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Monday Sep 22, 2014, Zul-qaadah 27, 1435 Hijri
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Thousands rally as PTI takes 'Go Nawaz Go' campaign to Karachi

22 September, 2014
KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan addressed thousands of his party's supporters in the port city in a pledge to take his anti-prime minister campaign to the city.

He said, "The oppressors ruling the country in turns as monarchs are united, as they have created divisions, hatred among the people to make political gains but I am here to unite the masses as one nation. …We have come to Karachi to unite all communities and to brea ... read more

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Lord Nazir criticizes PM Nawaz's India policy

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Imran, Qadri hatched conspiracy in collusion with US: Aslam Baig

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Imran, Qadri hatched conspiracy in collusion with US: Aslam Baig
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