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Monday Nov 18, 2019, Rabi-al-awwal 20, 1441 Hijri
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Abduction of Pakistani by Iraqi Insurgents

30 June, 2004

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Iraqi insurgents who have claimed to belong to Islamic Retaliation Movement Armed Resistance have kidnapped a Pakistani driver "Amjad Hafeez", and threatened to behead him unless Iraqi prisoners are released.

Amjad urged President Pervez Musharraf to close the Pakistani Embassy in Iraq and to ban all Pakistanis from coming to Iraq. He appealed to his countrymen not to come to work in Iraq.

The family of Amjad Hafeez is in deep agony. His mother is shattered. She has said: "Iraqis are Muslims and we are Muslims. They have mothers too. They should feel the pain agony of a mother release him".

A spokesman of foreign ministry of Pakistan said that the Government of Pakistan has taken a clear and consistent stand on Iraq as Pakistan believed that the Iraqi people have the right to determine their future and that Iraq's sovereignty, national unity and territorial integrity must be maintained at all costs.

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Reader Comments:


Those who are involved in such activities have no respect for any religion including Islam.

What is the fault of this young Pakistani fellow ?

These militants are too despicable and it's difficult to see how these fanatics work and what is more disgusting when there are people who support their acts.

Today, the irony of muslim world is that they are only interested in piece of land than to really understand that Islam is not confined to any geographical piece of land , instead one can be Muslim at any corner of the world. Affiliation with land has nothing to do with Islam, but somehow these fanatics are sooooo brain washed to kill everyone in the name of Islam to grab the lost land ?

God Choose Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)to reveal Islam to the universe, not to implement Islam as a part of any State, rather Islam should reside in each individuals heart, only then you'll have a peaceful and harmonized society based on justice.

Unfortunately, these masked men are infact the breed of a brainwashed society and we must condemn their acts in all forms and manifestation.

I think American leadership should also realize that their dazzy cutters bombs make them as ugly looking terrorist hidden behind the mask as these individuals are show on TV.

Both Bush Administration and this Alqaeda Network has lot of similarities and the most common is that they both believe in Killing innocent people in the name of Jihad and War.

The cost of their stupid ideas for waging war against terrorism has to be paid by innocent lives.

This is SaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaD!

Please stop it now because at the end of the day no matter who wins, for us the peace loving people of this earth, we would only find winner to be a strong terrorist because both Alqaeda and Bush Administation are terrorizing the world

Agha, Pakistan - 30 June, 2004

It IS sad

Agha, I read slowly down your comments knowing I would surely come to the inevitable attack on America. Why were you so silent when Mr. Hussein was killing 300,000 or more fellow Muslims and Iraqis? We all have made mistakes in our policies of the past,I agree. Say what you will, America will always stand up and fight evil. We will never embrace it and make petty excuses as to why it should be tolerated. Sometimes you people are impossible! However, if you ever come to America, you would be helped financially and in other ways, welcomed and left to live in peace. But why would a good person like you ever want to come to an immoral, infamous place like the US. Can't we all just stop thowing stones? It is not going to help Mr. Ahmad Hafeez and others like him.

Carollane, United Kingdom - 30 June, 2004


One thing that has shocked me the most out of all this drama is that,the person Mr.amjad hafeez is not an american. nor is his country involved in iraq, then why do they want to kill him?What has that poor soul done? kidnapping soilders is anotheing thing,even though many dont agree to that either, but this person is a totally non combat person?My advice to the hooded people is if they are so brave, then please come out and fight the people who are occupuying your country not people whose countries have no direct involvement,I hear they freed three turks there as well, so the same rules should apply,and if they arent applied, then maybe Pakistan can send special forces there to avenge a unjustified murder.But what makes me more angry is that the religious parties of Pakistan are completly silent in thie regard, they should either condemn this act publicaly or praise it, there is no way in between.........or else they should shut up and ship out forever

Aqdas, Pakistan - 30 June, 2004

Civilians killings or kiddnaping is a criminal act.

we are seeing many atrocities in Iraq ,the Abu Garieb prison torture and other mass bombing is criminal act and these acts should not be allowed. The same goes for those who kiddnap innocent civilians working in Iraq.The Pakistani citizen kiddnaped,or any other country,the civilians have nothing to do with American invasion. These people should not target the civilians, our religion tells us to protect the civilians in time of war not behead them.These are few of those who are defaming Islam,Islam is not controlled or dominated by any one. It is internation relgion for the well being of whole World. Islam is a religion which protected human rights when the people were like animals, Islam rejected Royal family Rule and rejected the Dictatorship. Isalm gave today's World the human rights,the respect for woman and elders,respect for neighbours and other religion and gave the laws of war and peace. I am ashamed as a Muslim that we have these kind of people in our Ummah ,who give wrong message about our religion.WE don,t have to blame USA,UK or other countries for all our problems and we should look at our own countries and our own leaders of all the misgivings of our problems. These Arab Kings and Dictators of Muslim world are the basic problem of our Ummah, Don't target other people ,try to change these brutal regimes and bring true democracy,human rights,and constitutional governments, which listen to you instead of their own intrest, our worst enime are our leaders.
Mean while we must give a message to those who do kidnapping innocent civilians to change this struggle towards a democratic system of government, Which was the basic idea of Islam.
Raja Habib Jalib

Raja Habib Jalib, Canada - 30 June, 2004

This is in response to CAROLLANE UNITED STATES quote.

Carollane, answer me as what made these muslims so voilent as they don't even spare their own people who are just innocent as any others but are caught in a wrong place at a wrong time.

This is not a fare question from an American as how many people Sadam has killed. Like if I ask how many thousand native Americans USA goverment has killed to grab their land. Hown many, mexican, south americans, central americans and so on were killed in CIA coups arround the world. How many innocent peope were burnt in Wacho Texas. Why when America does this, it said as in the protection and the interests of USA and when some else does, it is a dictatorship, against human rights, terrorism and so on.

My question to you is who brought the Sadam in power. Then he did exactly what a brutal dictator would do to his opposition. Because he was brought against the wishes of the people of Iraq by the help of USA, but America did not care about the human rights of people then. However, he was not a strict or a fanatic muslim instead he was a liberal secular nationalist who watnted to rule for ever. Actually, to America he was a friend as long he was killing his fellow muslims in Iran and selling cheap oil to USA and not challange Isreal.

Tell me how it is fare, that USA is protecting nuclear weopns of Isreal and pumping billions of dollars to support their nuclear and military strenght but have objections if any other country in that region build up their nuclear weopns. I think if Isreal has a right to buildup their WOMD for security so has Iran or any other nation in that region for their security from Isreal and America. After all its America and Isreal who are invading other countries and America has history of using WOMD too.

What you would do if your country was invaded and destroyed by a foreign country on a false evidance and a bias propaganda. Will you embrace the agressor and his mockery, and forget about every thing even that ten year sanctions which caused millions of lives and broke the country's ecnomical strengh and brought from richs to rags and easy target of American military might.

I think the muslims in the world in general are not happy with the policies of the western world and particulary USA. Muslims feel their religion is being targeted and their issues are being ignored openly with politcal twist and false propganda. Now some muslims have taken this very hard and have become voilent and want to make a point by voilence and killings because their peacful voices are are not heard but put in end in prisons or in custodial killings.

But this all was predicted and well said earlier by those who did not want this to happen. The people who had vission and wanted this world peacful and war less. Those millions, millions of people arround the world who were against the American war and invasion of Iraq. They knew the war was not the answer as it would do more harm than help, casue more destruction than bring peace and will take more innocent lives than save the rest. But what happended to those peacful demonstrations, world class diplomacy who warned America about the consequenses. Were they taken serios? by those war mongers and the governments who supported the war. I don't think so. Now why to blame the victems and not those who inflicted this war, have thrust this war upon the world and particulary on Iraqs. Also give addetion to the creation of more anmosity between cummnities and into terriorism.
I agree some mulims have blindly taken this too far to reveng, like some cristans during the crusades but you can't blame the religion or whole community, blame those who started it. Now we all know who started it. Now, please enough of standing up against the evil. We better understand first who the is here?



Noor, Hungary - 30 June, 2004

Lesson for all

The Lesson for all is not to invade other people no matter how appealing it looks and how much oil and resources can be had. This was a lesson given Adolf Hitler primarily by Russia and the same lesson needs to be taught to Uncle Sam.

I am Pakistani and I wish this guy be released but all those who are serving and servicing the American Invaders are liable for the death penalty. As one resistance commander put it "The minute you sign a contract with the American Occupation you are signing your own death sentence"

The solution for the Pak govt is to urge all those pakistani's who are serving the occupation to pull out. The demands of the resistance are legitamte.

Those Pakistaniswho insist on remaining in Iraq and serving the American occupation will then deserve what the resistance dishes out.

As far as Islam is concerned death penalty to Invaders is legitimate. They have been repeatedly warned against the invasion who are part and parcel of an occupying regime that tortures the men and rapes the women. Every single invader and his assitant including cook and tailer are legitimate targets for the resistance and will be eliminated. IF India invaded Pakistan I for one would do no less. The Pakistani nation would demand death for the occupiers and for their hangers on.

IT is the law of the world that invaders quite often lose their heads. Most robbers and crooks understand that upon every robbery the potential for the victim shooting back is there.

Hameed Gul, Pakistan - 01 July, 2004


Congratulations to Mr. Hafeez and his family, as He has now been released by his captors.

I am sure his reunion with the family would now be considered one of the greatest blessings by whole of the family. I can well imagine their feelings and share the joy.

Through this plattform, I would also like to urge the Rebels in Iraq to think before kidnapping anyone, that the person may have a family who's dependent on him

Please don't justify such acts, just because USA is bombing Iraq, so you have the right to do the same to kill innocent civilians ?

Remember you can never put off the fire with fire, you have to use water to do that.

Ali, Pakistan - 02 July, 2004

Very Sad

Well all i can say is it is very sad to see that muslims are going against muslims iraqi people sometimes make me extreamly angry.. and the reason is because they dont think before they do something may thats the reason why they are alone today... when the war happend i wanted the world to help them still do but they make me angry what they do.. i only pray to ALLAH that may he give all muslims a heart and sense and ability to stick together if paksitani want to work in iraq then why shouldnt they and if iraqi want to work and liv ein pakistan why cant they ... its just radiculas... they are isolating themselves by doing this..and encourging bush and tony to come down on them even more cous they will know iraq is alone now.. they say in urdu INSAAN GADDAI KU BHE BAAP KEAHTA HAIN JAAB USSY KOI MATLAB HO'... ANY i pray KAI may ALLAH rescue that boy and may he listen to his mothers prayers...its just ashmae muslims are making muslims people as their victims just a complete shame SABAH FROM UK

Sabah, United Arab Emirates - 03 July, 2004

Muslims comeon, wakeup. Americans are killing iraqi civilians and its not a big deal but when an iraqi kills american then its a big deal. What about all them iraqi children beheaded by a meri can bombs ? I seen a picture of a little girl with her head beside her shoulder and now how can i feel for the american ADULT civilians when they dont even show sympathy for a child.

And the pakistani captives are in that place because non of muslims are speaking out for our fellows muslims, WE NEED TO WAKEUP.

Americans are creating terrorism and so are the muslims who dont unite because your filling the hearts of suffering iraqis and palestinians etc with hatred and anger. Try to understand both sides before opening ur big mouths, be tolerant not intolerant. And give an ear to the iraqis and palestinians not just to that parrot nosed bush and horse teeth tony.
And BIG fat sharon lol.

Allah hafiz

Kaz, United Arab Emirates - 04 July, 2004

sallam to all muslim brothers and sisters,
first of all i would like to congratulate mr. Amjad Hafeez for his release from the iraqi militants. Secondly i wont wanna debate but the american point of view in this all iraqi matter is really low, but like every body knows that not every body hates iraqi's or we can say muslims. But it wont matter and it wont matter until and unless bush is in the white house. Now a Pakistani muslim is released from iraq, Mr bush called him and congratulated him on his release, but did mr bush called the families of those who have been beheaded in last few months, if no then why not, and if yes i would take my comment back with all due respect, In the eyes of my bush iraqi people have no life and they arent suppose to live a nice and peaceful life.
Bush made there life a mess, he left from Afghanistan with an interim government which runs on his orders, this is not there freedom, Mr bush said that the war was over but is it really over, more and more help is been asked for and more n more troops are sent to iraq for what, I think we have heard that when ever the war ends troops come back to their homes. But this is America every thing goes other way around here. I am a muslim and as i speak my God is watching me, i never hated americans and i would never would because they have given me alot, my education my job my career etc, but if i start making a list of the people whome i dislike , there wont be many but MR Bush will be on the top. Sorry my fellow Americans but a guy with no knowledge and no sense is your and our President, Please try your best that he wont come again, or else there will be alot more bloodshed, alot more killings, Please its my request try your best to get Bush out of the office of President. This is a land of oppertunity, please dont let him make this land another image of palestine and israel, and please fellow americans try not to hate muslims or islam, it is not muslims of islam that is killing the americans and other foreign national personals in Iraq , but its 10 of out millions of muslims that are extremely angry and could not resist what ever Bush is planning ahead for them, so as i say again if I have said any thing really personal about american please forgive me and please save Iraq, save America and i pray may we all live in peace and prosperity,
take care and

mohammed usman, United Kingdom - 14 July, 2004

Muslims must concentrate on their culture

It is sad to be see the way Muslims wish to resolve their problems by keeping themselves far from the rich values of their culture. Why not be a nation of character rather than be a nation of words. There is no doubt that the world has changed but then the values remains same for people who love their culture and values to maintain their status in the eyes of other nations. There is no doubt that Muslims countries are becoming the worst place to live and follow the simple rules of life. The Muslim leaders are worried for their own political power and the Muslim kings do not want to let their kingdom disappear. The truth is that we Muslims are more safer in non-Muslim countries than being in our own Muslim countries. Every thing is for sale in Muslim countries.

I am more than happy and settled in Canada and prefer to raise my generation over here as I do not get framed in a racist society like we Muslims have.

There is no doubt that we do face some sort of racism but then the ratio is pretty low if we compare the racisism in our own Muslim society. Besides the Muslim countries have a terrorist attitude towards their own citizen unlike in West. I am more than happy and do not return back to any Muslim country in my life and neither do I even think of getting this risk for my generation.

Syed Hashmat Ali, Canada - 14 July, 2004


It is my belief that the al Zaqawi group are godless scum and the enemies of all Iraqis and all true believers.
He holds the peole of Iraq in contempt,defies Allah and seeks only his own personal power.God willing he will not survive to murder innocent Iraqi muslims, women and children much longer

Salih, Morocco - 20 April, 2005


No one who truly loved his country would kill his own people.

Even if you believe the invasion of Iraq was wrong, that does not justify using terrorism to try and drive out American troops. The people of Iraq should be united against driving out terrorists, and be willing to admit it is their own people who created the problems they now have, and not the Americans who are being killed by, and with the approval of religious fanatics.

America has unselfishly spend billions of dollars trying to free Iraq of terrorists, and rebuilding that country. It is insanity to blame America for crimes being committed by terrorists in Iraq. In the view of many throughout the world, Muslims are not being thought of as "good" people. This is because of the way they treat those who disagree with them, and how they treat Christians who want to be treated as equals, but instead are put to death for practicing their Faith in many Muslim countries. Many Muslims are not even allowed to convert to Christianity. What kind of religion does not allow people to be free?
Those who are of the Islamic religion should stop blaming America, and start looking at their own. Responses filled with hate will only confirm what I say is true.

Vincent Bemowski, United Kingdom - 12 April, 2006

Reality Check..

It is good to read comment from true Muslims like Salih, Morocco. It is about time true believers of Islam showed some disgust at the actions of those hi-jacking your religion. For those who have to blame the US for everything here is a little fact - this year 29 Iraqi`s have accidentally been killed by US troops - in the same time 2261 Iraqis were murdered by their fellow Muslims. This has NOTHING to do with US action in IRAQ. The Suni minority had power, under Sadam - they have not changed - we just see more of it!! ( is your OUTRAGE?!??!! Why aren`t you beating down, destroying these Imam`s who scream hatred and violence even against YOU?? The USA, and we Aussie`s step up and say enough! Where are you? I didn`t see any of you screaming in the streets when the insurgents, dressed as women and killed all those people in a sacred place?? But you dare to blame us - for standing up and saying enough! "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things.....the degraded state of MORAL and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing is worth war is much worse" (John Stuart Mill). Where are your Morals - where are your beliefs that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance - being hijacked by murdering cowards like that gutless Jordanian??!! Show some outrage, convince your Pak Government to send lots of Paks to IRAQ, armed with guns to Support and help the IRAQIs and AMERICA defeat these gutless terrorist!!

baddbradd, Aruba - 10 May, 2006


It is very important to remember that unlike Black Americans, bigotry against Mexican Americans is still not being fully addressed.

Amnesty should continue to be part of our approach when attempting to solve our immigration problems with Mexico. The contributions hard-working Mexican Americans make to our society easily wipe out any so-called "free benefits" legal or non-legal immigrants may obtain through local, state, and federal programs.

Unlike some other Americans, many Mexican Americans are good people who possess a deep faith in Almighty God. Therefore they deserve to be treated with compassion & respect. In addition, we should double or triple the number of immigrants allowed on an annual basis with our friends from Mexico.

We must not forget that it is only with great difficulty & through hard work at low-paying jobs few other Americans want that many Mexicans eventually become citizens of the United States. It truly a blessing that so many Mexicans seek the opportunities the USA offers, & we should be honored to receive them in greater numbers into our country.

Vincent Bemowski, United Kingdom - 04 June, 2007

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