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Abduction of Israeli Solders

13 July, 2006

The capture of three Israeli soldiers by Hamas and Hezbollah during last three weeks followed by a massive Israeli bombardment on civilians in Lebanon and Gaza has opened up a dangerous new front in lingering Middle East conflict.

The Israeli bombardment has left around 50 civilians dead, including women and children in Gaza and Lebanon during last three weeks. The fresh bombardment killed 28 civilians, including 10 children after two Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah guerillas on Wednesday last.

Eight Israeli soldiers were killed, along with a Hezbollah fighter and two Lebanese civilians in the deadliest day on the border since Israel ended its 22-year occupation of southern Lebanon six years ago.

America has held Syria and Iran responsible, and says that Israel has the right to defend its territory and citizens. However, the White House was kind enough to express sorrow over the killings of innocent civilians.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert insists there will be no negotiations with "terrorists" and said he held the Beirut government fully responsible as warplanes, gunboats and artillery pounded Israel`s northern neighbour, hitting Hezbollah and civilian targets including eight bridges.

"Hezbollah, whose militia was instrumental in forcing Israeli troops out of Lebanon in May 2000, demanded the release of Arab prisoners in return for the soldiers.

"They will only return home through indirect negotiations and an exchange of prisoners," Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said, saying the abduction was aimed at drawing international attention to the plight of "thousands of Lebanese, Palestinian and Arab detainees."

Here are few questions
1) Is killing of civilians justified in response to capture of soldiers?
2) Have Hamas and Hezbollah the same right to defence in case of Israeli bombardment, and killing of civilians?
3) Is the demand of Hamas and Hezbollah justified that hundreds of Arab prisoners held by Israel be released first?
4) Will Israel be ready to swap detainees with Hams and Hezbollah as it was previously done?

Reader Comments:

How long we are going to stay in this world

Its my humble request to both the parties to please stop this killing and kidnaping. We were not send in this world accidently,there was God purpose in sending us in this world and to make this world a peasefull place for all human.We dont know when our departure time will come.
God wont ask at that time which faith group we are from, He will only ask about our good deeds uor services towards humanity.God never love killing and kidnapping and the people who do this will be not pardoned.So please stop these practice forgive each other and live with peace and harmoney.Make our short stay in this world a better place to live with love.No human being is perfect, except Almighty God and He is to judge we are not here to give any judgement.May this world be in peace Amen!

john lawrence, Pakistan - 13 July, 2006

A Seamless Web & The King's True Body

It might be objected that Mideast are physical phenomena, but legal orders have no physical existence. This is only partly so. On the one hand it is trite that to depict an area it is not enough to describe its physical characteristics. One needs to be take account of its history, traditions, myths, customs, dramas, festivals, power relations, ideologies, languages, conflicts, 'spirit' and, above all, people. Conversely, legal orders do have physical embodiments in documents, dress, more or less photogenic activities and events. Accounts of both legal orders and Mideast have to be expressed in terms of ideas, ideologies, stories, history, mores, people and so on. Believe me when I write that I am tired of the extrem trials solving the right of someones side slinger susceptible, and so on.

Shokat Saleem, Georgia - 13 July, 2006

Isreal is getting itself in a big pile

How does the killing of civilians for captured soilders make any sense? Isreal's pres. is a moron he is gonna drag Isreal into a war that it is no way ready for.

Afzal, United Kingdom - 14 July, 2006

Abduction is excuse with Motive -Attempt to hijack Lebanon Syria waterfront

Abduction is excuse with Motive -Attempt to hijack Lebanon Syria waterfront linking to Armenia via kurdistan in Turkey..
Attempt to hijack land of 4 m pop Lebanon Syria waterfront land with bombing and invasion has begun.It is in the interest of Turkey and all Muslim world to stop this Israeli evil design. We should consider dispersing Muslim population from populated region to
Sparsely populated region in future after warding off Israeli settlers' expansionism free
Land acquisition programme.

Z Billo, Pakistan - 14 July, 2006

In the name of Demoncracy!

Israel could only proceed to
indiscriminately bomb Arab cities with WashingtonDC and Ottowa's blessings.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 16 July, 2006

Prepare us for Jihad.

Now it is the time to come forware to take part in JIHAD. Why we not think this unjustive. Where is the United Nation which is active only when clashes in East Tiamor, Indonisia, Why they not use the Power against Israel. Where is our president Perwaiz Musharaf who are saying some time that we can accept Israel as a country. Now why they not said against Israil, there is no one in Muslims country who could reign Israel.

Saqib Malick, Pakistan - 17 July, 2006

Following like sheep

To john lawrence, hizbollah and hamas did NOT kidnap those SOLDIERS but ARRESTED them. Please stop spewing out garbage the western media provides you.
I truly think the only solution to the problem is to turn the ovens on for the jews.

GAS CHAMBERS, Aruba - 18 July, 2006

Jihad this!

To Saqib Malick, Pakistan

Prepare yourself for Jihad. Strap a bomb around you and detonate it. Do me a favor. Better yet, come to the USA and we'll send you to the promised land. Sorry about that last comment. If you came to the USA you would forget all about this Jihad of yours because you would be working in a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts.

Jack, United Kingdom - 19 July, 2006

where are the muslims?

It is becoming more evident that our so-called leaders are complicit in the humiliation of the ummah of the beloved prophet,by the enemies of islam in this war on islam.Remember oh leaders of muslims you WILL answer to Allah on the day for your hypocrisy and inactions.

abu haseeb, United Arab Emirates - 19 July, 2006

Not Alone Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

Israeli move to acquire Lebanon with humiliation
With forced surrender of Iran Turkey Syria Pakistan
Seem inevitable towards free Iran OIL acquisition.
Not Alone Israeli Method of Unopposed Arab
Civilian killing in Small Batches have gone
Too far. Jewish citizens are out there willing to
Massacre Butcher millions of Harmless Talkless
Muslim Civilian and Arab Christian Variety. Why
Not Evict by force these Jewish would be killers before
They arrive alone (leaving behind family in safety net)
Or dress up in Israeli uniform in Israeli tank Israeli
Missile Format. Allied Israel WMD Army of
invasion of Muslim countries Give commentary
the status of Blindfolded Muslim Army General
Blind folded Muslim Civilian via statement of
Rice Merkel Annan Bush Blair about their status.
They like to fight unopposed with stone throwing
Intifida Suicide Terrorists.Jihadist with Hsbllh
resistance with unlimited Missiles Based fight
discovery is newest thing .This Require Proportionate
Jewish Infrastructure destruction too .Improve on it .
Their quest for OIL based loan oil electricity car
Cult amid mass civilian killing got to be stopped with
Proportionate their destruction anywhere.Jihad
Better start mfg missiles in unlimited Quantity at home
kitchen garage desert on site everywhere.Dying in Jihad
is better than cowards death by being bombed.Redesign
jihad concept.Israeli and allied army are Jihadists of worst
kind.Unlimited Advanced Missile hitting will hit with
required force needed.

Z Billo, Pakistan - 22 July, 2006

was the abduction right

everyone in the middle east would have known what would be the response of Israel when the israeli soldiers are abducted. Knowing the consequences and proceeding with the abduction was wrong as the people of lebanon would bear the brunt. Am not saying that Israel's response was right. Am saying that the kidnappers could not be bothered about the sufferings of the people of Lebanon and more interested in their own ideology.

raj, Seychelles - 22 July, 2006

Israel is justified in attacking Lebanon

Israel was under rocket attack from Hisbolla in Lebanon. Israel asked Lebanon to make Hisbolla recognize Lebanese sovereignty, and not attack Israel from Lebanon. Apparently the Lebanese government did not do this, the rocket attacks from Lebanese territory continued, so Israel was compelled to attack Lebanon to reign in Hisbolla.

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 23 July, 2006

UN res 1559-both at fault

India had urged both sides to excercise restraint and has said that Israel is doing too much.
Although targetiing the infrastructure and the unfortunate death of suffering of civilians is very very bad, the Hezbollah is not disarming despite the UN resolution 1559 aimed at creating a democratic and civil-war free Lebanon. Isreal says it has to ensure that. It is helping Lebanon's future in a way, otherwise Syria and Iran will not let Lebanon be normal ever.

Dayal, Hungary - 25 July, 2006

Three zionists in a Tub!

First Israel should implement
the UNSC resolutions 282 and
completely withdraw including
their settlements.Before they
demand the UNSC resolution to
disarm Hezbollah.

Khalid Rahim, Canada - 26 July, 2006

Tainted UN 1559 to erase POG with Tainted Bush Constitution

Tainted Constitution Tainted UN Resolution or contract to defraud...
A....India demanded “simply” Pakistan extradite 21 personnel (in liu of proof)
B...POG vs. POS is highly advanced Islamic phenomenon UN res 1559 with G9
Including Ram RSS India is conspiracy to defraud Islam.
C...Tainted constitution is G9 swindling to defraud Islam too which is
based upon tainted signature The American Bar Association
Claims President Bush has violated Bible and constitution by issuing hundreds
Of "signed constitution unilaterally” during constitution sale gimmick to Iraq or
Muslim world.Bush forged constitution from 100 major laws over extended
period numbered 800 (forged) compared to 600 Combined of past presidents forging.
D..True story of Tainted signature.. I paid $250,000(cash) for a
Franchise in Cadillac Fairview Mall for a store @ $1865.00 rent/month ensuring
That documents had been Signed by Officials for long enough to get ROI.
Within 2 yrs it was stolen that it was Tainted signature amid genuine Cadillac
Fairview mall constitution .Individual Official like Bush skimmed off my cash $250,000
(Rs 12,500,000) cash as Discovered by a top G8 Judge coming from 350 lawyers
Law firm telling my Lawyer Also from same firm. UN res 1559 or constitution
signature without Senate congress approval as official law.

benz m Isphahani, India - 27 July, 2006

Jews never learning from history

Jews or Isarel never learned from history for centuries ago.
Their nations was become trouble-maker in every places where they stayed.
Just matter of time, that all of their brutalism, criminal, teror will be paid back one day.
They will be back to long2x time ago situation. Be slaves again as Firaun emperoe, be victim again when Nazi government.
Just matter a time..., All people, especially moslem will pay of these to them.

siera, Iceland - 29 July, 2006

Let the kidnapped soldiers return

I hope that the kidnapped soldiers are treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention, and are eventually set free by their captors. We Jews all feel the pain when some of our brothers are in trouble.

Ya`akov N. Miles, Canada - 30 July, 2006

be objective

why must most muslims view all things with a religious spectacle. why don't they judge things without having regard to the religion of the people who are suffering. when muslims in Iraq suffered during Sadam days, where was the outrage and condemnation which is apparent when the persecutors are Jews or non muslims. Why is that when Muslims persecute other Muslims there is no condemnation or outrage but when it persecutor is a non muslim there is total outrage.

raj, Seychelles - 01 August, 2006

Tainted Democracy When MBZakaria died amid tainted judge - evidence(Lond)

When MBZakaria died recently and reborn amid Tainted UK judge
Tainted London High court(Strand) Practice Tainted Evidence in Insurance

While Crossing Street in between two parked buses opposite each
Other I was hit by A passing motorist driving at 50 kmh .He dragged
Me 90 ft while lower leg broken into many pieces and I died for several
Hours. Insurance claim was filed by Indian law srya-whitechapelfirm.
LLOYD Ins defaulted.3 yrs later Norwich U Ins showed up arranged a
Hearing in Immigration court Private chamber when evidence was given
That MBZakaria somersaulted escaped unhurt while (I did not walk 3 yrs)
While still limping a bit .Method of bombing Iraq Lebanon Gaza W bank
Muslim states by being terrorist newscating editor with tapes and
Unsubstantiated evidence of Read MY Lips ie. Lips of saddam osama
Nsrllh hzbllah.

With faces of Hezbollah Nasrallah Osama Bin Ladin Saddam zarqawi
Uttering via a tape or tape claiming responsibility sent to Studio and
Movie makers and TV editor how easy it is to achieve objective by
These monsters …who kills maims destroys buildings roads bridges
Buys tankers oil plant car mfr units airplane mfr unit while being addict
In Shia Sunni killing oic infrastructure destruction and rubble makers.

M.B.Zakaria, United Arab Emirates - 04 August, 2006

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