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America`s Ultimatum

01 March, 2007

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US Vice-President Dick Cheney has conveyed the Bush administration`s message to Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf that the opponents of the possible invasion of Iran will no longer be treated as "allies".

Mr Cheney, who air dashed Islamabad on Monday last , on a one-day surprise visit held a two-hour-long meeting with General Musharraf and expressed his country`s concern over a peace agreement with the tribesmen in North Waziristan. Cheney claimed that cross-border infiltration had increased after the agreement.

Sources privy to Presidential House said that Mr Cheney also discussed a joint strategy to counter the purported Taliban spring operation in war-hacked Afghanistan during the meeting.

According to sources, Mr Cheney also brought the deputy director of CIA, who presented "proofs" to General Musharraf as regards regrouping and training Taliban inside Pakistan.

The sources quoted Mr Cheney as saying " Even without Pakistan`s support, the US forces are capable of taking military action against Iran through Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Gulf".

Here are some questions

1. Is an American invasion of Iran imminent?
2. What will be the choice for Pakistan in case of attack on Iran?
3. Should Pakistan provide logistic support to America for attacking Iran as it did in case of Afghanistan?
4. Will there be any internal reaction in case of Pakistan`s support to US adventure?
5. Do you agree with Musharraf`s contention that the whole world will have to face the consequences of attack on Iran?

Reader Comments:

is american invasion of iran immenent

Dr. Qazi you are protecting the interest of america in every comments you made and talking like a jew which I fail to understand as your name shows you would be muslim. You certainely are immigrated to america and forgot your own land you know very well what we call to these kind of people. As far as Pakistan is concern we are protecting our own interest while providing protection to america and other nations. If america is sincere in what they say that they want a peaceful world than they should have stopped israil from gaining nuclear power but it did not happen had that happened america could have asked india and pakistan to step down from thier nuclear technology and could have avoided north korea to become nuclear power and now iran. If america protects the interest of israil than it should pay the prize. Based on itelligence report america invaded afghanistan but what happened thousands of people died and allied forces holding kabul only and america is worried about spring attack by taliban and al-qaida and fears kabul will fall. On the basis of itelligence report america invaded iraq what happened billions of dollars waisted but could not find weapons of mass destruction. Intelligence reports that north korea has 6-10 nuclear bombs and american government went after north korea and now according to new york times north korea may not have nuclear capabilities as origanally thought CIA reports. Again CIA reports that iran is developing nuclear bomb what this report is also falls and america will waiste billions of dollars and kill thousands of people. Every war came to an end on a table. America being the only super power finds peacful solution like settling palestinian problem, Kashmir problem and etc.etc. if it could do that it would gain respect and love around the world. Dr. Qazi its time you realize that america can never invade pakistan it doesnt have the guts if it could it would have when pakistan was not nuclear state. The only problem is that muslims are not united and that gives people like you to talk you being muslim are talking against muslim is the best example of it. instead of waisting your time in paising america if you start analysing the situation you will know what exactly is going on. You only read news papers and watch TV and you think you know it all you know nothing. Have you ever been to pakistan afghanistan iran or even india if you do you will know the ground realities. Agenda of republicans is always to pick up fights if they dont factories producing arms and ammunition would be locked which is not acceptable to jews lobby as they hold major shares in these factories. If you are sensible enough you will analyse every move in propotion and than talk but it seems like you want to have your opinion uploaded so that you can tell your friends about it and gain attention. Dr. Qazi I invite you to pakistan to come and see the devastation afghan american war has brought. You can not just imagine. those who suffered losses will never love america as who the hell is he to interfare in our business. If at all america wants peace than it should start with israil first and then rest of the world

Shiraz Ali Motani, Pakistan - 12 March, 2007

America`s Ultimatum

I think Pakistan ows it more to his own people than he owns to America to get rid of these terrorist who are today being trained in Pakistan for havoc in other counteries will create Havoc in Pakistan. Pak government needs to get serious and work along with US governmentin fact face the facts that these are religious fanatics who do not care about any ones lives or freedom. Pakistan needs to start appreciating all the help US is providing in monetary terms.Whether that money is being spent on general publics welfare or not that is up to the government and the well educated public of Pakistan need to take a stand now against terrorisam, fanatisam and stop the killing of innocent civilians.

Vinod, United Kingdom - 12 March, 2007

Is any of this necessary?

I am an american who believes what everyone should be free to worship whatever god they choose. Since the dawn of time, man has always found a way to put those who are different...or believe different...into a "bad guy" category. Why does it always have to be right or wrong. Why can't people just believe what they want to believe and not live in fear of others wanting to kill them because of it. Americans are just as guilty of this as the are certain muslims. And I say certain muslims because I have many muslim friends, who do not believe that just because I am a christian, that I am an infidel. They sometimes laugh at my beliefs, but that is much better than trying to kill me because of them. Everything that is going on in the world today is childish. I feel like I'm back in grade school and the school bully is trying to sucker me into giving up my lunch money.......Grow up EVERYONE and realize that this is everyone's world.....get used to it

concerned american, United Kingdom - 12 March, 2007

new to this

I don't understand why everyone doesn't leave each other alone! I don't want anyone anywhere to die, lose their homes, live in fear, or suffer in any other way caused by wars or terrorism. I am a Christian and I think all other religions are false and dangerous. Satan has always tricked people into following him instead of the one true God of heaven and earth. No one on this earth is "good" enough to go to heaven by their own works or giving, which is why we needed a Saviour (Jesus) to pay our fines for our own sins. This is what the Word of God says - period. I know there are people who think differently than I do. So? I pray for everone who is not truly saved. But do I think I should fly an airplane into your office? No. Do you think someone should try to hurt me or kill me because I believe in Jesus? American government isn't perfect. It is made up of people... people who get scared when terrorists hurt and kill their families and friends. The definition of a terrorist is someone who inflicts terror, right? Do any of you like to feel terror? Would you protect your family if someone broke into your home and tried to kill your child, wife or yourself? America is a Christian founded country. We want peace as much as anyone else. I don't believe in war. I wish we weren't in Iraq. Lots of Americans feel as I do. Doesn't peace start with you and me? The Bible says the tounge is man's most uncontrollable weapon. Let's have peace. I love you all in Christ.

a Christian, United Kingdom - 12 March, 2007

Peace and no war

That Qazi may have found a warm bed and green bucks to count now. Those green bucks will never be enough and the vicious thinking will continue for the death and destruction of the innocent Islamic people by some one exalted.

We love our green flags more than green bucks regardless of any thing or place.

Man, we are talking of peace for the Islamic world and for all.We talk of facts and no maligned fabrication and distorted imagination.

Any one in praise of war can pick up the gun and go there to the front and not shit in the pants before hand.

And no one take advantage of freedom of expression in Pakistani media. Pakistan's news media is too generous to let every thing published even if it crosses the prohibition limits.

Let us not abuse too much the freedom of expression in Pakistani media, which by publishing in all latitudes of freedom, must be admired as much more liberal than the western press.

Mr Alam Sher's Benign neglect and sensible talks of advising Qazi to follow in praise may be one good thig to follow. But, Qazi started to threaten some one for expressing peace for our Islamic world in the media and that was going far beyond following camps of aggression on Islam.

Kisses to Pakistan media that allows even that latitude of freedom.This is example for the world's media to learn and follow Pakistan's lead in freedom of expression.

And Qazi can phone FBI and Canadian authorities from his new warm bed and green bucks counting.

We will be in Murree, Swat and Islamabad around independence days and count our green flags waved by those prettiest and natural looking beauties of Pashtoon, Kohistani, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Baluchi, Sindhi, Urdu speaking and all other loverly and lovable souls of our Pakistani selves.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 12 March, 2007

Civil discussion verses sympathizers of terrorism

There is a section of Overseas Pakistanis who for some strange reasons have turned to terrorism. This group is represented by the actual terrorists like Mohammad Atta and Shehzad Tanveer, and terror sympathizers like Mr. Anwar Mr. Uzair Usman.

While terrorists have done much harm to the peace-loving Pakistanis at home and abroad, a much bigger threat comes from these dimwit sympathizers of terrorism.

These pro-terrorism weasels are typically old men who spent their lives in the West enriching themselves thanks to the tolerant and prosperous host countries.

However in their old age they have taken to spreading false propaganda on "Islam Khutray may hai (Islam is in danger)". This propaganda is totally ruining the younger generation of Pakistanis who were born and brought up in the West.

Look at these suicide bombers coming out of UK. Can you imagine the immense opportunities available to these young men? Higher education at the world’s best institutions like Oxford and Cambridge are waiting for them. Exploration of seas and space is open to them. And yet it is so unfortunate to see these young men to become 7/7 suicide bombers all thanks to these old men form Canada and rabid Mullahs from Egypt.

While Chinese and Indians in the West bring home the industry and outsourcing to China and India. While Chinese and Indians help their mother countries to become prosperous and educated.

These terrorist sympathizers are bringing terror and anarchy back to Pakistan.

So sad and so unfortunate for Pakistan. It is time to stop these terror-sympathizers, otherwise Pakistani-Americans and Pakistani-Canadians will go the same way as that of terrorists of 7/7.

Dr. Qazi, Pakistan - 12 March, 2007

No fear of American chaudharis

I am here telling Qazi that swingers and lovers share, pair and compare experiences of thrills and excitements. Only the trucklers stay scared with no reasons as they are hell bent to suffer from complexes.

Mr Clinton would love to share with me a wonderful experience I had with that daughter of police of chief of a provincial capital of Canada.

We had eight years of fun together and the thing stopped only because i had no intention to marry any one. If, it was even one, it would have been that Marina.

Even Bill will hold his breath on this experience of us which even appeared on the front page of Edmonton Journal as abig time news on the front page of the daily. It is there for people of all times to come to read it as big news on the front page of main daily of a city with million population.

That Marina was one day very romantic and driving me in her car. She forgot to control speed in the excitement of moments. The police man followed and stopped her car to give her speeding ticket with traffic fine.She jumped out of the car and slapped the policeman telling him as such:
"How dare you interrupt her in her big moments of love"

And the big news flashed in next days paper as such:

" A young city woman slaps the cop and his glasses went flying and broken twenty feet away."

The daughter of chief of police had to go to court and the judge, instead of jailing her, told her politely as such:

Young person, you have to respect the men, who are in the same department as your father."

When police man found about whose daughter she was, he told her:

"Sorry, i did'nt know that you are daughter of Mr Powers."

Marina Powers stories to Bill Clinton will be just as interesting as those of Monica Lawinsky. He won't think of him as America's Chaudhry as that Kazi is fearing.

And this blue eyed Marina had all the beauty, brains and brauns.She was M.A in Psychology and Bachelar honours with top grades in english literature. She would talk all nights long about incomparable quality of Nat King Cole's songs which she told me all the times that they were better than the work of Shakespeare.

And every body knows that it is difficult in north America to date the daughter of chief of police of a provincial capital than to befriend the daghter of big chaudhry or minister.

And i have to mention some frequent fleeting get together with my own Pakistani gathering with her company. I am talking of 1974-1978, when we did'nt have VCR yet.We used to gather on special occasions to see Pakistani films on social screens.

I remember i took this 25 years old high school teacher to watch a Pakistani film. And she surprised all 100 or more Pakistanis there by singing aloud the song in the movie in perfect urdu at interval time. She was singing all aloud in front of Pakistani gathering, Noor Jehan's lyrics as such:

"Yeh wadian, yeh parbaton ki shahzadian."

And all Pakistanis in the hall looked amazingly at such healthy, young good looking, educated and apple of a powerful family with her father as chief of police of a provincial capital."

Bill Clinton will sure find my experiences with Marina Powers as much interesting as his with Monica Lawinsky.

And i have many more stories to tell, but they will come slowly as we don't want to faint any one who is haunted by the fear of chaudharis of Pakistan and the chaudharis of America.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 13 March, 2007

The camp follower Mr. Alam Sher Wazir

Finally we have someone with a bit of historical knowledge. However Mr. Wazir's reference to Roman Empire falls flat on its face.

BTW Romans existed long time ago and never had a successful military-industrial complex like America. They lacked a good scheme for transferring power too.

Even if you insist on comparing Americans to Romans, the true camp followers of America are some really smart countries and people.

Guess who are these smart countries? The list includes the future empires like the Japanese, Australians, Germans, Turks, and the whole gamut of NATO allies.

These countries will get maximum benefit from the American conquests, while pathetic socialists like Chavez, Ahmadenejat, and their local supporters like Mr. Wazir will remain the losers.

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 13 March, 2007


I think even if iran is making a nuclear bomb, which no one has credible info to prove, should be able to and i support it. NOrth korea was never attacked coz it has nukes, so werent china and russia when america used to call them their bitteresi enemies and 'responsible for all the wars in the world' direct quote from a former us president. Nukes will only help iran defend itself against the only country to have ever used it on civilians. So many countries already have them, and so many others will eventually have one. Its like u have a gun and u dont want others to have it, coz u think only u can use it responsiblly, everything thinks like that...

And iran should have it, even if they r not working on a nuke, they should...its their right, their right to nuclear energy and nuclear arms to defend itself. America and most of the west has long threatened the world with their superior military power...and israel and us already have the worlds most advanced anti-nuclear missele system...i mean...iran will still lack such technology...its amazing how iran has progressed with so many sanctions and i wish it the best, anyone whose been there knows that its a beautiful country with wonderful people...

uzair usman, United Arab Emirates - 13 March, 2007

The off spec thinking of some one

So, this Qazi Talks leisurely and pleasurly of American conquests. All these conquests appear to be of muslims.

And he wants to reward the fruit of the conquests of Islamic countries to his chosen ones.

I bet this man is living in the dark as China is rising on its own and without rewards of others to surpass all in future.

And Qazi can so foolishly see a 20 million nation of Australia mentioned against a total neglect and no count of 1.3 billion Chinese, who are already the second biggest consumer of energy, the biggest producer of steel and second biggest economy in the world.

The man lives in his dream world of putting Islamic world down.The man appears to be loving to see iran invaded and conquered even if such misfortune will destabilize Pakistan and even break it up.

He can enjoy his own dream world and fantasies.

By the grace of Allah, Islamic world is rising to be there amongst the very top.

Allah willing, our time is coming soon to regain the lost grandness since 1684.

Allah will save the Islamic world from all evil designs.

In the hearts of our hearts we belong to our world of Islam, which we have to see it lifted aloft.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 13 March, 2007

let sanity prevail

Dear Anwar Mahmood, Canada. Many people like you view China as a savior of Pakistan. It is Pakistan's answer to any threat that it perceives too big to handle on its own. The reality is, nobody fights somebody else's war. China didn't come to Pakistan's rescue during Kargil, there's no reason for it to meddle in the Iranian crisis either.

Pakistan, together with the Islamic world, will surely regain the lost grandness of 1684 when the US will bomb them back to the stone age.

Allah will not save the Islamic world from evil designs. Allah helps those who help themselves. Moreover, the word 'Evil eye/designs' is used in the context of Pakistan so frequently that it seems Pakistan is some beautiful Damsel under threat from global ruffians like the US & Israel.

Islamic Suicide bombers are told that they will be joined in heaven by a number of virgins.

Allah da banda, Pakistan - 13 March, 2007

Bush-A terrorist

A biggest terrorist in the world is US president Bush.He has created havoc in the world.How many millions of innocent people killed in Afghanistan & Iraq.Without any proof he attacked,and the whole world could not do anything.He is the biggest killer.He should be hanged till death.

Merchant Saifuddin, Hungary - 13 March, 2007


Some people sound like they are trying to be informed about world events. When was the last time you looked under humanitarian aide to see who steps up to help others around the world? Look that up and see if that will affect your opinion about the people of the USA. We are the ONE that is there to help those in need - with supplies and money and people. Where does your country fall on that list of providing aid to another group of people? Then stop with the hate and be willing to help another whether or not he is of your origin or belief.

mom/USA, United Kingdom - 14 March, 2007

Too much faithful

The whole world knows that America is the sole super power in the world and no country can or will provoke its might. It is known to us all and perhaps more so to Qazi.

That reminds me of the story of a powerful man, whose might could not be challenged. His friends would visit him to discuss about some human matters and trying to talk about un-hurting kindness that a powerful man should show to the weak.

This powerful man had a WATCH DOG, who would grouch at visiting humans and even advising his master to beat them, kill them and do not let them in the house.

The humans guests asked the reason for the grouchiness of the very faithful watch dog. The master or the powerful man looked angrily at the watch dog and then told human guests that the watch dog figures that the human guests might take his place and leave him out.The strong man also told his guests that ha had told the watch dog that the humans just cannot take over the place of watch dogs.

He then strictly told the watch dog to just eat the food and enjoy the dog house and not disturb his human friends.

The strong man even warned the watch dog that he will be thrown out if he un-necessarily bother the incoming human guests.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 14 March, 2007

Qazi's Confused mind beyond repair

Any one trying to malign peace prodding people into self fantacized terror needs his head examined.

Qazi must know that it is legal crime to malign decent humans of society into terror.

Since Qazi has started to point his finger on many people, we can only suggest that he get some help before hitting lunatic hospital.

We live in normal world with normal people participating in this forum.




Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 14 March, 2007

Mr. Motani forgets that 700+ Pak-soldiers were martyred by Mullahs and not some Western Country

Mr. Motani don’t muddy the water by bringing so many other countries in the mix. This discussion is about Pakistan so please stick to this topic.

FYI. People who jump up and down and defend terrorism, fail to remember some very important facts.

1. 700+ of our brave soldiers have been martyred by the Mullahs
2. Our President has been attacked by suicide bombers of Muslim faith
3. Our Corps Commander was nearly killed by terrorists with Muslim names
4. Our Shias and Brailvi Sunnis have both been mercilessly killed by those who profess to a particular Arab faith.

If in doubt, you must follow the money trail. None of the above attackers got money from the Western countries or NATO. However it is painfully clear that the terror money came from some very vocal Muslim countries.

Off course Mullahs and socialists will always ignore this fact and harp on some mythical Western Dajjal. Sure President Chaney would agree with us that Pakistan faces a huge danger from Mullah Terrorists. But the terror-sympathizers will continue putting dirt in our eyes. Funny the same socialist and terrorist sympathizers live, breed, and prosper in Western countries.

Sad truly sad!

Dr. Qazi, United Kingdom - 14 March, 2007

Keep your Guard

United States of America may be a strong nation today, but, a strong stance of Defense is better than over extending ourselves and exposeing a possible weakness to those who would love to see liberty Die so that they may enslave the good people around the world to serve the Oppression of Dark Industry and Despotism.
Liberty for all of the people.

Liberty or Death, United Kingdom - 14 March, 2007

Do not fight for AMERICA

Someone calling his/herself Christian from United States is suggesting that Christian religeon is the only true faith that believes in one God,well people in USA still do not know much about Islam which preaches one God and peace only. Aggression is only recommended when attacked. The Muslim World is currently under attack from Uncle Sam the Satan.The Muslim have no choice but to fight a Satan that is far better equipped than any,militarly,economically as well as technologically. The war has been inflicted on the pretext that it is being faught against the Islamic Fundementalists who are nothing but terrorists.What does the world expect from those invaded by the Satan,just grin and bare it.No,hell,no you must fight to get rid of them they have no business being in Afghanistan or Iraq and now planning to be in Iran and very likely in Pakistan next.Why does the West not tell the truth to its people that the real terrorists are the Western people and they have history to prove it. Two World Wars have been faught by the Western World. The first Nuclear weapon used on another human,has been by the Western Nation.The Star War weapons are being planned by the same irresponsible Nation that used the first Nuke and yet tells the World and in particular the Muslim World not to even think about the nuclear weapons.Who gave this right to the Satan to dictate to others,what it will not giveup itself.The irresponsibility of the West is the best reason for every Nation to have a deterrent against the Satan and the West in general.Pakistan must not get involved in Iran at the behest of the Satan USA.We must think of our own safety and well being. If the US gets involved in Iran it will be the begining of the end for the US(SATAN),for it will unleash forces beyond its control and that of the others. Whether Muslims or non-Muslims.Any nation can rise to geatness and can remain there through wisdom, only folly can bring it down when it over extend itself,so let it be with the Satan.

shapak, Pakistan - 15 March, 2007

Qazi's mischiefs

The man Qazi has very clever and orchestrated intrigue ridden ways to mnipulate things.It may even look like maligned massage of a paid agent.

We will stick to Pakistan of course as that is my dear land.Let us get the facts straightened out for confused Qazi.

Our 700 brave men died for America and it all happened under extremely difficult circumstances when the sole tiger of the jungle was at the door step. Initially, that was best Musharraf could do to save Pakistan from the wrath of America.
But Qazi's mind must also know about who made America sole super power. These were the same brave tribals, NWFP and Afghan Pashtoon.Others like Qazi were shitting in their pants. Again, these are the people America will be asking for help when Russia and China rise fast to super power status.

This confused or traitoring Qazi is desperately wanting to drive dividing wedge not only amongst the Islamic countries including Iran, but is now doing the intrigue of creating rift between Panjabis, Pashtoons and the tribals.

We all muslims are one and united one, whether it is NWFP or pathans or tribals or Turks or Iranians or Arabs or Indonesians or Malayans or African muslims.we are same united muslims whether we are Sunis or Shias or Pashtoons or the tribals.

Pakistan government has very wisely shifted the whole thing to fencing of the border and the Waziristan deal.

The impact shock of 9/11 and loss of life in Pakistan soon after for defending America's war on terror or whatever after has been redressed and pacified with no more terror attack on America since 9/11. And with that redressing, the Pakistan government has taken reciprocating measures to lessen loss of life within Pakistan too.The Islamic blood is not flowing like initial impact or even Bajaur Dargai twin tragedies. Pakistan government and people are taking careful and defensive approach to keep casualties minimal. The fencing and the Waziristan deals speak for the whole success issue of compromise by all. This rabble rouser Qazi has no business to rekindle the much redressed old scars that were in place due to the wisdom of Pakistan's government and people.

And that troubling Qazi, who is already hated enough by all readers as the response letters show, should not bring in the age discrimination illegalities.
We will show him by squeeze, squashed and crushed on written response to his ill-designed writing.We will see who begs for truce in this battle of words that he has started.

You and your America may hate old age, but the east respects it as Allama Iqbal writes:

Ho mera kam gharibon ki hamayat karna
Dard mandon se zaeefon se muhabbat karna

The Islamic world and the east respects old age and not the way that Qazi is spitting around in his letter.

Qazi is himself terrorizing the readers of Pak tribune as is noted by all the response against him.He is sinfully terrorizing the gentle People of Pakistan by flashing the scares of his America cards. He does'nt talk and care about loss of close to million muslims dead since 9/11.

And that Qazi is openly talking of driving wedge between muslims of the world as well as muslims of Pakistan by relating the peace lovers to terrorists and terror sympathizers. One can't help thinking about how much money it takes to turn a person into paid agent.

But intriguing Qazi may not be happy to know about the positive developments of Islamic unity. Saudi Arabia and Iran summit was super successful to unite muslims.Musharraf's whirlwind trip to Islamic nations on unity matters had well calculated success.They could'nt come up with proper wording of the wonderful success that Saudi-Iranian-Pakistan-Turkey-Indonesia and all others had.

Men like Qazi may have talked of Iran and Syria marginilized by Pakistan. That is the enemy ways of viewing.It was wonderful success as Kasuri, Tasneem Aslam said about it as success ofthe like minded.But the real gauge to measure the success was by Musharraf's trip to Tehran.



Any ways that Qazi won't succeed in his rabble rousing, as what he talks here is about loss of life for America within Pakistan soon after 9/11, and now is all past. Unity developments, within the Islamic world and within Pakistan since the loss of 700 military plus Pakistani muslims, are beyond imagination.

Qazi must learn about new unity developments in Pakistan and the making of Pakistan much safe by refusing the invasion route to Iran the way Turkey denied it for Iraq invasion.

It is not to Qazi's interest to talk of sweet Islamic unity.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 15 March, 2007

Watch that Qazi

If the sick in the head can jump on some decent peace prodded opinions of many ;If the rabble rouser can sing war sermons along with some of the world's exalted war mongers;If he totally fails to isolate terror from wider political agendas;If the troubling one trashes the reasoning behind the not granting of invasion passages through Turkey and now Pakistan and if he sickly and relentlessly steers the already rejected opinion of him by the readers and writers of this forum, then he himself is the instigator of global terror. Most birds can fly, but some birds get so much full of shit that the most powerful wings on them won't make them fly.

Scaring the peace loving people of Islam by the America card is all akin to terrorising.

Pakistan govenment, Pakistan people have sorted out terror from non terror.

Some soick minded people with fabricated stories will be rejected along with opinion voiced about Qazi in Paktribune.

I had reasoned peace as the key factor to call looming strike on Iran as evil.Now after getting published in Paktribune, it has become the hottest article in the world. Three quarter of a million sites on the internet with ten thousand or so with my name tag is enough to get the peace message accepted. Qazi cannot accept peace for Iran and for other muslims.
But, look carefully, the Pak tribune's original article went to the highest profiles with much added pictures and cosmetic decoration. Even the US navy chief of the sixth fleet is shown standing on the aircraft carrer off Bahrain with profile wordings of evil retained for war.



The country Iran is too important with the world's largest hydrocarbons and uranium reserves. The west has allways felt energy insecurity ever since the fall of Shah. They are desperately trying to swing and sway Iran back into their orbit.

And Qazi, does he have brains to think about the grandest culture, sweetest language, tastiest food, most elegant dresses and the richest in history literature of Ferdowsi, Hafiz, Roomi and Saadi. I don't know what breed is Qazi, BUT FOR ONE THIRD ARYAN HUMANITY ON EARTH, THE PERSIANS ARE THE MOTHER NATION.

I guess Qazi is too much held back to read the world's anthropologists views that pure Persian Aryans have the most perfect forms of human beauty amongst mankind.

The world simply has no room for one track people,who fail to realize and accept what the decent writers and readers in the same media think about him. And best yet, they are constantly conveying their disgust which the blind can read in Pak tribune.

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 15 March, 2007

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