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Sunday Sep 21, 2014, Zul-qaadah 26, 1435 Hijri
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The never ending story... By Mobeen

19 September, 2014

Every evening Imran Khan bids farewell to the day with a snippet of information he swears to reveal the next day. Somehow the self-proclaimed 'revolutionary' has become the gory story-teller of clandestine affairs, divulging dubious stratagems and referring to the mysterious 'third umpire'. Khan's desperate attempts to get his hands on the prime minister's gilded seat have caused him to turn to extremely unconventional ways that frankly speaking, have nothing to do with re ... read more

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Accusations against our president... By Naeem

A 29 member entourage accompanied the President of Pakistan on his Hajj visit to Saudi Arabia in October 2013. There were contradictory reports in the media as to who paid for the travel and stay of this entourage, which included members of his personal s

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