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Bush-Kerry Race for Presidency

03 September, 2004

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President Bush surprised many of his critics in his one hour long speech to the Republican Delegates gathered at the Convention Center, with his eloquence, and his exuberating confidence in his pitch and convincing delivery.Mr. Bush presented an Agenda for America, USA's agenda is now more global than domestic. In his remarks, Mr. Bush was very clear about his continued struggle to bring Democracy to Middle east providing a freedom from tyranny, and an equal opportunity to oppressed women.

Mr. Bush did mention successes in USA's relationships with Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, in its fight against global terror.

Senator John Kerry released the statement in response to President Bush’s convention speech.He said "The election comes down to this. If you believe this country is heading in the right direction, you should support George Bush. But if you believe America needs to move in a new direction, join with us."

Bush Has a Record of Failure on Key Issues: Jobs, Economy, Health Care, Homeland Security and National Security.Bush Has Failed to Come Up With a Single New Idea To Change His Course of Failure.Bush Continued His Negative Campaign of Misleading about John Kerry’s Record.Bush Has Failed America.

1- Whom would you like to see as the next President of America ?

2- Who would be good for Pakistan, Bush or Kerry ?

3- How do you see the political career of both Bush and John Kerry ?

Reader Comments:

Liberals Rock

I am going for Bush although I am a Liberal. Just because I think he should clean up his own mess or further ruin things so he and his party can dissapear from the political scene for a long while. Chainy will get rich though and the world is going to suffer. Bush is truely a shame to Americans and Humanity. He should complete his agenda and be accountable for it. Liberals Rule.

Hooman (Iranian- Canada), Canada - 26 September, 2004

What has happened to this nation's insight,will they let Bush rock and roll for next four years,invading some more nations to save "Who"?

, Pakistan - 26 September, 2004

i have sympathy for american voters, both the candidates do not qualigy for being president, the level of candidates are going bush and kerry to previous presidents of america, these guys are way below par.and once there is grabage at the top, ultimatly it will start to come down to lower levels, if the level of candidates will continue like this, then indeed god bless america.......

Aqdas, Pakistan - 27 September, 2004

Stereotyping Gets Us Nowhere

I find it humorous to hear those that don't even live in America judging the part of the nation that votes for Bush as "the redneck, trailor park voters." First, making derogatory judgments about people is one of the top reasons why there is no peace in places like Afghanistan and Iraq- everyone believes their own relgion and culture to be superior to others, and no one can get along; it doesn't seem a logical argument to find Bush incompetent as a President, based on stereotypes you make of other people- that's exactly what we need not to do. It's people like you who hinder any progress made in peace. If you don't agree with Bush's policies then you use the policies, and not your own oblivious, stereotypical knowledge of people you don't even know.I'm voting for Bush, and you know nothing about me- do you want to stereotype me now? Think before you speak.

Marigo Hamilton, United Kingdom - 27 September, 2004

You Choose

Your point is well taken about stereotyping. A quick look around the Internet though reveals that public opinion forums are seldom the place to find civility ;-). The PakTribune is to be commended for publishing differing opinions (however inarticulate). The editors have real risks that we do not.

Having lived outside of the USA, I've had a lot of experience with reflex anti-Americanism, some of which was warranted, but most all of which was overstated, simplistic, far-fetched, or self-serving. The American/Canadian lifestyle is far more ethical, grand and uplifting than the strawman stereotypes some people choose to believe and propagate. If identification with great worldly power and influence can distract us from the better angels of our nature, so too can identification with little worldly power and influence (we website contributors are probably among the latter regardless of our nationality eh?). I always consider that there is something more concrete than my concepts that make me choose between living here and elsewhere.

Tawkis, United Kingdom - 28 September, 2004

Bush is a Loser

Kerry is the real man for the job. Its time americans wake up and vote kerry. Bush only wants another 4 years to further worsen the country

Ali Shahid, Indonesia - 01 October, 2004

Bush - Kerry Race for Presidency

Having listened to the first debate between President Bush and John Kerry I now know exactly how to win the war in Iraq. All the Americans have to do is be quiet - since the "militants" are fighting so VOCIFEROUSLY we should be able to hear them and pick them off one-by-one. ;-) Our president really needs to stick to simple words and not go out of his vocabulary comfort zone. That way we won't be stereotyped as a nation of idiots as well if he wins again.

Tawkis (by the way it may be cheap, but it is so underrated in its power) spoke of the anti-Americanism from those of other nations. Some of this, I agree, is justified, some is not. Not all Americans are the same. It is great that we can vote knowing if the Democrats win, they won't throw all of the Republicans in jail. But to look at the bigger picture let me ask anyone in any country this question: Do you see America (the most powerful nation in the world) and Americans (being citizens of the most powerful nation I'll venture to call us the most powerful people in the world) as being stewards to the rest of the world, or as a bully to the rest of the world? Have we ever been a steward to the world? I think within this answer lies the anti-Americanism towards all Americans.

Those of us who get really upset at the way things are done or the lack of effort to care for those in the world who need our help are told "there is nothing you can do". I find this very hard to swallow. Sure there are people here and there within the system who rise up against the system and they, after a while, are strategically eliminated. I feel as though I am not allowed to say things such as maybe I understand why people like Osama Bin Laden use violence against us. As a small nation what are their choices? Could they levy sanctions? Could they complain to the U.N.? There is just nothing they can do except take up arms against us because that is the only way we will even acknowledge they exist. Or how about if I were to say I can understand why people like Bin Laden hate our culture. I addressed this in a previous comment, but our culture seems to spread like a disease and you have to refuse all of it to keep your own culture alive. It is not my intention to create more animosity against Americans, only to try to explain what is with us. Most of it I don't understand myself. Our forefathers saw to it that there were certain checks and balances in our system of government to keep it "of the people, by the people, for the people". These seem to have been eliminated over the years. But all we do anymore is vote and buckle up for the ride. (Some of us are laughing and "yee-hawing" and others are so sick we could vomit.)

Someone in a previous comment said they thought every country had the right to defend itself. I agree. But I also feel that every country or group has the right to be heard - even those we feel are against us. If you have a neighbor who keeps complaining (maybe rightfuly so) about the way you treat him and his family and you keep ignoring him, maybe you turn other neighbors against him, he will definitely get frustrated enough to lash out at you. Is that so hard to understand?

M (Maria), United Kingdom - 02 October, 2004

Job interview

Presidential debates: A televised job interview
Employers (Voters) look for certain things when a potential employee (Candidate) presents themselves at an interview. As an employer I would like for my employee to have the ability to express themselves as it relates to their job duties. Let's say I'm an employer and I own a hypothetical company that provides a service involving national and international business. The job requires problem solving, analytical reasoning and conflict resolution. The international aspect of this business makes all of these things very difficult because of cultural and language barriers.
The prospective employee gets an interview with my company because they meet the minimum requirements; degree, experience, etc. The application shows they have impressive qualifications and good references. However, when the prospective employee expresses themselves I want to know that they can do just that. I want to know that they have the ability to work and communicate with the diverse cultures my company represents. In fact, some of the business involves security issues here and abroad, which can be very tenuous. In addition, they should be able to communicate back to me regarding the status of ongoing business. Their job is made a little easier as support staff and aids are provided. The foreign language requirement is optional because interpreters are provided. I sit down with the prospective employee at the first interview.

"My business has national and international interests. The job requires dealing with issues such as security, money and oil. Why should my company hire you for this position?"
Prospective employee responds,
"This kind of business is very hard, it's tough work, but I am confident I'm the right man for the job."

"Why and how are you the right man for the job?" I ask.

The employee responds, "Well like I said, this is hard work, but I have experience with this kind of business as my resume reflects. I've done this kind of stuff before. There will be tough decisions to make, but I assure that I will do what is best for the company. I see great things for this company in the future."

"What about those tough decisions. Can you give me more specifics?" I ask.

The interviewee replies, "I have a degree and good qualifications for this job. I don't mind telling you that I am a Christian because tough decisions for me will be guided somewhat by those values. And a lot of decisions come down to faith and what you believe in your heart to be true, in my opinion. I feel my beliefs will strengthen the bonds with all of your clients. International and national issues are tough to deal with, but I feel I can persevere and not waiver under the tough decisions."
The interview concluded after 45 minutes, as I had another candidate scheduled at the top of the hour.
As it turned out I didn't hire this employee for this position. I sent him a rejection letter.
Dear applicant,
Thank you for interviewing with my company. I regret to inform you that you were not selected for this position.
I enjoyed the interview, but this position requires more than strong opinions, heart felt assurances, tough attitude and tough mindedness, in my opinion. The analytical, problem solving and verbal abilities must be very strong for this position. An unwavering attitude is beneficial, but sometimes decisions require more than just conviction in this business. I respect your Christian beliefs, but sometimes our beliefs can be an obstacle to a particular business goal, in my opinion. I would've liked to hear how you would handle talks and relations with specific clients and how you would use the available resources to assist you in building and maintaining those relations. You have several years experience so as you can imagine I was looking for more detail. The international aspect of our business can be dangerous and problematic, so detail oriented plans and understanding of the logistics are required. Also, I would like to know how you would communicate with me and my company. My associates and I would need to be informed in a timely manner regarding the sensitive issues involved in these transactions and negotiations.
In Closing, I don't feel that your interview was strong enough to give you this particular job. Your conviction and attitude is admirable. I enjoyed meeting you.
Thanks again for your time.

P.S. There will be another round of interviews in the near future for another position in my company. This position deals specifically with the domestic economic policies of my company here in the U.S. You are welcome to sit for another interview. I suggest doing some homework and research on the specifics involved so when you interview again you can communicate in more detail. This will help me to better assess your ability to perform the stated job requirements.

Good Luck and God Bless

Shannon, United Kingdom - 03 October, 2004

Bush-Kerry Race for Presidency

The 2004 USA election is simple: Bush will win, again, either by vote fraud or simply because the non-Muslim people are too easily deceived by the kuffaar American government.


What is wrong with the kuffaar media? - They don't even bother to report the facts on the news channel on TV.

The US government claims that 1000 of their soldiers have so far died in Iraq - but the real number is roughly 2000 minimum kuffaar american soldiers killed in Iraq, and 3000 maximum kuffaar american soldiers killed in iraq as of October 2005, according to independent reliable sources (as a rough estimate).

Every week, kuffaar American soldiers are being killed in Iraq in their dozens but the kuffaar media does not report this - only last week or so it was reported and photographed that several mass graves of kuffaar American soldiers had been discovered in Iraq, buried by the unbelieving American soldiers themselves - again, the media doesn't report this!

Don't worry, the kuffaar think they can get away with corruption on earth, but the truth of their actions and the real truth about many issues, including casualty fighures, who did 9-11, why they invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, the real reasons will all be revealed in the Hereafter.

By the way, the Muslims are lying in wait for the kuffaar American soldiers, no doubt about that, be it in Iran or Syria, the Muslims are ready to fight.

Razur Rahman, United Arab Emirates - 05 October, 2004

None of the Above

The only logical reason I see anyone voting for Kerry is just to get Bush out, which I would agree with if I thought the USA would be any better off or safer with Kerry in office. My problem is that I don't feel we would be any safer, or that he would be any better for America in any way. Bush, on the other hand, doesn't have that much better a track record. His domestic policies need ALOT of improvement, his dealing with other nations could use a little improvement, but I have to agree with not waiting on other nations to approve before the US has to use its millitary. I don't think we should have gone into Iraq the way we did, I personally feel we should have sent a few Special Forces squads in to take out Saddam and his sons, maybe a few of his top Generals, then let those down lower on the chain of power move up to fill in the void and give them a chance to do better. Once they saw Saddam taken out they might think twice before violating UN Sanctions without killing both US and Iraq soldiers and citizens. Then we could've worked on getting them Democracy at a slower pace, as well as make other leaders in terrorist nations think twice before supporting terrorism. I don't think Kerry is going to be good for the US, and I don't think Bush is going to be good for the US, but better to stick with the Devil you know than one you don't. Kerry's past shows he's no more fit to be CIC of the US than Bush is, a little worse in fact. Bush is more "Cowboy'ish" than he should be, Kerry doesn't know where he stands except to vote against ANY millitary spending and vote for Tax increases on an already over-taxed population. Bush wants to let anyone and everyone into the US with his immigration policies, and make the rest of the world angry with us by his "broadsword" approach to going after terrorists and those who harbor them. People blame the economy on him now, but anyone with any sense knows that economies aren't made or broken in one presidents term, he inherited a failing economy, and I personally think he's done what he could to make it better, but it's not the governments job to control all of the economy, nor can they. They CAN influence it, and have some effect on it, but they can't really make it go totally one way or another in 4 years, not without other branches of government going along. Blaming the economy on Bush is idiotic thinking and ignorant of the world economy. But, on the other hand, Bush has done things that don't help as well, war doesn't do our economy any favors in the near future. Strike teams or surgical strikes are another animal, can be almost as effective, and strike fear into other terrorist nations, but that has it's drawbacks too. With the war in Iraq, the terrorists, who are mostly based in the Middle East, have a target they can easily strike at (The US millitary), which has the effect of keeping a huge number of them busy and out of the US. Which in turn is good for the US, bad for innocent Iraqi's. Terrorists are not bright people, they don't understand reason or the true ways of the world, they just mainly think they get to go to heaven if they kill infidels. Dumb idiots don't realize how much easier they'd have it if they just devoted more energy to making their country a better place for their children. But that's another story. In the US we are now faced with Kerry or Bush as our country's leader in the future, neither of which is a good choice for America. This is an election where we need a way to vote for "None of the Above". Bush isn't going to be able to get away with going to war with another country unless we are directly attacked, he would be impeached. Kerry wouldn't get anything done, and his voting record shows that what he would get done wouldn't be good for america either, and other world leaders wouldn't pay him any attention. Of course he'd have to find ways to vote for and against something at the same time, which isn't as easy if you're the President :)
Bush is a "Cowboy", Kerry is a joke, hmmmm, who to vote for? Nader? I don't think so! We need another choice but we don't have one, I'm sorry Kerry fans, but just because you want Bush out is no reason to vote for Kerry, let's get realistic here. In absense of a valid candidate, I guess I'll have to vote for the "Devil" I already know, with the knowledge that he won't be able to invade any other countries that don't attack the US without being impeached. I want Bush out of office, but not at the price of having Kerry in the most powerful office in the world. Bush will at least take the fight to the area of the world the terrorists live in rahter than my neighborhood. My only regret is for the innocent Iraqi's who suffer because they are so afraid to stand up and take their country while they have the chance, and suffer with needless deaths because of it.
Hopefully next election we will have a REAL candidate.

Mike Key, United Kingdom - 06 October, 2004

No matter who wins, Iraq and some other parts of world are facing very hard consequences of american policies. Everyone talks about America's safety or safer america after sadam. what about iraq? is iraq a safer place without sadam? if not, then dont vote for Bush. As much as Kerry is concerned he dosent have proper plans for iraq. america cant pull her army from iraq and leave it as it is. it would be worse for iraq.
though Bush has good ties with Pakistan and even better has Musharaf with america but at the cost of pakistan internal security. majority in Pakistan oppose terrorism in America and every where else but they alao want proper defination of terrorism, rights and penatlities for terrorists and if governments of pakistan and usa consider it worthy some proof against some terrorist charges.
I want to know what american people are thinking about situation of iraq. are they informed about inocent bloodshed in iraq? if they are then why such a civilsed nation, who has power to select king of the world(american president), is so quite? The policies of Bush administrtaion has increased the hate for among muslim world. if people in west (not every one) consider muslims terrorist because they attack their armless inocent citizens, then what do expect muslims to consider who attack their houses, families and religious places? if west call these people terrorist then americans in uniform are tyrant terrorits. I dont know what civilized people of america think nut my opinion is a human life is priceless no matter whether it is in washington or in kabul or in baghdad.

Sheeraz Nazeer, Pakistan - 09 October, 2004

Love and Compassion

I am a citizen of the United States. I love my country and its people but I do not agree with the policies of my government. Bush in my opinion is a 'war merchant, all his solutions to 'peace' are war. We cannot fight violence with violence, it only causes more violence. The label 'terrorist' is being used quite freely today without any consideration of the real concerns and conditions of disenfranchised peoples of the world. We called the Palestine people terrorists for years without hearing any of their concerns or their suffering. We seem to thinks that some weapons are good weapons and some are not. We use depleted uranium in our so called 'smart weapons' that leave nuclear legacies in all the countries we have bombed since 1991. Poor countries do not have advanced weapons so they use any method they can to 'defend' themselves and we critize them for such methods and call them terrorists. There are many evil people in this world and those people are measured by the violence they do to other citizens of the world. There is not a religion, or class, or nationality that is more or less violent then another. This is ethnic profiling to think that one people is more violent then another. We as people of the world must learn to communicate. We must learn to have compassion for the suffering of others. We must learn to love our neighbors and live in peace when there are differences or we will not survive as a planet. I support Kerry, I believe he will bring intelligent dialog to the tables to discuss matters of importance to our conflicts with other peoples. We as citizens MUST begin to think globally and embrace the goodness of others. War is good for the rich but the average people pay a high price for corporate greed. The U.S. should be ashamed of itself for being so self-centered and all consuming of the resources of the world. We seems to be a nation without a conscience these days. In closing I would like to say when we as peoples give up the concerpt of 'enemy' we will begin to live in peace. I will vote for Kerry and hope that he can hear the voices of the majority of Americans and not 'the corporate elite'. Peace be with you.

Pat Porter, Pakistan - 09 October, 2004

President Bush

after watching the 2 debates i still feel I am voting for Bush I do not feel secure with Kerry
he's not convincing when it comes to national security even though hes extremely well articulate and knowledgeable hes not convincing when it comes to national security

maria, United Kingdom - 10 October, 2004


Food For Thought

Some people are using this information to help them decide how to vote in November.
Most of us haven't thought about this—no matter how much we like or dislike candidates,
We must consider the cost of security in reference to the places and properties that they own, and what it will cost us.
Whoever is Elected, you and I will pay upkeep and secret service protection for five Kerry mansions here in the United States plus those he and his wife own abroad. It is good to be John F. Kerry, the F stands for Forbes in case you ever wondered. He is one of the richest senators in government and he married even richer. Their properties certainly reflect their opulent lifestyle. When someone is elected president, the Secret Service has to protect this person and family as well as their property – for as long as the president and his spouse lives.

Beacon Hill, Boston $6.9 million.
As mentioned, the Kerry's have five US properties and several foreign properties. The cost to run one of these homes for a year is more than upper middle income Americans could afford, even if the rent was free, and all you had to pay was the water, gas and electric bills (we won't mention grounds keepers, maintenance, pool, cooks, and house keepers).

Fox Chapel, PA $3.7 million (this is their shanty).
If Kerry becomes president each property requires staffed secret service security 24 hours a day. Security improvements to each home will come at tax payer expense. Even if the Kerry's never use all the properties they will be retrofitted, just in case they drop by for a weekend.
Facilities for the secret service agents must also be provided on each property. Who do you think will pay for this? We pay! This takes all the expense off Kerry and puts it on us. Bill Clinton is paying for his New York manor house by charging the government monthly rent for the required secret service facility. The monthly rent is nearly three times more than his mortgage payment. So we tax payers are buying his house and he pockets the extra money from the rent on the secret service facility. Then he gets to write off the interest on his mortgage. Well, he has broke from defending his immortal skullduggery, so maybe we should feel sorry for old Slick Willie.

Georgetown, Washington D.C. $4.7 million.

Ketchum, Idaho $4.92 million.

What does it cost to staff one property in terms of secret service agents? Let's just talk about his American properties. Each property would require 5 agents per 6 hour shift 4 times a day 365 days a year for the rest of Kerry's life and however long his widow might live. In addition, we pay to house and feed these agents at each property for the duration. Do your math! Five properties requiring five agents per shift, times four shifts. That is 20 agents per day per property, 365 days per year. Lets say each agent receives a salary of about $60K (this doesn't include insurance, retirement, etc; add 30 % of salary for that). There will also be vehicles, repairs, gas, and other miscellaneous costs. Straight salary and benefits for 100 agents for one year would cost $7,800,000. We can only guess at the cost of retrofitting each property, building the facility necessary to house the agents and the monthly rent for each facility.

Nantucket, MA $9.18 million.

On the other hand, George Bush owns one house – the one at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

No-one minds one property, not even two, but Kerry's five in the U.S. and those abroad? Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Kerry should offer to foot the bill for all but two of these properties if they want anyone to consider his candidacy. Personally, I do not trust him to do the right thing.
Paying for the Kerry mansions is only a small part of my concern about this man sitting in the White House. TAX and SPEND Kerry – that's his party motto. I'd rather see the money we'd spend protecting his fancy properties go toward health care, our military, and Homeland Security.
Which America does he live in? Not the same one I live in – that's for sure!
Please pass the mustard; Do America a favor and pass this to your friends.
Let's keep President Bush a resident of the White House rather than spend millions and millions to protect Kerry's preferred lifestyle and opulent properties.
Does Kerry know what it feels like to be poor or out of work and having 5 kids and a wife to support?
I don't think so.


gerald kacak, United Kingdom - 15 October, 2004

evr1 is lying

the world we live in is all a lie. WHY!

Raeesah, United Arab Emirates - 20 October, 2004

why this??

why the trouble/war/disturbance comes in muslim staes or muslim dominated area. Have insight look, find the problem? Most possibly solution lies with muslim community only? I am not elaborating much, clever guys can catch it?

kamal, Hungary - 22 October, 2004

Sugarland Muslims & Tom Delay

We the Muslims living in Sugarland, TX are not only voting for Kerry but also working hard to dump the criminal Tom Delay. This man does not represent us. He abused power and played in the hands of
American Fanatics known as neo conservatives. Today, he was subpoenaed to apprear in court to testify about his office sending Homeland Security agents after his polical opponents..I never believed this would happen in America...

Folks, we live in Fort Bend county..a stronghold for Republicans..and it is amaging to watch how the race is getting closer and closer. and Inshallah this racist s.o.b is going to pay for his crimes. That is the power of our votes. Muslim Votes are for Morrison and of course for Kerry.

Anwar Raza, United Kingdom - 22 October, 2004

Swing State Voter

Guess what guys, I'm from a place in the US that actually matters in electing the Pres.

New York and California might as well stay home, their votes won't matter. Places like Ohio, Missouri, Flordia and Pennsylvania are the States that get to decide because we swing our votes every 4 years to the best person for the job.

Missouri majority has voted for the winning candidate in every election since 1916.

And guess what...
Bush is winning Missouri this year. Don't believe it? Our State just added a bad on Gay marrage to our constitution in August.

Kerry is for Gay Marrage
Kerry is for Abortion
Kerry is against Religion.

How can any Muslim support those values?

Chris from Kansas City, United Kingdom - 22 October, 2004

Kerry for President

Bush is a war mongering tool of the fanactic christian right. His kind believe in the manifest destiny of their god's right to rule the world and only use democracy and other popular rights to lull the foolish into believing in their "shadow agenda". He will plunge the entire world into a terrible, cataclysmic war believing he can't loose because "god is on our side". He is a modern day hitler and all the world's people will suffer if he steals another election in American. Kerry, no great shakes himself, is at least constrained by the idealogical restraints of his party that believes in world peace, justice for palastine, the poor and a preservation of the enviorment - mankind's last hope. Everyone who can should urge relatives and friends to vote for kerry.

Godfrey Sundmark, United Kingdom - 24 October, 2004

Muslim Voters

The Republican party has sold its soul to extereme right who have their own agenda. Even die hard Republic Voters are sick of it. Republican Agenda is now based on the fundamenal Judeo-Christian principles and they want to turn USA into a christian country and take away all the rights we the minorities acheived over the years. Bush is playing into the hands of powerful elite group who are dominating this party are openly anti Muslim.

On the other hand Democratic Party believes in religious freedom for every citizen and for all faiths. USA is not a christian country and we will never let it be.

Democrats also beleive in the separation of Church and State. Kerry represents us all not just a few and party is for Democracy around the world. Democrats will base American foreign policy for the best interest of America and not for the benefit of India or any other country.
On the other hand Republicans have no problem with world dictators, as long as they tow their lines.
In long run Kerry will be more open to Pakistan's needs than Bush. As far as Israel is concerned, Bush has encouraged and allowed Sharron to engage in destructive anti Muslim
behaviour. When Bill Clinton was president, Yaser Arfat visited
White House 6 times...A fact no can deny. Now who is more engaged Dems or Republicans. Republicans live in a fantasy world, where Muslim have no room. As far as obortions and gay rights are concerned, these matters are non issues in this race. There is only one issue...IRAQ ..If elections are held on Economic issues or health care, Republicans have already lost due to their poor performance.

Muslim know better, We are voting for Kerry>>

Remember 1300 Muslim arrests after 9/11? Remember how we were mistreated by Police and security at Airports? Remember how many lost jobs?
Repulican Party and Bush has allowed Halliburton to steal trillions of dollors from tax payers thru contracts. They even cheated IRAQI people by overcharging them when they sold cheap Kuwaiti gasoline to them. VP Cheny still on Halliburton's payroll.

It is our turn to get even..Our vote is our power

God bless America
Anwar Raza

Anwar Raza, Pakistan - 26 October, 2004

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