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All Parties Defiance

10 July, 2007

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The two-day All Parties Conference (APC) concluded in London with a unanimous note asking General Pervez Musharraf to immediately resign to pave way for fair and free elections under a neutral caretaker government.

However, political observers believe that the conference could not evolve any substantial strategy to prevent General Musharraf from getting himself re-elected from the current assemblies as the PPP refused to support the option of resignations.

Various leaders were seen trying to bring the PPP on board on the issue of resignation in case President Musharraf tries to get himself re-elected by the current assemblies and also to join a united front from which to launch agitation against the military-led government.

However, the PPP succeeded in having its way, more or less as the APC declaration announces that all options, including resignations, would be used to foil Musharraf’s bid.

The declaration says that none of the participating parties will ever have any truck with the MQM and said it held General Musharraf, the governor of Sindh, the provincial government of Sindh, and the MQM responsible for the carnage carried out in Karachi on May 12 this year.

Here are a few questions
1) Are you satisfied with the outcome of the APC?
2) Is still there any possibility of a grand opposition alliance?
3) What do you think about the attitude of PPP, which is not ready to resign in case of Musharraf’s re-election by current assemblies?
4) Will ARD and MMA manage to survive in next general elections?
5) Will opposition`s unanimous viewpoint about MQM damage it politically?

Reader Comments:

She wants power most of all

No one is against peaceful interactions if some one has a clean record from the past and is capacitated to deliver in future. Getting crazy about the acquisition of the power seat is not enough criteria.Proven crooks should not even think of serving the nation again.There are hidden or intrinsic fissures and cracks already in the ARD as things are secretly cooking already on the sidelines.I quickly answer the questions and then I have a poem written for you just for humorous pleasure with no attack on any person.

1) Are you satisfied with the outcome of the APC?

Answer: This outcome already has hidden fissures and cracks with some one already doing horse trading.I think the nation will keep in mind the healthy economic growth rate under Musharraf. Second, he has a national kitty of over 15 billion USD reserves that no one was ever able to do it before.Third, every citizen must show his respect for the armed forces as these men of courage have signed their lives off for the defense of the mother land.

2) Is still there any possibility of a grand opposition alliance?

There is greed factor within the Alliance as BB has already made it clear that she will give no one else any chance of becoming PM before her to start with.Things change by the hour and she has parralel negotiations going on with the other side with America playing key role. There is mistrust right on the onset start. You can expect it change rapidly with time.

3) What do you think about the attitude of PPP, which is not ready to resign in case of Musharraf’s re-election by current assemblies?

PPP of BB is languishing for power more than any body else in the country.They will embroil in any horse trading even if it means turning and twisting faces many a times and keeping all options compromised for the attaining of power.

4) Will ARD and MMA manage to survive in next general elections?

Only the majority people of Pakistan are best qualified to answer this question.All we can pray to Allah is that our beautiful country Pakistan remains very peaceful during all political manouvers.

5) Will opposition`s unanimous viewpoint about MQM damage it politically?

Even I will be worried about self if most people around me do not like me.You live in this world to be accepted by most. You feel happy in life if most people like you even if some odd few dislike you.You can apreciate the ones who like you and ignore those who don't.

Now, I have a poem that I have written from Canada with no personal ill feelings or attack on any one.

This poem is written with sense of humour about our BB's want of power ahead of any body else in the nation. The poem goes as such:

The democracy charter
BB can sack
She is eager for power
Won't even look back

And she won't look
Those things behind
She promised to partners
To her, were kind

Those promises and goodwill
And friendship deeds
They were when wanted
Now are dead needs

What all else think now
But no one dares
To stop running BB
From power, she cares

The army and generals
Them, you expect
They're needed most
With most respect

And I say facts
Which are so true
BB cares for power
Not me, not you

Pak's geo strategy
Is needed by all
Pak army is vital
For every body's call

Pak army is powerful
With so much best
It's needed by all
But most by west

And riches will pour in
With goodies and money
For all Pakistan
It will be sunny

And BB thinks
She's tall as tower
She can only gain
The second hand power

So, wait for future
Just wait for time
Pak military will be
Most fit at prime

BB may get power
She still will be
With army bosses
We all will see

Pak policy will be
As usually same
With BB in
Won't change the game

Anwar Mahmood, Canada - 10 July, 2007

Meeting of unsettled minds

You bet your life.Come election time,BB & Fazal ul Haq will side with Musharraf. BB wants power & Maulana does not want to give up perks he is currently enjoying.London conference, in the long run will be remebered as meeting of gutless politicians.As for
MQM is concerned,Altaf Hussain
will invent another slogan and
his dumb followers will answer
in unison-"Altaf Bhai ki jai"

Alam Sher Wazir, United Kingdom - 11 July, 2007

batein nahi kaam

apc k tmam speakers ne pur-josh taqareer ki hain,lekin zroorat boton ki nahi bal-k kuch ker k dikhane ki hay.muje poora yaqeen hay k apc sadr musharaf k muqable mein nakam ho jae gi.kion? muslim league nawaz aur imran ki tehreek-e-insaaf ki waja se nahi, bal-k peoples party aur mma k dermian nachaki ki waja se.imran aur nawaz opposition ko muttahid rakhne k liey ser tor koshish krein gay,magar mera khayal hay k peoples party, hamesha ki tarah, akhri waqt per siasi qlabazi lga de gi.MUJE POORA YAQEEN HAY K PEOPLES PARTY AISA HI KRE GI......... DEKH LENA MERE HAM WATANO !!!!!!

muhammad ali ahmed aamir, Pakistan - 11 July, 2007

Dreaming for Office Power from London

(Q.1) Are you satisfied with the outcome of the APC?
A.1 Seeking help from Overseas conference is like aiming for pie in the sky.
Asking PM to vacate is asking military to quit paving the way for luxury
Loving office dwellers creating Democracy Bill without Military protection.

(Q.2) Is still there any possibility of a grand opposition alliance?
A.2 Theorical Bill lovers always needed military to defend Pakistan
(Q.3) What do you think about the attitude of PPP, which is not ready to resign in case of Musharraf’s re-election by current assemblies?
A.3 Activities of water and Kanadhar Quetta Bugti Larkana axis near Rajasthan
Seem fishy emough.
(Q.4) Will ARD and MMA manage to survive in next general elections?
A.4 Election with Military resquisite in Pakistan is mind boggling.
(Q.5) Will opposition`s unanimous viewpoint about MQM damage it politically?
A.5 Activities of opposition Ulemas and Madrassa reflect the need of military
In Pakistan rather than need for Officers and political candidates or luxury loving Ulemas from London.

zmb, Hungary - 12 July, 2007

Q1: Are you satisfied with the outcome of the APC?
A1: What outcome? - Ask Musharraf to resign? no wonder Pakistan is in a mess if thats the best they could come up with. The whole thing looked staged and false (maybe thats because of its members?)

Q2: Is still there any possibility of a grand opposition alliance?
A2: Not because if the opposition can't agree on the fundamental issues and policies and they each have their own agendas and interests. Therefore they will never form an alliance worthy enough to concern the government.

Q3: What do you think about the attitude of PPP, which is not ready to resign in case of Musharraf’s re-election by current assemblies?
A3: Although I don't really care for BB I actually think she made the right decision. What would be realistically gained by resigning and making the whole thing more of a farce than the opposition currently is.

Q4: Will ARD and MMA manage to survive in next general elections?
A5: Probably not but time will tell, its up to the people of makistan to vote with their minds not their hearts.
Q5: Will opposition`s unanimous viewpoint about MQM damage it politically?
A5: No MQM is an criminal organisation and it is now building its power and resources and a government change will find them a handful

just another number, Pakistan - 15 July, 2007


A big yawn of a meeting. A lot of noise and words signifying nothing. No clear action plan. The PPP stance was embarrassing, the MMA showed how clever but also how untrustworthy it is. One amusing item was the condemnation of the MQM and this one item made the conference worth watching. Of course none of them will abide by their word.

Imran Ahmed, United Arab Emirates - 16 July, 2007

apc line drawn either you are with us or with the general

No if’s and Butt’s, ‘Boycott, grand Alliance and en masse resignation’ whenever General Musharraf tries to seek presidential re-election in uniform was the true dividing line to determine either ‘you are with us or with the General’ was the idea projected by the host Mian Nawaz Sharif at APC on 7&8 July in London. This stand though not completely agreed by all but brings him in the lime light as a true opposition leader of Pakistan against the regime.

There can not be in between, one can not sit in Govt as allies and be genuine opposition, it may legally be possible but it does not sound politically correct like President in Uniform. Similarly you can not sit in opposition lines and hold your last card until later and announce it publically that ‘we are not yet decided on final issue’ as Shakespeare highlighted this indecisiveness in hamlet ‘whether to take arms against the sea of trouble and by opposing end them’ and hit the nail aright at the last moments of the regime or decide when time comes. This delay in decisive thinking works as a division factor and amounts to ‘mouth to mouth resuscitation’ to the dying regime, in fact, a first aid.

I always say, Lilliputians have surrounded the giant but are fighting who will be the king after his demise. Sharifs cleared this anomaly too to allow a nomination of interim premiership excluding them by APC but of no avail. I think the bold stand of Sharifs is clear and praiseworthy and as a result from opposition a genuine sovereign and powerful premiership may emerge in future, if we are lucky. However ‘wheeling and dealing’ and conflicting messages may not carry sound support in masses whichever party one belongs. Lesson of lawyers struggle is simple that in this Raleigh race the torch of their struggle after victory in CJ issue will be carried further by the leader who share the same vision and ideas. Sharifs are the originators of that defiance at the time of coup and at the time of nuclear explosive tests which worked as an adrenaline in the national wrecked structure at the hands of longer military spells, for which he was truly punished.

It is a decisive moment and Imran Khan called for decisive action, Asfand Yar Wali demanded a powerful premiership than a puppet ruler and rubber stamp Parliament (Ikhtiar not iqtedar), Achakzai offered a million march style procession in Quetta in early August, what more opposition needs. If at this juncture party interest are not sacrificed for genuine democracy and national government, then i am afraid we must be ready for the long struggle for independence as the matrix of military might will not allow you to be united ever and will remain in power as long as they can. Only unity can break that bond and its nexus, with political will which is currently lacking in power hungry tribes. Nawaz Sharif clan must be ready to fight with those elements struggling for easy power too as opposition leader in future whenever they get into power barricades. At least his attempt has caused this naked exposure in front of all the world.

These questions are circling in every Pakistani’s mind that who will bell the cat, and how will it be done, to save the future of the democracy in Pakistan. To me, bold declaration of ‘Boycott or grand Alliance and en masse resignation’ holds the powerful key to ignite the engine of long halted passage to democracy and then the work starts to translate this statement in reality by practical steps. We are confronted of freedom issues once again after 60 years. We were freed from ‘British Raj’ by Quaid e Azam and who will free us from dictators, is the question of all the nation? Where should we fit the military dictatorships in Constitution, the whole Pakistan has been turned into ‘Lal Masjid’ and we are surrounded.

malik, Pakistan - 17 July, 2007

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