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Friday Sep 19, 2014, Zul-qaadah 24, 1435 Hijri
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Blood pressure genes `found`

18 September, 2014

ISLAMABAD: Scientists have identified at least 16 new genes which are linked to blood pressure, a key breakthrough they claim could pave the way for new treatments for hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

An international team, led by the University of Western Australia, says that out of the 16, 10 genes could provide new clues to how the blood is regulated, the `Nature` journal reported in its latest edition.

The research used information based on 200,000 ... read more

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Yellow patches around eyelids indicate risk of heart problems

ISLAMABAD: A new study has found that raised yellow patches of skin (xanthelasmata) around the upper or lower eyelids are markers of an individual's increased risk of having a heart attack or suffering from heart disease.

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