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5 Shoes Women Might Need On Their Next World Adventure

13 February, 2017

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If you have a shoe addiction there is one thing that terrifies you. How on earth are you meant to choose which ones to take with you on an extended trip?  If you're moving from city to city you can't carry multiple suitcases around, so you'll have to choose very carefully.

The main thing you want to guarantee is that you'll have something to wear on your feet for the right occasion. This will differ for everyone depending on the things they'll be doing. Here is a quick list of the shoes you want to pack if you'll require them at some point.

Staying Fit On The Road

They say the best way to get your surroundings in a new place is by going for a run. It's also the perfect way to stay in shape, which will be important considering all the new treats you'll be sampling from different countries. It might be a good idea to check out the latest New Balance running shoes because they always deliver exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Comfortable During The Day

If you're walking around town during the day you'll want a pair of shoes that are comfortable, but they should be stylish too. You never know when you'll find yourself enjoying lunch in a fancy restaurant by the sea. Plimsolls are the most popular option because they fit the description we talked about, plus they won't take up too much space in your backpack.

A Pair Of Adventure Shoes

When you're walking through jungles and climbing up mountains you'll need a good pair of hiking boots. Trying to climb in running shoes will usually result in really sore feet for a few days. If your adventures are on the beach you can swap them out for water shoes. They will stop you from cutting your feet on anything sharp and they'll be ideal for lots of different water sports.

When You're Lazing Around

The ultimate choice for any traveler when it comes to lazing around is a good pair of sandals. They are probably what you'll find yourself wearing most days if you're in a hot country, which is why you should take a pair with you. It's easy to find cheap pairs of sandals abroad, but they might lack in quality because of the price. If they only cost a few dollars they won't feel as nice on your feet.

Hitting The Town At Night

You'll need to have a pair of shoes for hitting the town at night, because it's horrible feeling like you're the only underdressed person in the room. If you purchase a pair of Josef Seibel shoes you'll fit in anywhere. There are an unlimited amount of choices available, so when you're deciding which shoes you want make sure they'll suit all occasions once the sun goes down.

Your Backpack Shouldn't Be Too Heavy

I know you love your footwear, but you have to remember to leave space in your backpack for other things. You don't need to take all of the shoes we've mentioned today. Pick wisely and you'll notice you have more than enough to wear. If you do end up desperate there will still be shops wherever you are in the world.

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