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'Bugging' of Pakistan' London HC building

07 November, 2003

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Government of Pakistan taking serious notice of the reports on installation of spy apparatus in its high commissioner building at London. Pakistan has already made a high level contact with British government and called for conducting inquiry into the incident besides taking measures to avert occurrence of such incidents in future.

Foreign Ministry sources informed that it is Pakistan embassy in London, which has been mentioned as unknown embassy by British daily Sunday Times while relating the story of installation of apparatus.

Pakistan is going to seek assurances from London on non-recurrence of these events in future.

1. Do you consider such practices of espionage as fair or against the norms of hospitality ?

2. What should be the reaction of Pakistan ?

Reader Comments:

Teach them a lesson

Tony Blair and Jack Straw is already considered a messed up politician in the history of Britain. They are taking stupid actions.

Pakistan must condemn it in the strongest possible way.

Agha, Pakistan - 07 November, 2003

Do the same

Well it only shows that Paksitanis are smart enough to detect the wired things at their premises in London.

I am sure the Brits must be digging out the walls in Islamabad at their premises to find out if Pakistanis are playing tit for tat!

K, Pakistan - 07 November, 2003

Let there be light ....

It is funny to read such stories in the national press. There would NOT be a single Pakistani Embassy, Consulate, or a High Commission mission, that would not be under one or another type of surveillance, including evaesdropping of ALL communications, including telephones, faxes, eMails, and all. So, let there be light, to show some truths, to all of our Foreign Office Staff. Pakistan should adopt an active program of counter- and anti-espionage activities all around its foreign missions.

Nurussabah Subuhi Hashim, Pakistan - 07 November, 2003

Clone "K".

I did not posted the above comments. Well its nice to see that people want to be "K" but all clones should admit that they are not the real "K" morally.

K, Pakistan - 07 November, 2003

UK is the mother of evil twins; India & Israel

Once upon a time that UK was an evil empire so stretched out that sun was unable to get setting within its territories but given its wickedness the UK was beaten up by Hitler to such an extent that it shrunk so much that now sun is unable to stay rising upon it. UK is the mother of the two illegitimate twins; India & Israel and being so UK is the mother of all malevolence in the present day world - and ergo she won't like Pakistan to flourish, prosper and thrive. After growing old UK handed over the twins to the godfather, the US. After India, Israel and US, UK is another dangerous enemy of Muslims the least to say. Pakistan should shun its diplomatic relationship with the UK and the rest of Muslim countries must follow the suit if they want to gain honor.

Aftab Alam Khankhel Advocate, Pakistan - 07 November, 2003

Something of nothing

Well how true is the story one does not know. If UK is spying on Pakistan whats new in it. Best of friends in international relations remain equally busy in such practices. Pakistan must take all necessary defensive and counter measures.

hayat, Pakistan - 07 November, 2003

Equal footing

We should not show any leniency or compromise and deal on equal footing like an independent state. To avoid such future incidence proper measures be taken.

Mir Tabassum Mairaj, Pakistan - 07 November, 2003

As Pakistan is a sovereign country and any attempt to challege its sovereignity should consider as the conspiracy and Pakistani governament should take serious steps against this acation. Pakistan should registrate their condemnation to British governament.

Haris Ahemd Kayani, San Marino - 07 November, 2003

dibalstic incident

The incident of bugging is a simple indication that the out side world is not fair to us even after we helped them in the war on terror,so lets of a retaliation by beating the enemy by character and skills.

uzair zahir shah, Pakistan - 08 November, 2003

Be on Guard

In these times of high security risks and improving ever improving eavasdroping gadgets, such things are only to be expected. So all our high commissions world over should be on guard for this with full help from the ISI.
However what remains a matter of concern is that Britian is not afterall considered to be one of the main hostile countries to us.And when British Intelligence can do it to you, what can you expect from the Mossad, RAW and the CIA.

Ahmad Bilal, Pakistan - 08 November, 2003

Bugging Pak HC

Such practices are not unfair. Remember our men had no idea at all, and only Sunday Times let us know.
Pakistan may recall its lady ambassador back for consultation and as a mark of protest, and demand an apology from the the great liar Blair(not from their man od straw called Jack Straw).

Dr. Masud Ahmad Malik, Pakistan - 08 November, 2003


The alleged clandestine installation of espionage and related equipment by the British intelligence in the Pakistan High commission building, at the behest of the U.K.government,is indeed an act of unfriendliness,affront to sovereignty of Pakistan and certainly against the norms of diplomacy and doctrines of hospitality.

However,the issue should be handled with maturity,statesmanship,discretion and quiet diplomacy.Should this found to be true,Pakistan should register a strong protest firmly but quietly.Let us not blow it out of proportion and spoil relations and embarrass the host country specially when we desperately need British support for Pakistan's reentry into the Common Wealth and via-a-vis India.

Let us also not forget that during the cold war era, there used to be regular allegations and discoveries of bugging devices in the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. embassies at Moscow and Washington, installed by the respective host country.

MS Hassan, Pakistan - 08 November, 2003

Norms of Diplomacy

" Espionage has been and will continue to be an importantant part of diplomacy. Most of the diplomatic staff of any country is charged with the acquisition and reporting to the home government of all, in some cases, specific intelligence..Regretably, people posted to foreign missions have been selected based on likes and not competence or qualifications. I also personally feel that due to our poverty and lack of principals our people posted in Western countries are easily bought by the host intelligenc agencies. the placement of bugs in the chancery is a very minor matter. However on the diplomatic level, the Uk Government should be made to face a lot of embarrassment in the media and should be made to make a public apology to the people of pakistan.

mahmood latif malik, Pakistan - 08 November, 2003

Certainly it is against diplomatic norms and values, serious notice taken by Pakistan could avoid such practices in future.

Aamir, Pakistan - 08 November, 2003

Turkey and the EU

Pakistan is in the take off position hence it has alarmed our 'natural enemies' - and thus they would try their level best to drag Pakistan back. According to the Common Wealth Rapporteur decision of blocking the revival of Pakistan membership in the Common wealth on one petty pretext or the other speaks volumes.
Turkey has done and abandoned all - simply for the procurement of the much after-sought membership of EU - but after years long waiting, She is still being humiliated in the door of the forum. She is neither being given the alms nor the answer - but She like an audacious and hard-eyed beggar not willing to budge. Thus if Turkey could not qualify for the friendship with the EU,no else Muslim country would be able to win their friendship.

aftab alam khankhel advocate, Pakistan - 08 November, 2003

shame on U.K.

well,this proves how much sincere with our national integrity.this isn't a news to my ears,b'cos if we remain too friendly to non-muslims this is going to happen most definitely.pakistani government should take a strict notice of this b'cos had pakistani's done the same to U.K.,they would have made a "Huge Issue"of,i think it's a wake up call for Musharraf.

Taimoor Farid Khan, Pakistan - 08 November, 2003

Blame it on the Bossa nova!

First has Pakistan moved from
Lowndes sq to a new building
that allowed the Mi6 to place
the bugs or were they renovating the old place and
allowed the Decorator to put
the decor.Now that they have
found the bugs,they should be
careful with the fumigation in the future.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 08 November, 2003

Might Be Blair is Missing!!!

Congratulations to Pakistani Intelligence otherwise might be British Intelligence uptill now have dugged-up the whole Consulate. Even if there are any Ants inside Consulate they also might be Spies....

Faddy, Ukraine - 09 November, 2003

Don't get bugged when you come to know that you are being bugged. I am sure that even US and UK are bugging each other. Although theoratically speaking it is espionage, but in todays world you have to live with it. Over reaction should be avoided, at the same, should be make known that your eyes and ears are not closed.

Shahzad, Pakistan - 09 November, 2003

'Bugging' of Pakistan' London HC building

This should have been done long time ago. The actions by the embassy staff is not normall and British government should always monitor Pak High Comm - London.

Rizwan Khan, United Arab Emirates - 09 November, 2003

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