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Monday Sep 15, 2014, Zul-qaadah 20, 1435 Hijri
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Trail of destruction as flood water enters Multan villages

12 September, 2014
JHANG/MULTAN: While the Trimmu Headworks was saved from the peak flood discharge, more than 350 villages in Jhang District were flooded due to the breaches made at two places in Athari Hazari dyke, leaving trail of destruction behind.

As the floodwater moved further south, water level started increasing at Panjnad and had reached 116,000 cusecs, flooding areas in Mittan Kot and 150 villages in Multan District. According to reports, the Trimmu Headworks safely disc ... read more

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Obama orders US airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State

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Obama orders US airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State
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