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Thursday Jul 31, 2014, Shawwal 3, 1435 Hijri
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The Most Heinous Barbarianism... By Col.(r) Riaz

26 July, 2014

As if dousing a 10 year old child Tabassum twice with sizzling water was not enough to satiate the wrath of Gujrat land lord Ghulam Mustafa, he forced his both tender arms into the running belt of water drawing motor which chopped them off instantly from below his shoulders, rendering the young child invalid and incapacitated for his entire life. Could there be an act more barbarous than it? Whatever the legalities, in order to do justice it must be made a case of "Tooth ... read more

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Nawaz's priorities... By Zaheer

It seems impossible to change the Mughal builder mindset of the Sharifs. No matter what acute and critical crisis the country is going through, for them the cure of all predicaments is building new highways, metro buses and fast trains. It does not matter

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