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A lame excuse on derogatory WT cartoon

12 May, 2005

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Pakistani nation as a whole has reacted sharply to the reported desecration of Holy Quran interrogators in Gauntanamo Bay and publication of a derogatory cartoon by the Washington Times which depicts a US solider asking his dog "Well done, now lets go to hunt Bin-Ladin".

The Pakistan Government has hinted at the possibility of initiating legal action against the two provocative acts by the US newspapers and the US soldiers.

So for, there is no official reaction on the part of the US Government to the desecration of Holy Quran by the American solider at Gauntanamo Bay, however , the Washington Times cartoonist Bill Garner says the cartoon was not aimed at humiliating the Pakistani nation. He says the misunderstanding created by the respective cartoon was the result of a "Cultural Gap" between the two nations as dog is a much respectable animal in America.

No matter how much respect is given to a dog in USA, it is general gesture that no one even in America would like to be called or described as a dog.

This is not for the first time when such heinous and provocative things have happened. Following the arrest of Aimel Kasi who later was sentenced to death for murdering two CIA official in USA, an American lawyer had said on record that "these Pakistanis can sell their mothers for money".

Question 1: What should be reaction of Pakistan Govt. to the two incidents?

Question 2: Is the reaction of Pakistani Nation to the WT cartoon result of cultural gap between two societies?

Question 3: Is Pakistani Govt.'s reaction commensurate with the gravity of crisis?

Question 4: Were these acts of American individuals or it depicts the thinking of the US Government?

Reader Comments:


"Dog" is a derogatory word and should not be used in reference to a human. In Australian prisons it is a "Police informer" Or even a Policeman. and a person of low character. That ignorant people use the term and images to offend is unforgivable in a polite society. But then who claimed the people using this terminology were polite or understanding? One of the problems of Americans is that their insularity prevents the majority from having any conception of the feelings of those from other cultures.
Ignoring my philosophical profundities The Quran is just a book, it doesn't of itself, have any mystical qualities. Like the Bible or Gitas these books are mens printed interpretations of their beliefs. abuse or misuse of them is only abuse of the printed word. As a bibliophile I find this can be offensive, but then I do use a Book of Mormon to prop up a table with a short leg. I guess a follower of the Latter Day Saints would be horrified but it is ONLY a book. The objectionasble part is when the act is deiberately performed to cause distress and in the case of the Cartoonists depictions this is the case.But, put it down to ignorance,. It really is not worth the time to lose sleep over the stupidities of our fellow men

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 12 May, 2005

A filthy mind

Question 1: What should be reaction of Pakistan Govt. to the two incidents?

Answer: Government of Pakistan should call the US Ambassador in Islamabad and officially document the protest in their books and request for an official apology from the Editorial Team of Washinton Post.

Question 2: Is the reaction of Pakistani Nation to the WT cartoon result of cultural gap between two societies?

Answer: No, I don't think so. Even in America, calling someone "Dog" or "Bitch" is considered very low.

Question 3: Is Pakistan Govt.'s reaction commensurate with the gravity of crisis?

Answer: I would like to see a more strong reaction not only from the Govt of Pakistan but from the people of Pakistan as well. However, this reaction should be on the basis of intellect rather than emotionalism. May be we should invite the editor of Washinton Times to Pakistan and make him appear on local media here to face the Pakistani nation. Or we should send a team of intellectuals to America who could work on a media damage control and highlight the issue further in their media with a positive tone. I am sure, Jewish controlled media won't like this idea, but that's how such issues in future needs to be tackled rather than coming out on streets and burning US Flags or Pictures of President Bush. We need to mobilize ourselves more on intellectual grounds than emotional rhetorics.

Question 4: Were these acts of Americans individuals or it depicts the thinking of US Government ?

Answer : Well you really can't say it untill you investigate and highlight issue further in the media. Talk about it, discuss it, involve all the stakeholders of media and mainstream audience to fathom it. As I mentioned above, we must formulate a strategy to bring this issue further in the media, both in Pakistan and USA to gather the true opinion of mainstream readers.


AA, Pakistan - 13 May, 2005

A dog's life (and times)

Washington Times published an article ( in defence of their cartoonist Bill Garner for his infamous cartoon Saturday May 7th issue, of a Dog with words PAKISTAN written on its body.

Sorry WT, a poor effort to defend cartoonist Bill Garner and eulogize dogs. Apart from what you say in praise of dog and the place it holds in your culture, don't you in America demean one's dignity by using expressions like 'an under dog', 'a dog's life', 'a dirty dog', 'every dog has his day', 'die like a dog ' (die miserably or shamefully), ' go to dogs', 'dog in the manger', 'try it on a dog' (meaning a useless inferior), 'dog-eat-dog' (a derogatory term for competition), 'stink like a dog', 'dog-fennel' (stinking chamomile),. Need any more of male dog derogatory expressions, though there are a million about the bitch?

Now coming to the cultural gap between the East and the West about which you say, ”You can offend a devout Muslim, as the editorial page of this newspaper has learned to our chagrin, with a canine comparison that would cheer a conscientious Christian.” Strange, that a newspaper of your caliber did not know it before and has learnt it only now that such canine comparison could offend Muslims! Do you really want us to believe it? No, Sir, you darn well knew it and yet chose to publish it. And then there could have been a hundred other ways of depicting compassionately a lovable dog in a cartoon than a GI holding it on the leash clearly demonstrating a burly dirty master goading a hapless servile dog into carrying out yet an other dirty task for him. Come on, Mr. Editor, I give your intelligence much more credit than what you are trying to display.

Talking of your presidents, agreed, we are ignorant of their ways and means. For example; we didn't know that a US president could have oral sex with an under-training in the broad day light and that too in the most sacred citadel of democracy in the world – the office of the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and get away with it. In our 'barbaric' society he would have been lynched. Neither did we know of another brave and courageous president hiding with his tail between the legs in the four corners of the USA in his AF-1 guarded by F-16s and F-18s on the fateful 9/11 day when the Twin Towers were attacked hundreds of miles away. Nor, could we expect the White House vacated and most of the city abandoned when a way ward harmless unarmed Cessna meandered into the forbidden airspace of Washington DC! No wonder such ludicrous and brave presidents tolerate your cartoonists insulting, reviling, abusing, affronting and "dissing" them, and who ironically sit on the high pedestal where once George Washington, Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln sat. Good luck to your GREAT presidents and to your great culture where such things are not only tolerated but admired also.

Americans have evoked hostility of almost every nation in the world by their such acts and attitude. Every Dog has his Day, and so are you having at present. But for how long? Do you realize, you are creating new Bin Ladens every day that passes. And it is not a happy augury for America or the Americans.

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

Col. Riaz Jafri (Rted), Pakistan - 13 May, 2005

the truth hurts

the truth hurts. If it looks like a dog, it acts like a dog then what do you call it. A govt that supported the taliban , created the taliban and then does a 360 degrees turn because of the would you represent that nation in a cartoon??? the dog some respect!!

Alam, United Arab Emirates - 15 May, 2005


It is clear that the word "dog" is an equal to dog. It was wrong thing to say, however, I just want our fellow citizens (Pakistani) to know that the media is a nothing but media. Sure, they (media) do influence our lives in many ways. It was a bold step by Pakistanis authority to protest and demand for explanation or apology.
It would be fair to make it an issue if any state or country name Pakistan in that unappropriate and unethical way. Otherwise, it's nothing but a cartoon, and officially it has no validity. Probably, cartoonist Bill Garner just wanted some attention and he is getting that because people are making it an issue.
Remember, media is always bias but it has no official power. Therefore, it should not be so important because at the end of day it will have no impact.

zulfiqar A Tanoli, United Kingdom - 16 May, 2005

I did not see the cartoon. My opinion is multi-faceted. My hope is no violence is provoked by offense taken from a cartoon. Was it a cultural gap - Yes, I don't believe the cartoonist intended harm. Was it derogatory - I would say unfortunately -Yes. The derrogatory implication is not calling a nation a "dog" but placing another nation in a submissive role. I believe his actions were out of ignorance. and feel it was important for Pakistan to hold the editor responsible. Any further action than holding the person accountable (ie. violence) is not appropriate. I want there to be a free press, and free speech, but I also believe in a responsible press. Hopefully the cartoon and its protest may help people become sensitive. A cartoon of this nature is ignorant of the sensitivities of others. My grandmother (a German American) remembers how much shame she carried seeing all the derogatory images of Germans during WW2, she had told me she was at that time, "ashamed of being German" - she was a fouth generation American. To place derrogatory images in a mainstream press encourages the ignorant to be ignorant. As for as the misuse of the Quran, I am not sure if it occured, but it is not unlikely. If it was done it is offenseive by its intention. I believe the Bible, the Quran, and any other book is a book, and can be easily placed in the role of a false idol. Many would find this attitude blasephamous. I believe spirituality is found in the heart, human beings are sacred, not books. A book is not the ultimate truth it is spiritual guidance. Last I do not like the way President Bush has handled most of his international decisions. We all have evil in us and Bush had projected his evil outward, through his own words. He has done much more harm than good both domestically and internationally through his myopic and short term perspective. I feel it is President Bush's religious fundementalism which has blinded him to see a world in black and white. I believe religion can guide us but we can also be blinded by it, weather Christian, Muslim, or in the name of "democracy". If our first rule is not seeing the sacredness in ALL people (including those we may designate as an enemy- ie. The Axis of Evil) then a religious person has missed the message. I pray for peace.

Matthew, United Kingdom - 16 May, 2005

A lame excuse on derogatory WT cartoon

Question 1: What should be reaction of Pakistan Govt. to the two incidents?
Firstly, regarding the desecration of the Qur'an, the government of Pakistan has declared its shock & anger at the leak of the story but let's face
it it's hardly suprising. Former Guantanamo victims in the UK & Kuwait have already told the World of this abuse and others besides, however
Pakistan & all the other "Islamic" countries daren't bat an eyelid for fear of losing American patronage. Were it not for Imran Khan's outrage who
knows if we would have seen civil disorder on such a scale. It seems the government is far more concerned with the publicity received by the story
than the incidents themselves, and had no option but to ask for a US investigation into the claims in order to be seen to be acting by the public.
The government of Pakistan is all bark no bite. This exemplifies the second point which is the issue of Pakistan being portrayed as a dog.
This too should come as no surprise for Musharraf et al are notorious for their unswerving loyalty to their American masters and dance to the
sound of His Master's Voice. The cartoon does appear remarkably accurate. You could substitute Pakistan for any other "Islamic" nation, but the
message is the same; unrequited loyalty. I haven't seen the cartoon itself but wonder as to the breed of the canine in question, we know Musharraf
is partial to a little Pekinese, although a lap-poodle may be more apt.
As for Pakistanis selling their mothers for money, it does unfortunately bear semblance to reality however it is Faith-Emaan that is for sale to the
lowest bidder.

Question 2: Is the reaction of Pakistani Nation to the WT cartoon result of cultural gap between two societies?
The Pakistani government wouldn't react to a dogbite were it not sanctioned in advance by the US. The citizens are too busy trying to eek
out a subsistance in the face of pervading corruption and oppressive policies of the rulers, far removed from Islam. It is the higher echelons who
have the most to lose & dare not tip the boat, attempting to defend what little honour they have left.
There is a tremendous cultural gulf between the US and most of the rest of the World.

Question 3: Is Pakistani Govt.'s reaction commensurate with the gravity of crisis?
(isn't this a repeat of Q1?)
Absolutely not. The rabid government is still unaware of the crisis forming around them.
The required reaction is that of the famous Caliph Mutasim Billah, but I somehow doubt this is coming any time soon. The Muslims peoples must
stop playing dead & unite, not to be driven apart by sectarianism in order to overcome the greater evil. It is plain for all to see the sentiments of
Muslims do not matter. Animals caught up in conflicts receive far more attention in the Western media than dishevelled Iraqis, Palestinians, Chechans, Kashmiris etc.
It remains to be seen whether the World, specifically the US, acts on the atrocities of the Jewish president of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov and
whether we commemorate the slaughter of hundreds of unarmed civilians in years to come, as is done for the Tianenman Square massacre,
or whether the Algerian model of democracy is espoused in this case. We must break free from the cycle of chasing our tails and not look to the
colonial masters for inspiration.

Question 4: Were these acts of American individuals or it depicts the thinking of the US Government?
It hardly matters either way. The American public must be apportioned some blame for each of the acts for the government is the representative of
the people and the media merely reflects the mentality of the masses, giving them what they want, or ought, to see & hear.

Finally I must agree with the retired colonel's comments that every dog has it's day. It seems the American dream is fast turning into a nightmare.
We may yet see Musharraf choke on a scooby snack when rewarded for his next betrayal...Dadadada dadaaa...Paki Power!

Muttley, United Arab Emirates - 17 May, 2005

Stop And Think!!!?

Those who disrespected the Quran should be put to justise, but I dont agree with the fact that "America has desecrated the quran". It was merely a facist US soldier. But the sad part of the episode is that the MMA-the Mutahida Mullah Association, has again shown its true colours, as it is trying to gain 'cheap popularity' by escallating the issue into anti-US & anti-Musharraf protests/rallies.It is the fact that MMA has once again attempted to emotional black mail the Pakistan public
in the name of faith. The truth is that the MMA/Mullas will drive us into 'global isolation' once they gain power--> believe it or not, even with a friend like China; as they cannot co-exist with anyone in harmony, and soon after they will end up in a 'mutiny'due to the minor changes that exist in each 'factions'sub-beliefs.

Saad, Canada - 24 May, 2005

By the way, how do you refer to Christians? In your eyes we are the lowest of the low. That is all I have to say. You Muslims hate us, and guess what? We hate you. Long live the USA (God's shining star, land of freedom). Of course this is only directed to you foreign Arabs. The Arabs in the USA are good people and they like it here. No way would they ever go back to your world. I am going to love when the USA Arabs kick you in the big war to follow. Long Live FREEDOM.

Joe, United Kingdom - 24 May, 2005


The pathetic article from Joe. U.S.A. should be answered, preferably by one of his own countrymen, but one of greater intelligence, which shouldn't be hard to find. Be that as it may I will try to refute his assertions. "We" hate you. It is realy "He" For the simple reason that he has no knowledge of "You" Nor for that matter diplomacy, tact, or good manners. Unfortunately all countries have their backward, hill billy, rednecks. Hatred is fomented by religious and political leaders of all kinds for their own advantage. As an Atheist for the whole of my 78 years I have no brief for Religion. Indeed I was described as having respect for all beliefs. Not True. I have neither respect nor understanding of those beliefs. Religious beliefs.I feel are naive and childish superstitions. ButI understand people having those beliefs and respect their right to hold not only their particular religious persuasions but also to have reciprocating attitudes to my Philosophy. To"Hate" someone because they happen to disagree with the way you think only shows a demented person of diminished intelligence and is no better than the Leaders who send others to wage war against, or to Suicide Bomb the ones they hate. Unfortunately "Joe" is only repeating the attitude of his leader. Using similar terminology with a crusading zeal reminiscent of the 14/15th centuries. George Bush has earned for his country the hatred of so many. Before the zealots of the Islamic Crazies take up arms and hurl insults at "Joe" and his cohorts I urge you to log on to the web page of "Buggrit" Thought provoking comments by a writer in Minneapolis. U,S.A. There you will meet an intelligent American who can, at least,
in stark contrast to "Joe",
write decent English. You will pleasantly surprised to find that not all Americans think Bush is beautiful
I do think you should publish only the letters of those willing to show their true names and e-mail addresses.

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 25 May, 2005

A lame excuse on derogatory WT cartoon

All of us have to admit, there are many ignorant people in the world! First one...Who came up with this article. Second one...The one who believes it, only for the fact is that any simple minded person knows that you cannot flush the Qur'an down the toilet! Unless, of course, their toilet holes at Gauntanamo Bay are larger than any other in the world! The saddest thing about all of this, is that someone here in the U.S. wants to make us look worse than everyone around the world already thinks of us. But, back to the ignorant people of the world.....They come in all forms! My theory is..."Don't believe anything your ears hear...Only believe what your eyes see!" That will put everything into context. If we all could try to understand and respect others, no matter their race, color, sex, or religion, this WORLD would be in a much better place! Terrorists come in all forms of embodiment. God/Allah is putting us through the biggest test of all, and many are failing miserably. Humanity will be the desecration of this planet.

Cindy Lees, United Kingdom - 25 May, 2005

My letter was edited down and words taken out. The jist of the letter was about the Freedom we enjoy in the USA, and also the Freedom in your country. Do not go to a Muslim radical country and tell them you do not believe in God. After cutting your hands off, they'll chop your head off. I know many Arabs in the USA and not one of them would ever go back to that region. They use religion to control their people and want to kill every Christian that breathes the air. So wake up and smell the toast. Well it won't be toast, it will be Christians burning at the stake. My beef is not with Muslims but with the radical clerics that motivate their people to war. If the Pope himself told me to strap explosives to my body and detonate myself in a crowded mall, I would not even consider it. Even if he said my reward would be 10 virgins is heaven. Say hello to Crocodile Dundee for me! Also I do not wish to be blown up by a car bomb, that is why I do not give my full name. Most people on this site don't. Also Tom Edgar sounds made up, just like Phillip McCrack.

Joe, United Kingdom - 25 May, 2005


Joe I find it difficult to believe that editing changed the tenor of your letter. I have written many letters to the Pak Tribune and have not experienced editorialising. Furthermore if you care to send your replies to my e-mail address you will find they will arrive and that my name is only an abbreviation of Thomas Robert Edgar. I am a WW11 veteran and the last time I was in the U.S.A. was be precise. Corpus Christi Texas. I decided then that the U.S.A was no place for an unbeliever, it wasn't much of a place if you were Black/Latino either. Certainly it would be an unlikely spot for advancement politically fo someone with my lack of religious beliefs. This country, at least, has had Atheist/ Jew/ Protestant/ Agnostic/ and Catholic leaders that last one was resisted in The States until Kennedy. And don't tell me America is a democratic country. Your Peurile President is even at this moment poised to vetoe the Senate.An act of a dictatorship. I will admit the Queen of England, technically, has the power to do the same but she wouldn't be game, whereas George would.
Furthermore I can't say that I would feel any more safe in the backward hilltribe areas of Pakistan than I would in Tennessee because of my religious attitude./ I do know that in the mid to late forties I wandered around Karachi, alone, unmolested as I did in other parts of India.
Yes. India. Pakistan hadn't come into existence then. I even attended a gymnasium there and was welcome. The same in Bombay and Calcutta.
If you take off your blinkers and see that these people of the sub continent are also our brothers Yes I know they're not WASP. Not all Pakistanis nor all Americans for that matter want to send others to fight nor do they wantto harm other people just because they are different.
I take umbrage at you describing me as being in "Your" country and not experiencing freedom. I am a proud Australian by choice.This country had votes for women years before America and we were still beaten by the first to do so. New Zealand. Just in case you don't know and most Americans are in that category. N.Z. is "Down Under" with us. Unlike America which can , and does, elect Presidents and parties with less than 25% of the population voting we have close to 100%, courtesy of compulsory voting. And just in case you don't know, Pakistan also elects it's Government and President, and from what I gather they don't need a compliant Brother/State Governor to rig the vote.
I'm afraid your reference to the mythical figure "Dundee"
which existed in the fertile
imagination of a film maker only reinforces my opinions of your original and subsequent epistles
I would add to your education and let you know that the surname Edgar is an old and illustrious one being the name of the first King of all England.Born in Cumberland the land of my forbears. As a card carrying member of the Australian Skeptics my given name Thomas is , I feel, biblically well founded. I do notfeel in any way threatened
by fanatics of Islam but I have had some vitriolic replies and threats from local rednecked right wing
Christians. From my vantage point of living in the hill country of the S.E./Queensland bush. I would see well in advance any "Nutters". Islamic or Christian
In closing,your continuous reference to Arabs I think would offend many Pakistanis.
Arabia is quite a long way from Pakistan, and unlike them Saudi Arabia, a staunch ally and friend of America, receiving great support from George, doesn't have votes for women, as a matter of fact it doesn't have votes PERIOD. Just another of the long line of Dictatorships that have received assistance from America,. Franco/Pinochet/Pol Pot/ The list is endless. So before you point the finger remember when you do, the other three point straight back Thomas Robert Edgar.

Tom Edgar, Aruba - 26 May, 2005

Well, i am not against USA nor Pakistan. Their is nothing derogatory of disgraceful in it. If we want, that we should not be called dogs, we should refrain from behaving like a dog. We have to refine ourselves and not blame USA & co.

Secondly, as far as the Quran is concerned. I consider this an individual act. And Bush and Musharaff has nothing to do with it. Certain political parties are cashing it for their own interests.

Jehanzeb Khan, Netherlands - 20 June, 2005

Assalam o alaikum
first of all the matter of desecration of Holy not the first time that west and western people have tried to humiliate islam and muslism it had been their hallmark.... its the weakness of us muslims that we have been truting them and relying on them where as Islam has told us hundreds of years ago very clearly that Yahood o nasara (non muslims) cannot be our friends no matter what they have their ouwn idealogy and views and their own thinking and one of them is clear that they hate muslims ... Pakistan has been used by the west for more then a century and the ruling party of pakistan is just the same people who used to bathe the dogs and horses of gora raaaj.... i dont know how and when we are going to open our eyes...
well about the Cartoon Matter i totally agree with the cartoon... only one thing missing the dog should have been licking thee feet of us marine.... its what pakistan government and ruling army party has been doing for such a long time... Musharaf is acting the same too what is dictated to him via white house become the greatest interest of nation...the so called soilder and care taker of pakistan is trying his best of keep us flag high...musharaf and his govt are comprised of all lotaz and their only way of survival is what they are doing ...May Allah bless Pakistan and muslims and keep us safe from foreign agents like musharaf and party

Akif Zeb, Pakistan - 30 September, 2005

What desecration?

I find it hypocritical of muslims to get violent at the so called desecration of the Quran. I would like to know from these muslim zealots what this desecration thing is? According to Islam even if the infidel touches the Quran it is desecrated. So what guarantee is there that with so many Qurans being printed and published that they do not pass through the hands of the 'infidels'. A kafir soldier does not have to throw it in a toilet for these violent reactions. The mere fact that he has touched it should evoke violent reactions in the muslim world. By this yardstick muslims should be protesting violently every day.We see muslim readers who talk of respecting other religions and of course the usual majority seeking revenge at the slightest excuse. What explanation have these muslims got for the real desecration to the church of nativity when the palestinian terrorists hid there from Israeli soldiers in 2002. These vermins pee'd and desecrated the church to unimaginable levels. Did the christians of the world burn the mosques and kill innocent people? Using your yardstick they had every right to protest and kill muslims. But they never resorted to these barbaric and savage acts.

How long will muslims tend to live in 7th century. Will you people ever wake up and accept the realities of life in the 21st century.

The sooner the better.

Sami, United Kingdom - 27 December, 2005

That Cartoon in no Wrong

According to me that cartoon depicted the reality.. America is indeed making Pakistan dance to its tunes by attracting them of aid and military equipment..just like a Master orders his loyal dog with a biscuit. So what Pakistanis should accept they are dogs as long as they behave like one. Thank you.

Harris, United Kingdom - 29 December, 2005

The West is inviting divine wrath

In the first place, Muslim Ummah is first to share part of blame. Muslim countries by and large are out of step with the progressive modern world, whci is dominated by the Christian West. To this the cursed Israelis have greatly added insult to the Ummah by provoking Palestinians into a conflict that the Palestinians cannot win. Israel has thus become a tool in the hands of the West to lay bare the weaknesses of the Muslim countries, especially of the Arabs in the Middle East and the Shiite Iran. When a crisis of this gravity develops, there is left no other way but for the divine power to intervene. It is not in the interest of the Muslim Ummah to boycott relations with the West, but as a priority to democratise the Muslim countries for better interaction with the West. Israel and the West are no friends of each other. Israel's Zionists have disowned their faith in God and have rejected the coming of the Jewish Messiah. They have gone on a war path with God and are behaving as if there is no rule of law in the world. A great tragedy is hovering over Israel, which, woefully, is not heeded by the Palestinians. Palestine is lost to the Palestinians and the land has become a battlefield for the enf-time "Armegaddon".

Sher Mohammad.

Sher Mohammad, Pakistan - 04 February, 2006

Is islam correct towards non muslims

I like islam.But dont understand why
muslims are scaring everyone by their hard stances on issues which can be handled with tolerance and tact. See the respect western world gives to yoga and meditation. They would have ignored these good qualities if hindus got hyper over depicting gods as design for their products. They stopped using god symbols when right channels were used to make them understand.

sunny, Hungary - 04 February, 2006

In pursuit for Iran oil invasion

Little thing pleased little mind of Washington Post
And probably weakling allied Army Oil users climbed
Down to swearing .The soldiers with dwindling economy
Struggling for loss in wages byIndia UK Dutch Norwegian
Danish Greek American Tankers measuring strength of
muslim patience.They are Nagasaki Hiroshima killers
for Toyota Tata Honda Ford Chrysler BMW Hyundai
Air Bus Boeing Jet fighter planes companies heading
towards fate of Enron. with high war cost of financing
contract soldiers.

Behold! There is misunderstanding in the image of Bible
Quran. Quran Surah in Arabic itself is like chemistry org
Chain which Imparts chain reaction with its properties in
Sound rhythm wind creating light thunder rain produce
birth and death in specific format (no joke – I can Verify
it by my knowledge via private research as well As via
finest UK N American Labs).The Con artists' version
of flood quake movies showbiz prime focus is not working.

Ayotollah Khomeini as a Professor at postdoctoral at Qom
Knowledge issued fatwa on Rushdie.In turn, Iran Today is
Islamic State. Democracy of Islam is above democracy
Of Iran-religion combo or methodology via election of west
Via few voters selecting con artists actors and illicit terror
Mongering MPs Senators now climbing down to stealing using
Iraq-Iran oil greed. Quran came With Hadith instruction
(Encyclopaedia) how to deal with none Muslim Army. They
In turn now have hypocrite Muslim leaders loan specialist
(Money laundering disposal) implant with cartoon muscle

benz m Ispahani, India - 04 February, 2006

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