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Blair`s Resignation

12 May, 2007

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Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has been nominated as successor of Mr Blair.

Mr Blair and his chancellor are known to have redefined labour’s philosophy to make it friendlier to market economy and globalisation without losing its socialistic underpinning.

But critics have accused the two of obliterating the differences between the Labour and Conservative philosophies.

Despite Blair’s successes on the economic front and on health and education sectors, he lost the confidence of his party and perhaps a good part of the nation when he refused to de-link his foreign policy from that of President Bush’s.

Here are some questions
1) Is Blair’s resignation a result of mounting pressure on him vis-à-vis Iraq war?
2) Will Mr Brown bring any change in the incumbent foreign policy of UK especially regarding Iraq?
3) If not, then what would be the mode of action of the British MP`s

Reader Comments:

To Standby

Burden of friendship and loyalty to Mr.Bush was put heavily on the shoulders of Mr.Blair.
However Mr.Blair was an honourable man who stoodby upto the last. He resigned but never denied.

Mohammad Ilyas, Pakistan - 12 May, 2007

Reverting back to global peace

Peace is the greatest asset of humanity that makes the fellow humans live their lives through love, care, respect and with help of the fellow humans.Peace is the spirit of joy that brings nations and people together and live like a true humanity.

I must cite two peace related quotes. One is from "Decline and fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon and goes as such:

"Trajan was ambitious of fame and as long as mankind shall continue to bestow more liberal applause on their destroyers than on their benefactors, the thirst of military glory will ever be the vice of the most exalted characters."

The other is some what modified lyrics of a 1950 song ,"Nature Boy" by Nat King Cole, where I have replaced the word love with peace and goes as such:

"The greatest thing, you'll ever learn.
Is make peace, and have peace in return."

There is no doubt that the world has been spinning way out of control as Blair, Bush and Dick Cheny have made the world very dangerous place. The danger may not be from Islamic world as muslims have been only suffering due to weakness.

The danger has really shaped up as China and Russia, out of fear, have embarked on their own massive military and nuclear build up.And the Armageddon or WW3 is quite a possiblity in future now as the rage for security build up and insecurity alleviation is gripping the world.

Blair's departure now and Bush and Chenny departure from white house next year may mitigate fear and redress the future call of annihilation of mankind.

Iraq has suffered with three quarter million dead and who will compensate the innocents relatives.Afghanistan is suffering and Pakistan is being attempted on getting sucked into Nato and get crushed in the future titanic clash between Nato and Shanghai accord.Let's hope that Pak rulers tread a very careful and wise path. Internal political stress may cause a tiny damage compared to what is looming from the nuclear and military build up going on relentlessly of Nato and Shanghai accord.All those guys are dead serious and competent. They are not like weak muslims, who can loose million men and simply write it off as Allah's will. They are not like easy going muslims, who are content with a fraction income of their own oil for them and spend even that on leisures in Dubai.These Saudis do not have to go to Europe or America for that. They have pleasures to unload their oil money right next door country.Islamic deaths in Iraq will be forgotten as Allah's will.

Here are my answers to your questions as such:

1) Is Blair’s resignation a result of mounting pressure on him vis-à-vis Iraq war?

Lies, manipulations, instigations and cheating come back as washback.You can only do it so long.The saddest part is that no body will compensate the Iraqis.

Most of the civilian killings in Iraq were caused by the 100000 merceneries, who were acting as informers and catalyzing the killings.This was a poisonous mix up.History has those kinds of sad chapters as well.Peace loving majority of the world has been constantly exposing the lies of the Blair, Bush and Dick Cheney's trio exalted acts.

This has been sad for humanity and I do not think that people will feel sorry over Blair's resignation except the Qazionics will see less of innocent muslim blood spilled in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2) Will Mr Brown bring any change in the incumbent foreign policy of UK especially regarding Iraq?

The whole saga of Blair and Bush foreign policy is folding up as stress relief from the heightened war like situation.


3) If not, then what would be the mode of action of the British MP`s


I think the general global mood and mode of the world now is "anti war" and for peace. After all the shame and disaster that came to Brit politics, the general moods and modes will be to restore peace in the world.

Just enjoy my poem on the occasion and I have written it for you from Canada as such:


Blair resigns
Bush will go
Peace will come
Then, you know

Saddam gone
And million dead
And Bush Blair cruel
Whose hands are red

We hate each war
And peace we need
Let love rule world
Let no one bleed

No more any war
Let peace prevail
For all humanity
The hate must fail

Let’s all embrace
And east with west
Together we stand
Where love is best

America Arabia
Iran and Paks
And Russia and China
Have peace for talks

And Indo Pak
Together will shine
With peace in South Asia
Will all be fine

Together we’ll win
With peace in sight
With hateful gone
No one will fight

That American Qazi
Disguized, one hears
Will see no war
Will have now tears

Posted by Anwar Mahmood, Canada

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 12 May, 2007

Bush's Zombie shuffles off

Tony Blair's success was limited to winning three general elections in a row. A second-rate actor, he turned out to be a crafty and avaricious politician, but without much substance; bereft of ideas he eagerly grasped and tried to improve upon the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. But though in many ways Blair's programme has been a euphemistic, if bloodier, version of Thatcher's, the style of their departures is very different. Thatcher's overthrow by her fellow-Conservatives was a matter of high drama: an announcement outside the Louvre's glass pyramid during the Paris Congress brokering the end of the Cold War; tears; a crowded House of Commons. Blair makes his unwilling exit against a backdrop of car-bombs and mass carnage in Iraq, with hundreds of thousands left dead or maimed from his policies, and London a prime target for terrorist attack. Thatcher's supporters described themselves afterwards as horror-struck by what they had done. Even Blair's greatest sycophants in the British media: Martin Kettle and Michael White (The Guardian), Andrew Rawnsley (Observer), Philip Stephens (FT) confess to a sense of relief as he finally quits.

A true creature of the Washington Consensus, Blair was always loyal to the various occupants of the White House. In Europe, he preferred Aznar to Zapatero, Merckel to Schroeder, was seriously impressed by to Berlusconi and, most recently, made no secret of his desire that Sarkozy was his candidate in France. He understood that privatisation/deregulation at home were part of the same mechanism as the wars abroad. If this judgement seems unduly harsh let me quote Sir Rodric Braithwaite, a former senior adviser to Blair, writing in the Financial Times on 2, August, 2006:

"A spectre is stalking British television, a frayed and waxy zombie straight from Madame Tussaud's. This one, unusually, seems to live and breathe. Perhaps it comes from the Central Intelligence Agency's box of technical tricks, programmed to spout the language of the White House in an artificial English accent...

Mr Blair has done more damage to British interests in the Middle East than Anthony Eden, who led the UK to disaster in Suez 50 years ago. In the past 100 years--to take the highlights--we have bombed and occupied Egypt and Iraq, put down an Arab uprising in Palestine and overthrown governments in Iran, Iraq and the Gulf. We can no longer do these things on our own, so we do them with the Americans. Mr Blair's total identification with the White House has destroyed his influence in Washington, Europe and the Middle East itself: who bothers with the monkey if he can go straight to the organ-grinder?..."

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 12 May, 2007

Blair's resignation

Tony Blair has resigned under pressure. Tony Blair's legacy is, he made Britain subservient to the US under Bush. He not only changed the face of British politics, but also defaced its nobility. For what good to the British nation? Perhaps, for matching an eye for eye, like 9/11 with 7/7. He will be remembered as the US stooge mimicking Bush to the core. He is the worst British PM to date and his policies will be continued with vengeance by the " X-checkered" Brown who will prove in no time being the sharpest Axe fallen so far on the British happiness. He is now grinding his Axe sharper to go deeper into the British skin to satisfy his and that of his would-be predecessors' sadistic orientations.

Muhammad Saeed, Pakistan - 25 May, 2007

Volatile law&order situation

Perpetual bomb explosions by unknown persons at the public places, suicide bombings by extremist elements bathed in religion&dogmatism, bullets fired on the innocent civilians by miscreants testifies that volatile law& order situation is gravely affecting Pakistan. This unwanted state of affairs has given birth to uncertainty frustration which is acting as blight in our society. No public place is secure, no religious institution is sacrosanct, no religious or political congregation is safe.
Talented people are leaving this" Land of The Pure" for good because of uncertainty of job insecurity to their life &property. Thus Brain Drain is continuously depriving the country from the intellectuals which are the true assets of the country to resolve its problems.
Our tourism industry is in the doldrums due to security concerns-despite of scenic beauty of the Northern Areas, glistening peaks, gushing rivers, archeological sites, and historical monuments-because no one will take risk to visit a country where indigenous population is not secure its rulers address public gatherings behind bullet proof screens.
Pakistan has a lot of investment potential which could not be fully tapped because of violent incidents.Therefore; the economy of Pakistan is in the shambles. The investors fear of sinking their investment due to perpetual terrorist incidents. Following remedial measures are called for to check this menace of mayhem.
1. It is ironic but open secret that in recruitment of the police (esp. in the lower ranks) there are several incidents of using under the table means for getting a contractual job. Institutions which are erected by bricks of corruption insecurity of job cannot provide any guarantee of justice security of life & property to the citizens. Therefore meritocracy job security is essential.
2. Most of the policemen carry obsolete guns &only five bullets per person while robbers & terrorists carry latest weapons surplus number of bullets.Therefore, the police avoid chasing such dangerous criminals by risking their own life. Thus miscreants can easily take to their heels. Therefore, police should be provided latest weapons surplus bullets.
3. There must be coordination sharing of information among intelligence agencies, police&interior ministry.
4. Pakistan is harboring Afghan refugees & other foreigners on the basis of religious fraternity.But, no country can afford to provide sanctuary to foreign elements which are known to involve in criminal & terrorist activities &poisoning the country with heroin culture. The government should take bold steps to sent them to their native countries or provide nationality to peace loving people according to the law of the land.
5. The police with the help of media should launch a campaign for deweaponization of illegal weapons indiscriminately.
6. There is crying need of reformation of social, political&religious institutions for proper socialization of the nation with the help of media by indoctrinating altruism, fraternity, humanity, religious tolerance & patriotism.
7. Massive destitute illiterate population deprived of from basic amenities of life frustrated due to rampant corruption, social injustice, economic disparity, political exploitation force them to snatch their food which create law& order situation. Without resolving these problems the establishment of peace &harmony will remain distant dreams.
House No.53, Ghazali flats, OR IV, N-Blocks, Model Town Ext. LAHORE
Mobile: 03064283437

DR TANVIR HUSSAIN BHATTI, Pakistan - 25 May, 2007

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