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Friday Oct 31, 2014, Muharram 7, 1436 Hijri
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Gullu Butt... By Rehan

31 October, 2014

It was so good to hear that the hooligan Gullu Butt who vandalised cars and other property during the Model Town incident was finally convicted. The court sentenced him to prison for 11 years along with charging him a fine of Rs 140,000. I think that justice has been served as far as Gullu Butt and the damage he caused is concerned but this should not mislead us as the architect of the massacre has still not been convicted. The court should carry on with its own inquiry of ... read more

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Economic magic... By Usman

In the name of progress and the preservation of economic solidarity, there are spells cast by our leading spell-casters who are abolishing the very basis of this country's economic base. The notorious decline of the flagship airline of Pakistan falls into

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Gullu Butt sent to prison for 11 years
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