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Blackwater presence in Pakistan

22 December, 2009

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With the very first day, Pakistan Intelligence, Pakistani media and some well known personalities of Pakistan have been asserted that Blackwater was operating in Pakistan. But the officials of Pakistan Govt. were used to deny all these reports.

On December 14, 2009, despite repeated denials, the CIA has confirmed that US security contractor Xe Services, formerly known as Blackwater, has been operating in Pakistan and CIA spokesman George Little said that agency Director Leon Panetta has now terminated a contract with Xe services that allowed the company’s employees to load bombs on CIA drones at secret airfields in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This latest hype throws up a few questions that beg answers:

  • Do you think, Blackwater is operating in Pakistan just because of hidden deal between US and Pakistan’s govt.?
  • Why CIA has terminated its contract with Blackwater? What will be the reason?
  • Mr. Rehman Malik had said if Blackwater is operating in Pakistan, he would resign. Should he put his resignation?
  • What are the main reasons for Blackwater`s presence in Pakistan?
  • Reader Comments:

    Enough of this bullshit

    Dear readers Black Water is present in this country but what can one do. Ok Suppose if they are present will you go and kick there balls and tell them to leave, or you'll scream much louder so that someelse tell them to leave. What can you do you cannot do anything because you are not able to kick the corupt people of your own country who are sitting on your heads and eating the country's assets from a long time. What did you do except raising your voice or chatting with your friends in the boring afternoon just to pass your time and putting blames here and there. This is a confused nation. from the time of independence your are slaves and not understanding the meaning of Islamic republic of Pakistan that is Islamic in Bold. What law framework are we using, i think british. What Economic System are we using, i think American which Should be tollay banned in a Islamic republic because of interest. So when you are acting like pigeons dont try to act like a movie hero. Wakeup start from your own self see shere you are wrong start making yourself a better person. Be brave to stand and face everything. Be Bold you are a nation with best qualities but you have been cheated.

    Karbon, Pakistan - 09 February, 2010

    This is unacceptable. Pakistan should attack US and end this intrusion into Pakistan territory. But, then who will provide for the Pakistanis? That is a concern.

    hamid, Tuvalu - 18 February, 2010

    Paks love peace for all

    This letter of mine is more or less in response to Hamid(Uganda)letter.

    Let alone the world's mighty ones like America and China, Paks are not even attacking any neighbour despite the provocations by at least one neighnour.

    I think, overall, Pak nation, Pak military and Pak government as well as the oppositions are handling the most dangerous situation through peace laden mitigations.Attacking the mighty ones like America and China is prohibited- period under all times and circumstances.Paks have ruffled enough of peace feathers that Blackwater may be there with tamed and changed name identity.No matter what some one talks about Paks, the whole nation has kept the big war at bay and prohibited for all.

    Paks will never poke their fingers into the eyes of the tiger(US) or dragon(China).

    Paks are very wisely making themselves act, look and behave as peace angels by playing it peace for all and danger to none.Paks could have tested ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) by now and is wisely not even tempted or tampered into India like ambitions that expose you as part of future big war equation.Paks have enough powerful nukes and missiles in the arsenal, but there is no need for an un-essential or not needed ICBM as Paks are peacefully defensive in only one specific shorter threshold threat that does not need to test longer range missiles to alarm others with danger bells.This is a very sincere show of peace by Paks to the whole world that Paks will never do silly things of nuke power reach type acts that may create even an iota of bad looks at the good peace boys Paks. My noble mother(Allah may rest her in paradise as she left us long time ago) used to say in Punjabi as such:


    Or in english it means as such:

    ' Why ask the way to the village where you do not have to go."

    So, the whole world admires Paks that, unlike India, Paks have never even bothered to make or test ICBM". And that leaves no doubts in the hearts of the whole humanity about Paks better than all love for peace for all.

    Any one advising Paks to attack America or China, needs his head examined.Paks are very wise enough not to poke finger into the tiger's or dragon's eye when love for peace and peace for all by Paks can solve it all and extoll Pak nation as the loved global champions of peace for all.

    I wish I had better words than "VERY GRAND" for Pak nation, military and politicians.They are mitigating terror using calculated force against only those who fire at Paks.But others find peace as peace for peace trade.Look at the second in command of Afghan Taliban arrrested in Karachi.Paks are returning peace for peace and no fire as Paks found peace modes there.Why do the spoils on those who act with peace.Just send him peacefully to his country as no one at war has room in Pakistan even if he may be on Pak side.In the long run peace comes out winner and those forgiven will never revenge against peace loving Paks.And these peace acts by Paks may bring peace dialogue in Afgan that facilitates this second in command, who is unharmed for his peace by peace loving Paks.


    Even in India's stance, Paks have shown and acted and told to the whole world that Paks are for peace for all-India inclusive.

    Even the black water or what ever other new name, must be baffled by the peace moods and modes with which Paks have tamed the world wide notorious entity.

    And Paks peaceful acts and modes are admired by both mighty-America and China.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 21 February, 2010

    When Bush was President, they kept Blackwater at a distance and supposedly dropped their contracts, but low and behold, they are still in Iraq. They never left! Now our new "King" is in office, and guess what? Blackwater is still in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan all working for our government. If they are so bad, and so demonic and so corrupt, one might wonder why the Dept of State is still using them. One might reason that it might be because they (Blackwater, Xe) are the most capable, and best trained private contractors in the world. They consist of the best of the best from Navy Seals, to Army Rangers. Yes, they may do dirty work, but what most of the USA does not want to admit is that someone has to. These guys put their lives on the line for our Senators, Ambassadors and citizens everyday. And I might add, have never lost anyone they were protecting. If I had the guts to go to the middle east to see if I could be of any service, I can say w/o hesitation that I would want to be escorted by the best. If they are good enough for Angelina Joli, and Senator McCain, they are good enough for me...and you.

    Janine, United Kingdom - 05 September, 2010

    Things that I do not really mean

    @nathan. God has created everybody equal, and non-muslims living in Muslim world have the same rights as Muslims. You must keep in mind, that it was the Muslims who first introduced the idea of a multicultural society. Muslims ruled India for a thousand years but Hindus still outnumber Muslims by more than 1 to 4. Muslims ruled Spain for about 900 years but even at the end we were completely outnumbered. What I feel is that Muslim life, property, and honor, is not extended the same respect. Our civil population is labelled as 'colleteral damage', in conflicts, our holy personalities are mocked upon in the name of freedom of expression, there is a complete disgust that is shown towards Muslims. In these circumstances I find it very necessary for Muslim leaders to perform well, I expect Muslims to be completely united, so that we can deal with our adversaries effectively. And Sorry, sometimes I do say unreasonable things to make non-muslims understand that they are being unreasonable... things that I do not really mean.

    Hammad Sethi, Pakistan - 02 February, 2011

    Rehman Malick should resign or be fired

    masuma, United Kingdom - 10 February, 2011

    Rehman Malik Resignation

    After device drama...its clear backwater under C.I.A works or operating in pakistan and doing illegal activities...its high time that Mr.Malik should resign immediately.....due to his poor and ambiguous coments about black water.

    fouzia ameer rahman, Pakistan - 18 February, 2011

    no more intrusion

    honestly Pakistan is in need of a thorough clean up :first its Politicians then its associates ,which clearly is the West .If this is done the beauty of this nation will shine through this turmoil. Blackwater , CIA ,Mozart all under different banners yet one Operator and one Intention. What is democratic about intruding on peoples rights to live ,the right to be safe ,the right to practice their religion . how is it protecting a nation when civilians are killed under the advertisement of WAR AGAINST TERROR are we that ignorant to believe this chorus which has been sung for decades especially against Islamic states. Is it not terror to walk into a school and shoot babies in junior school or stab multiple students ,is it not terror to let your people live in poverty ,to take away medical care ,to rape or murder =THIS IS THE STATE OF AMERICAN SOCIETY which is hidden from the world failure leads to anger ,so if the Bushes and obamas are qaulified failures in controlling their societies what makes them feel they have the ability to restructure soceities abroad ,is it a mere confidence or ego boost. stop the war and murder stick to your own affairs and take your troops home .Pakistan does not need intervention nor the dollar . Zardari should apply for a post in the US government as a secretary as he is open to salaries from all sides of the table given the fact that he too is playing against Pakistan and by this i mean that he has the authority to not allow foreign intelligence agency to operate within Pakistan but then again money has no moral .

    l.nasir, Slovenia - 01 April, 2011

    Is there an alternative?

    I visit Pakistan quite frequently for official purpose for my employer. I always use services of Black Water.

    Can any organization from Pakistan give me equivalent level of comfort or protection.

    Banks do not like this additional expense because we have to pay a fortune for using these services. Is there an alternative?

    When your government could not protect Ms. Bhutto , what chances do I have.

    When you come to US or other western nation, you do not need Black Water or White Water because the countries are safe to start with.

    I am worried that some Maulvi will call one sentence uttered by me as blasphemous and then I will meet fate of other christians (Ms. Bibi) and hanged. Alternatively some one will abduct me and give quick justice (remember Daniel Pearl.

    It is alright to condemn Black Water. However 4000 people of Pakistani civilians , speaking local language and practising your Muslim faith are killed in a year, it will be foolish for a Christian like me to go without protection of Balck Water.

    Make Pakistan safe for every body. Tourism itself will get you billions of dollar.

    Jack, United Kingdom - 04 April, 2011

    To Jack

    Well. The country will be safe when the US leaves the subcontinent. Just as it was prior to 01.

    Mohsin, Pakistan - 26 May, 2011

    Why are you killing each other? Too scared to fight the enemy? Ask SA, your keeper, for help. What a violent nation?

    Hamid, China - 12 June, 2011

    Who is really blowing up occupied Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan?

    Whenever there's a bomb blast in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq and you hear the words 'suicide bomber', 'Al Qaida' or 'Pakistani Talban' consider the plausible alternative that it's likely to have been an atrocity perpetrated by Zionists.

    Who? How?

    Those are good questions questions the mass media would be investigating and reporting, if they weren't themselves part of a chain of disinformation designed to perptuate these very same myths.
    These terrible murderous deeds might be orchestrated by Mossad. More likely, I think, 'private contractors' are utilised. Discrete units within the vast US intelligence / special forces morass are another alternative.

    'Suicide bombings' are most likely explained by deliberate planting of bombs either inside vehicles or in stationary positions.

    The bomb goes off. Often it's impossible to account for all the corpses. It's consequently impossible to deny a 'suicide bomber' was involved with certainty. The western mass media, however, displays false certainty. It snaps into action straight away, informing us the latest bombing was carried out by a 'suicide bomber' , often naming 'Al Qaida' or the 'Pakistani Talban' as the culprit. There's no real follow up. The blasts come so frequently any possibility of establishing the truth is lost is a general haze of death and destruction.

    How do I know the mass media has this important story so fundamentally wrong?

    I don't not for sure. I suspect it.

    There may very well be individuals or small groups in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq, so desperate about what has become of their society, so angry with the western occupiers and so irate with collaborators among their own people that they're willing to die while killing for a perceived strategic gain (that's a trait, incidentally, westerners are encouraged to regard as a sign of high courage when evinced by their own soldiers).

    There is also, quite clearly, an authentic and popular insurgency in Afghanistan and Iraq. Most people don't like foreign occupation. Why should Iraqis or Afghanis? Especially when they see the occupiers bringing violence and ruin to their lands
    But seriously, would authentic 'Islamic extremists' bomb a pro-Palestine demonstration in Pakistan?

    Would genuine Muslims blow themselves up with the specific objective of murdering public opponents of Zionism?

    The story is plainly absurd.

    molvi_whisky, Pakistan - 14 June, 2011


    I am truly surprised that you have published my comments, one of many I have posted. Thank you. From my point of view you have not give up all decency yet. Now stop killing each others and start behaving like good world citizens. Violence is not a solution to any problem.

    Islam does not teach us to kill our neighbor. Islam teaches us to be good neighbors even when our neighbors are not Muslims.

    Islam teaches peace not withstanding all those violent verses from quoran usually misquoted for propaganda purposes.

    Imagine what India/Pak can do together. They have so much talent. When I visit middle-eastern countries outside of my home country, I am overwhelmed by all these Indian/Pak professionals. Why can't you use these talents to enhance the quality of lives of people. I have been given to understand that both these countries are even more corrupt than Egypt. Hard to imagine!

    You want to bring India into the fold of Islam. And, you want to do it by force. Do you really think that you can do it? And, even if you do it do you know the cost in terms of human lives. Why can't you do it with love? I am sure that there are a lot of peaceful people in Pak. And, I am also sure that there are many good people in India. Why not join hands?

    You are proud of China and China has certainly done well. But, can't you that China works as single entity be it Muslims or Buddhists. Traitors or separatists are never tolerated. Similarly you, Afghans and Indians are one people. Do not encourage traitors or separatists.

    Stop the killing! Respect your women, treat the unfortunate with respect. Stop honor killing. And love all your neighbors. How can call yourselves Muslims if you can't do that?

    Good luck!

    Hamid, Pakistan - 27 June, 2011

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