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Bush-Kerry Race for Presidency

03 September, 2004

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President Bush surprised many of his critics in his one hour long speech to the Republican Delegates gathered at the Convention Center, with his eloquence, and his exuberating confidence in his pitch and convincing delivery.Mr. Bush presented an Agenda for America, USA's agenda is now more global than domestic. In his remarks, Mr. Bush was very clear about his continued struggle to bring Democracy to Middle east providing a freedom from tyranny, and an equal opportunity to oppressed women.

Mr. Bush did mention successes in USA's relationships with Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, in its fight against global terror.

Senator John Kerry released the statement in response to President Bush’s convention speech.He said "The election comes down to this. If you believe this country is heading in the right direction, you should support George Bush. But if you believe America needs to move in a new direction, join with us."

Bush Has a Record of Failure on Key Issues: Jobs, Economy, Health Care, Homeland Security and National Security.Bush Has Failed to Come Up With a Single New Idea To Change His Course of Failure.Bush Continued His Negative Campaign of Misleading about John Kerry’s Record.Bush Has Failed America.

1- Whom would you like to see as the next President of America ?

2- Who would be good for Pakistan, Bush or Kerry ?

3- How do you see the political career of both Bush and John Kerry ?

Reader Comments:

I was surfing and found this site. I am a white US female, and was very interested to read everyones comments.
I am supporting Kerry for many reasons. My husband is a Union Iron Worker which was layed off for 6 months. I see so much poverty sufficating our location and everyone around me. Companies moving out of country. This you do not see on the news daily while people loose their houses and cars. I dont see economy getting better and no end in site. Unions are dying while republicans are in office. I do not support Bush for envading Iraq like he has. NO mass destruction found. Figures. He just wanted to get in there and finish what daddy didnt. I believe he and Chaney have profited off the war and I believe the Americans supporting Bush has their heads stuck in the sand not to realize what the truth is about Bush. He does not care about the people in his country unless they are the rich. That is who seems to be profiting from his presidency. Kerry has been in Vietnam war and I can not hold it against him for something he said or did as a young man. Who hasnt done or said something they regreted later? Bush isnt even active in looking for who was responsible for 9/11. I tell you why. They were all in bed together. That is what I believe. There is so many corrupt people in the government. People are dog eat dog and think of only number one. We need good canadates,but there will never be a perfect canidate because no one could ever agree. Dont get me wrong. I am glad I was born here and have had great freedoms. The good thing about the US is we vote for who we think we need to vote for and I must vote for what is good for my family. There is so much to say to support my veiws but not enough time to go through them all. Bush is for the rich. Kerry is for the working class. Bush has proven this during his term. Our troops are tierd and stretched thin. I feel for them and their families as my husband served during the first gulf war. Kerry does not flip flop if you really do investigating. It is the Bush party that is telling everyone he does.
Bush will say anything to get elected. Too bad he doesnt have the intellegence Kerry has as Bush can not think for himself. DId you watch him after the plane hit 9/11 while he read my pet goat? It took him 12 minutes after being told we were under attack and his people came and had him excuse himself because he did not know what to do. He is not running the country. His daddys buddies are. This is a sad time for the USA.

LElam, United Kingdom - 26 October, 2004

gerald wheres your mathamatical head

Hello gerald who writes i will vote for bush because he owns less property for the secret service to secure as the next president Hello George W. Bush is casting the largest deficet in american history and it will be our children and grandchidren paying for his financial irresponsibility! Lets put this in taxpayers laymens terms. How would you feel if your father spent so much money over his budget and coudn't declare bankruptcy and passed his tremendous debt down to you and you were accountable for this debt, even though you didn't incurr it? Where are these politicians fiscal responsibility. Osama bin laden is laughing his head off! Number one he never dreamed that two airplanes would ever take down the two trade center buildings! Number two he never dreamed we would invade Iraq and make the people of the middle east start thinking that this a muslim and christian crusade. The biggest laugh is george bush's belief that the war is better fought on middle east land then america"s because bush is spending us in to irreversable debt by fighting this war abroad instead of focusing the dollars towards terrorists like bin laden he is saying lets kill iraqiis innocent or guilty because their lives are less important. A president that only cares about himself and cannot admit his own mistakes has no place leading a country like the united states into a war built on lies! The republicans for decades have always said demecrats are for taxing and spending the american people, and also less goverment! This president has created the biggest goverment has let coporations raped this country of jobs,regulations and the environment. He mr. bush brings himself off as a compassionate republican and then repulses the republicans because he is a right wing religious zealout that believs his religios beliefs are what american needs to live by! Hello, our forefathers fought the reveloutionary war to free us from religios rule and persecution. Are we better off if we become a country like iran where religious leaders lead our country and outlaw things that the dictator decides is antimoral. We in america, if we vote for bush better get ready for our women to start wearing burkas because president bush wants to liberate the world and while he is doing that take away the rights of americans so he can protect us. Believe me i would rather have a fox guarding my chicken coop than have george bush guarding it, Him and his right wing communists that want all americans working at walmart or burgerking need to go back were ever they came from and stop telling people in iraq which type of goverment they need to support or they will bomb them into hell. Do they actually think they are winning support of the iraqiis by doing this! Where the hell was in school in history lessons? Russia tried implementing the communist goverment in the soviet east blocs in the 80"s DID IT WORK? all of the countries fell back and chose their own goverment years later. So george is so stuck in his religious mind that he believes that they will accept to become democratic when they have been religiously suppressed for 40 years. WE will under george bush spend billions of dollars and waste american soldiers to promote democracy while on the homeland front he takes away our liberties and there are actually ignorant americans that believe it is more moral to vote for a president that doen't own to many houses for the american secret service to protect because it would cost the american people to much! GO FIGURE

bruce mcpartland, United Kingdom - 27 October, 2004

Don't alawys wish for what you want!

You people want to vote for bush and want him back in office. Well don't always wish for want you want! When he does and israel bombs iran or we americans cross the border for uranium and A- bombs your kids will be drafted into george W's own personal religious war then 80 percent of you republicans will i bet deny you even ever voted for him! Sacrifice starts at home my fellow americans think before you vote your childs life might depend on it!

bruce mcpartland, United Kingdom - 27 October, 2004

america on a destuctive path

The leaders in office believe in imperielism that countries that don't conform are going to be forced to under george bushs strike first policy! Well where are the borders drawn. We are in iraq because of the strategic location and the oil! Goerge said in the beginning they had weapons of mass destruction and that the revenues from tthe oil would pay for the war! LIE! He said the war was a war on terror! LIE! He is now next to iran. Do any of you americans have sons? He in the beginning acted like he cared about the palistinians, now where is his redhoric? A man should be not judged by his words, I have learned but by his actions! What are george"s ? The price of gas is not going down since the chinese are going through an industrial revolution compared to americas in the early 1900"s. So why do we americans believe in a leader that is leading us in to unsurmountable debt, war , sacrifice and are going to be financially second best to china when we spend ourselves into debt as a country to try to compete with china for the oil in the middle east. Hello china is the most favored nation in the untied states and is communist and will be the new super power of the world financially. I hope americans know how to live poor in soup lines for the american dream has been sold out to foriegn interests!

bruce mcpartland, United Kingdom - 27 October, 2004

Bush, the next President.

In my opinion, Mr. Bush is a bettr candidate. The Americans need a strong man that Democrates failed to produce in forty years.

Bishop Timotheus Nasir, Pakistan - 27 October, 2004

Bush-Kerry Race For Presidency

Bush is better of two evil.

Bush has backed out. He has made friendly
relationship with Pakistan and muslim nations.
Bush has decided not to ignore power of
Allah for science promotion.Bush has noticed
miracle of Allah.

Bush has decided to return Iraq to Iraqis.World
job losses is due to economic gain in China and
elsewhere evolved in Reagan,Bush sr.Clinton
Blair regime.

Kerry is not fighting election to address
problem of povery,job business requisites
in USA.He is not educated or skilled enough
or religious enough to mention a word called
"God".He is certainly a Pharoah who says :"I
know no other god more powerful than that of
president cic of USA -Nato allied to terrorize muslim

Barbarian muslim oil fields( free asset kerry empire)!

Kerry is fighting " cave storm" with "we are absolutely
united in our determination to hunt down osama bin
ladin,muslim terrorists,muslim barbarians."

Kerry(soldier) is just about fit to live and build Afghanistan-pakistan
region of Osama Bin Ladin caves in full- time effort ?

belal_zakaria, Canada - 30 October, 2004

Bush shows his illiteracy in ever speech he performs. He is a threat to the whole world. He is onesidet and only cares about sharon and his friends.

Wilhelm G. Herrmann, Georgia - 30 October, 2004


1.THE WAR IN IRAQ-He lied us into War.
2.THE WAR ON TERROR-He has made us less safe from Terrorism.
3.Jobs:HE put 3 million Americans out of work.
4.THE DEFICIT-HE spent money like a drunken sailor.
5.THE PATRIOT ACT-he undermined our most basic freedoms
6.CRONY CAPITALISM-He sold America out to special interests.
7.FOREIGN POLICY-He ruined America's standing in the World
8.THE ENVIORMENT-He's the worst president ever
9. BROKEN PROMISES-HE's a divider ,Not a Uniter
10.The Credability Gap-HE NVER TELLS THE TRUTH
Florida- he stole the election in 2000

anum khan, United Kingdom - 30 October, 2004

Bush-Kerry Race For Presidency

Kerry:"we will legalise for USA to buy cheap drugs from Canada".This is only thing kerry offered for Canada-UK already in Iraq-Iran oilfields.

Both Kerry and Bush are Christian Jihadist who fought election to defeat Islam by just defeating Osama bin Ladin terrorists.Kerry -bush Allied Army oil executives wish to run oilfields of
iraq-Iran region via Israel.
Bush or kerry 's USA election ? CRITERIA
Oil should be priced for the requisite of muslim army.Time is ripe to push G8 out of oil grip.
Bush kerry race for presidency war on terrorism is call for muslim to revolt with real Jihad for
the protection of muslim lives.Muslim must not die so cheaply anymore under Bush or Kerry.

belal_zakaria, Canada - 01 November, 2004

Bush-Kerry Race

I would like to express my gratitude for what I believe in my heart is a "peace offering". It seems as though someone believes in the goodness of the American people more than we ourselves do and this is expressed by even offering an explanation and a way to achieve peace. Unfortunately I don't think the American people, myself excluded, believe it. Part of it has to do with our media (which is at the hand of the government). They have portrayed the offering as "code" for another attack. We don't get to see the entire commentary. We are too busy with the upcoming election. Both of our presidential candidates have said they will stop at nothing to hunt down and kill terrorists and their leaders no matter what. I am dissappointed that our people are so blind to this opportunity and are so afraid of their own power. Since most of our people (voters) are followers of a man named Jesus, I will leave you with this before tomorrow's vote:

Matthew 5:38
"You have head that it was said, 'Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.' But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. ... You have heard that it was said 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemy..."

Our government is not able to do this, but we as individuals can. No matter who wins tomorrow, that does nothing to change the power we have as individuals. In honor of all Muslims, I for one am going to fast for the remaining days of Ramadan and read the Quran to better understand...everything.

M(Maria), United Kingdom - 01 November, 2004


congratulations to president musharaf of pakistan on the re election of his great friend BUSH...another 4 years of tyranny ensured in pakistan.......and in the Islamic world.

qaisar, Pakistan - 03 November, 2004

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