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Bush Veto`s

04 May, 2007

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President Bush has vetoed a congressional bill that sets a timetable for withdrawing American troops from Iraq contending that the pull out will pave the way for more terrorist attacks on US.

According to US constitution, the Senate can override the president’s veto with a two-third majority, however , the Democrats are far short of the two-third votes they needed to override the veto with 222-203.

Mr Bush has called to search for a compromise that enables the administration to receive $100 billion for running the war in Iraq.

“The president has turned a tin ear to the wishes of the American people,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during the hour-long debate before the vote. “The president wants a blank check. The Congress will not give it to him.”

As the meeting began, both Mr Bush and his Democratic opponents expressed hope that they would find a compromise formula to end this stalemate.

“I am confident that, with goodwill on both sides, that we can move beyond political statements and agree on a bill that gives our troops the funds and the flexibility they need to do the job," said Mr Bush.

Here are some questions
1) Do you think the two sides will reach on a compromise on the issue?
2) What could be the possible implications of Bush’s veto?
3) Will it increase the ongoing row between Democrats and Republicans over Iraq war?
4) Do you agree with Democrats contention that the pull out will be in US interest?

Reader Comments:


do not give bush the blank check he'll end up probably spending it to begin another war because he should not have got invovled with it anyway

lucky, United Kingdom - 04 May, 2007

Democrats Calm to End

ALREADY LOOKING WEAK AND BAD. The Democrats are already looking weak and bad since they have failed to act in accord with the majority antiwar sentiment they rode to a Congressional majority in November of 2006. The Democrats did not send Bush an antiwar bill. They sent him tepid dead-in-the-water petro-imperial legislation that that would have funded Cheney and Bush’s oil occupation at more than $100 billion and set non-binding timelines for the partial withdrawal and imperial re-deployment of U.S. forces in Iraq. As the Fourth International’s Bill Van Auken rightly observed last week (Van Auken 2007):

“While media reports on the Congressional legislation routinely refer to it as a plan for the withdrawal of US troops from occupied Iraq and ending the war, the language of the bill makes clear that what is involved is a tactical ‘redeployment’ that would leave tens of thousands of US soldiers and marines in Iraq for years to come. The bill incorporates ‘benchmarks’ to be achieved by the Iraqi government that were spelled out by Bush himself as part of the escalation of the war initiated early this year. Included among them is the passage of new oil legislation that would open up Iraq’s vast reserves to exploitation by US energy conglomerates. The legislation proposes that ‘redeployment’ begin by next October—while giving no indication of what number of troops it proposes be withdrawn at that time—and be completed by March of 2008. This timetable is not binding, but merely a goal suggested by the legislation. The bill...would essentially allow the occupation and war to continue indefinitely, with US troops deployed to protect a massive new embassy being constructed in Baghdad to house a virtual colonial government and to guard ‘American citizens’ sent by the oil companies to reap massive profits off of Iraq’s oil fields. At the same time, under the cover of a struggle against ‘al-Qaeda,’...US troops would remain embroiled in a dirty counterinsurgency campaign aimed at crushing the resistance of the Iraqi people...The differences separating the Democrats and Congress and the Bush White House are not between an anti-war faction and a pro-war one, but rather between two pro-war parties, vying over the best tactical means of pursuing the US campaign of neo-colonial aggression in Iraq.”

The Democrats’ failure to substantively advance the U.S. majority’s desire for a rapid end to the occupation is certainly part of why the Congress continues to receive extremely low approval ratings – 5 percent lower than Bush (at 33 percent)according to Gallup’s latest poll (Gallup 2007) – from the American people.

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 04 May, 2007

Bush Veto

Just enjoy my poem on the occasion of Bush Veto.

I write it for you from Canada and it goes as such:


And president Mr Bush
He will push and will tush
He want all things his way
Not like all others will say

Mr Bush war on the terror
And the false Iraq war
In Afghanistan you see
Look how bloody things are

But president Bush will do
And so stubborn he goes
He will do it like he feels
And will do it like he knows

Million perish and are dead
Of the Bush war like acts
Most if all Muslims were civilians are dead for facts

Real terror is most disguised
Sure it turns on the heat
Bush won’t stop at any cost
Winning more is more defeat

Americans want to stop it now
War like people must now drop
Bush he'll carry on till time
Till he's out,then he'll stop

Less then two years yet to go
He can Veto just so long
After that he won’t be there
And to peace will all belong

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 05 May, 2007

Bush's Veto.

There is no horse trading or akin compromises in the politics of big nations like America or China or Russia. The political parties have independent agendas,right or wrong, useful or damaging and continuable or to be discontinued at appropriate times.Bush is not going to change or let any body change him in the last 20 months of his presidency. American taxpayers will have to foot extra quarter trillion dollars and US debt will exceed 9 trillion dollars.

And a quarter million more Iraqis are going to die. And Shanghai accord will get more powerful denting in the world's mono-polar power status.

Here are my answers to your questions as such:

1) Do you think the two sides will reach on a compromise on the issue?

The world today appears to be moving without the sense of compromises, whether it is America or Russia or China or India or Pakistan. People seem to hate the word compromise as deigning dignity is held supreme every where no matter how bloody it can be.

Bush is a stubborn neo-con and he will stick to his policies till the last day he leaves white house about twenty months from now. The victory may be elusive for Bush and defeat is an imaginary fear word created.Sole super powers only abondon their plans or give them up in simple words.No small animal has ever defeated the sole tiger in the jungle. They can only embarrass the mightiest beast.

Bush will live with his own fantasies of victory or defeat whereas neither defeat nor victory will touch America on these non war issues. they are only struggle issues.Even terror and war on terror is much blown up fantassy that is kept alive much only as long as Bush is there.

Islamic world is too weak, too divided, too poorly organized and too much dependent even in getting a smalll bite out of its very extensive oil and gas wealth.The biggest chunk of oil and gas money is eaten up by the technology and the businesses owned by America and other western countries.And even that small money that the rich Arabs get is either invested back in America or spent on pleasures in Dubai women and prostitutes.

2) What could be the possible implications of Bush’s veto?

Answer:The implication is very evident that the war and deaths will continue in Iraq and Afghanistan till the time Bush leaves the white house permanently.There will be more debt for America and 2000 more dead and 10000 more injured Americans and quarter million more Iraqi dead.There will be tens of thousands of more orphaned and widowed Iraqis and many thousands more Iraqi prostitutes of all ages streaming into Damascus and Sana.Shanghai accord will further dent the sole super power status of America,and Russia and China will be arming themselves more and more.

3) Will it increase the ongoing row between Democrats and Republicans over Iraq war?

Democrats and Republicans are united when it comes to America's interests. They will not go to each other's throat in a stubborn way.They are not like Pakistan's politics where General Zia and Ali Bhutto had gone beyond any compromise and went as far as in saying as such:


They wont go to horse trading like Benazir and Musharraf's attempted deals that fell apart temporarily or permanently as only so much latitudes of power could be granted to Benazir.Like in Turkey, politicians or judiciary or the lead professional brains like A.Q. Khan or any body has to play the second fiddle or ride on back seat.Other wise, they will have no chance to be in power.

American politics does not treat their elected leaders like yo yos no matter how they perform.

Missing two third majority, even though it was tough call, leaves Bush with much freedom and latitudes.

And unlike Nixon, Bush has no recorded messages of his any corruption deed to be impeached.He has certain ill policies and he will be allowed to keep them going till his term expires and he has to leave the white house. It is very tough luck for Iraq and much of Islamic world.It is a wake up call for Russia and China for their strengthening and unity.

4) Do you agree with Democrats contention that the pull out will be in US interest?

Yes,the pull out will be in America's interests and the Democrats are perfectly right on that.

Israel and Bush have brainwashed the American people that Islamic world is the main danger rather than really powerful Russia and China for America.

Islamic world is terribly weak, dis-united and in-fighting. It gives away most of oil money back into American system.

Only UAE has been smart enough to get back much of the money by its vast servings of pleasuring women and prostitutes.Even European, Canadian and American men spend heavily in Dubai's pleasures.Then Dubai has very shrewd investments plugged into New York Stock exchange and Dubai rulers are making money in their American investments.

Middle east trusts Americans as reliable customers and peace will help America.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 05 May, 2007


The Democrats are playing a very dangerous political game! Their self interest is grosly injurious to the stability of the world! I think that their actions are rooted in greed for power and approach a level near to treason to the United States and criminal disregard for peace in the world!

Nick Roper, United Kingdom - 06 May, 2007

Democrats Contention

Two sides will reach a compromise on the issue, no doubt! Ultimately, both parties want what is good for the United States. However, Democratic Party is getting full mileage on the Bush failure in Iraq. In reality, democrats relentlessly bringing on the same way they have been taken on a ride after 9/11 by Republicans.

Implications seemingly clear both Bush and democrats will get more time. Bush will for the last push in Iraq and democrats will to gain public opinion for the next presidential elections.

It will not increase any row per say more then it is already! However, Iraq war will be the center piece for the US presidential primary! Democrats will not lose any opportunity resulted due to the failure in Iraq! Therefore, there will be heated debates and on going disagreements from both sides.

Looking at the situation in Iraq simply pulling out without a substitute leaving a vacuum behind will be disastrous for the region and detrimental for the US interest!

It is interesting to see the same democrats who are having debate about pulling troops in hurry voted for the war in Iraq in first time. Second time voted again for funding the war in Iraq! Vice President, Dick Chaney was quoted saying if democrats are so serious about pulling out from Iraq why don’t they pull the plug in congress!

President Bush wants it to be a success story in Iraq! Democrats take is you dislodged Sadam and made sure no weapons of mass destruction! Get back! Let Maliki government and the Arabs deal with the mess and have them figure out how they should secure Iraq.

kadar khan, Pakistan - 07 May, 2007

Bush VETO in Arabia

Wherever there is US allied soldiers presence there is sectarian killing and alcohol sales with call girls to cater soldiers.Pimping is the promotion of bawdy house body sales. To glorify Bush VETO or UAE pimping using Anwar Mahmood Canada via Paktribune is demotion.Paktribune has nothing to do with UAE Bawdy sale and must stop.Even One American classified stopped sale adverti.e. wife for sale $50 2 days ago .Bush Veto itself is illicit as their presence their senate their allied invasion their glorification among USA allied public for economic recovery via WMD invasion on individual leadership (bush blair) architect
Of sectarian violence due to none existent WMD of Saddam Hussain.Then VETO topping?

ZM, Pakistan - 07 May, 2007

Open Letter to Mr. Bush

Bush! GET OVER YOURSELF! You'll never be able to conquer the whole world. You're really psycho! I mean seriously get a life aside from killing people. You're frankly a freak! Really! I would try to be diplomatic about this but i really don't want to! I mean i really cant stand you and your stupidities!

Imaan Hazir, Pakistan - 07 May, 2007

Solid Solution to Sort

In different parts of history different nations and groups have been fighting against their enemies risking their lives or rather sacrificing themselves. Similar technique is adopted now by Al-qaida as is well known to everyone. In twelveth century A. D the crusaders and knights of Erurope did use to die in the field when they were surrounded or got defeated. Similar technique of war has been also utilized by a group naming Kharijees in the beginning of Islam. Those people did use their utmost devouted skill against own muslims who they considered to be the wrong doers and unjust. It is said in history that if there used to be heard of being two hundred men of Kharijees in some area, ten thousand army used to be despatched against them. Once a Kharijee fighter was left alone and fighting on a horseback surrounded by attackers got his legs cut off then he said a verse;
' O Self, not worry as if my legs are cut off my arms are there'
Similarly once when a Kharijee old man was surrounded to be killed, a man struck his head with his sword. The sword did not properly strike and hit the turbon which flew away from his head. That old Kharijee cursed the young fighter for not being a good swordsman. In new era were the Kamikazeis of Japan who compelled America to drop Atomic bombs on innocent population.
Now have emerged the Al-Qaida as a self sacrificing force being so much devouted to fight that even not caring about any interest of world but just to sacrifice themselves for their goal of giving a blow to enemy. In this regard what the bad is being done that is against the principle of war is to kill the innocent people who are not included in the force of their opponent. This is also being done as they are compelled to do that to remain themselves hidden. Why have they become so obliged is the real question. How can a human become so determined to kill himself even not caring for the outcome or benifits of the action or earning any regard for himself. A mass gathering of humans can not become fools or so much misguided that they come out to kill themselves for just killing others which are both contrary to the principles of human theology or philosophy of nature. Why is that all happening? Is not a complicated question. The English appeared to be able people and discovered many a lands and formed colonies there as they did in America also. Now when America did appear as a strong force it did fight well and supported well the forces fighting against Communism with the philosophy of Carl Marx which had stood against all the religions of the world. When U.S remained the only power not to be able to be fought against by any force of the world it prepared a plan to practically rule the world. The plan was that U.S forces be practically stationed in all countries upto Istanbul and from there should watch as a guard to Europe and for the rest of the world an indirect form of ruling was organised that would be done by the choice of U.S. This story of 'New World Order' was made known to public after starting of the war of U.S with Al-Qaida. It is obvious that only friends do well know each other as these people had been fighting in field in their Crusade against Communism. The United States and Britain fought that crusade without losing a man.The United States was ruled by the people who had some regard for religion upto later twentieth century but when it enjoyed overall supremacy it also started taking steps against religion as;
1.homo-sexual marriages were regarded legal.
2.U.S being in the form of ruling world, totally bruised the humanely council of the United Nations.
3.It neglected the supremacy of religion and denied the Holy Pope in attacking other countries.
This gave rise to unrest and a new war has started where one not knows who is the enemy and where it is. This is a very dangerous situation and it seems that it will get worsened with the passage of time and also the weapons are getting more sophisticated with time and man is becoming more dangerous for other humans. A strict and grand alliance not interfering in the affairs of others is badly needed in the hour. The American philosophy of democracy even if they consider that to be the best should be kept in the best form in their own country but not to drag other nations or kill humans for bringing to that form of government. One can see in practical also that this type of American philosophy of diplomacy bound to democracy does not work. The American President has often to oppose all the democratic house and values for the interest of his country. That clearly shows that diplomacies are not kept always according to the desires of the mass of population. A solution of peace is to be derived but what to be kept aside is the secret desires to rule the world.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 08 May, 2007

To Z.M. Pakistan

I believe that the feelings of Mr Z.M got to be fully respected.

But, I must state with fear and trust of Allah that I have never spent a penny on a pros in north America or UAE and nor I will ever in my life.And, I will also never ever like to earn a penny out of politics or any thing besides my engineering work or hard earned income on any job.

The letters I wrote were just observations with no involvement or intent of that.These were just observations when I had to accompany some American and or Canadian associates on engineering projects in UAE or Saudi Arabia.I went to Iran as well and who knows I may be doing some gas engineering advisory work there after my very important sessions in Tehran coming August.

I have mentioned in most of my letters on the topic about the nature of much gentler conduct of Pak females. As some other letters have suggested that those places really are not brothels.They can be called liberal social places.

And, within the confines of very tamed and gentel behaviour, even the very religious and very honest Saudis and Iranians do engage into concubinage and Mutah.But they do it discreet and do not show it off.I think that Islamabad situation may be more or less like that as there is no crime of stabbing or murders and drugs that are associated with brothels of the west.Even UAE had no crime of that sorts.

In Pakistan, I believe, the finality will be what the people want and decide or what the government may have in store for them. People like me only have described some practical things that I only saw with my eyes.When my engineering assignment was done with Bay Chemicals of Jabl Ali in UAE from Matrix engineering of Oklahoma, I even parted from my north American company in UAE and spent the remaining three days before my flight in the villa of Dr Omar in Jabl Ali and spent a day and a half on the beautiful Kish Island of Iran to bridge my time.

I very much appreciate the strong moralistic approach by a feloow Pak and will be avoiding such in writing also.

But, one sad thing that really hurts is that our fellow Pakistanis all over the world are very much slack on other evils like bribes, cheating, lying and hurting the fellow muslims.

Also the thing to feel ashamed about us is the lack of technical knowledge to keep the oil business of M.E away from the local hands.All engineering and technical work is being done by westwern firms while the Saudis or UAE collect a fraction of all oil income, which they squander it away more levishly on pleasures in UAE more than an American or Canadians will do.

I can tell Mr Z.M with confidence that what we observed with our eyes was unavoidable. And, I can also say that Glen and Bob and myself were spending almost 100 percent time on engineering planning of our jobs. But, luckily we were not blind to skip what was happening around as each of us had a pair of healthy eyes.

And our sexual moralistic(not monetary moralistic) values are made to remain insulated as the Islamic men of whatever small or big might or brain are relentlessly trying to make the wheels turn their ways and by embracing the west.

I can honestly and confidentially say that the children of the military powerful and the politically influential people are all finding their ways into America and the west even at the cost of cheating the national finances.

At least we came here on our own and I am coming back soon.All I came with was 300 dollars in my pocket besides my plane ticket forty years ago.Since then, money flow had been in the Pak direction. Even after my retirement next year, I will be spending in Pak many times more than the best job would have paid me if I had stayed there.May be I made not so correct decision or may be I did. But, I could have been much more wiser with my money in Canada if I did not fall into some traps of vice acts.




Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 09 May, 2007

A.M. wrong impression cleared(I hope)

Thanks A.M for clearing wrong impression.

A.M:“ I have never spent a penny on a pros , mentioned gentler conduct of Pak females those places not brothels but can be called liberal social places within behaviour religious like honest Saudis Iranians engage into concubinage and Mutah ( discreet)”
I can tell Mr Z.M with confidence “ our sexual moralistic(not monetary moralistic) values are made to remain insulated as the Islamic men ”.

Mr A.M. , You are fine .

As 50% European 50% Pakistani . My Sister and I look 50%European but we100% fast we do some prayer treasure Islamic value to the extent that we would not even kiss on the cheek like Saudis .We are both executive we both live in our own luxury homes at home in EU- N America Earn Top Salaries for Multinational corporations (just U or exact 30 yrs age).We missed Our rishtadar .Mr A.M. you confused us very badly at crucial time when We want to invite a man or a girl from Pakistan or Around for rishta and develop on assumption of piety. Our father also retiring worked in EU N America S Arabia Pakistan Iran Turkey in engineering and projects and we have multi Citizenship multi passports EU- N America and travel extensively.We live life of purity good health and try to be happy and content and do not like Muslim comedian making jokes like Danish .We consider Islam as success of highest quality.

Z M, Pakistan - 10 May, 2007

External Disastor and Internal Politics

Technically speaking, there's nothing "illicit" about Bush's veto. The American Constitution renders the President a pathalogically powerfull person. Its Bush's second veto. For general amusment, let me deliver some fun facts on the Presidential Veto: Care to know how many vetos did Clinton invoke? 36, Franklink D. Rosevelt? 600+! No wonder US historians call him the dictator who was on democracy's side. "The most powerfull man on earth" is'nt just a catchy tagline. Funny, I thought tinpot autocrats were the exclusive preserve of "military states" (e.g. the rouge Pakistan). But hey who am I to judge? Being a Pakistani, what could I possibly know about democracy. Its an arcane art, requiring years of patience to master it. Not to mention trillions spent on brainwashing the masses. It is an undertaking best left to the maestros of illusion. Maybe Qazi sahab could illucidate some more on this from his call-centre in Mumbai. After all, he is part of another glorious democracy (incidently the world's biggest). Maybe he could start by expounding on the dynamics India's entrenched caste system, or the masacre of countless Sikhs during the reign of demonic Indra, or perhaps the latest Gujrat massacre or maybe the communist insurgency in the east. I am certainly not entitled to bring Kashmeer up (savage Pakistan is to blame for that ofcourse).

Quite frankly, the Americans (or at least the American political machine) is in a jam. The war in Iraq, a pitiable failure this, has no purpose, no reason and no objectives that can be achieved to declare victory. The Democrat backed funding bill are just political games for scoring brownie points against the warmongering Republicans. But Im not suffering from short term memory loss. I distinctly recall, that when Bush was embarking on this collosal madness, quite a number of Democrats, including the great John Kerry signed up for it. All they want now is to shield the next President from the unsavory effects of a prolonged, lost war. Recalling the troops is a the admission of defeat. And defeat is a tabboo in the US, especially after Vietnam. So the mantra of the Democrats is that Bush started it all so he should face the consequences. I would beg to differ. I think the Democracts are equally culpable. Shared responsibilty for collective actions. Is'nt that how a great democracy should function?

Hamood Khan, Pakistan - 10 May, 2007

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