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Ban on Wearing Head Scarf in France

12 December, 2003

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Presidential Commission has backed the hammock ban over wearing Head Scarf by Muslim female students in educational institutions in the name of 'sustenance of Secular identity of France'. Head Scarf is already forbidden in public sector.

Few days back President Chirac told a group of high school students that wearing a veil in France is seen as "a sort of aggression."

Muslims represent 7 percent of France's total 60 million population, while the country's Jewish community is about 1 percent of the population --Both Western Europe's largest.

Do you think such bans in France would strengthen or weaken the secularism?

What do you think about this interposing on Muslim students' wearing Head Scarf in France?

How do you see the French Presidentís remarks over this issue?

Is there any surety Christian and Jew minorities will not be banned from wearing Skullcaps and Crosses in future?

Reader Comments:

Here in America

I do not understand about the Muslim attire at all.
When people come to America to become citizens I feel that they should Speak English the Language of this country and Dress as Americans do. Whatever country you live in you should abide by their customs. I wish someone would teach me about the TRUE Islam so I can understand it better, but watching children being used as bombs and women being stoned and forced to wear veils and people not being able to think freely and not be afraid to live. I am so discouraged by what I have seen.. I Pray for you all that Peace will fill all Hearts of every Nation and Children can be Free to grow up in Peace.

Kimberly Full, United Kingdom - 15 December, 2003

Head Scarfs

Who is an American? That is hard to answer. We are Christans, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Irish, English, Spanish, Iranian, Blacks, Arabs...etc. We have one thing that binds us.....Freedom. I see many people comming to the USA for freedom. I do not know many who want to leave the USA to live in an oppressive muslim country. Fighting over religon is useless because the truth will only be found out when we die. America is not in a holy war. We are in it for survival. We will never give up on freedom. I consider Pakistan our friend.

Tom James, United Kingdom - 15 December, 2003

Rules for allz

If French President bans head scarf for muslims ladies, then all other religious gestures like "Skullcaps and Crosses" should also be banned, and if not then this isssue should be raised in UN.

hammad Ali Shakie, Pakistan - 15 December, 2003

Head Scarf Ban in France if on Muslims does it also apply on Nuns in France ?

Frm.French Pres.1st-Lady
Hated Islam-Muslim-Arabs. Support's Armanian Groups ASALA Terrorist in Support of US-West-NATO versus Soviets & East-Bloc now in Mid-East Support for Arab Christians like Baat in Iraq.
Stephani Anderson in US blame Muslim's Screaming n supposed Discrimination forget's Real-Thing in US lead on "Affirmative-Action" Overlapping Issues Core making Z to A instead of A to Z pure Distratction in US.
Bobby Joe Mitchell speak's Like Hitler & Joe Pritz talk's Like Stalin both in US while MJ.Flecther in UK ref Ban in Govt Building in Turkey is Like USSR Female Agents Bodies disposal in USSR. Senior Officials in France want the Same to go along Wine in Lunchon @ Islam.
Sammy Jabareen is RAW !
In France Nuns wear Scarf?

Al-Haj.Mr.F.Koch{IPN}MHRW-JAIC-KBK-News, Netherlands - 15 December, 2003

Don't Leave Un-Attended European's Comments about Islam

Today France has about Head-Scarf Ban tomarrow about Banning Islam ! French&British Had brought Prostitution flexibility into the Colonial countries in name of Human-Freedom. Islamic-World & Muslims World-Wide should not Leave the European's Comments about Islam Un-Attended because these people spit fire-dirt on Islamic Teaching
in the name of socalled Humainity(Interference)
Democracy(Dectation) Secularism(Way-In-Direct)
Tom James on Freedom Check First with US Wars Killings in Civil-War Revolt 1.W.W & 2.W.W & Vietnam & Korea & Afghanistan & Iraq & Secret Wars by CIA.
Kimberly Full US-Peace is Romans-Peace Cruelty that announced Trial vs Jesus.

Al-Haj.Mr.F.Koch{IPN}MHRW-JAIC, Netherlands - 16 December, 2003

Right wing freaks

The French are as Islamophobic as the ppl i read on this page....what a bunch of find 100 million people guilty for the actions of 100 is superb racism.

Aamir, Pakistan - 16 December, 2003


America can have war in any country in the world, wherever and whenever (so far 40).
has everybody forgotten that america dropped WMD in japan, what about VIETNAM or KOREA.

sandy, United Arab Emirates - 16 December, 2003

Hey Koch, start looking into how muslims treat Chritians in their countries. How you muslims treat Chrisitans of Pakistan how muslims are still carrying out genocide in Sudan. And dont forget 2 million Christians slaughtered by Ottoman empire during 1915-1919.

Sammy Jabareen, Pakistan - 16 December, 2003


Many people, in this debate, talked about freedom. And even Mr. Bush talks about freedom. But if a person does not have a choice to wear the dress of his/her choice, then where is the freedom. If a woman likes wearing head scarf, what is the problem with the government.

Many of the terrorists happen to be muslims. It does not imply that all muslims are terrorists. Lets not blame
all muslims.

It is quite pathetic that we are fighting in the name of god.

True Indian, Hungary - 16 December, 2003

Don't come to West

If you dont like the Westren people life or if they tell you to abide their customs then who's fault is that. All the moslem people come to west to seek and enjoy freedom. If western people don't like you and want to follow their customs then I think it is our fault We moslems come to west They did not invite us. They dont come to Pakistan to seek freedom and wealth it we come to west.
It will be better we change our attitude and open our minds already our customs has left us behinde and we want others to go to poverty and ignorence

, United Kingdom - 16 December, 2003

Racist Sammy!

Thanks to the Muslim scholars, scientist etc the Christians are where they are today. They took are knowledge read our books and left us fighting and created boundaries on our lands. As far as the Christians of today are concerned, excuse me no offence but they no less than athiests. Just because they can explain who the world was created does'nt mean that 'God does'nt exist', Lincoln was a Racist against the Blacks(Negros), thought they who also happen to be Christians either Roman Catholic Or Protestant. The Christians have killed more Christians than the Muslims have, which shows that Christianity is pennyless for you- Miss Jabareen

Imran Ali Agha, Pakistan - 16 December, 2003


President Chirac has banned not only head scarves, but skull caps and overt displays of Christianity as well. The reason for this is he is concerned with the rise of racism directed at Muslims and Jews. The ban is directed largely towards educational institutions, schools and the like. Small pendants will not be banned, and students will be allowed to wear small Stars of David, Korans or Crosses around their necks, as long as they are small. Personally, I do not know if this will have a deterrent effect upon racists, who find their targets no matter what, but maybe a few innocents will escape the persecution of those ignorant ones who find basis for violence in the name of religion.

Edwin, Palestinian Territory, Occupied - 16 December, 2003

for Mr. Imran Agha

Mr Imran Agha represents the mentality of majority of Muslims right now. Watching other nations and religions to wait for their fall, rather to make their selves strong and competent enough. Mr. Imran Agha! the comments u r passing on Christians on the DEVICE is from Charles Babbage's contributions where do we stand? Whole Muslim world!!
Come on guys, why can't we stand christians as a source of teaching without putting how learned we are in races and religion assigning tasks???
Our Beloved Prophet(P.B.U.H) encouraged getting education from teachers other than Muslims and Mind it, Had ever our Beloved Prophet cursed anyone this way the way you do??

Now for Sammy Jabareen, How did you think Ottoman Caliphs were representatives of Islam and Muslims? Probably you are saying so because Ottoman empire stood by nazis!!

ahmad bilal, Pakistan - 17 December, 2003

very shamfull for the french heads

What kind of secularism this is, which is spreading nudity. Wearing a shortest dress is
their culture and this may cause the family incest in their society a shameful act. Wearing a scarf or covering the head of a muslim women or girls is her universal right. Because they can not live their kind of life which lead them to a sinful life like most of the French people are living. Sorry to Them

ZAFAR ABBAS, Pakistan - 17 December, 2003

Imran Ali Agha, it is Judeo-Christian teaching that all western and civlized worlds are based upon. None of the western countries deny it but they dont accept it openly. For myself, i know Saudi Arabia or any other islamic country would not give me freedom to practice my religion so i would not bother to move there. But muslims know that they are free to practice religion in any Christian country thats why thousands of muslims try to move to western countries risking their lives.

Sammy Jabareen, Canada - 17 December, 2003

Head Scarfs

From the US Constitiution, Article 1 from the Bill of Rights. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
This my friends is the freedom Tom James is speaking about. Who cares what France does with Head Scarfs. In the USA they can never be banned. That's Freedom. I also consider Pakistan a friend.

Joe Pritz, Pakistan - 17 December, 2003

i believe like many that 9\11 was preplanned regarding new world order of us. france banned scarf and it reacted in italy, adil smith writt in local court and now its ban to put cross in schools! so it was reaction coz to ban cross is not in Islam. people who point out suicide blasts and quote a reaction as terrorism dont know about jewish policy in kashmir, the number of killings in kashmir, how many rapes n innocent killing in kashmir,chechnia,palestine,indian gujrat and many places which are not being coverd by western media. even there are many muslim groups which are financed by france agaimst america as us supported jiahadis against russia! so everyone is playing for its own interest in his own court n its muslims badluck that their role is of a ball!

bravo, Ireland - 18 December, 2003

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