I agree with the person who said it is because of this kind if behavior no one wants to invest in Pakistan. The Islam I follow teaches us moderation, peace and forgiveness and I think these are all the things missing from our day to day lives and especially from all these protests and rallies.

Imran Khan, United Kingdom - 18 February, 2006

I submitted a letter earlier and just wanted to add to it if it gets pasted.
If these Mullahs have the real good of the people in their hearts than I ask them to give a Fatwa that "It is a religious duty of all Muslims to get education at least till the 12th Grade and that does not include Madrasas only." Also if these Mullahs have that much money than they should also pay for poor Muslims education.

Imran Khan, United Kingdom - 18 February, 2006

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