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Blackwater presence in Pakistan

22 December, 2009

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With the very first day, Pakistan Intelligence, Pakistani media and some well known personalities of Pakistan have been asserted that Blackwater was operating in Pakistan. But the officials of Pakistan Govt. were used to deny all these reports.

On December 14, 2009, despite repeated denials, the CIA has confirmed that US security contractor Xe Services, formerly known as Blackwater, has been operating in Pakistan and CIA spokesman George Little said that agency Director Leon Panetta has now terminated a contract with Xe services that allowed the company’s employees to load bombs on CIA drones at secret airfields in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This latest hype throws up a few questions that beg answers:

  • Do you think, Blackwater is operating in Pakistan just because of hidden deal between US and Pakistan’s govt.?
  • Why CIA has terminated its contract with Blackwater? What will be the reason?
  • Mr. Rehman Malik had said if Blackwater is operating in Pakistan, he would resign. Should he put his resignation?
  • What are the main reasons for Blackwater`s presence in Pakistan?
  • Reader Comments:


    Everyone on this forum and all responsible citizens of Pakistan should read and know about Blackwater a notorious mercenary army trained just to kill maim and bomb innocent civilians in any country they are employed. It was used in Iraq and all explosions caused by bombs that killed hundreds of civilians were caused by Blackwater.
    In spite of knowing this yet the leaders of Pakistan have approved of the presence of this notorious robot like machine of mercenaries to be employed in Pakistan. Pakistan has been bribed so heavily that her leaders cannot say 'no' to any suggestion by the US. Mr Haqqani Pakistani ambassador in the US has openly welcomed the idea of Blackwater being stationed in Pakistan. These people have endangered Pakistan's reputation and security and should be punished.
    The presence of Blackwater is a reality now in spite of false denials. The question now is how is Pakistan going to remove this menace from the US. The present leaders of Pakistan themselves have approved of this just like they approved of the US drone attacks on the innocent people of Pakistan.
    Pakistan must protest in millions on the streets against the presence of Blackwater on its soil. If not Pakistan is bound to become another Iraq with hundreds of innocents being blown up everyday. This is all due to the policy of Obama's administration who has taken the war into Pakistan. It is all due to the irresponsible unpatriotic policy of the present political leaders of Pakistan who are collaborating the USA to bomb their own country. The US is using the precious Pakistani army to fight her unjust ugly war in Afghanistan a country that it has been bombing for eight years. Pakistan must look after her own interests. The Leaders should mediate with the Taliban. Talk to them in their own language. Put all Pashtuns on their side. Stop this crazy mindless civil war that has been created by the USA. Pakistan needs to guard her borders against the imminent neighbour enemy that is waiting to attack any time.
    Blackwater should leave immediately before hell is created completely in Pakistan. It is already created with bombs going off everyday. We do not want the US's mercenary force on the soil of Pakistan. Friendship with the US is sweet poison. Pakistan should become more dependant on China rather than the US.
    THe situaton is perilous and every policy should be modulated to fight against the menace of this interference in the affairs of Pakistan. Leadership should be changed.
    All leaders who cooperate with this notorious policy of inviting Blackwater should resign. Pakistan has tobe saved before it is too late.

    Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 22 December, 2009


    All of you please the articel by Jeremy Scahill titled 'Blackwater in Pakistan'. He has also written a book titled Blackwater. We can all get a fairly good idea of what Blackwater is about.

    Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 22 December, 2009

    Blackwater Presence In Pakistan

    Do you think, Blackwater is operating in Pakistan just because of hidden deal between US and Pakistan’s govt.?
    No evidance for the Blackwater existence in Pakistan as mentioned by hon min Rehman Malik.
    Why CIA has terminated its contract with Blackwater?
    No relevance for existence of Blackwater with the current Barack Obama's leadership.
    What will be the reason?
    No war or CIA activities happening between Iran and Iraq existing today.
    Mr. Rehman Malik had said if Blackwater is operating in Pakistan, he would resign. Should he put his resignation?
    He tries to speak truth occationally since there is no other alternatives he should continue as he got leadership and professionalism in dealing with burning issues facing today infront of international community which is commendable.
    What are the main reasons for Blackwater`s presence in Pakistan?
    no concrete evidance of Blackwater's presence in Pakistan. Such mere speculations will only help to create instability inside Pakistan and will help good international relations with U.S.and significant financial and moral help which is absolutely essential

    Peace_Loversg, Pakistan - 28 December, 2009

    The merceneraies should be out of Pak

    I would agree completely with Mr Rezan.

    Allah save our country from the traitors and liers and killers of our own people and enemies within.

    Pak patriot, Pakistan - 30 December, 2009

    I agree

    I think Blackwater is a raw plot to bring the Land of Pure to its knees. Just like whitewater was used to try and bring Clinton to his knees, eventually bringing monica down to her knees. If BW are mercernary somebody must be paying them? I think they are responsible for the blast in CIA base because they were not paid properly. I think they should leave Pak immediately and go back to land of Xe.

    Ayaz, Pakistan - 04 January, 2010

    Pakistan is a country of thugs. One big Thug is your president and all other dakoos are around. Blackwater is secondary problem. Solve primary problems

    nasir, Pakistan - 05 January, 2010

    Love your fellow human and not BW

    Let us all humans act civil and decent and root out all those ugly things like blackwater out from Pakistan.

    We must be loving and respecting all our fellow humans, who behave and make others behave.

    Civil humanity, like noble Paks are better off without BW.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 06 January, 2010

    Black water is here

    There is no doubt that black water is operating in Pakistan. It is part of deal between Ex president Mush and Bush. Unfortunatly, blackwater is present in close proxymaty of pakistani neuclar assets. Baghwan save Pakistan from the jews' conspirecy

    vinodsherma, Pakistan - 06 January, 2010

    Pakistan Zindabaad

    Extremely Great Arguments Rezan .... Thumbs up for you my friend ... Pakistanis should do All they can to safeguard Pakistan's interests. It's time to say say Final Good Bye to US. Long Live Pakistan.

    Fasih Ali Khan, Pakistan - 07 January, 2010

    Blackwater, Pakistan and US

    Brothers . Thank u for your appreciation of my comments. It is my sincere advice and wish that every Pakistani should be aware of what is going on in Pakistan. Unfortunately Pakistani society is fractured clearly ethnic.economic and literacy lines. This makes it impossible for every Pakistani to know the actual situation of his country because each thinks according to his experience and way of living.
    The masses should be told the truth and not fooled by our corrupt politicians who seek help from foreign powers to the point of sacrificing our national interests and security of our land for the sake of dollars.
    Notorious mercenary armies like Blackwater have no business in Pakistan and would not have if our wonderful politicians had not agreed to every offer made by the US including the Kerry-Lugar bill that was thrust upon Pakistan.
    Brothers. Pakistan is being blackmailed,bombed ,insulted and humiliated and exploited for US interests who wish to 'fight against terrorism'. In reality these are the real terrorists who have created havoc and destruction, confusion and pandemonium in the once peaceful valley of Swat and other regions of Pakistan.Next they have created a civil war between the pASHTUNS AND THE pAKISTANI ARMY. Thousands have been killed for no reason but just to please the US and fight its ugly war. Their unmanned drones have killed and are daily killing more and more innocent civilians in Pakistan.How dare they enter and violate the airspace of a sovereign country and bomb her citizens.Imagine if a Pakistani plane was found to bomb somewhere in the US. You can imagine the consequence. They will drop a nuclear weapon on Pakistan. These are satans. Believe me.
    Obama's adviser is Zionist called Alex Rod who gives all the order to him. Obama is a deceitful man and hater of Pakistanis.
    Brothers. There is no authority without submission. So do not submit to this present Pakistani government who are endangering the very existence of Pakistan.

    Rezan, United Arab Emirates - 12 January, 2010

    Blackwater Doubters

    All doubters should accept that despite denials,coverups,US embassy intervention,as Lucman summarized on his show,Liaquat Baig,Zubair,Hamid,Mujahidetc are active facilitators.They may have bribed some to get pakistani type clean chits but we will not spare them till they stop.Imagine they operate out of F-8,I-9andF-6. Do you want to be an ostrich and look away.This is our problem.

    Yunus Batla, Pakistan - 14 January, 2010

    black water in pak

    whatever the reason for blackwater in pakistan one thing i know is that they want to catch and kill taliban and other killers of inocent pakistani people why are we pakis still trying to deny and still beleive that taliban and co are on some pious mission by destroying us pakistanis. a friend who wants to protect us from villians such as taliban and alqueda, whatever his name is our friend indeed

    alisha, Pakistan - 15 January, 2010

    what's in the name.

    Whatever name they go under it matters not.They are here to protect this government for the vested interest of their mentors against any coup.

    kisakhani, Pakistan - 18 January, 2010

    WE ARE SELFISH water presence is not coz of is because we are selfish and closed our eyes we hesitate to expose our point of view.if we are good enough no one can dare to do anything with us.we ll remain selfish.we need a blood shed i think.

    M.HASSAAN KHALID, Pakistan - 19 January, 2010

    Presence of Blackwater (Xe)

    Mr. RobertGates Def Secretary has confirmed the presence of Blackwate in Pakistan therefore this ongoing war of words about their presence should come to an end.The Interior Minister said on 21 Nov 2009 that he would resign if presence of Blackwater is proved.What can be the greatest proof of their presence as admitted by Sec Defence Gates, in all fair ness Mr. rehman should quit.Apart from this minister from NWFP Mr.Bilour has also confirmed the presence of Blackwater in Peshawar.Governmnet should come forward and say so. You cant hide anything from the media this point should be understood by all.

    Mukhtar Butt, Pakistan - 23 January, 2010

    Allah Pakistan ki khud hafazat karey ga.

    The not so good American master(Bill Gates)has openly and truthfully told that the known notorious mercenery force is present in Pakistan.But some slave rulers or few of them are trying to cover up the Gates told truth with disguised lies(in pretext of changed name), as Black water may be operating with different names or modes to give a lying cover up tool to some in Pak rulers.

    Pak nation and military has to act on its own sixth sense of wisdom to save themselves for them and for us.

    Lying is the big politico tool in the world today.You talk of tens of billions dollars tucked away by Pak politico money laundering, India is trying by all methods to bring in trillion dollars or so that the Indian politico robbers have tucked into banks outside of India.



    Well, that is the way of life in families as well.In a nation or even in family you destroy only that family member, who is hell bent in joining the enemy and destroying the family in collusion with the enemy.But, the family menages to tolerate even if the family member has taken others share of money and is spending or keeping it inside or outside.

    Pakistan may have serious problem of candle being burned on both sides by powerful few.

    But, the country will survive as long as the majority(Pak nation)and the most powerful inside(Pak army)are united and have a strong friend(China)reliance to give strength, help and solace. Pakistan appears to have luck on those three fronts and Pak nukes have been secured as well before it would have been too late on that most crucial matter of the nation's survival and existence.

    I nust quote the famous words that our first and great prime minister Khan Liaqat Ali Khan said while just before dying from the fatal gun wound as such:


    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 25 January, 2010

    Black Water or Mineral Water

    As per Lahore High Court companies are NOT supplying pure mineral water to users,so what to talk about BLACK WATER.

    Khalid Awan, Pakistan - 30 January, 2010

    Sweet glacier water of sweet Pakistan

    No body wants to even look at black water or the "sewage water" as the engineers call it, and that runs hidden in under the ground sewer pipes.

    But, I do love the talk of mineral water by Mr Awan.In Canada, we even love the sight of the bottled spring water or glacier water that is called mineral water in Canada.

    Pakistan has the world's largest glaciers around k-2 and elsewhere in the north.Glaciers water or spring water is much better than the distilled water.I loved the taste of such water each time I filled my thermos from springs in Swat and elsewhere in the north of Pakistan.

    Let us enjoy our Pak glacier and spring water of taste, and leave the black water or sewage or sewer water, as the engineers call it,to the swer bugs and shit and black water fed stinky and dirty leeches.

    Mr Awan and me will together drink the healthy and tasty and fresh and delighting cold glacier water of the grand parts of Pakistan around River Shyok and Indus near Skardu.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 01 February, 2010


    Thank you Mr.Anwar Mehood (Canada)and please come,let us both enjoy sweet spring water and let them enjoy BLACK WATER.

    GLACIER WATER, Pakistan - 03 February, 2010

    Talk of beauty and not ugly black water

    Let us forget about the ugly black water(or sewage water as the engineers call it), and enjoy a poem on a Pak beauty actress Meera,who was stopped at Karachi air port for teasing excuse of passport double,but inside excuse to watch the most famed kiss beauty.

    I am more than 100 percent sure that I invented the name Lollywood for Lahore film industry in 1994.The name Lollywood spread like wild fire immediately after I wrote a poem in Pakistan Canada Association Journal in Edmonton Canada in 1994, and I think in some Pak newspapers with lines as such:

    Sweeter than Hollywood or Bombays Bollywood
    Lahore film industry, you are our Lollywood.

    I have the habit of musing myself with no bad or ugly thoughts about the thing that excites me on some sporadic times.

    Four years ago,I wrote a poem on Meera kiss that was published in a film fare magazine in London England, in Pak Tribune and also in many Indian sites including that of Bollywood.

    A week ago, I saw Meera's languishingly capturing and captivating pose on her Karachi air port held up.I just sunk into some pensive mood to extoll her face that really needed attention of some loving thoughts and expressions.

    Enjoy my poem as such on my thoughtful collections as such:

    Excuse was only passport double
    That was teasing,was no trouble
    Even an angel on airport duty
    Would stop,yes,that Meera beauty

    Stop her, look at her, got chance
    Languishingly,yes his heart can dance
    Smile you Meera, you are pretty
    On airport of the Karachi city

    Watch her sadly,and just be glad
    Watch her, wish the kiss you had
    Can't dare tell her, her you love
    See her eyes,like in stars above

    In january cold,yes she is spring
    Warms your cold heart, you can sing
    Passports were excuse for show
    Inside heart said,she should'nt go

    They stopped her,wanting not to miss
    The looks of face of grandest kiss
    Lovable, kissable, sure she's yes
    Meera don’t loose all charms you possess

    Air port crew did’nt want to forget
    How her sweet lips and kiss met
    In January,it’s cruel winter cold
    Watching her must be warmth to hold

    Watching the beauty Meera aint sin
    That’s how love begets for begin
    Watching her sadly, must be true
    With her out of sight,brings blue

    The rose like lips,her apple cheeks
    Kisses on them is all one seeks
    If not kisses, it is for delight
    Passports excuses are stops for her sight

    I wrote a poem on Meera before
    Published yes, I write one more
    Will she let me kiss her face
    And her lips with love embrace

    I quote two great songs related to kiss by America's all time best voice of Nat King Cole.

    The first one, "Autumn leaves" was copied and sung in over 32 languages and english lyrics related to kiss were as:

    The falling leaves drift by the window
    The autumn leaves of red and gold
    I see your lips, the summer kisses
    The sun burned hands, I used to hold

    The second song, again by Nat King Cole, was "Nondimenticar" is half english and half Italian.

    A very pretty 22 yrs young Italian secretary of mine on my engineering job in Canada in 1985, used to sing this song all the time in front of me and told me that her parents sang it all the time in their house in Rome, where her father owned 200 trucks in his business.She even drew my own photo painting, which I still keep and she had degree in picture drawing art from university of Rome.Even the Bollywood Indians have copied the theme music of one of their famous film from the music of this great America- half english, half Italian song, in which the kiss related lyrics (by America's ever grandest voice of Nat King Cole) go as such:

    Please do not forget
    That our lips have met
    And I held you tight dear.

    The Italian beauty-- my secretary on my engineerring job in Canada in 1985 told me that this Nat King Cole's song,"Nondimenticar" in Italy was even more popular than the national antheme of the country.

    A pretty pathan girl, who used to be a nurse in Peshawar Cantt and then moved to Canada, was watching a Bollywood film, which she said was famous movie.The musical theme of the film was 100 percent copy of the starting music of the song "Nondimenticar". She could'nt believe how much the Indians had stolen the music from a 55 or 60 years old song of Nat King Cole- America's best voice ever lived and died in 1965 to claim again and first time ever, even 27 years after his death, the best Grammy award song,"Unforgettable" in 1992. The song itself is 55 years old.Nat King Cole had won the world's very first Grammy best song award on the song, "The girl from Ipanema" one year before his death in 1965.

    Nat King Cole's academy award winning best song,"Mona Lisa" of 1950 is widely respected as the best song ever recorded in english language.

    I think it is much more musing to change the stinky talk of black water to loverly grandest kiss of actress Meera and kiss related songs of Nat King Cole.

    Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 04 February, 2010

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