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Bush-Kerry Race for Presidency

03 September, 2004

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President Bush surprised many of his critics in his one hour long speech to the Republican Delegates gathered at the Convention Center, with his eloquence, and his exuberating confidence in his pitch and convincing delivery.Mr. Bush presented an Agenda for America, USA's agenda is now more global than domestic. In his remarks, Mr. Bush was very clear about his continued struggle to bring Democracy to Middle east providing a freedom from tyranny, and an equal opportunity to oppressed women.

Mr. Bush did mention successes in USA's relationships with Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, in its fight against global terror.

Senator John Kerry released the statement in response to President Bush’s convention speech.He said "The election comes down to this. If you believe this country is heading in the right direction, you should support George Bush. But if you believe America needs to move in a new direction, join with us."

Bush Has a Record of Failure on Key Issues: Jobs, Economy, Health Care, Homeland Security and National Security.Bush Has Failed to Come Up With a Single New Idea To Change His Course of Failure.Bush Continued His Negative Campaign of Misleading about John Kerry’s Record.Bush Has Failed America.

1- Whom would you like to see as the next President of America ?

2- Who would be good for Pakistan, Bush or Kerry ?

3- How do you see the political career of both Bush and John Kerry ?

Reader Comments:

Bush 2004

After hearing President Bush on Thursday nite, I truly believe he is the best candidate for Presidency. Me and 7 of my family members are voting for Bush.
I dont trust Kerry at all, especially his flip flops. A message to Canadians, why do you keep electing Liberal after they constantly lie to you and stole tax payers money? So Canadian liberals should keep their mouth shut and let me and my family vote for Mr. Bush.

Naeem John, United Kingdom - 03 September, 2004

finding mind?

It will be real tight race...
Hard for americans to find the right mind...
Hard for pakistanis to get any benefit from either except bombs & sanctions.

Salman Haider, Pakistan - 04 September, 2004

blind strokes !

So he did give an expressive speech! but it will not change in any manner the nation's very
shattered image abroad and in his own backyard.his lack of
foresight has not only placed his own nation in jeopardy,but
many others too.When he and his deputy dodged the vietnam
war,they attack Kerry for his
valour both in the battle and
his oppostion to the unjust war.What has happened to this
nation's insight,will they let
Bush rock and roll for next four years,invading some more
nations to save "Who".

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 06 September, 2004

Kerry a Flip Flopper

4 months of Vietnam including his self inflicted wounds and his mysterious travel to Cambodia has backfired.

Naeem John, United Kingdom - 09 September, 2004

This guy is typical example of ignorance who believe in each and everything said and showed on TV screen. He talked about flip flop which criminal mentally sick Bush has made as issue to destroy Kerry. The fact is changing position on issues to solve it can't be termed as flip flop, its called intelligent plan. This is one guy who represents the trailer park redneck American majority voters. We will inshaAllah deal with four more years of this radicial Christian right wing Conservative but it sure will bring more destruction to America. Stick to the policies of killing invasions, killing innocent children, civilians, women, elderly, unarmed teens can't make America or the world a "safe" place. I don't care if you don't publish this as well but standing up against lies and aggression is also a jihad. I fulfilled my duty.

K, Pakistan - 10 September, 2004


Presidential election of 2004 are very important in many ways. The most important issues are Homeland Security and economy. America has changed since 9/11, so are American policies (internal and external). What America has acheived under Bush administration in last four years, defines clearly where Bush stands.
I believe and the American people belive that President has done a great job in a very serious way to protect the America from terror and terrorist attacks. He has taken strong actions against al-Qeada network and today, becuase of his policies al-Qeada terrorist network is on run, disrupted and wounded if not fully dismantled. They (terrorists) cannot operate freely as they before. Because of his succesful foriegn policies almost every country is fighting against terrorism and do recognise that terrorism is a great threat to civilized world. He made America much safer by going to war against Saddam Hussein. President Bush is serious about peace in mid-east and around the world. The first President ever of United States, using word "two states" vision (Isreal and Palistine) and introduced the "Road Map" to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflect. Although, the peace process is not moving so forward as it should be, because of both parties(Israel & Palestinian Authorty) lack of commitment.
The economy is getting better but slowly and unemployment rate is going down.The only problem President Bush facing is jobs outsourcing to India and China, in fact, this is a real problem because American workers are losing their jobs.
Sen. John Kerry is taking lead when it comes to economy and jobs outsourcing. He is promising to do better.
It is going to be very close race according to the polls. However, when it comes to national security, President Bush is taking leading signifanctly.
Zulfikar A Tanoli USA

zulfikar a tanoli USA, United Kingdom - 10 September, 2004

K, Pakistan : Response to you

Problem is world is not use to see a Christian man in whitehouse who can stand up to extremists and terrorists. While islamic world is 99% conservative and involves religion with state, it does not want to accept a Christian man who does not drink or chases women like Clinton.
Standing up for your country's defence is not crazy. If Jihad is part of islam, Defending one's country should be acceptable for non muslims.

Naeem John, United Kingdom - 13 September, 2004

Yep, all you transplants

Our present government mentality is wrecking the economic and financial future of the United States. With our astronomical debt to China and our oil dependence for OPEC oil US currency will someday be on par with the Mexican Peso. After another four years of Bush and his stupid trade policies, trade imbalance, and national debt and loss of jobs the United States will be ready for another 1930s style depression. He will have done the work for the Jihadists by causing such a financial crisis in the United States Iraq will not have to worry about the US military interfering with their civil war because there will be one in the United States.

We are approaching $50 a barrel oil in America. With so many people here being out of work or paid minimum wage how will they pay $5 a gallon for gasoline in the US in 2 years and feed their family and he talks about people buying health insurance what a laugh. When China gets tired of loaning the United States billions of dollars a month then you will see the interest rate in the United States go to double digits over night. China will not do this until they have their fleet of attack nuclear submarines in place and then they will come to collect their debt and by force if necessary.

Dennis Garwitz, United Kingdom - 14 September, 2004

Vote for Bush, unless you want that Jane Fonda lover Kerry in the White House. I know many Vietnam Vets who hate his guts and will to this day never watch a movie that Jane Fonda appears in. With Kerry as President this country will never stand up for what is right.

Joe, United Kingdom - 14 September, 2004

Bush-Kerry Race for Presidency

First of all, Mr. Bush has done flip-flopping of his own not only during the 2000 election campaign (stealing McKain's platforms every other day or so), but more recently (are we winning the war on terrorism or not?) - so how about this - let he who has NOT sinned cast the first stone. Second of all, all politicians lie. It is their job to do so. Machiavelli's The Prince is required reading in "I wanna be a politician 101".

How can rich white men possibly understand what is best for us, for the people of Iraq, for the people of Afghanistan? Their mentality is so different. They never worry about their next meal, paying their bills, or what they might have to do if their car breaks down. They NEVER concern themselves with doing what is right - only what is in their best interests and the interests of those who are lining their pockets. We need REAL people in office. Unfortunately that will never happen, not anywhere. It really makes me want to crawl into a cave somewhere and live my life in peace not having to deal with this. Americans have their heads so far up their own asses that they cannot see what is going on, or they simply don't have the heart to acknowledge it (too busy, don't want to face the truth, etc.). Unfortunately that won't stop either.

I've lost faith in just about everything these days: my country, my people, other people. Please somebody stop the world - I want to get off.

M, United Kingdom - 15 September, 2004

"How can rich white men possibly understand what is best for us,..." (M,USA) They can't. They can't really understand their people. So how do u expect them to understand people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let them worry about their people first. As Bush said in his speech...we know where he stands, we know his beliefs. Kerry wants to fight a gentle war...there is no such thing. Bush did not dodge the vietnam war...he was stationed in Alabama and they had no airplanes at the time, they were not flighing so no medical exams were needed. He didn't lie, it just was relevant. Kerry on the other hand doesn't inspire me any sense of security and trust. Bush has better leadership qualities.

Maria, United Kingdom - 17 September, 2004

here is bush's future plans

President bush is an idiot and his cabinet is running the whitehouse. The religious right want to make this country morally right.......... that will never happen...pipedream, wakeup!George bush after he is elected wants to invade Iran, that is why he is redeploying troops all over the world, The american people just need to ask themselves , doesn't the world hate us enough and then we are going to let this bubbling idiot start world war three with the middle eastern countries on the lives of our sons and daughters not his own nor any from congress. Yup this war isn't vietnam this is prelude to something bigger. Keep redeploying your troops W. Iran is already doing manuvers too. Why is america so offensive and not telling the real truth what is happening in iraq, which is failing instead of mission completed!

bruce mcpartland, United Kingdom - 19 September, 2004

the difference between bush and kerry!

George bush is a kid that was pampered and advoided the vietnam war by flying outdated airplanes in the national reserves and hardly even showed up for duty. While kerry volunteered for duty and served honarably even though some people question his service , he volunteered. And served active duty, big difference. Now who would you want as president to send your son or daughter off to war justified or not?

bruce mcpartland, Pakistan - 19 September, 2004

Bush Kerry Race for Presidency

Hi all - M here. I guess a little clarification is in order regarding my comments. By the way, the comment following my first one is not mine, but I guess the news service put my name on it by mistake. My answer to whomever wrote that comment is: I believe if you read my english correctly I did say that rich white men do not understand the people of Iraq or Afghanistan. Even the politicians in those countries don't seem to know what their people want and I don't see or hear of anyone asking what they want. There is a civil war about to break out. The three tribes of Iraq are more of brothers than they are to Americans, so why are they killing each other? Is there a way to set up a government to allow for all tribes to have an equal say? If not, there will always be rebellion and fighting because the minorities are treated unfairly. I think the major problem with the way America approached this war is that they think everyone wants to be like them. They think everyone admires the American culture. I'm one American who thinks our culture breeds laziness, greed, and above ALL love of money. The New Testament says "love of money is the root of all evil". You do the math. There is something Christians do called evangelism. That is in service to God, you try to convert others to Christianity so that they too may go to heaven. (It is a way of expressing your love by "saving" people from the damnation of hell. Yeah, right.) We may not use wars that often to do this, but America does it in many "soft" ways. This, in its essence, leads to a disrespect of and lack of appreciation for other cultures. It should not be difficult for TRUE Christians to respect and even admire other cultures and beliefs (after all, Jesus practiced Hinduism for quite some time), but Christianity has been corrupted by its long-time association with the State.

As for Mr. Bush, do you know where he stands? Really? I know for a fact that in the 2000 election he stated that he would work with the EPA to reduce pollutants released into the air. 60 days after taking office he signed a bill making it easier for factories to pollute. He (Colin Powell) walked away (literally) from a treaty on Global Warming which is signed by 84 different countries. These men do NOT represent ME. Maybe you don't care about clean air, or the effects of global warming, but we have, according to scientists, about 300-500 years left before we destroy our planet. So, how can you not care? If Bush is pro-life, why is he sending our people to be killed? He was advised before the war that 300,000 troops would be needed to secure Iraq. He basically said "bull shit" and sent only 130,000. The situation is getting worse, but no one wants to admit a mistake was made. We really didn't explore the possibilities of alternatives to war. No one asked for any ideas for alternatives. We've left Afghanistan "high and dry". Some say going to Iraq was a way to divert attention away from the mess in Afghanistan. I think there are many reasons for the war in Iraq and there are many reasons for terrorism. I do NOT agree with violence, but the most important thing I think America can do right now is to ask why terrorists want to kill us and what, if anything, we can do to change the way you feel about us.

I agree with you that there is no way to fight a gentle war. We think we do that with sanctions. The people on the receiving end of those sanctions see nothing gentle about it, I'm sure. Do you really think Bush doesn't lie? I don't know what country you're from, but you don't watch much news do you? Try watching the Public Broadcasting Systems news shows like News Hour with Jim Lehrer at 7 pm EST or NOW with Bill Moyers on Fridays at 9 and 10 pm EST. It surprises and infuriates me at how many people think they know what is going on, but they don't read the papers or watch the news. What I said in my comment was that none of them are good. By the way, did you notice how militant the Republican Convention was? I wonder how it compared to the "conventions" of terrorists?????

One other thing I wanted to say was that I apologize to all of you out there whose lives are much, much more difficult than mine. I was whining and complaining (like a typical American) about how I wanted to live in a cave or get off the Earth when later I realized that I can go out in the street and find food at the market and don't have to worry about getting shot at or soothing little ones in the middle of the night because they're scared of the bombing. My heart goes out to those of you who live your daily lives in this manner and I wish to God there was something I could do to help you.

M, United Kingdom - 20 September, 2004

Bush is a self centered Mo**n like the rest of you Republicans. The only things you conserve are your pocket books.
It's typical of Republicans to bash any body who has an opinion that does not meet their criteria. Even if you are a Canadian. If you fools had paid a little more attention to the rest of the world it would have been easier to bring then into your fold. But you are alien to that concept, because you can't see past your elongated noses.
If there was no so called war on terror, do you think this president would give a hoot about Pakistan or any third world country? I don't know if Americans care what happens to the rest of the world.
It's a historical fact that REPUBLICANS have put USA in debt, and it keeps growing. Generations to come will have to pay for the mess you ingrates leave behind. I know it's non of your damn problem. As long as you have your cushy life the rest of the world can go to hell for all you care.
Bottom line is, regardless of who becomes the next president of USA, is he going to bring peace and prosperity to the world or are we going to keep on the losing track?

Mir Adam Khan, United Kingdom - 24 September, 2004

I will vote for Bush despite my profound differences with him on domestic issues. When Reagan was pres, Soviets made peace, when Begin was PM, Sadat made peace. When Carter was pres, Afghanistan, Ethiopa, Angola, and Iran (among others) became ripe for the picking by totalitarian fanatics. Clinton did little to stem the tide, and appeased the bizarre and dangerous rulers of North Korea. Enough.

The founders of the United States saw democracy as the last hope of mankind (particularly the common man) to live free of state religions, coercive ideologies, and hereditary class structures. If Bush just wanted oil, he could have done business with Saddam or another ruthless Arab dictator. We wouldn't have to spill the blood of American youth to help Iraq and Afghanistan build democracy. I see Islamic supremacy as the latter day fascist movement to be opposed and defeated as was Italian Fascism, German Nazism, Japanese Imperialism, and Soviet Stalinism. I am uncertain as to the best means to this end, but Bush is willing to lead an effort.

It should not be lost on the Islamic fascists, that the 20th century fascist movements from Europe and Asia where ultimately and soundly defeated by the incineration of their home cities, regardless of the damage they inflicted and their ridiculous strong-man posturing and superstitious faith in their spiritual superiority. Tragically, this is how these things can end. Islam as a new religion has not yet experienced defeat and destruction to this degree (Genghis Khan maybe), so the fanatics proceed, escalating the violence, confident the future will conform to their glorious conquering past, that the infidel will lose interest and go away leaving them in charge. Maybe they're right, (look at Iran) and I pity those of you who are not fanatic Muslims and cannot stand against young men with machine guns and closed minds. I think it less likely that Bush would abandon you than Kerry.

Some think it is only the open, pluralistic, tolerant, secularism of the West that stands in the way of Mecca being turned into glass. I know that my openness and tolerance to Islam is seriously eroded. I can only imagine what people who label themselves conservatives feel (I know what they think). I will be impressed when I see Muslims freely demonstrate against Islamic fascist terror in Islamic nations in the same way that people who live in the USA can demonstrate against US mideast policies. There seems to be more Islamic criticism of Salman Rushdie than of Osama Bin Laden, despite the pious disavowals of Bin Laden's methods by a handful of Muslim clerics. Who knows? Maybe modernism is less a problem than is monotheism.

Tawkis Tcheep, United Kingdom - 24 September, 2004

I think george bush after 9-11 gave an outstanding performance against the terroists, kudos W. But who's watch did it happen on? He raises how weak kerry is on national security and lays in bed with the saudii princes and deals with the bin laden family members and calls other people traitors? George w. bush is a cowardly liar that in older times would be hung out to dry, but because of the republican spin docters and god blessed television we have cannonized a war monger as a saint. God bless american t.v. and the perverted wars of corporational america. One day when america is being attacked maybe they will wake up! Oh that has already happened and we still sleep!

bruce mcpartland, United Kingdom - 25 September, 2004

One thing you have to remeber about george w. bush. He openly admittted that he talked to god and god told him to run for president. Well by golly moses the blessed was the last priveledged person or prophet to talk to god , please george w. tell me when god chose to speak to you and when because you must be a prophet.George iI think your cowboy boots are a little too big for yer head!

bruce mc partland, United Kingdom - 25 September, 2004

As the presidents give their lip talk I question the real meaning of american democracy. We as a society are giving up our freedoms day by day. The liberal right _ the republican right. Who do we trust? Us americans are asked to ask ouirselves this everyday. Ask me the republican right are leaning towards a SOCIETY OF COMMUNISM. And the libertal rights are leaning towards a insufficient appeasing idiots. Please america is the land of choices, please let me choose more than just two parties to be elected to the highest state of president of the united states! Or am I Just asking too much when both of the candidates seem like hardvard peanut and butter sandwiches. And america has come to this corporational junction that we only care about pushing up the dollars to prop up our politicians instead of the realism of thier ideals!America was born or biger dreams than this. We as americans are living in a fastfood world and openly giveing up our rights thats we fought for constitiuonly. And we dare want to preach to iraq?

bruce mcpartland, United Kingdom - 25 September, 2004


BRUCE MCPARTLAND, United Kingdom - 25 September, 2004

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