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Brothels In Islamabad

09 April, 2007

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Madrisas and Enlightened Moderation
By kabir Malik
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Head of Jamia Hafsa,(Madarasa In Islamabad) Maulana Abdul Rasheed Ghazi has offered the women involved in the heinous business of prostitution, to abjure and he will arrange their marriages in noble families. He made this offer while announcing a Sharia’h court, which will try the persons involved in running prostitution dens in Islamabad. He has also given the government a time of one month to abolish all brothels in the limits of Islamabad or the Students of the Jamaia will take action against them.

The PPP, the PML(Q), and other left wing parties have condemned the “abduction” of a woman namely Auntie Shamim, along with two other women, who were allegedly running a brothel in Islamabad, by female students of Jamia Hafsa. The “abductees” were released after they confessed to running a brothel and announced to abjure in the presence of media. They, however, changed their statement later.

According to police, some 160 complaints had been lodged against auntie Shamim by the residents of sector G/6. However, no action was taken against her as she had been paying a huge amount to area police for running her brothel. Police in fact raided the brothel in 1998 and some arrests were made but after the instructions of some high-ups the matter was quashed and the brothel was in business again.

Sources say that scores of brothels are being run in Islamabad in connivance with the police, where hundreds of poor girls, several of them abducted, are being forced for prostitution.

Here are some question
1) What should area people do if a brothel is being run in their area?
2) Do you think police should take action against dens of prostitution and gambling if approached?
3) What do you think about Mualana Ghazi’s offer to the women involved in prostitution?
4) Does Ghazi’s action reflects that when there is no law in the country, such kind of incidents start happening?

Reader Comments:

We are tired of the politiations like Nawaz Sharif and Benazir. Both have companians who are themself hungry enough and just collect for own. They are not hungry of their bellies being not filled but their hearts which never get fed up.
If Mr.Musharraf be only not against Islamic teachings and not give a free hand to media to promote Un-Islamic culture then he seems to be the only man able to remain in office for the time when a strong man is badly needed. This promoting westernisec form of society is creating such problems as has emerged in Islamabad. That seems to be just a retaliation against being the government more free minded that has never been before.
To keep also in mind that day by day Pakistan Army is becoming a new political party having its own propaganda machinery. Government has made its officials ease loving and earning like traders and with swollen bellies. The one who is not a true Muslim then how will fight for the country. Army should remain away of politics as people are now not trusting them and even hating own soldiers. Those who did use to honour their armed men now do not like them as before.

Khalida Subhan, Pakistan - 25 April, 2007

Apply Holy Koran

What Maulana Ghazi or what the Govenment Or what the readers says is not important - what is important is what the Holy Koran says and correct me if I am wrong - the verdict in Holy Koran for adultory is to be " Stoned to death ". That's it. The wisest of the wise do not debate the holy Koran with if's and but's but implement it unflichingly.

Salman Malik, Pakistan - 26 April, 2007

do not mix up cultures.

The way this disguised Qazi is mixing up two cultures and even messing it up, it shows his disguised or mis nomered heredity.And his non stop blaming of Canadians needs a fitting reply to his beating about the bush.

People who jack off envy about some body's wet dreams, as they are deprived of the nature's or God given gift of sex strss relief through wet dreams.Jack offer's are pleasuring on themselves as they cannot find some body else and that can be even ghost.

Do not mess it up with those naive and child love that keeps the dangers away in a society where girls having babies without marriage are not tolerated.

The Islamic culture does not allow a strange man come to the house and take her to her bed room, have sex related moaning heard by all of the house's honour girl and then the girl telling her father, mother, brothers and sisters that the boy gave her good f-.In Islamic culture this whore type girl will be finished off, whereas in the culture this strange man feels proud of, she may be admired to have a strong sexual experience for future.

Even those gentel pros of Islamabad have more sense of shame than that.Don't try to force the west's values on the east as no one will buy other's rubbish.

And the relation called homo by this crazerd man is just companionship.It is more safe to keep woman's companionship away til marriage.A woman or girl becoming pregnent before marriage can loose her life over that. In the west, she is admired and is considered an adventurist and prided upon.Muslim people do not have naked family showers and muslim brothers do not rub soap on their own sisters as pleasure acts of those family showers.Muslim boys do not encourage their male friends to have pleasure on their sisters.Muslim men do not make their own daughters and sisters pregnant.

The disguised people better be careful in mixing up two different worlds.

Even those pros of Islamabad are doing it very secretly and hidden from their family.Did the disguised man read the story of a pros here and how and why she became a pros.Her eight year old brother started pleasuring with kisses and touch love to his seven years old sister and gave her one dollar in return for services. The acts of sex grooming the poor sister advanced by the year until she had no choice but to become a pros by the age thirteen.Her one year older brother had progressed to five dollars and well advanced sex over time.

The mullahs or other muslims having boys as only pass time company is totally harmless way of having companionship.

The disguised man can jack off or do some other adventures, which are not allowed in Islamic culture.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 26 April, 2007

use technology

First of all, they have no right to enforce vigilante justice upon anybody. The offer to marry former prostitutes into "noble" families is disingenuoius and laughable. Sorry but mu noble family frowns upon marrying hookers. If they want to peacefully close the brothels they should stand outside the front doors and take digital pictures of the men entering them and post them on community bulletin boards and on websites. The threat to use suicide bombers is very disturbing. We trust our children to educators to enrich them with knowledge, not to strap them with bombs.

Steven Holmes, United Kingdom - 26 April, 2007

A message to Moulvis

you just stick to the thing with honesty and determination. May Allah guide you more and give you the best rewards.

If we study the history, we will get to know that no great men listened to these . How they can suggest you anything, they don't know what is good for them. Its 60 years have been passed they didn't ever chose the right leader. Actually, they like to live in slavery nothing else. They have no respect in the world. They are beggars. Because they forbid their teachings.

Adeel Ansari, Malaysia - 26 April, 2007

who is wrong & who is right...?

i just want to say about lal masjid & jamia hafsa ,no body took the action of anty shamim ,who involes sexual activity even our police kown each and every things , i listened the comment of her neigbour they were very disturb and told we watch "she slam the SHO " also they was sent a letter to higher authorties but they did not take any single action and second thing i will say about the "why the girls put the danday "no bady no government took action in two times that why they should have taken dandas & they did not compel to any one but they want to stop any bad thing who demolish our culture and religion .

umair, Pakistan - 26 April, 2007

Brain Washing Imparting Inferiority Complex

Technically speaking there is brain washing going on .Entire Umma is being depicted as virtual helpless prostitutes by a few Pakistani friends of IMF Bank.

Conspiracy to defraud seem coming directly from Israel Islamabad Riyadh London Canada simultaneously. It is always the same .Head to Toe Niqab Rhetoric with Sharia law arguing like broken records past 10 years 2 divorce or 3, 4 witness to a rape, empowerment of women, model and legal common law living procedure or female

Few self declared friends of above countries seem promoting or projecting Pakistan as super advanced super rich not too far behind India who is in between China and Germany above UK with Equal standard of living in trillion dollar economy of investors as if their Niqab women is our representative while they build Hilton Renaissance Toll hiway Apt complex in billions of dollar worth projects (As if we are idiot).

Z M, Pakistan - 27 April, 2007

Cungerstan Mardabad Mullahraj zindabad

we need to get rid of all these so called modern things they bring evil and filth our girls go to school to be abused and boys are made to pray we should close all schools doewn turn in madrassas all - auntie sahmim told us that ch.shujaat was a bog costumer or her and when people came from visits they were taken by ch.shujaat for hospitality. why the government not attack the mullas cause we have the list of people in musharafs government who have been payong girls and boys for sex.

Mullah-E-Azam, Pakistan - 30 April, 2007

stop it......

after seeing all the comments i m shocked these few guys who are living in uk having all basic things of life there and enjoying their life in a modern way want us to get rid of all modern things including songs. do u study science and islam both have a great importance of songs. in islam we have NAATS which are islamic songs so if songs are not acceptable in islam so why we recite NAATS. answer me.these uk people have lots of sympathy for these terrorist mullahs i think they should leave uk and start living with them. u ppl literally sucks. in west everybody seems to understand islam as terrorist-based religion n i think they r right because we are projecting urselves as terrorists. holding danda in hands and shouting, is this right. do islam teach us to enforce others. is this islam. this is very unislamic and unethical as well. wake up. "PLZ ISLAM KE NAAM PER DANDA KER BADH KEJEYE"

saira, Pakistan - 01 May, 2007

Saira from Pakistan said and I quote
Stop it......
after seeing all the comments i m shocked these few guys who are living in uk having all basic things of life there and enjoying their life in a modern way want us to get rid of all modern things including songs.

Saira you said it well. These few Mullahs from UK are hell bent on destroying our life in Pakistan.

Actually we can't blame them. They are the damaged products of Luton's Aloo stores. They had all the opportunities to become world class doctors, engineers, and scientists. However they preferred to live their lives in aloo stores, and follow the rabid Mullahs from Egypt like that dimwit Mullah Bukri (Maulvi goat).

I mean how else you can explain the aloo store residents’ behavior. First they set a shining example by committing suicide bombing in Israel. Then as if it wasn't enough. They committed the barbaric acts of 7/7. Another bunch just got life in prison for planning to do hideous things in UK.

So don't pay attention to this scum of the earth. They are born and bread to commit terror. Therefore it is natural from them to support terrorist activities in Pakistan as well.


Dr. Qazi (, United Kingdom - 01 May, 2007

Research & observation

What ever has been said so far is not out of place. However a small investigation would clear many misgivings.
Let us draw a circle arround this MADRASSA and find out as to how many local old ladies indulge in carring out abortion of young girls. And how many abortions take place per month. The smoke screen would disappear. Who is bad and who is good is not the point. The point is that of reality of life. irrespective of religion or faith.

Sardarkhan, Pakistan - 01 May, 2007

Research & Development - Thought food living in millions (Islamically)

Other good things are ongoing beside abortion (if few)…
Aunty Shamim (home and abroad)or Oldest profession due to hunger or seduction ending in pregnancy Abortion always existed. What must not be promoted is alcohol Pricy hotel with intimate dancing and secret Booz sale cabaret to cater pricy businessmen.

With it came current annual unique 3 day 2 million visitors seminar I called Lungi seminar of Dhaka .Lungi is convenient .But we used trousers and sylwar.People come from across Bangladesh and from Overseas including Europe and America to attend annual religion Seminar with food accommodation. This is called Annual Ijtimma of Bangladesh. Imagine organized speakers accommodation and food for next to nothing with facility for toilets for 2 million including parking transportation to & back. With Namaz.
I attended one free Ijtema in Detroit. This USA ijtimma had 2000 people (2 days) free .I had to pay only parking as it was municipal in the same Seminar location. The 4 Muslims who went in my New Germany mfg car (few years ago)- one had a carpet mfg plant with 600 employees One had 3 plastics factories and one was chartered accountant other prof 7 masters degree . 2 million people need many speakers in a highly organized Atmosphere with food and accommodation (Islamic free seminar style). ISNA charged in a hotel $100/bb per person in brand name hotels with same few speakers who speak like broken record. Compare abortion with unique ijtimma for cleansing Belly and soul (ongoing successfully).What Bengalis Think today world thinks tomorrow was saying
In pre Pakistan days.UNHRC
Darfur and others need help
amid HIV abortion.

benz m Ispahani, India - 02 May, 2007

pros -associated with IMF IDB

No Pros or dirt required.It take $100 pump to remove
stale water from road in Karachi Jakarta.From pesticide to insecticide
decadence is associated
occupying forces.

z_sunarto, Iceland - 03 May, 2007

i think if pakistan was made for muslim then we should have to choose islam as over religen .its better if v have govt like wht lal masjid people says would be good for our next generation

movli vs non molvi, United Arab Emirates - 03 May, 2007

beggars nations do not survive

The real solution to the crisis in Pakistan is the removal of the current system and the reestablishment of the Khilafah. This is a solution made obligatory upon Muslims by the Messenger of Allah (SAW) who brought the truth. The Khilafah is the implementation of Islam at it's highest level that ensures accountability and the right of the people to elect the Amir whilst avoiding the inevitable corruption of man-made laws that are devised by the powerful to serve their vested interests. This is the only system that can credibly change policies by standing up to the predatory West that is ever present looking for it’s next puppet dictator and regime to support. What person can continue to deny establishment of the Khilafah while the Ummah bleeds not only in Pakistan but the rest of the Muslim world as well?

salahudeen, Pakistan - 03 May, 2007

Pakistan a nation prostituting under Rulers...for the last 6 years.

Musharraf humiliated the architect of Pakistan's nuclear program, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, in an attempt to gain kudos from his Western backers at the expense of having Pakistan labelled as an irresponsible nuclear weapons proliferator and thereby weaken Pakistan's International standing. No national leader has inflicted so much self damage so willingly in living memory. To compound the weakening of Pakistan’s security its sovereignty has also been compromised with permission granted to the CIA, FBI and American Army to set up numerous bases and stations throughout Pakistan. Citizens of Pakistan and others have been kidnapped and shipped off to Guantanamo Bay and other American torture camps throughout the world while Musharraf has continued to justify this under the guise of 'enlightened moderation'. Together with the attacks by the Pakistan army in Balochistan and Waziristan in conjunction with NATO and America, many innocent men, women and children have been killed. These Muslims are again citizens of Pakistan, citizens who rather then being protected by their rulers are actually being killed by them to please America. There has never been a greater physical and institutional threat to the integrity of Pakistan since the creation of Bangladesh.

salahudeen..khan.., Pakistan - 03 May, 2007

Start from top

after reading all the above comments, there is only one solution to clean our beloved country PAKISTAN is that we start from our self and then go to others & clean the path for our comming generation, coz its been more than 58 years our system from the roots is crupt.

shak, United Kingdom - 03 May, 2007

Human 'HERO' Ansar Burney can solve this problem

I think this a serious human rights problem in Pakistan and in my opinion the best person to solve this issue is Mr Ansar Burney.

Mr Burney who has been declared as international human rights 'HERO' by the United States of America in 2005 is a great person who got released thousands of innocent underage child camel jockeys from private prisons and 'Modern Day Slavery' in Middle Eastern countries.

This is not a issue of Islam or any other religion, this is a human rights problem and in my opinion he could solve it easily.

Janet Methew, United Kingdom - 03 May, 2007



These are the points I wish you all note regarding the destruction of the massajid (also called mosques) and madrassahs (schools of Islamic education) by the authorities in Pakistan. Please note that the reasons for demolishing the massajid and madrassahs given are mixed. Sometimes we are told that they are security threat, and sometimes we are told that they are built illegally. As for security threat, all masjids are public places and no attack has been launched on anyone from a masjid. The government is using this as a lame excuse to do whatever it wants to do. The attack in Karachi was from a petrol/gas pump station, intended to harm an army commander, and other attacks were at or near bridges. Is anyone taking action against such attack launching pads? Why go after masjids when they are meant and used only for the worship of Allah?

The other reason given is alleged illegal construction. We want to emphasize that they are not all illegal. The masjid that was bulldozed, masjid Hamzah was a built 100 years ago. The other masjid bulldozed last Saturday was built by police, not by public.

The 30 other massajid that have been slated for demolition by February 3, 2007 include Masjid Shuhada' (martyr's masjid) built by none other than the then President Ziaul Haque. The masjid close to the famous Faisal Masjid, Masjid Qasmimiyyah and the Peace masjids are also targeted for demolition. They were both built with full authority from the government.

One should note however that there are Christian slums and Churches, which are built illegally but now legalized by the authorities. Why this attitude? The government is targeting only the Muslim places of worship?

Its population is 165 million. The Islamic World expects leadership from Pakistan because it is the nation of Muslims created for one reason: Islam. It is also a nuclear power. The President, General Parvez Musharraf who acquired power through military coupe is a dictator. Under General Parvez Musharraf, the constitution has been altered, and opposition has been silenced. The country is run primarily by ordinances. Pakistan has lost its membership in the Commonwealth because under General Parvez Musharraf it is no longer a democracy. He is an absolute dictator. Under his command some Islamic schools have been bombed and destroyed.

It is not surprising that the media has done a poor job of covering the important news of masjid demolitions. The brief mention in foreign newspapers does not show the picture of the masjid and just describes the government line. It is important that we spread the news quickly and on a large scale. We need to stop demolition of the most important symbols of Islam, the massajid. They are the backbone of an Islamic society. The government has declared a total of 84 massajid and schools illegal and targets for demolition. 30 such institutions are already given a date of February 3rd, 2006 to be evacuated so they could be destroyed. The student population so far is undaunted and is resolute. It will defend their schools.

Loss of life is expected from any further government action. It is important to note that the Qurans have been in the massajid when they were bulldozed. The demolishing crew ignored a p lea to allow them to remove the Qurans. This is a clear challenge to all Muslims. Allah's houses and His book are under physical attack in the homeland of the Muslims of the subcontinent. Is there anyone to help defend?
Here is what we are asking to do:

The media is the biggest culprit and is aiding the fight against Muslims. It does not cover the news of the attacks on the massajid by the government at all. Muslims of Pakistan and the World are kept in dark. INSHALLAH MAULANA ABDUL AZIZ AND HIS FELLOWS WILL WIN THEIR WAR WITH THE GOVERNMENT , THE ARE TRUE MUSLIMS WHILE OTHERS ARE NAMESAKES.

Syed Muzammil Age 18, Pakistan - 04 May, 2007

Muslims Mental Slaves..

why so many conflicts have taken place and still exist in the Muslim world today. Examples of these are numerous. You have the Kurds being divided among four different states; Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. They have been kept busy with the false hope of their own nation by western powers ever since Britain occupied Iraq in 1917 and the prospect of Kurdistan continually arises to disunite Muslims of the region. In the Sub-continent, the borders were divided in 1947 in such a way as to result in a relatively weak East and West Pakistan. Nationalism and separation were then instigated to further separate the Muslims of the area. Iran and Iraq waged an almost 10 year war with each other starting in 1980 over the very same Shatt al Arab disputed waterway in which the British sailors were caught. Iraq’s claims over Kuwait can be traced back to the carve up of the Middle East after World War 1. Other long lasting boundary disputes can be seen in the Levant and Kashmir.

These false borders have not only have allowed the Ummah to be consumed by nationalism, but they have also allowed foreign colonial powers to interfere with the affairs of the Muslims. The creation of Israel is perhaps the greatest example of colonial interference. An artificial state was created in the heart of the Muslim world and sustained by the West with the aid of treacherous rulers it placed in neighbouring lands. For decades, Israel has provided a pretext for colonial nations such as Britain and America to interfere with the affairs of the Muslims. It helps to justify the American and Western presence in the region, under the guise of helping to solve the Palestinian issue.

Muslims Mental Slaves.., Pakistan - 04 May, 2007

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