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America`s Ultimatum

01 March, 2007

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US Vice-President Dick Cheney has conveyed the Bush administration`s message to Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf that the opponents of the possible invasion of Iran will no longer be treated as "allies".

Mr Cheney, who air dashed Islamabad on Monday last , on a one-day surprise visit held a two-hour-long meeting with General Musharraf and expressed his country`s concern over a peace agreement with the tribesmen in North Waziristan. Cheney claimed that cross-border infiltration had increased after the agreement.

Sources privy to Presidential House said that Mr Cheney also discussed a joint strategy to counter the purported Taliban spring operation in war-hacked Afghanistan during the meeting.

According to sources, Mr Cheney also brought the deputy director of CIA, who presented "proofs" to General Musharraf as regards regrouping and training Taliban inside Pakistan.

The sources quoted Mr Cheney as saying " Even without Pakistan`s support, the US forces are capable of taking military action against Iran through Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Gulf".

Here are some questions

1. Is an American invasion of Iran imminent?
2. What will be the choice for Pakistan in case of attack on Iran?
3. Should Pakistan provide logistic support to America for attacking Iran as it did in case of Afghanistan?
4. Will there be any internal reaction in case of Pakistan`s support to US adventure?
5. Do you agree with Musharraf`s contention that the whole world will have to face the consequences of attack on Iran?

Reader Comments:

Attack on Iran

With a comment like"opponents of the possible invasion of Iran will no longer be treated as allies" it shows the childish attatude of the Bush administration. Packistan should not bow to these bulling tactics but instead stand up and face the real enemy..the USA
Peace brothers
From a proud free Irish Man

Crom, Iran, Islamic Republic Of - 01 March, 2007


Hey free irish man, if it wasn't for the "enemy"USA, you would not exist, neither would your emerald isles, people like YOU are the enemy...I support the IRA, but i hope your family is on the recieving end of their politics....

Eddie, Pakistan - 01 March, 2007


The Bush administration has to be the most warmongering administration ever after Adolf Hitler. They seem adept at spinning tales of prospective world danger against people who are minding their own business and opening up a Pandora's box of terrorism in the world. Osama may be a big terrorist, but Mr. Bush and his coterie's are making the US a terrorist state. They have a superb ally in that in Britain and the rogue state of Israel. The only way out for other nations is to have Russia, India, China, and Pakistan put aside their differences and stand together and gave mature leadership to the world. These are the giants of the future.

If the US wants to stop WMDs in the world, they must first attack the Israelis who are committing atrocities on the poor palestinians.

anil, Hungary - 01 March, 2007


The world at this time is on the brinkmanship of Armage ddon or world war three.

Only eight hours ago Russia has warned America against attacking Iran.A massive naval and military build up by US is going on in Persian Gulf and Dick Chenny's war rhetoric for strike on Iran streamed on at almost every stop.We are on threshold of the flash point that could set whole world ablaze.


Let us discuss your five questions one by one with answers.

Is an American invasion of Iran imminent?

This fear is haunting every peace loving nation on planet earth. War on terror was just disguise or part excuse.All muslim countries are haunted now by the fear resounding over and over as such:

"I will give you this reward that i will eat you last of all."

As Mr Putin put it in these words:

"The comrade wolf eats one after the other and does not listen."

But, Mr Putin's Russia and China may be the last.Right now it is the Islamic nations who are being crucified one after the other.The wolf usually is unstopable after its mouth is full of blood-wet and dried after the first prey.

The monster is our own creation as Afghanis and Pakistani Jehadis sacrificed two million lives to create the sole super power.

Now live with the consequences of your own creation.They have found a very appropriate time to carry out their crusade against Islam.Only Allah can save Islamic countries at this most crucial and trying time in history.

2. What will be the choice for Pakistan in case of attack on Iran?

Pakistan has to stay very neutral if you can be spared from being the next.You just cannot trust nor you can't be sure that you won't be the next.

But, Pakistan is too weak to stop it with no clout to even beg for stopping it. You are given money only to bleed and weaken your fellow muslims. Let's hope and pray that it is not divine punishment for us for our ugly deeds of hurting our fellow muslims to appease the ones who might finish us all up.



3. Should Pakistan provide logistic support to America for attacking Iran as it did in case of Afghanistan?

Are you kidding.When you declare yourself a total peaceful nation, you do not participate in any acts of hostilities against any nation.

You just do not provide any support to America or any body else, neither logistics nor any thing else. You just hope and pray that you are spared and are not the next on lines of fire.

You firmly stick to peace even if some shit in their pants on a mega warning.

Some perception of terror may have necessitated logistic support in Afghanistan case. Even that was immoral if there was cause other than terror.

Iran case is the sequential assault on Islamic world by the modern day jeudo-Crusade.

Pakistan's best course will be neutrality.If you side against America, the merciless will nuke us before any body else and for sure.If we side with America you have done many sins against a brother nation and set your self up to be next.If Russia and China step in on Iran's side, then we are nuked too and without mercy and desrving as we will have no moral grounds.


4. Will there be any internal reaction in case of Pakistan`s support to US adventure?

There will be devastating internal reaction against this type of sin not only from our 25 percent Shia brothren population, but from the whole nation.There will be national revolt and within armed forces as well.
Very likely, we will cease to exist as a nation and may be forced to fall back into Inmdia with whatever and whoever will be able to do it. With Turkey, Syria and most of Islamic world destabilized and disfunctioning, our plight will be worse than even Iraq with dog eat dog existence all over.

We would go very low like in Iraq with men killing men and girls prostituting in India and every where with no one able to take care of their honour.

Complete neutrality is the only and only option left for Pakistan.

5. Do you agree with Musharraf`s contention that the whole world will have to face the consequences of attack on Iran?


Musharraf can be given 100 percent score on that for very wise thinking.Turkey, Pakistan and many Islamic countries will cease to exist. There will be global chaos, depression and collapse.


Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 01 March, 2007

America`s Ultimatum

1. Yes, an American invasion of Iran is imminent. An American invasion of Pakistan is also imminent although a little later than that.

2. The same choice which Pakistan had when US attacked Afghanistan. Make a complete U-turn, eat their own words, back-stab their own allies (Taliban) just for the sake of US$ Dollars & make it look like a heroic effort against terrorism.

3. Pakistan neither had a choice in case of Afghanistan, nor will it have any choice in case of Iran. Uncle Sam doesn't like disobedient slaves.

4. Yes, there will be internal reactions. But internal reactions worry democratic governments & not military-dictatorships.

5. The whole world (including Pakistan) IS facing the consequences of Pakistani establishment's love affair with home-grown Multi-National Terrorist (MNT) groups already. Can it get any worse?

Md. Kashif, United Kingdom - 01 March, 2007

it takes a little...

Once I asked an Iranian how come they are against the US and Israel policies so openly yet have a good name and progressing in the world. He replied it just takes a little courage to say no and stand up against hegemony... and I think Musharraf, the Commando President of Pakistan does not have even a little courage that tells us that he is a fake soldier.

Sunny, Pakistan - 01 March, 2007

Cheney's remarks

Dear Sir,
Vice President of USA, Mr. Dick Cheney, paid a visit to Islamabad on Monday. He asked Pakistan to do more to curb terrorism, Talibans and Al Quada.
Pakistan is doing a lot to curb terrorism and is giving more sacrifices than any other country .The so-called war on terror has taken the lives of even doctors, teachers, politicians and tribal leaders besides jawans of security forces. There is no danger to USA from any side but has compelled Pakistan to kill her own citizens and has created civil war like situation in Pakistan. We have deployed more than eighty thousand troops on our border with Afghanistan and when we think of fencing the border, the Afghan government makes a huge noise. If there is infiltration from our side, then why are they against the fencing, which will make it absolutely impossible to cross the border! Opposition to fencing by Afghan government speaks itself of their ill designs against our country. President Musharraf is right to reply that Talibans are inside Afghanistan and our country is not responsible for their activities. The Afghan government is not in a position to control the Afghan warlords and blaming us for their failure. The stance of our president is not only genuine but also a bold one, as he has refused to accept the dictations of USA concerning FATA and some parts of N.W.F.P.
The Afghan rulers should take political steps to control bloodshed in that Muslim country. The enemies of Islam and peace are trying for all out war between Pakistan and Afghanistan to fulfill their nefarious designs. They also wish to create anarchy in our country and are not satisfied with the damages we are already facing on account of war on terror. In fact these elements, I am afraid, wants complete destructions of our country, which is a fort of Islam.
The response of the president is based on facts and a sagacious one, as doing more is not in the interest of our country.
Muhammad Riaz,
Thana Malakand Agency.

Muhammad Riaz, Pakistan - 01 March, 2007

Time To Get-Together

I would say its time we must forget whatever happened in past between Indian & Pakistan and join hand to face the upcoming challenges. US have used Pakistan for its own interest and still using it with carrot & stick policy. The world scenario is changing fast and the whole Gulf region is getting de-stabilised fast. I would say there are many more hidden issues yet to be exploded in this region and US would do what suits it the best. Whatever issues we still have between India & Pakistan can be resolved (now or later) but lets not get any third person take advantage of it.

Sangra, Hungary - 01 March, 2007



BOB, United Kingdom - 01 March, 2007

Lesson in it.

Today as world is small like a village so it is helpful if smaller and weaker nations understand the psyche of strong.
In Western politics there is no such thing as permanent friends or permanent enemies.
A story is always told about British PM Benjamin Disralei,who when asked at a certain political move ,by the Queen if Britian has any permanent friend,the jewish PM said no Your majesty we have neither permanent friends nor permanent enemies But we have permanent principles i.e. our benefit,our control etc.and for these we keep on making new friends or enemies.This is the bedrock of western politics today.
In case of Pakistan What is is its permanent principle,Just think!.
US will do what it has been said,the changing of Islam in mould of christianity,re-mapping the muslim world,creating new animosity between muslim countries so wars continue and American ammunition sells.What is the principle of the Pakistan armys' Generals who pass on pronographic literature among themselves for enjoyment whose prupose of life is to make money and upon retirement become DG of some big cash cow industry.Should Pakistani masses also not think that how can they finish this exxpolitation of the ruling class who has no sympathy with them.

Dr.Khan, United Kingdom - 01 March, 2007

Peace is all we need

The chess game about Iran invasion by US is changing so rapidly that we hope peace prevails in the end.

The main developments appear to have been warning from Moscow and the latest news that America is suddenly and surprisingly moving to talk to Iran directly or indirectly at least on pretext of Iraq issues.

There may be some peace prodding developments and let us pray for peace.

Within Pakistan, there is no room for in-fighting.It is time to stand up together to save the nation as we have been asked to crack the toughest nut, which is the help for assist in the easiest invasion route to Iran. It will be national suicide to commit to that and the right answer has been conveyed wisely.

Afghanistan and Central Asia are land locked with no direct access to handle heavy military supplies and reinforcements. West of Iran is Kurdish inhabitated and would infurirate Turkey as Turkey itself gets finished with its own Kurdish situation. Strait of Harmouz is a narrow seaway and bottle neck route for the world's energy life line. Movement of several dozen ships a day for military use could devastate the world's energy supplies and economies.If ablaze or closed down by sinking several ships loaded with anti ship mines or by any other means,it could paralyze world economies. Sensible people will be now avoiding travel to Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and even Abu Dhabi until things settle down.

And Pakistan nation must learn to tighten belts as who knows what is in the cards regarding US financial help from now on.


Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 02 March, 2007

Eddie, Pakistan

I visited Dublin & loved the people there. What is your point, Eddie? Are you endorsing terrorism & defending Bush in the same post? The IRA is a Northern Ireland entity, not the Republic of Ireland. Get your facts straight or S.T.F.U.!

If you mean that the USA saved Europe in WWII, this isn't the same peace & freedon-loving America of the 40's. I hardly consider my own country a constitutional democracy anymore because of people like you.

Crom, peace back atcha, brother.

bone, United Kingdom - 02 March, 2007

Attention Editon - Eddie is not from Pakistan

Eddie is neither a Pakistan nor from Pakistan. His comments are extremely inflammatory and should be removed.

Irfan, Pakistan - 02 March, 2007

nothing will happen

now a days its very hard to think that usa israeal will get away from mass murders we have seen in labnon hizabs victories ,

toron, Saint Pierre And Miquelon - 02 March, 2007

1. It depends on how far diplomacy can succeed. Both nations need to do engage in honest effort.

2. No choice for Pakistan. Just follow the US dictation. Remember $10 billion in last 5 years?

3. There is no option. Pakistan needs to provide support to US, or else stone age....

4. That's Mushraf's problem. Rest of the world cares for big picture of restricting nuclear disasters, and world peace.

5. Yes. The world must take care of Iran, NK and Pakistan before it's too late.

Bush's foreign policy is a proven failure. That however doesn't make Iran, NK and Pakistan stance right. Bush is a fiasco and should be condemned, and I/NK/P the new axis of evil should be given due treatment.

Bush failed to understand that Pakistan was as much of a threat as Taliban, however considered Pakistan as an ally, and we are now paying price for that, in donation as well as in NATO troops' lives. $10B and counting, and 100 NATO lives and counting...

Neptune, United Arab Emirates - 02 March, 2007


Eddie, I said free Irish Man but I never said I supported the IRA. Please stop the name calling you sound soooo USA

Crom, Iran, Islamic Republic Of - 02 March, 2007


Hey Bone, United States of America , I hope we can get together sometime have a beer and see how to educate the little EDDIES of this world.
Peace and respect my man

Crom, Iran, Islamic Republic Of - 02 March, 2007

Hand it over oil /surrender Islam or defend UMMA.

Iran will not only hand over oilfield but will likely put obstacle in the ongoing
Mass murder of Muslim Umma by building a nuke Power plant or one Nuke bomb.
Is the message of Kissinger Bush Dick cheny oil company car mfrs.?

This will Block shipment of world wide Muslim oil Muslim citizen blood supply for transfusion for global Hospitals .A

Available supply of heart lung retinas in unlimited quantity via allied soldiers in OIC will be blocked by Iran building a Nuke .Sexual requisite in Islamic world for foreign soldiers
Will be stopped by Iran move. Available Muslim women in Muslim world for all foreign soldiers will be stopped if Iran allowed to fight back is the message.

Consequently Iran will not be allowed to retain Oilfield s nor Islamic religion. It looks as if Iran is the only country in the Muslim world controlling Oil.

Instead Hand it over or else be wiped out is the message. They want total annihilation
Of Iran to wrap up Islam .demand is that Islam must send women and girls for foreign soldiers of occupation colony amid ongoing mass murder taking place.

This makes USA Canada EU Japan India Israel soldiers as mass murders .Karzai Perez M Hosni Mubarak as agents of Colony makers exporters of Umma blood oil and body parts. Allied Soldiers are in the Muslim world to exterminate all Muslim. They have abolished Islam who is sending women and children for foreign soldiers...

Muslim is being sold as slaves, sex slave’s gay lesbian. Karzai Perez M kind are the kind waging war on Emma or alamedas, Saudi Sheiks Gulf sheiks are people who had defeated Islmic shia and sunna in war of liberation of oil fields or had gained Independence by defeating Islamists is the message. Hand it over Oil abolish Islam or else ….is the message.

ZMB, Hungary - 03 March, 2007

original evil

He, Cheney is is very close to the Karzai's in Kabul. He has been paying 10's of un-official visits there, and even asking the government in Afghanisthan to to talk against Pakistan alot. On July 2004 and 2005 in his website there was, and still is pictures of him enjoying his favourite hobby which is hunting in Afghanistans north and the hindukush. when many muslims are dying in a time like this he is standing on top of a Morco Polo, and a wild Buffallo while hunting deep in the norther afghanhistan territory.

Anil Raza, Pakistan - 03 March, 2007

We should learn from the great King Dahir (regarding lawlessness in tribal area)

Here is a quick reply to your questions. This is followed by the reply regarding the real purpose of Vice President's visit.

1. Is an American invasion of Iran imminent?
US will attack Iran only if the current leadership remains defiant and continues to enrich Uranium.

2. What will be the choice for Pakistan in case of attack on Iran?
Pakistan’s only choice is to stay calm and not allow Jihadis to cross Pak-Iran border.

3. Should Pakistan provide logistic support to America for attacking Iran as it did in case of Afghanistan?
Iran is different from Afghanistan. As we all know Afghanistan is a land locked country. Iran on the other hand has coastal areas. Therefore Americans won’t need much from Pakistan. American military has surrounded Iran from 3 sides. So the role of Pakistan is very limited in this case.

4. Will there be any internal reaction in case of Pakistan`s support to US adventure?
Reaction will there off course. Our Jihadis will froth and spit. They may burn Pakistani businesses, buses, and cars too. But that would be it.

5. Do you agree with Musharraf`s contention that the whole world will have to face the consequences of attack on Iran?

In today’s world, no action is local. So yes there will be a global consequence to American actions in Iran. However it is hard to predict the severity of such reaction. One guess is that it will be very little. The other estimate is that Iranian Mullahs may unleash their suicide squad. But that’s about it. Like many suicide bombers of today, they would do little to harm Americans. And yet the same suiciders will definitely kill the fellow Muslims and other country men.

Having provided the answers, I feel this set of questions completely misses the purpose of the visit by Vice President Dick Cheney. Mr. Chaney is simply asking Pakistan to take responsibility of Pakistani areas. And he is right. On our part it is a bad excuse to say that tribal areas are not “governable” because they have remained lawless for the last 200 years.

If Pakistani tribals attack NATO, then it is our responsibility to stop them. This is just like we cannot allow anyone staying in our home to commit aggression against our neighbor.

It will be good to remind the readers of an ancient tale. This is from the time of a great king named Raja Dahir. One fine morning this great Raja got a letter from the Basra office of the supreme leader of the world named Hujjaj bin Yousaf. The letter simply said that there are pirates in Dahir’s territory, and these pirates are looting and attacking Hujjaj’s ships.

The great King Dahir replied “Janab these pirates are not under my control”. They have been looting ships for a long time. Well Hujjaj sent a reply pretty quick and the result as they say is now history. The supreme leader named Hujjaj sent his troops under the command of Bin-Qasim. Those troops killed the great king Dahir, demolished Dahir empire, and wiped out the religion of the natives. This is how we got Islam in the region we call Pakistan.

We should learn from history instead of becoming slaves of history. If tribal areas are lawless for 200 years. Then this is the time they all become law-full citizens of Pakistan. Don’t they deserve this fundamental right?

Because we should learn from the Great king Dahir, and we only allow law-full citizens in Pakistan.

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 03 March, 2007

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