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23 August, 2007

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The landmark decision by the Supreme Court ruling against the government and allowing Nawaz Sharif to come back is yet another feather in the cap of the judiciary. The decision would not only change the course of the politics in the country but also restored Public’s confidence in the judicial system of the country.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan said that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can return home after seven years in exile imposed by President Pervez Musharraf.

Sharif was ousted in October 1999 by President General Musharraf, who had him sentenced to life in prison on hijacking, tax evasion and treason charges. He and his brother Shahbaz with there families went into exile in Saudi Arabia the following year. Saudi Government had allegedly given guarantees to Musharraf that the Sharif’s would not return to Pakistan until 2010.

“The Sharif’s can return to Pakistan unhindered," Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry said in his judgment. "They had an inalienable right to return and remain in the country as citizens of Pakistan."

Chief Justice added, "Their safe return will not be restricted or hampered by the federal governments or provincial governments or any other agencies in any manner."

Here are some questions
1) Does the SC verdict in favour of the Sharif brothers means that finally our judiciary is totally independent?
2)Will this decision have a global impacts ie in Egypt where 80% of the Lawyers and lower Judges have boycotted the courts by following 6 seniors judges since last 2 years against a dictorial rule?
3) What will be the course of action taken by the government upon the return of the Sharif’s brothers?
4) Does this decision spell the end of military dictatorship and PPP`s understanding?

Reader Comments:


Yes surely.
Many many congratulations to SUpereme COurt for this bold decision.SUpereme court should work based on laws,and right for every citizen.Now it depends on Nawaz Sharif to brush himself up and present himself as a true leader.

Jawaid SUltan Pindiwal., United Kingdom - 24 August, 2007

1. Our judiciary will not be free until we have CJP CH IFTIKHAR at the top. He is biased and politically charged. Why did he take oath on PLC? He tried to get his son a job illegaly so how can the judiciary be free? Why was he quiet for the last four years? He can take notice on traffic condition in Karachi but he couldn't take action on Sharif's return? Free judiciary will be achieved once everyone working in judicial system is well paid!!

2. What Global impact?? Lets see if it will take any impact locally! We still have thousands of cases pending all over the country. Corruption is rife in the entire judicial system. Lets talk about a clean up in judiciary in Pakistan and then talk about global impact.

3. Govt should arrest N Sharif at the airport and charge him with the cases against him. Put him in jail till he gets bail. As soon as he gets bail then arrest him again for another charge. Also, govt should bring all evidence against him in public.

4. It may be the beginning of Civilian dictatorship instead. As soon as BB or N Sharif will come in power they will curb the freedom of press. Our media will long for Musharraf days!

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 24 August, 2007

what a joke

Mr. Pindiwal should get a brain scan, if he thinks that N Sharif is a true leader.

In order to come back to Pakistan, N Sharif will need courage from his wife.

This true leader was made by ISI and showed his courage and leadership when escaped Pakistan without letting his party workers know.

If N Sharif is so sincere then he should have been in trnsit to Pakistan by now.

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 25 August, 2007

Restoration of Justice

Fascist Activism vs. Judicial Activism

Restoration of justice does not mean “judicial activism”, it is death of “fascist activism”.

Pakistan’s fascist ruling apparatus is vigorous in labeling others if they found any institution or individual is independently operating against their interests. Latest decision of Supreme courts is against will and desires of dictator, all fascist circles are busy in exploitation the situation.
However peoples feel that there is lot of room for more pending and other human rights cases, which require immediate attention of Supreme courts, although Supreme Court is receiving 600 applications per day, such as:

Waiting since long those Govt. servants who humiliated Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Ch: have not been punished, neither master mind of conspiracy has been disclosed.

Waiting for any action, which is responsible for conducting massacre of innocent students of Jamia Hafsa. Who looted jewelry and belongings of departed girls and criminally hide dead bodies of women and children? IG and Chief Commissioner Islamabad are transferred, DG Rangers is retired is looking for deployment abroad and another butcher is looking for promotion, evidence of brutalities are being eroded, and about 1500-2000 missing students still require attention.

Pending Benazir & Zardari corruption and murder cases are hanging in courts since long, which require immediate attention before elections. Both are posing them innocent.

Compare the situation since Oct 99:
Darkest period in the history of Pakistan, count target killings, abductions, state terrorism, human rights violations, use of force against civilians, custody of civilians without any charge and keeping them in Army workshops, Fauji Foundation facilities, illegal ISI prison camps or torture cells, procurement and deals with corrupt politicians and clergy, selling citizens for the sake of economical benefits etc. etc. made Pakistan a banana republic and a joke around the globe.

Some recent notorious cases in as an example of banana republic:

Victimization of Altaf Kazmi

Lover of niece of Brig. M.ns.r (Mangla) was charged with anti state activities; years kept in secret detention with false charges.

Col. Sin..u of Nowshehra Virkan, Gujranwala abducted two girls, Humera and Sumera, where about of girls yet not known.

Babar Malik, a reporter of ARY was beaten by intelligence agencies.

At Kot Digi, police forced under custody persons, to fight as beer and dog.

Munoo Bheel case etc. etc.

What Fauji Janta expects from judiciary?
Generals are habitual to expect only favorable decisions. Previously judiciary had been working as poodle of Generals only. Many cases were blocked by President House, politically motivated deals and forgiveness was being ordered to prolong rule and please western countries.

Why situation is different now?
Fake case against CJ has opened eyes of judiciary, in immoral way pictures of judges were drawn in their living rooms by agencies. Claiming friendship, family relationship and later black mailing them, God knows which judge was blackmailed on what grounds, and since Oct 99 why all decisions were written in favor of Mush, this secret will never be disclosed to public since any courageous member of judiciary will not come forward to tell truth. In current circumstances CJ has totally ignored invitations, agencies have no bits and pieces to blackmail judiciary, and as such cases are taking place on merit. Bugging devices have been removed and institution is doing its own job. Tradition of achieving results of own interest are not coming out, so a propaganda campaign to target the personality of CJ has started.
After each decision now, if it is found against the interests of Generals, political orphans move forward with threats such as emergency, Martial Law etc.
Mafia is also trying to sabotage relief provided by Courts to victim in many cases. Generals have not accepted the restoration of Chief Justice by heart. So toadies and touts of dictator are continuously trying to target Supreme Courts decisions as politically motivated.

A kick on the future plans of fascists:
Latest decision of providing relief to Shariff brothers is a check mate; Government has failed to fight its case, as it had no solid footings, Line of fire also played important role, but dictator who is habitual of only favorable decisions and all of his future was dependent on keeping Shariff brothers out of scene get failed. Pussy cat Benazir was supporting dictatorship since 2000, some patriot writers pointed many times that PPP jialas are in charge of all sensitive ministries and Benazir is taking advantage behind the scene. Soon after current decision, DG ISPR, front face of fascist empire, was seen hardly controlling his tears. Yellow faces of Imran Farooq of MQM, Ch: Shujaat and Benazir and their statements are on record.(See part2)

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 26 August, 2007

Restoration of Justice - 2

Part 2
Restoration of justice does not mean “judicial activism”, it is death of “fascist activism”.

In fact this decision is a direct kick on the butt of coalition of fascists, terrorists and corrupt mafia, a step forward of SC has pushed hungry wolves’ one step backward in achieving their goal.

Role of fascist media after relief to Shariff brothers:
Mian Nawaz Shariff left some foes behind in media before his exit as PM, which claimed to be victims of his rule. All such so called victimized immediately joined Mush camp, top of the list among those are Mir brothers of Jang-group, Najam Sethi-Jugnu Mohsin Friday Times and Daily Times group. Dictator opened doors of economical benefits for both groups and in reply both groups provided their services to promote his doctrine. ISI started to feed editorials, and promoters of porn culture started to brain wash peoples, vulgarism is considered fundamental doctrine of Mush. After 911, Supreme Court decision is worrisome for Mir-Sethi groups, departure of Mush and re-election of Nawaz Shariff is like death sentence for both media empires and some other media groups who have collected heaps of dollars and have gone too far in promotion of fascism, they know peoples are waiting since long and they expect severe reaction from victims. Their editorials are on record and reflect policies of the groups; an artificial vacuum was created to accommodate specific mentality writers.

Fascist journalism:
Many frogs of rainy season jumped out to promote neo-cons and Freud theories, a new form of extremism was invented, academically it was simply mixture of vulgar thoughts of erotic scholars of Harvard, Oxford or Tufts and groups who are notorious in bashing Islam, separately started campaign of hate, columns and reports were contaminated.
Many defense and strategic institutes, and so called women protection groups took over media, some notorious women of erotic mentality joined the race, with their vulgar mentality and practical safe heavens funded by Generals and backed by ISI. Demolishing of Mosques, target killing of thousand of students and teachers belonging to seminaries, disappearance or abduction was common practice. Famous pornographers and so called writers like Shireen Mazari, Kamila Hayat, Naseem Zohra, Mustansar Javed, Aroosa Alam, Imtiaz Alam, Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, Hussain Haqqani, Najam Sethi, Ejaz Haider, Nazir Naji and many other Indian Lobbyist, foreign funded representatives of NGO’s, anti-Pakistan, secular, ex-Muslims, apostates, brothel protection groups, alcoholics, homos, strippers, prostitution gangs with dollars in their pockets and trousers on their shoulders, took over media and successfully used Pakistan Army to use them as a tool. Those all groups are extremists and later practically proved their fascist thoughts.

Pressure on judges:
All above mafia has decided to pressurize Supreme courts; a new political term has been floated “Judicial activism”. Statements of Ch: Shujaat and Benazir group shows complete defeat of fascists. Martial Law, emergency, new Yahya Khan, establishment is creating another IJI and Nawaz Shariff will be arrested at air port, is a clear sign that those have lost wisdom and morale footings.

World opinion:
This is same Pakistan which was declared heaven of terrorists by global media since last seven years; dictator was inevitable for the west. Intelligence agencies around the world were being fed from GHQ against own citizens. Global media never published any happy face of any Pakistani citizen but situation has changed now, the same media has taken u-turn.
Watch on internet coverage of Supreme courts decisions, four five columns, two pages news with multi-color photos of joyful Pakistanis, coverage through TV channels world wide, Tokyo where sun rises and Los Angeles other end of the globe, it looks that a new Pakistan has born. Tone of Washington has been converted in diplomatic language while talking with Nawaz Sharif.

This credit goes to judges and bar associations who stood behind courageous stand of Chief Justice all the time, credit also goes to Schedule Casts and lower middle class peoples of Pakistan, who want rule of law in the country. This is the main cause of trust that now every victim is looking towards Chief Justice, thousand of peoples are approaching to Supreme Courts. Now provincial courts have also started to work on those lines.

Whether it is not funny that Supreme Courts has only provided relief to Shariff brothers on their request under the rights which citizens have granted by constitution, Courts have not appointed any body President or PM of Pakistan.

Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan:
Please keep up distributing justice among needy, victimized, hungry and naked peoples of Pakistan. Thousand of peoples are looking toward courts which were blocked by fascist Generals of Army.

International Professor - Pakistan

internationalprofessor, Pakistan - 26 August, 2007

Imran Siddiqui

Mr.Siddiqui,you are so excited that you didn't read my letter complete and replied.I said NS should brush himself up and present to be true leader.I hope he learns.He was made by ISI,true as were all the leaders or almost all.Therefore it is important that in Pakistan we should have democracy so ultimately in repeated elections these leaders improve.Mr.Siddiqui you may be on medications for Attention defict disorder that you didn't read it.So about time to go back to neurologist and get scan to adjust dose.Meanwhile don't forget to read some book on the benefits of democracy.

Pindiwal, United Kingdom - 26 August, 2007

Our "Zombie Politicians"

Judiciary and media between them cannot cure the ailing Nation of its deep rooted diseases. What we desperately need is a surgical operation, which can not be expected to be painless. Judiciary and media people are not super humans, immune from various social and attitude diseases plaguing the nation. Two wings of the judiciary are already dagger drawn against each other, while inter-media allergies are clearly visible.
Continued silence of Musharraf on the subject of "Returning Politicians" is important. He is no body's fool and the lonely brave in the arena of villains terrifying the nation and might hold bigger surprises in store, to spring them out at convenient time.He came out of the blue (through hijack drama), toppled the democratic government of Nawaz Sharif, which BB called "Baqiyat of Zia", with a solemn pledge to remove sham from our defiant democracy. He appears to have failed for eight long years in his efforts to remove sham (spuriousness) from our democracy, ostensibly to teach us some hard earned lessons. If our checkered history is any guide, he is well set to get self perpetuation with covertly assistance of our endlessly talented Princes of horse trading, getting geared-up for riding on our nerves for god knows how many more of miserable donkey years.
Sher Afghan Niazi's outburst against the apex court's judgment favouring Sharif brothers, is nothing more than a hysterical scavenger fight. Besides, he is one in the crowd of useless politicians, I am inclined to call, the "Zombie Politicians".
Now the important question is, do our born-again Sharif brothers have enough facility left in their minds to think of a renewed strategy and utilize the existing sentiments of the public under a revitalized judiciary and make hay while the heat of sunshine lasts? Are they not Zombie Politicians also? Their next move under umbrella of SC judgment, will chalk their dubious destiny in political horizon of Pakistan.
Elections in Pakistan can never produce results capable of bringing prosperity for common man, as long as machinery assigned the job is not completely overhauled and tuned to work for producing results necessary for laying foundations of a genuinely real democracy. For achieving these goals, media can play very important role by discovering, diagnosing and referring ailments to judiciary, which can ascertain causes and prescribe appropriate curing procedures and treatments. Mere mention of names of surgeons or physicians cannot cure any disease. They need to be first discovered, then relied upon whole heartedly to prescribe procedures and treatments with accompanying time frame of recovery, recuperation and attaining enough strength and health for performing normally.Once the machinery involved in conducting various functions for conducting free and fair elections are made free from diseases, only then we can expect any meaningful results from them. With the current state of affairs, only magic can produce such results within the given time frame being talked about.

M.Saeed, Pakistan - 26 August, 2007

The nation is not fighting a political war.

I am visiting Pakistan from Canada these days and I see the people of the country acting in their respective fields.

The nation is not doing any political warfare. These are just acts and counter acts within the scope of thinking and juristrictions.



Anwar Mahmood, Pakistan - 27 August, 2007




A. V. RAO, United Kingdom - 01 September, 2007

Political Gains

Pakistan Army was a dignified organisation which is now considered to be just like any of the political parties and similarly the judge by just doing his duty is going to turn into a political leader. Now he is considering and showing himself just like a second ruler of a single country.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 08 September, 2007

Victimization of Judiciary to make Pakistan a Failed State.

“Victimization of Judiciary to make Pakistan a Failed state”.

Only solution for fixing the problem of any failed state is to strengthen the accountability and Judicial system of that state, but unfortunately rudy rulers of Pakistan who even do not have basic ability to work with others are continuously and persistently victimizing the Accountability and Judiciary system of the state to make Pakistan a Failed state.

Damage to Judicial system By Dictator Pervez Musharaf:

This under graduate General has caused serious damage to Judicial system of Pakistan, He was not knowing that in history when a dictator throw away any judge on street due to fair practices of justice then that Judge becomes the greatest judge of history, In Karachi on 12-05-2007, so many civilians were killed just to damage and abuse the Judicial system of Pakistan.

Victimization of Judicial System of Pakistan by PPP Government:

Criminal and corrupted leaders of PPP, most of them are former prisoners of immoral crimes are continuously creating hurdles and problems for already crippled and damaged system of Justice in Pakistan, Due to failure of all state institutes and Organizations people of Pakistan are living painful lives but rulers are having no mercy on them, in fact they want to make judiciary a subordinate institute which should make decisions as per their desires and wishes, following are few examples of victimization of judiciary by present rulers
• Use of Immunity against his crimes by President, which clearly indicates that he is not sincere and do not believe in equality of all in the eyes of law and thus showing an example to people, how to insult and undermine Law and Justice system of the state.
• Interference in the appointment of judges without consulting Chief Justice, which clearly indicates that he wants to irritate the judiciary.
• Creating deliberately crisis with Judiciary, which clearly indicates the he is not sincere and interested in the stability of state.
• Using issue of Seniority in appointment of Judges in Supreme court for confrontation with judiciary clearly indicates PPP desire to blackmail judges, where was the issue of seniority when PPP was selecting a child for the post of PPP Chairman, what a insult for grey and white haired PPP leaders sitting as subordinate in front of a College student Bilawal.
• President has not consulted even not informed to Chief Justice before issuing notification for appointment of Judges in Supreme court, similarly as he had not consulted even not informed to President of PPP Mr. Ameen Faheem before appointing Prime Minister of Pakistan, are these the ethics of working in a civilized society.

Moreover with such menial mentality now Prime Minister is blackmailing the judiciary by giving threats that Judges could be removed from their seats, its means that by removing Judges these criminal politicians will do a great job as their spiritual leader Mr.Pervez Musharaf has done a great job by blackmailing and victimizing judiciary, But it is expected that Judges will face all such tactics with bravery and patience and will sacrifice their personnel interests, posts and facilities for the sake of justice and humanity like Imam Abu Haniefa, and Imam Abu Hanbal against these criminal and tyrant rulers.
So that a history could be made in which names of these judges will be written with golden words.
It is also the responsibility of world leaders to prevent further anarchy and failure of state, to make efforts to strengthen the Judicial system of Pakistan, and not allow to people like Mr. Zaradri against whom cases are pending in European Courts, to destabilize Pakistan by victimizing and abusing the Judiciary


M.AKRAM KHAN NIAZI, Pakistan - 17 February, 2010

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