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'Bugging' of Pakistan' London HC building

07 November, 2003

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Government of Pakistan taking serious notice of the reports on installation of spy apparatus in its high commissioner building at London. Pakistan has already made a high level contact with British government and called for conducting inquiry into the incident besides taking measures to avert occurrence of such incidents in future.

Foreign Ministry sources informed that it is Pakistan embassy in London, which has been mentioned as unknown embassy by British daily Sunday Times while relating the story of installation of apparatus.

Pakistan is going to seek assurances from London on non-recurrence of these events in future.

1. Do you consider such practices of espionage as fair or against the norms of hospitality ?

2. What should be the reaction of Pakistan ?

Reader Comments:

How can a newspaper calls an embassy of a sovergin country on its soil for decades as "unknown embassy" all of a sudden? Pakistan government first of all should launch complaint about this news at the highest level. Every embassy is the matter of pride and independence for the countrymen living there. If we allow foreign eyes to watch our moves in our embassies abroad it means we are compromising our soverginigty and proves we allow them to monitor us on our country too? The matter should be unacceptable and any such monitoring should not be allows under any circumstances.

Mohammad Arslan, Pakistan - 09 November, 2003

reaction of Pakistan

i think its quite evident that whatever we do to support their so called war on terrorism we are still not considered their friends so much for bush golden remarks "with us or without us " .we should'nt be niave to even imagine that they see our role without skepticism .so our govt should take this matter quite seriously and ask them for their apology because it concerns our sovereignty .It obviously on the other hand gives us "food for thought " that why on earth our high commissioner building was bugged ? Are we considered a hostile nation towards them ?Do they think we pose any threat to them ? or is this bugging a routine matter for them to keep vigilance on other countries ?

Aisha Sana, Pakistan - 09 November, 2003


This is similar to reported Pakistan consulate trying to bug place of stay of Saudi dignitaries recently. This is normal - this should be taken as a low profile issue at the same time this has helped our real partners!

Anis Ahmed Khan, San Marino - 09 November, 2003


Well,this proves how much sincere with our national integrity.this isn't a news to my ears,b'cos if we remain too friendly to non-muslims this is going to happen most definitely.pakistani government should take a strict notice of this b'cos had pakistani's done the same to U.K.,they would have made a "Huge Issue"of,i think it's a wake up call for Musharraf.

Taimoor Farid Khan, Pakistan - 10 November, 2003

our fate

What happened in Pakistan's Embassy is our fate written
by ourselves due to lack of unity and strength. The only
thing now Pakistan can done is to atleast register their
complaint with British Government so it becomes the part
of history and keeps the record updated. We are a poor nation
and at the moment at their mercy we first have to find
our dignity and then we can give them a proper reply in the time to
come by using the same record. At the moment its time
for patience and nothing else can be done.

faryal, Pakistan - 10 November, 2003

They 'care'

New flags, new anthems, new maps, new words but it's the same pungent wine in a new falsk. The sun can rise from the West, but the deep rooted, indelible abhorence for Pakistan would continue to dwell in the hearts & souls of 'civilized' nations. They've ripped off the world, yet civilized.

Jahanzeb Saleem, Pakistan - 11 November, 2003

Too Right

Serves the Pakistanis right. Your lovely allies proved to you how much of an ally they really are. Musharraf is just a poodle of the west and the likes of bush and blair know it. Pakistanis can do sweet nothing and the west will continue to distrust pakistan whatever pakistan tries to do to show friendship.

But will Musharraf learn ? Oh No... he is a poodle after all and a poodle never disobeys his master.

Abu Eesaa, United Arab Emirates - 12 November, 2003


MI5 and the UK government would bug their own mother if they suspected she was concealing anything so who are the Pakistanis i suggest we bug the british consulate in Islammabad

Umar Rashid, United Arab Emirates - 12 November, 2003

Pak Embassy{Den-Haag Holland} Cleaning Contract to Dar-Kashmiri Assisted by Indian-Muna-Singh !

Pakistan Embassy is So Smart & Alert that They gave Clenaing-Contract to Dar from Lahore-Pak claiming Proud of being from IHK rather than that of the AJK
with these kind of Identical belongs to prior India Now under Bahrat-Control would associate these Dar-Kinds more to IHK than that of AJK
In Pak-Den Haag Embassy Dar had been assisted by India-Muna-National-Singh
(Muna mean's Hair-Cutting)
Singhs not holding 5-basic hair uncutted main principle Singhs like these could put Electronic Listening Device or Remote-Controls or Spy Infra-Red Appliances PINS
for Listening or Pin-Hole Cameras to be Filmed at Distance Recievers Catch.
Dar has no more Contract
is any damage done yet ?

Al-Haj.Mr.F.Koch{IPN}MHRW-JAIC-KBK, Netherlands - 16 November, 2003

it is justified

i think you will not print my views.british govt.did right decision to suspect embassy.when an embassy or its employee can sale passports in pounds for anyone fake or right then they can sell it is right of british protect from thieves and dishonest people.govts in pakistan is only to do for their own interests getting money for their families then why people trust on pakistanis?????

mansoor hassan, United Arab Emirates - 21 November, 2003

bug the brits

lets just bug the british embassy in pakistan. case closed.

saqib, United Kingdom - 30 November, 2003

illegtimate twins?

Its more like Pakistan & India are twin brothers born of a British father and an Asian mother. The father left the home & the children grew up hating each other forgetting the great pains with which their mother gave birth to them both, India is no Israel which is one of the worst human rights abusers the world has seen, the way they treat palestinians like animals makes mine and other Indian's blood boil..

Bhaiman, Hungary - 30 November, 2003

Autocrat vs democrats

"There is really no essential difference between the unlimited power of the democratic state and the
unlimited power of the autocrat. The idea that carries away our demagogues and their supporters, the idea
that the state can do whatever it wishes, and that
nothing should resist the will of the sovereign people, has done more evil perhaps than the caesar-mania of degenerate princelings."...Ludwig von
Mises(1881-1973) 20th century economist.

History repeats in both types of governments in the
Land of the Pure. There is no change in the life of
common man. How long one can live on promises? Every
new government gives new promises and new visions
with a future dates, yes sir, it's ministers tell us,
health facilities by 2010, water for every one by 2015 and job for every one by 2020 and so on. 'Building
castles in the air' cost nothing.

Mir Tabassum Mairaj
August 22,2005

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 22 August, 2005

School year

According to Time for Kids, the United States, where
students attend school for 180 days each year, doesn't
even make the top five. The US is surpassed by Germany
and Russia, which both have a school year of 210 days.
In Korea, students attend 220 days, and Japanese
students are in school 243 days. The record school
year is held by China, where students attend 251 days.

Holidays enjoyed by the American kids are 185 or 186
days depending 365 or 366 days/year and Chinese kids
have the shortest spell of holidays numbering 114 or
115 days. Kids of Germany, Russia and Korea are in

What about kids of Pakistan? How many school days and
how many holidays in a year?

Well here in the motherland we keep every thing, right
from our political system to education system very
very flexible to meet a lot of unpredictable factors.
And that is the secret of our survival for the last 59

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 06 September, 2006

Bush Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine, expressed in 1823, proclaimed the United States' opinion that European powers should no longer colonize the Americas or interfere with the affairs of sovereign nations located in the Americas, such as the United States of America, Mexico, and others. In return, the United States planned to stay neutral in wars between European powers and in wars between a European power and its colonies. However, if these latter type of wars were to occur in the Americas, the U.S. would view such action as hostile toward itself.

The doctrine was issued by President James Monroe during his seventh annual State of the Union address to Congress. It was met first with doubt, then with enthusiasm. This was a defining moment in the foreign policy of the United States.

The doctrine was conceived by its authors, especially John Quincy Adams, as a proclamation by the United States of moral opposition to colonialism, but has subsequently been re-interpreted in a wide variety of ways, including by President Theodore Roosevelt as a license for the U.S. to practice its own form of colonialism (known as the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.)

The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine was a substantial alteration (called an "amendment") of the Monroe Doctrine by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. In its altered state, the Monroe Doctrine would now consider Latin America as an agency for expanding U.S. commercial interests in the region, along with its original stated purpose of keeping European hegemony from the hemisphere.

In essence, Roosevelt's Monroe Doctrine would be the basis for a use of economic and military hegemony to make the U.S. the dominant power in the Western Hemisphere. The new doctrine was a frank statement that the U.S. was willing to seek leverage over Latin American governments by acting as an international police power in the region. This announcement has been described as the policy of "speaking softly but carrying a big stick", and consequently launched a period of "big stick" diplomacy, in contrast with later Dollar Diplomacy. Roosevelt's approach was more controversial among isolationist-pacifists in the U.S.

Once United States of America had a Monroe Doctrine; now is a period of Bush Doctrine, which has been applied successfully to Afghanistan and Iraq. Lets see who is next.

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 13 September, 2006


Recently House of Commons leader, Jack Straw sparked anger among some sectors of the Muslim community last week when he said wearing the veil made community relationships ‘’difficult’’. He appears to be puzzled, and rightly puzzled, because when his mind compares two different images of two women, one belonging to his culture, that is western, and the other belonging to Muslim, he could not figure out, how one reveals almost every part of her body, leaving a few inches covered, that too in a very provocative manner, while sun-bathing on the beach in front of hundreds and the other one cannot reveal more than her hands, feet or eyes.
Western leaders are neither illiterate nor fools. When they publish cartoons or their pope say something uncalled-for, apparently in a casual style, very heartbreaking to the Muslims, all these schemes are done in a calculated manner and are part of the bigger game to achieve certain purposes. There is an agreed
agenda of HANOOD, YAHOOD and Christens against Muslims for the last so many centuries and it will continue till the last day of this planet Earth. Interfaith
phenomenon is a farce, which may appeal to a westernized Muslim, but even a simple illiterate follower of Islam, not a fundamentalist one, knows what has been revealed 1400 years in his Holy Book.

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 23 October, 2006

It makes one proud.

A few weeks back I had a chance to attend a funeral of
a retired major, in his late seventies, or early
eighties, known to me for the last four decades, a
thorough gentleman, a real epicurean. He happened to
be father-in-law of a retired general, known to me for
more than half a century, a thorough gentleman and a
son of thorough gentleman, who always treated me as
one of his nephews, although I was not related to him.
As the departing soul was the father-in-law of a
retired general, who was also known on national level
for a popular game, more than half a dozen generals,
serving as well as retired, were there to attend the
funeral. At least three of them were in uniform
accompanied by their uniformed staff. The observation
I wish to share with the readers is that a lot of
criticism higher ups of the army get, one of which is
that senior officers of the army are not as tough as
they used to be. Believe me, sir, most of the
civilians, including myself, managed to share the
shades under the trees near the grave but none of the
uniformed seniors as well as their juniors, tried to
avoid sunlight, which was not bearable on that day.
They remained there till the last ritual was
performed. It makes one proud.

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 29 October, 2006

First American female speaker

An extract from the statement issued on October 10, 2002, by House Democratic Whip Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on the House floor opposing the Congressional resolution authorizing military force against Iraq: "It is from the perspective of 10 years on the Intelligence Committee that I rise in opposition to this resolution on national security grounds. The clear and present danger that our country faces is terrorism. I say flat out that unilateral use of force without first exhausting every diplomatic remedy and other remedies and making a case to the American people will be harmful to our war on terrorism. "If we go in, we can certainly show our power to Saddam Hussein. If we resolve this issue diplomatically, we can show our strength as a great country. "Let us show our greatness. Vote no on this resolution." Four years earlier what the congresswoman said has been proved right. Some of our leaders are saying there will not be any change towards Pakistan but I feel there will be a lot of positive changes in the American policies towards the whole world. Nancy Pelosi has been nominated for the post of speaker, first female in the history of USA. Presidency is just two notches up

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 15 November, 2006

Uniform syndrome

During the cricket match at Multan Stadium, the television cameras showed four or five senior security personnel in uniform, in a very relaxed mood enjoying the match close to the boundary, while sitting on chairs placed in a row. One is at a loss to understand that if they were on duty, why were all of them sitting together without being alert or standing on guard as per their responsibility? And if they were not on duty, why were they in uniform? The things promised to trickle down to the level of a common man are not seen anywhere, but what has trickled down to the lower level appears to be the uniform syndrome.

MIR TABASSUM MAIRAJ, Pakistan - 05 December, 2006

Political theatrics

Sir: Political fiction is a sub-genre of fiction that deals with political affairs. Political fiction has often used narrative to provide commentary on political events, systems and theories. Works of political fiction often directly criticise an existing society or present an alternative, sometimes fantastic, reality. Prominent pieces of political fiction have included the anti-communist dystopias of the early 20th century. Equally influential, if not more so, however, have been earlier pieces of political fiction such as Gulliver’s Travels (1726), Candide (1759) and Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852). We, Pakistanis, do not need any such political fictions as we are witnessing live dramas since March 9. An ex-prime-minister has already been deported. Another is planning to land at Karachi airport within a couple of days. How this will end, even the scriptwriters do not seem to know.

15th October 2007

MIR TABASSUM MAIRAJ, Pakistan - 15 October, 2007

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