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Beheading of an American

12 May, 2004

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A video posted on a militant website appeared to show a group, affiliated with al-Qaeda, beheading an American civilian in Iraq, saying that the death was revenge for the treatment of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers.

The video showed five men wearing headscarves and black ski masks, standing over a bound man in an orange jumpsuit, similar to a prisonerís uniform. "My name is Nick Berg, my fatherís name is Michael, my motherís name is Suzanne," the man said on the video. "I have a brother and sister, David and Sarah. I live in ... Philadelphia."

After reading a statement, the men were seen pulling the man to his side and putting a large knife to his neck. A scream sounded as the men cut his head off, shouting "Allahu Akbar". They then held the head out before the camera.

Berg, 26, of Philadelphia suburb West Chester, owned a communications equipment company, and went to Iraq to find work rebuilding antennas, his mother, Suzanne Berg, said on Tuesday. She said that Berg had been missing since April 9. "He had this idea that he could help rebuild the infrastructure," she said.

1. Is this reaction of revenge justified ?

2. Do you think Muslim scholars should give a clear verdict against such acts being carried out by few extremist minorities in muslim world?

Reader Comments:


Quite a nice little propaganda campaign we have going here!

I suggest you check a fabulous article at: to learn the truth about how most Americans feel about Iraq, and Islam.

Peace be upon you.

Manfred, United Kingdom - 24 May, 2004

It's Wrong

it's all wrong Period!why is it revenge? There all jelious because we're a stronger country then they are.

Neo, United Kingdom - 26 May, 2004

The killers of Nick Berg are not animals, they are MONSTERS. Animals would never commit such an act. The same is true for the killers (MONSTERS) of Daniel Pearl & the victims of 9/11.

Those that condemn the act and quickly jusify the causes that led to it (with the proverbial 'but') are NOT condeming it! Unfortunatly, all too often heinous acts by terrorists are rationalized. Anything but complete contempt for these crimes demonstrates the underlying ugly morality of the individual, as many here have expressed.

The United States and the civilized world are not at war with Islam, but with Monsters.

Bruce, United Kingdom - 27 May, 2004

Beheading of an American

This action of revenge has no justification in Islam and all those involved in that barbaric action might not be muslims or to do anything with Islam. They might be hired people to carry out this act. Who is going to find out?

mohammad, United Arab Emirates - 21 August, 2004


Beheading is a barbaric act only justified in islamic countries like Saudi Arabia & Pakistan, Justified by Islam & islamic scholars. America does not kill it's POWs. They are treated humanely. They are visited by Red cross & human rights organizations. Why not reciprocal visits by Red cresent or Al Jazeera to the POWs held by Taliban & Al Queda?

asahmed, Pakistan - 01 September, 2005


O, Respected thinkers, you have all not seen the people,children and women dying in Iraq and in Afghanistan of bombardmant and firing. May be according to your knowlege those who are killed by modern weaponry are justified and have not to asked about. 16 bombers in a line in midnight used to bombard villages in Afghanistan while fighting against Taliban, if these plenty of aidees of America were so much armed then why could they not fight against the Taliban in the open ground having every type of weapon. In midnight these 14/15/16 aeroplanes used to bombard the innocent villagers and in the day time American vehicles used to roam in there spreading toffees among the children for their goodwill.
Now is the problem of the attack on Iraq. The U.S inspite of the not recommendation of Pope and the U.N, announced of one of its General as Viceroy of Iraq and while saying goodbye to the General with force Mr.Bush also announced that similar will be the fate of Iran and Syria. Then it occupied Iraq and that General who was commanding the war started coming up on the media with every attempt that this and that happened and we hit that and occupied that etc. But everyboy knows or if not knows may read the history that this Iraq has been the most troublesome land thus it could not be swallowed by the U.S and even though it was oily
it blocked the throat.
As this man is concerned apart from what has happened to him you people use your common sense that why or how will an American atenna maker go there when some one of other country will never have a courage to go there. Also you people also see the videos of the killed children of even less then ten years of age and the women.

Mohammad Shamaun Pasha, Pakistan - 15 February, 2006

My Proposal

American just needs to go to hell. And the Israeli defence force needs to stop blowing us up I've already lost 3 fellow students in stupid air raids.

Jovan Ulistead, Japan - 10 June, 2006

Troubles of our land

I can't begin to express the sorrow I feel for what is transpiring between Iraq, Afganastan, and the US. It breaks the hearts of most american citizens to see anyone shot, harmed, beheaded, or mistreated in any way. Americans are particularly outraged about the beaheadings because we are not accustomed to viewing such atrocities. For us, such acts are barbaric and monsterous and we don't understand how anyone with any kind of conscience could possibly perform such a digsusting act. It is beyond our ability to conceive.

As for blaming Islamic fundamentalists for the beheadings - We have no way to identify who the beheaders were, other than what clues they have given us on tape. America has done some awful things, but I would be sickened if I thought my country would go so far as to stage a beheading and blame innocent people for it. God help my country if that were the case.

I wish to GOD that Bush had NOT invaded Iraq.. I also wish he had handled dealing with the Taliban differently. Had we kept our noses out of the middle east's business the last few decades, perhaps none of this would be happening now. Not all Americans believe sticking our noses in another country's business is right. I personally think it's very very wrong.

Nancy, United Kingdom - 20 June, 2006

After all this is the game of power..

why the world is being shown ony tape of beheading of NICK.Along with that they should show the dead bodies of inocent Afgani, Iraqui people.then u dare to ask the openion about beheading.In both processes either beheading or bombing people dies,but think what is more destroying.In India & pakistan also da same situation is taking place.America sells weapons to both & ignite quarell & watch fun & earns too!!but in this many poor people dies who in their whole life never killed even mosquito!!

sandip patil, Hungary - 18 October, 2006


what have the american soldiers done to the militants

rahim, Seychelles - 18 February, 2007

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