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31 July, 2006

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As the US Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice says that Israel has been attacking Lebanon in its defence, an Israeli air strike on a shelter for displaced people killed more than 60 civilians, including at least 37 children on Sunday last.

The raid on the southern village of Qana " the bloodiest single attack during Israel`s 19-day-old war on Hezbollah " prompted Lebanon to tell US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice she was unwelcome in Beirut for talks.

A Lebanese foreign ministry official told an urgent session of the UN Security Council that more than 60 people were killed, mostly women and children. Another Israeli air strike killed five civilians, including two children, in village of Yaroun

Rice, who was in Israel, said she was saddened by the Qana air raid, but stopped well short of calling for an immediate ceasefire.

Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said he would not hold negotiations before a ceasefire, scuppering Rice`s visit. Rice later said she had called off her trip to Beirut.

Strongly condemning Israeli attacks on Lebanon, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan told an emergency session of the UN Security Council to immediately demand an end to hostilities in the region.

"For the sake of the people of the region and of this organisation I urge you to act, and to act now," he pleaded.

He told the session "very clearly and briefly, the authority and standing of this council are at stake."

Here are some questions
1) Is killing of 37 children a defensive step as Condoleeza Rice says?
2) What should be the reaction of Muslim countries to Israeli brutalities?
3) Israel claims its forces are targeting only Hezbollah settlements? Is that true?
4) Do you agree with Mr. Annan who says the standing of UN is on stake?

Reader Comments:

brutality Body Bags Rubble in asking if Israel -Hsbllah or UN-Annan Stays or Go...

Brutality Body Bags Rubble or Asking if Annan UN Israel Be Preserved
or Dismantled is Pathetic..

A.As successful bombardment ministers making Civilian Body Bags near
Rubble in millions were Ben Gurion Golda meir Rabbin Moshe dayan
Menachem Begin Bush Blair Rumsfeld Clinton justifying Jewish bombing
And their free Living and Growth.

B.As Leaders of bombed Civilian in Body Bags or unable to use power properly
Stalin Hitler Japan King Gandhi Jinnah Nehru Indra Gandhi Nasser Saddam Hussain Bhutto Nawaz Sharif did curse those in Power.

C.Priests leaders UN resolution Boss Peace advocate include imam pundits
Rabbi and almost all above people claimed to be advocates of justice and
Rights in its own Right which they preach Helplessness.

D.With power money resource legislation bill in hand with army of
Soldier's civil servants or jihad fighters they only kill each other
(For God or Devil).

Current /Recent crisis

E.Bush OIL company Condoleesa Rice Oil Company Rumsfeld oil Company
Saudis OIL Gulf Oil Emir oil Russian Oil Shell BP Petro Canada American OIL
India oil Japan tankers Boeing Airbus Bombardiers Enron Yehud Olmert
Ariel Sharon Netanyahu and free settling Jewish beneficiaries make Body
Bags Rubble.i.e.Weeping family members standing near corpses remain
Vicious cycle .Who generates pay cheques - one creates Pay cheque to live
And one destroys pay cheques. Pay cheque buys food. Satan destroys Food
Peace buildings life infrastructure with allied partners in crime all related to
Oil Resource asset based crime.Question to preserve Israel-Hisbollah
dismantle UN Annan by Asking Public or Ministries is Pathetic.

Instead question should be raised if Israel Condoleesa Rice Rumsfeld
Bush Oil Arab Oil interest Based Conflict for pay cheques is good or not for
Israel right to bombard Civilian with all its Brutality.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 01 August, 2006

There's a start of 'yellow press' organism blowing the fascist mind!

In narration, the interplay/interaction between form and content plays a crucial role. That's why the media are focusing special coverage in the Muslim world with lyrics and visuals on issues such as identity and politics; on the level of form as use different media such as video, lyrics, music etc.The form and content are integral to what narration is about. They reflect each other. The form is fluid, multi layered, ever changing, unstable if someone like - but also, again, ever-changing melange, rather than a fixed terminism - as is identity and subjectivity, and Shia cultures wich are constantly blending and reblending in kind of timeless and/or endless exchange. The idea of pure 'nation' is archaic by means necessary that the civil mirror as militant performer, aware that my social audience is somehow, wether consciously or unconsciously waiting on some level for explanation of the 'Fuehrer', for me to deconstruct myself as the exoticised other. Salaam!

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 01 August, 2006

India's parliament resolution

Indian parliament has passed a unanimous resolution against it already. I think unless the Indian concept of multipolar world is realized, some countries can do whatever they want.

The other side, however says that Hezbollah has been attacking Israel for many years, but the price is now being paid by innocent Lebanon people who had started rebuilding their country after years of civil war.

Dayal, Hungary - 02 August, 2006


The Future of Jews Lies in the Re-establishment of Caliphate

Palestine Times, December Issue (1998)

A Jewish historian from Tel Aviv has called on Arabs and Muslims to re-establish the Islamic caliphate "in order to bring about a genuine, durable and just resolution of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians."

Professor Meyer Kaplan said in an interview with Palestine Times that the future of Jews in Palestine would look doubtful and precarious if the current state of Zionism remained unchanged, which he said necessitated the establishment of an umbrella Islamic caliphate transcending geopolitical borders and covering Palestine. He said that Jews would accept in principle Islamic sovereignty over Palestine "provided that the caliphate rules according to the law of the Prophet." He cited the "law of Medina" as the most appropriate law of the land in a prospective Islamic State where "Jews, Muslims, Christians and others are considered citizens of the Islamic State."

Kaplan lashed out at the current peace process, saying it is "nothing" from the historical point of view, and that, historically speaking, it is not worth the paper on which it is written. "Neither Jews nor Arabs are satisfied with it, so each party will wait until the time is ripe to leap on the other," he said.

(Israeli & Global News [], December 6, 1998)

Mudasar Rana, Pakistan - 03 August, 2006


You must be losers. The same terrorists who bombed india's trains are now killing Israelis. Why can't Israel defend itself.

Remeber India is killing the same people in Kashmir

Dean, Canada - 03 August, 2006

Assert Control Avert Brutality Rubble Making Hit with Tit for Tat

Blair seem to represent a break with the tactics adopted by President Bush and the American neoconservatives and rubble makers in Lebanon and across in Sunni Islam world in the "war on terror". Blair seems too disturbed by Israeli bombing destruction and civilian casualties and rubble making in Lebanon and across Sunni Islam world. Blair seems to be assert and rallying cry for Muslims to assert and take control of its own affair. This is highly welcome news.UK had been half eaten away and still is in danger without much resource of own. Listen to Blair's cry. Teach Blair concept of Islam shia- Sunni name unlike catholic protestant. Terrorists are rubble makers famine makers zakat collecting fictitious CEOs of Muslim organization or worthless organization contributing towards dishonesty terror and rubble making. First prevent rubble famine making by Israelis bush or USA with 88% finance control by lydda and 38% babri Ram Nathu or anti Humayun bunch likely rubble making famine makers. If you are genuine talented Hezbollah alqaeda hamas or jihadist rush with food clothing Tents water to all Islamic world by trucks by road. Learn to make Rubble of their Infrastructure in the hearts of Israel India Christian Lebanon or Sikh USA Hindus EU buildings (if any) or Lydda financial interest Buildings. Select and Rubble them for each Rubble Instigated and implemented in Shia Sunni world .Assert Control and arrest impotent Muslim leaders Creating mass murder mass rubble of UMMA.Evict them from Arabia and OPEC.Easy said than done Assert Control Avert Brutality Rubble Making Hit with Tit for Tat but money based on oil by rubble makers seem to have upper hand.Learn to beat them control them vanquish them.

benz m Ispahani, India - 03 August, 2006

Zionist brutality

1) No.
2) Address the situation with organized help for those in harms (Zionist)way. Which includes funds for humanitarian aid, and funds for the Freedom Fighters of Lebanon and Palestine.
3) No.
4) no comment.

Oliver Werthwein, Canada - 04 August, 2006

Islamic credibility

The current world view of Islamic nations is that they cannot be trusted. These nations allow insergents to run around in thier country unchecks with no attepts to control them. This not Isreal,US, Russia, West should be the enemy of all Islamic nations. Until they can have a stable government without sending covert suicide teams to other countries, they will remain the scourge of the earth.

Perception can change! Islamic nations must neutralize these groups first, as a good faith step. Otherwise they will always be suspected as terrorist nations.

If Russia had gone into Iraq we would not care what the world thinks. Civilian casualties are not tabulated in the Russian military. Suspected villages would be flattened if insurgents came out of them to kill the innocent.

Be glad its the weak American's that are in Iraq and not Russia.

rik Svenowski, Pakistan - 04 August, 2006

With respect

May I point out that your questions are offensive, accusing and biased.

I would naturally expect an Islamic website such as Pakistan News to be supportive of moslems in general. Regretfully here you are doing yourself an injustice by automatically taking the anti-Israel side.

What sparked the present conflict is not one single act but an accumulation of many by Hizbullah from a sovereign country that should have known better than let them run a terrorist organisation from their own land. How can a government with 2 Hizbullah ministers allow them to run their own militia instead of joining the official army? The answer is simple; they thought they would get away with it. If not, why did they not ask for outside help to stop this as per UN resolution 1559?

The Lebanese have taken a foolish risk and now they are paying heavily for it. Hizbullah is firing rockets from apartment blocks and from behind women and children. Israel has to stop those rockets and that's how women and children die. As a matter of fact, if Israel fired missiles (laden with ball bearings) indiscriminately, like Hizbullah, tens of thousands of Lebanese would be dead by now.

Whilst the cause of all this bloodshed is Hizbullah, instaed of the arabs heaping blame on them they are heaping praise on them for standing up to the Israelis. And the bloodshed continues. If it was not for the sake of saving civilians Israel would have carpet bombed Hizbullah by now.

These are reactions of minds distorted by hate and ignorance. It is about time the Muslim world should open its heart, mind and eyes to justice based on justice and not on indoctrinated hate of Jews and infidels and the distortion of a religion.

Ram, United Arab Emirates - 09 August, 2006

Israel Palestine Lebanon Brutality and Solution

Lebanon (Switzerland of Mideast) went through many turmoil With Israeli invasion after invasion which had started as place of 70% Christian 30 % Muslim Lebanon.At the end it was decided that it was other way around in religiosity term.This is where G Galloway explained in his fight against Israeli bombing kidnapping death destruction of Muslim and Christians showing satisfaction of Hezbollah performance.

It is absurd proposition to Bomb Hezbollah - Civilian Mix North of Litani River now to grab entire Lebanon water front Syrian Tartus Latakia water front for Resort Builders using Jewish Motto presumed purchased land (after evicted or dead).Above 22000 Philistine Jews Called Israel was created by
Lawrence of Arabia Sheik Old timer Jewish Sabah Abdullah clan who had moved in too by Diverting attention using Quranic Bani Israel Syria , right now better go invade and claim back Golan Heights
Bring back all Palestinian Refugees who have more rights than settlers.50/50 will be ideal.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 10 August, 2006

Hezbollah also to blame for death of women and children

While Israel is to be blamed for death of civilians, Hezbollah militants also share the blame because they fire rockets from close proximity to buildings and other civilian structures. The Israelies then send their fighter jets to flatten the area. This is why women and children are killed. Hezbollah is deliberately trying to provoke Muslim rage by having Israel attack civilians. One can say, they are using these civilans as a human shield. If these terrorists are really that brave and fight for God, they should fire their rockets from open areas. But, this means they are spotted more easily. However, it also means when Israel flattens the area into a pancake, civilan casualties are minimal. This itself shows how "brave" Hezbollah is.

1) Is killing of 37 children a defensive step as Condoleeza Rice says?
- No killing of civilians is not justified, either by Israel or Hezbollah. (But like I said, Hezbollah is also to blame for death of Lebanese civilians.)

2) What should be the reaction of Muslim countries to Israeli brutalities?
- Ask Hezbollah to stop deliberately attempting to get civilians targetted by firing from heavily populated neighborhood. Recognize Israel's right to exist, and the truth of the Holocaust. Give up Jihaid mentality. In return, Israel should withdraw it's forces and bring in an international force as soon as possible.

3) Israel claims its forces are targeting only Hezbollah settlements? Is that true?
- Yes, in addition to strategically located power plants and roads, etc. And if Israel is targetting civilians, so is Hezbollah. (Not in retaliation, but because of lack of ability - Hezbollah rockets lack accuracy anyway, Hezbollah cannot target military infrastructure precisely so they fire into major population centers and it hits civilians) Are we to sympathize with Hezbollah because they are weak and lack the capacity to inflict as much damage as the Israelies? In fact, if Hezbollah was as strong as Israel, there would be more Jewish casulties in comparison to the number of Lebanese casualties now caused by a strong Israel. At least Israel sends pamplets warning civilians to get out of a area they plan to bomb. I doubt Hezbollah would allow even that.

4) Do you agree with Mr. Annan who says the standing of UN is on stake?
- Please, U.N. never had any standing. It's just a paper organization controlled by the U.S.

Roger, Aruba - 10 August, 2006

Difference in History

The West sees anything prior to 1 year as ancient history. While the west suffers from selective amnesia, The muslim world has a much longer sense of history. According to the west, Hezbollah started the current conflict. However, this conflict started many years ago with colonialism, imperialism, world wars, (not considered terrorism) and redrawing of imaginary boundaries and the settling of European Jews in Palestine formerly Israel about 2000 years ago. By this rationale, America should hand over California to the mexicans, Florida to Spain and the rest to Native 'Indian' Tribes. Of course, hezbollah started this by attacking SOLDIERS (terrorism). Pathetic.

Usman, Pakistan - 17 August, 2006

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