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Who sponsors terrorism in india?

05 September, 2005

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 After a brief lull, the Indian government has again begun to allege that infrastructure of Pak -sponsored terrorism is intact.  But, media reports reflect that the Indian armed forces themselves facilitate the terrorists. 
According to Hindustan Times dated July  23, 2005, 'Agencies suspect that  the top (Kashmiri) middleman, after receiving the consignment of siphoned petroleum products, passed on a part of it to militant groups operating in the higher reaches of Kashmir'.  The news report adds, 'Siphoned diesel and petrol was being supplied to certain petrol pumps along the arterial route from Ambala to Leh'…As for the major portion of the kerosene…if the security forces or the investigating army and Indian Oil Corportion teams raid the area, they can seize a big haul of kerosene oil supply stored at a number of hideouts'.
 Several media reports reflect that the Indian forces, deployed in India's north-eastern region sell stores to so-called insurgent outfits. An FIR was registered against Lt-Colonel C. M. Shukla in an extortion case in Assam. 'Panic has gripped the HQ Meerut Sub Area and (UB) Uttar Bharat Area HQ. 'Shukla extorted Rs 85 lakh by masquerading as Capt Robert and Capt Thakkan…The officer developed close links with several militant outfits there and had also been involved in timber smuggling while he was posted in Silcher, Sriban Army Camp and in Amrenda…Shukla amassed property worth several crore of rupees. He has ornaments and cash over crores'.  Shukla 'enjoyed connivance of Brig  Goswami VSM and Brig KTG Namibiar' (Hindu  March 25, 10 July 05,, Links with ULFA alleged). Lt Col GS Cheema and his wife appeared in the court in connection with Food Corporation of India black money case (Rs one crore) (Tribune dated February4)
 The only thing important to the forces personnel is money - A Delhi court has framed charges against Lt Col P R S Rao, along with his personal assistant B D Mudgal and another official R D Mudgal have been accused of forging signature of a superior officer on purchase sanction notes worth Rs. 22 lakh and also for issuing fake bills while they were working at the office of Controller of Defence Accounts'. The detailed charges are criminal conspiracy, section 120 B of  Indian Penal Code, (cheating section  420,   criminal breach of contract section 490, forgery of valuable documents section 467, and forgery for purpose of cheating section 468 of Indian Penal Code and under various sections of Prevention of Corruption Act (Hindu  July10, 2005,Charges framed against Lt Col for forgery).

Yours sincerely
Arshed Javed

Reader Comments:

Joke of the year

It is hard to believe Mr.Arshed Javed who writes upon without any proof. Indian army has a strength of more than a million soldiers. There might be some currpted persons like everywhere. You cannot blame Indian government or Indian army for these things if its true. I appeal you not to spread something withour any proof. Pakistan cannot hide from its responsibility of sponsoring terrorism worldwide. Please dont use Gibalsian tactics and dont waste time.

Sandeep, Hungary - 10 September, 2005

Inappriopriate arguments

Mr Arshed talk about several cases of corruption, some on extortion and some in the NE parts of India. I do not deny that they are incorrect, they may be true.But as a reader seems to me that Mr Arshad is beating around the bush, with his facts drawing no conclusion that terrorism and that too in Kashmir if propogated by the Indian Army. It draws a conclusion that corruption is ubiquitos in India as it is in pakistan and the army is no exception. So the I think the heading of the letter is very inappropriate.


Dev, Hungary - 13 September, 2005

oh my gosh!!!

well i honeslty don't belive that u guys can go down to this level to bash india's army!! this is all crap. infact pakistan is world wide known TERRORIST CONTRY.

riya, Hungary - 18 September, 2005

Kashmir issue

I don't know when Indians would understand that Kashmiris don't want to be a part of India. I would like to know why the Indian govt. don't allow international media to go in Kashmir? Maybe the govt. is afraid that Kashmiris would tell the truth and real terrorists would come in light!

Imran Siddiqui, Canada - 19 September, 2005

Who should we believe


While refering to corruption in Indian army and its links with terrorism in India, Mr. Javed is quoting Indian newspapers.

To those commenting on Mr. Javed's article here, who should we believe, you or the Indian newspapers.

T. Abbas

, Pakistan - 19 September, 2005

is it true?

Is it true that India is a secular country and there are more muslims in India than in Pakistan? Is it true that all the kashmiris are not Muslims? Is it true that they are a part of the whole population of Hindu, Budhists? I

lumilla, Pakistan - 20 September, 2005

U can forget Kashmir. It will never be independent just like Tibet and Xinjiang in China

Saptarshi, New Zealand - 22 September, 2005

Corruption, Terror and Separatism

What Mr. Javed has pointed out is Corruption within Indian Armed forces. It is just that terrorists are using this to get resources more cheaply. This is different from what ISI is doing. Shielding Top terrorists (Not Kashmiris - Popel involved in Bombay blasts and those invovled in terror in Punjab in 80s)

To thise who link Terror with Kashmir issue, This issue has been there since 1947. So why did the militancy start in 1990. Were Kashmiris happy Staying in India till then.

rr, Hungary - 22 September, 2005


i will just say that donot be opperisive its not Pakistan that is terrorist its india that is now the left arm of terrorists

faisal, Pakistan - 27 September, 2005

Haha! It is indeed surprising that the author uses Indian newspapers as a base. Your sense of hypocrisy is just showcased here. When wanted, you will bash the Indian media of beiong hypocritic and propogating false news and when wanted , you wil use the very same papers to support your clear guys...I've never seen people in India keep pak as ffocus of their arguments and waste time ..which is y Indian ecobnomy is booming and your country is worse than a Central African something about it...even if what u were saying were true..U CANT DO ANYTHING!

Ahmed Iqbal, Hungary - 08 October, 2005


I am an Indian who is a Christian from the southern part of India. To the gentleman who was asking if there are more Muslims in India than Pakistan, I believe it is true. I grew up in a Christian family and my forefathers have been Christians for generations. Growing up in India, I never felt I was discriminated against or different. I can say the same for most of my Muslim friends. I do agree there have been tensions in the Northern part of India lately, but I believe that Indian is as secular as it gets.

As for Kashmir, being from Kerala, I personally don't give two hoots about them. If they want to be an independent country, let them be. The way I see it, it is just a state that is costing the republic of India so much money every year, which of course comes from the other tax paying citizens. I personally have nothing against people there or people from Pakistan. In fact, I have a lot of Pakistani friends here in the US. But I feel that they should get over wanting to compete with India in everything. Realistically also, that is not possible if you look at how economically stronger India has become compared to Pakistan. I think the first thing for the people of Pakistan to do is to get the military rulers out of office and have a strong vibrant democratic government in place that will foster economic growth and help Pakistan attain its true potential in every way, than worry about these petty things.

Samuel George, United Kingdom - 09 October, 2005

perception problem

There are rotten apples in every socity and to generalise this issue is absurd. If we could apply the same logic, would you agree that Pakistan proliferated nuclear technology ? Unfortunately corruption is a major problem in India and am sure Pakistan too.

ashish, Hungary - 13 October, 2005

Interesting article


This is an interesting article I read in the Indian Express which I respect more than something like The Times of India. I think Kuldip Nayar, a very respected author has a valid point.

Samuel George, United Kingdom - 14 October, 2005

what do u think of urself

DO pakistanis have any sense no i really mean it . you watch our movies , listen to our songs and then ur actrsses and singers come to our country and do whatever it takes to be popular in india like meera oh GOD! she even kept a HINDU name and then kissed on screen . and even after doing all this you guys say india is this india is that then y watch our movies and why listen to our songs and then people from pakistan think that Shah rukh khan is muslim and except him to support your pakistan hello ,he is a INDIAN MUSLIM and has married a hindu without converting her and has been educated in catholic school and used to attend the church now u r gonna say oh my he commited shirk oh what the hell ! as for other people with muslim names
1)aamir khan - has a hindu wife and attends the Srisidhiwinayk temple in mumbai sometimes
2)salman khan- mom was hindu every Ganesh Chaturthi seen in the Sidhivinayk temple and younger sistre hindu
3)saif ali khan-hindu mom and hindu wife

power, Hungary - 17 October, 2005

Hello, whats this fuss????

well, as an indian born living abord, it is relly depressing to see comments from pak people as well as indian people,why you guys always blame each other,for miserys of our society. Grow up, this is the time to help each other in desprate time,otherwise we can,t stand ourself as human being.

simon, Aruba - 19 October, 2005

problem of pakistan socity

about trading

mehboob, Pakistan - 27 October, 2005

I think, its not the people of Pakistan or India that are terrorists.Common man in both these countries want peace and live happily..But its all about politics.
Its about the land on which the fight is going on.Its a fight of religions..Fight for power...
Both claim to be superior, and fight but the end result is innocent pepole dying.....neither country is able to enjoy the nature in kashimir which is all God given...
Its nobodys but Gods but Govts claim to be theirs and fight..

Just think...we live for max 60-80 yrs...after that life is more or less over..
then what pakistan, what india and what kashmir...everything ends...but we still fight.

forget about terrorists..even we fight and blame each other...thats how terrorists are born..

I think countries have so much hatreds in their minds about their neighbouring contries, that its simply impossible that peace can happen.

Peace happens only where there is love....where there is happiness to give and not to get...but it doesnt seem to be the case with so many wars being faught over a peice of Land....

I think by the time we realise how stupid we were it would probably be too late......

A World Citizen, Hungary - 11 November, 2005

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