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You, She and the Mountains: the Basics of Hiking For Two

15 November, 2017

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There is a special kind of romance in the hike. The one about which writers write their masterpieces. The one we see in the movies (although this happens less and less often). This is a real, deep feeling of unity with something great and endless. And when you experience this sensation, being near your loved one, when you both decided to leave for a while a decent way of life, in order to experience something special and to go to a meeting of uncertainty, it multiplies many times. This is an inexpressible state of peace and love.

If it became interesting to you, my friend, read about hiking basics and remember it: so that you with your beloved could experience all this spectrum of emotions, you must prepare for the hiking. And will be happy to tell you some details.

Camping Backpack

Preparation for your journey should begin with the choice basic hiking gear, hiking backpack. It should be large enough, light, strong, waterproof and necessarily comfortable. After all, everything you need for a comfortable stay in the marching conditions will be carried on your shoulders, and an uncomfortable backpack will make you feel pain in the back and a continuous sense of heaviness that will not allow you to admire the beauties of nature in full.

Begin to put clothes and things in a backpack with the heaviest and finish, respectively, with fragile. For additional protection of your from penetration of moisture, experienced tourists advise to cover the inner surface of the backpack with a large plastic bag.

Did you pack all the things? Put on your backpack and check if it's convenient for you. Jump with it. Correctly assembled backpack should fit snugly to the back, do not cause discomfort and nothing should ring and bang in it. This one of the most important hiking basics rule.

Clothes and Footwear

When going camping in the summer, do not forget that nights in nature can be quite cold. So be sure to grab warm clothes with long sleeves.

It is also necessary to have a hat that will protect you from overheating during the day, a pair of cotton t-shirts, light shorts for a hot day and tight trousers for the evening, which will provide additional protection against bothersome insects and protect you from the cold.

It is very important to warm well for a hike in the cold season. Everything will depend on how well your clothes will keep the heat. If only recently the appropriate equipment was available only to a narrow circle of lovers of such a holiday, then today you can buy thermal underwear anywhere.

It is important to choose the right shoes for the trip. It should be lightweight, comfortable and must fit the size. The ideal option will be sneakers with a dense soles. If the weather promises to be changeable take rubber boots.

An irreplaceable thing in marching conditions is a waterproof cape with a hood. It perfectly replaces the umbrella and does not take up much space in the backpack.


Appetite in the fresh air improves instantly, and very often you find yourself extremely hungry. Therefore, you should take the amount of basic hiking supplies to be enough for some additional days - of course, given the length of the trip and the number of people who will participate in it.

The first thing that causes associations with food and hiking is canned food. Indeed, there is no more practical and nutritious meal for this type of recreation. But keep in mind that cans of canned food are quite heavy, and you will have to carry them alone (you will not load the fragile shoulders of your lady, we guess), so do not take too much of them.

Take with you a couple of chocolate bars, nuts and dried fruits: they weigh a little, but they can replace the whole dinner, and even cheer you up. If you do not have a stationary refrigerator for hiking, it is better to refuse perishable products.

As for the issue of drinking water, it must be solved in advance. If in the place where you are going, there is a spring of natural water, then the question disappears. And if not, you will also have to bring water with you.

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