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Sunday Aug 31, 2014, Zul-qaadah 5, 1435 Hijri
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No end in sight... By Younas

29 August, 2014

Pakistani is deeply concerned about the prevailing situation in the country and there seems to be no let-up in sight. Both the camps of marchers are least worried about the collateral damage. They sing, dance and celebrate their adventurism by waving victory signs. The residents of Islamabad are under great stress.

A new dimension is added to the crisis daily to complicate the situation. A retired official of the Election Commission of Pakistan made revelations of h ... read more

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Media's role... By Zohra

In the ongoing crisis, if any institution has played dirty, it is the media. If the media thinks it has become independent, it might revisit the definition of freedom. In the past if the media was shackled virtually, today it is shackled invisibly in the

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